• Title: 箱の中
  • Author: Narise Konohara
  • ISBN: 9784062773256
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Paperback
  • 箱の中

    BL 2006 3 5

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    • [PDF] ↠ Unlimited × 箱の中 : by Narise Konohara é
      457 Narise Konohara
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] ↠ Unlimited × 箱の中 : by Narise Konohara é
      Posted by:Narise Konohara
      Published :2018-012-07T00:45:38+00:00

    One thought on “箱の中

    1. Clarissa

      Originally at Scrollin' Them PapersFor starter, this is a japanese BL novel by Konohara Narise. This book is a reprint edition containing just the main stories. You wouldn't believe just how much I love the cover. guh.There are actually three separate novels published in 2006 which include the short stories in chronological order. This book is simple and doesn't have much in the plot department, instead, it floods you with all the feels and inner monologues there are. Douno as an MC is bland and [...]

    2. Maipon

      I like BL and I like prison stories so I thought this story would be right up my alley when I found the fan translation for this. The first three or four chapters were okay, but after that I became really uncomfortable with how one-sided and non-consensual the relationship between Douno and Kitagawa turned out. The whole thing just kept getting creepier and creepier when they got out of prison, and I'm still not sure if the story was meant to be seen as romantic or not. To me it wasn't very roma [...]

    3. Isa A.

      I would have given this book a much lower score. The last part of the book, however— all the turmoil that came after the "happily ever after" scenario where most books end, that was the part that made me feel glad I read this.At first I didn't know how to feel about the protagonists, neither were particularly endearing and Kitagawa's initial pushy behaviour irked me at times. As pages were flipped, this book showed me many sides to its characters so I could grow to like them. Though the plot i [...]

    4. Chậu Tưởng Kí

      Hôm nay tình cờ nghe được Cái giá của tình yêu (mp3.zing/bai-hat/Cai-Gia-Cu) đột nhiên nghĩ tới bèn giở ra đọc lại ._____. đoạn Kei mất ý mà .____.

    5. hahn

      I read this novel with caution because like a few BL novels/manga I've read before they have certain triggers warning which I think should be aware of if someone wants to proceed reading. This is the second work of Narise Konohara I read and just like before I think I loved this one a lot too. I don't think it has a great plot though but I like the two main characters ; Douno & Kitagawa. For me they have such a strange ways of thinking & there are certain behaviours I don't condone but i [...]

    6. Gabriela

      This bookI loved it It was not a beautiful book all along. It had really problematic behaviors from one of the characters and at times it seemed a little creepy. But he learned. Even thought he was a little child at heart he became such an amazing person, how he managed to give such great lessons about life at the end was what made me give this book the fifth star. I read it in less than a day but I ended up really emotionally invested in this book.

    7. Coyora Dokusho

      I cried the entire last chapter. And the ending was so brilliant and poignant it just wrapped up everything back to the beginning.Warning: Sad!!!! ;_; ;_; ;_;

    8. Sophie

      This is a tricky one to review. I don't think this is a bad novel, but as a BL novel it fails for me completely. This isn't the first Konohara Narise book I've read, and it won't be the last since I have two more sitting on my shelves here. But unless they turn out to be very different I doubt I'll get more of her books. Konohara Narise is not a bad writer, and she certainly has an eye for people's weaknesses, but - I just do not like the atmosphere in her novels. Everyone is so dislikable and s [...]

    9. Julia

      Just the last chapter that last chapter killed me. The rest, I'd been happy not to read, ever. But that last chapter

    10. Saskia

      Narise-sensei did it again! Another ticket for the feels train, please!Ugh. This novel reminds me of why am I still continuing on reading BL books and I admit that I love the feels!I kinda like Konohara Narise's way of creating her characters in every book: A helpless-ish seme and the always abused (physically or mentally) uke. Oh, also the raep raep and seme's sob story.This is not my favorite work of hers but I still hooked up in the story.Its about Douno who was falsely accused as a molester [...]

    11. Andrea

      Bueno, esto va a ser difícil de reseñar.Lo primero que debes saber es que, a veces, en las novelas yaoi (escritas, en su gran mayoría, por mujeres) hay violaciones, y estas no están representadas de una manera reprobatoria. ¿Qué sucede en esta novela? Bueno, Kitagawa, de hecho, viola a Douno (que se pronuncia Dono, para quien se lo esté preguntando). Y sí, esto es un spoiler, pero, si estáis indecisos sobre leerla, a lo mejor esto os lo hace replantearóslo y decidís no hacerlo. Sin em [...]

    12. Jinn

      Kitagawa có nói một câu thế này:"Ngay từ đầu tôi đã là thứ chẳng ai cần rồi. Có sống hay là chết cũng được. Chỉ là, không hiểu sao mỗi mình anh cứ muốn áp đặt cho tôi một ý nghĩa. Thế nên tôi cứ để tâm đến anh suốt."Tôi chẳng biết phải review thế nào cho phải vì với mớ ngôn từ hạn hẹp của mình, tôi có sắp thế nào cũng thấy là không đủ, không xứng. Nhưng không viết gì rồi c [...]

    13. Maikay

      Wow, this novel was very emotional. Whilst this is a romance, you should not go into this expecting it to be romantic or even a love that is 100% reciprocated - the latter makes me uneasy at parts. Although, the first few chapters open their relationship sweet despite the awful setting of prison life, the following chapters are very heavy and anything but sweet. The actions are often questionable and the plot leads to dark territory. Nevertheless, it was such a great read I could not help myself [...]

    14. MJ

      This novel made me a bit uncomfortable at first but the writing drew me in.The sidestories "Rainy Day", "Field of Silver Grass", and "Summer Vacation" especially take the story to the next level. I definitely recommend reading them after the main story! (Be fair warned they may induce both happy and sad tears).

    15. Seregil

      Reading the scanlation I have to say it's a very interesting story. The characters have very peculiar ways of thinking and it can be a bit painful to see the damage that was caused to them by society.

    16. Kia Canaria

      an awesome book! I could relate to Douno the drama is well executed and there's so many twist. I cried at the end of the extra chapters.

    17. Myra

      Damn, this book made me cry so much. I doubt I'd read it again. It was a good book, but damn My feels are all over the place after I finally tortured myself in reading the epilogue.

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