The Long Way Home

The Long Way Home How lucky can one girl get Just ask Jacqueline Croix She has it all The right fianc money looks and connections But everything comes at a cost Sometimes that cost is looking the other way when the

  • Title: The Long Way Home
  • Author: ErinLeigh Tara Brown
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Long Way Home

    How lucky can one girl get Just ask Jacqueline Croix She has it all The right fianc , money, looks, and connections But everything comes at a cost Sometimes that cost is looking the other way when the imperfections of your world start to show themselves When something happens that she just can t look away from, she ends up drunk in a Chanel dress at a pity party on tHow lucky can one girl get Just ask Jacqueline Croix She has it all The right fianc , money, looks, and connections But everything comes at a cost Sometimes that cost is looking the other way when the imperfections of your world start to show themselves When something happens that she just can t look away from, she ends up drunk in a Chanel dress at a pity party on the beach in SC There on the beach, she finally sees the cost of having everything is too high Luckily, Jacqueline has one thing most girls like her do not, somewhere to run when she leaves it all behind That somewhere happens to be to the open arms of the New York Rangers right wing, Mike France He has always been there through thick and thin, waiting for his chance to make her his But how do you go from being best friends to lovers, when you know all the dirty details

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      224 ErinLeigh Tara Brown
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    One thought on “The Long Way Home

    1. Wendy'sThoughts

      3 to 3.5 New Discovery Stars * * * .*The Blurb:How lucky can one girl get? Just ask Jacqueline Croix. She has it all. The right fiancé, money, looks, and connections. But everything comes at a cost. Sometimes that cost is looking the other way when the imperfections of your world start to show themselves. When something happens she can't look away from, she ends up drunk in a Chanel dress at a pity party on the beach in SC. There on the beach, she finally sees the cost of having everything is t [...]

    2. Anne OK

      $1.00 for the book and the temptation of a sports-themed romance and I’m a goner. One-click for a ticket and I'm there sitting on the sidelines ready for the game to begin. This one was most certainly titled appropriately – it seemed like way too long a journey with far too many mountains to climb to get there. I definitely didn’t love this one but I didn’t hate it either. Much of it was mindboggling and seemed more unrealistic than believable. Both Mike France, NHL hockey star, and Jacq [...]

    3. Heather T

      2.5. I'm not sure what to do with this. I got excited because it was about a New York Ranger, but there's no hockey in the book. My main issue is just that I didn't feel connected to the female character. The way the book is set up, there are 2 male possibilities for her, and the author makes the second one seem almost better than the first. The first one has fidelity issues. I guess it's more realistic? For someone's life Not mine. One minute Mike was sweet and caring. The next, he's some dirty [...]

    4. Amanda

      Oh, my crap, this book was such a train wreck that I couldn't put it down. The characters were all awful. The premise was inconsistent and absolutely terrible. The plot was here, there, and everywhere. Plus it felt like reading 3 different books. It seemed like things were wrapping up, but I'd look down and see that it wasn't even close to the end, and wham! A new plot line starts. It was terrible, just terrible. I don't know of there is anything redeeming about this book. Well, other than the f [...]

    5. Hayley

      I got wiplashes reading the book. s,I love you, no, I don't love youyou deserve me, you don't deserve me. You have to wait for me, you could not wait for me I love you at the end . My god.

    6. Jennifer

      *Note I really did not like this book and this might rant a bit with some spoilers. *For at least half of this book I just thought am I supposed to like any of the characters? If so I have no idea whyey are all pretty terrible. I hated J.D. Hated her with a passion. The last half she was better, but the first part I just wish she would go back to Phil and live her stupid shallow life. She is such a spoiled little princess and I couldn't stand her. She is so materialistic and is way too attached [...]

    7. Kristiej

      I had high hopes for this one but the heroine was one of the most selfish self centered heroines I've ever read and I got to a point where I just couldn't read anymore about this person. She knows the hero is in love with her, has been for years but she's engaged to some prick. But whenever she has some issues with said prick, she goes back to hero, sleeps with him and then leaves him hurting when she goes back to prick. This book was not for me!!! No, no, no, no

    8. Heather andrews

      First off J.D's mom is a complete b****! "Nonsense. You will and you will correct whatever you've done to make him stray. Stop taking your pills and get pregnant before he too starts to doubt this. Come for tea tomorrow." Mike sweet Jesus he cares for her and honestly I'd do him in a heartbeat, “What are you doing? I didn’t get why the eff you're getting married in the first place, Phil’s a douche and now this?” He really does care for his girl, even though she's not really his, but that [...]

    9. Jennifer ♛Jenna♛

      I really couldn't get into this book. Jacqueline "Jack" Croix just kept going back and forth in whether she wanted to leave her not so perfect life for her one true love. Jack comes from a rich family and she sees her friends look the other way when it comes to their husband's infidelity and where love is not even part of the equation. One night she can no longer pretend that her life is going the way she wants when she catches her fiance cheating on her. In reaction she runs to the man she can [...]

    10. Samantha Larkin

      Ok so you may have noticed my lack of star rating.'s because.I really didn't like ANY of the characters! Everyone was fucking everyone else! Mike cheating on JD (while she went to find herself in Europe) the arse thought it was impressive that he'd only woke up naked next to a puck-fuck twice??? What the hell people! And JD wasn't completely blameless she wanted to break up Mikes engagement to the "gold-digger" (who was also cheating) This story's time span was about a year but for me it was jus [...]

    11. Vikki ~ *squee* lite ~

      I'm a big Tara Brown fan. This the first of her "normal" books I've tried. I love her ability to not follow the same warn romance path. I will admit I was more than a tad frustrated with Jack for quite a bit of the book, but one she started taking control - I adored her in all her imperfections. Mike was also a source of frustration, and I swung from finding him totally swoon-worthy to wanting to kick him in the junk. I do kind of wish that Tara has not make Luc so awesome, because while I was c [...]

    12. Angel

      This book was a little irritating, I felt like he was a cheater but then again she would not make up her mind to be with him. He couldn't stay faithful for six months when they were apart I don't think I could forgive that especially him being with puck bunnies she should have told him to get tested for std' s or at least make him glove up.

    13. Melanie

      I wanted to love The Long Way Home, I really did. It sounded like a great book, the synopsis had me hooked plus it was another Kindle Unlimited book so wasn't costing me anything. However again, this was just an ok read I'm afraid, let me explain.Jac and Mike have been friends years, they are best friends who have had a sexual past together before but never went past that, namely as he's a bit of a manwhore (Hockey player) and she practically has an arranged marriage.The story is actually pretty [...]

    14. Alicia

      The things I liked about this book are also things that made me dislike it. But for the Kindle price of $1.00, I don't feel like I wasted my money.The Characters: I applaud that they weren't perfect people. The main characters were also really hard to like at times. Jacqueline (Jack) lets her father control her life and repeatedly goes back to a terrible relationship. She's also an ice queen at times. Mike is more likeable, but even he does some things that make it difficult to be on his side. T [...]

    15. Kristin

      Was I supposed to actually like or care for ANY of the characters in this book? Not only did I not like them, I actually despised most of them. With a passion. There wasn't a single character who wasn't cheating on someone, or with someone. More importantly, all this cheating was viewed by the characters as normal behavior. Personally, I have issues with the subject of cheating. I probably should have just put the book down and walked away when the book opens with the main character thinking abo [...]

    16. Laura

      Hmmm, I'm torn here. I liked the writing and the storyline, but I wasn't very crazy about either of the main characters. She seemed super weak and he just seemed like a huge slut. I couldn't even bring myself to care that he couldn't go without sex for 6 months, but I guess that's okay cause she didn't seem to care when he did shit like that either and I'm not fully convinced that it won't happen again. The worst part about this book was I felt like it could have been so much better, like it had [...]

    17. Libbie

      I stopped at 20% with a mighty "what the hell am I reading?" and removed it from my Kindle.Not only couldn't I connect with J.D. I sort of wanted her to just get into a car crash and save me the trouble of finishing it.Punctuation errors like whoa, disjointed plot. Wildly off the wall reactions to the strangest things while no reaction to others. "Keep me from calling this random stranger I'm going to bangbut I won't bang you because I love you."Uh huh. Check, please.

    18. Karen

      More than a romance as it showed how far pushed people can get before they get broken. Wealthy people are weird. LOL Jack must of been something special for two of the most wonderful men on planet loving on her. Of course she had douche Phil but once she started her journey by taking the long way home she was on the right track.

    19. Debbie Leitao

      5 stars!I was emotionally invested in this story from start to finish. So many times I wanted to crawl into my kindle and smack one of them upside the head. I loved this book!!!!!

    20. Heather

      This book was a whirlwind, all over the place. The dynamic was good and it definitely kept me guessing who she would choose, she was very confusing It was an okay read.

    21. Chanpreet

      Wow this book is some kind of crazy. It was like being on a roller coaster while blindfolded. Some parts made me smile and others made me raise my eyebrows.

    22. Lisa

      2.5 stars I wanted to yell at the MCs to GROW UP! Or get a backbone to stand up to ridiculous parents! (But I liked the writing. And I learned about wine.)

    23. Jennifer

      Love Love this store line. I love how she found herself, how she didn't let other decide her outcome and her passion. Jack was an amazing character and the plot was well executed! Love Tara Brown's books!

    24. Kasey

      Note to self:- Single POV (Jack)- I don't like the style of writing, I feel like there was not enough detail or something and it made it hard to get invested in the story.- SO MUCH UNNECESSARY DRAMA!! (The LONG road home is right; takes them forever to get their shit straight and finally be together)Things I didnt like:- Jack is so hard to relate to (She's a total snob, and has no self-respect at the beginning of the book)- Jack chose to be with Phil over Mike because it was what her family want [...]

    25. Jeni

      Let me start by stating that Tara brown is one of my favorite authors. I love the way she writes, simple and direct. With that Said let start with my review.The long Way Home, was almost the perfect romance novel. Let’s start with the things I love about the book and then I will tell you the one small or two small things I didn’t care of. I was ok with the Jack being so weak and willing to forgo her happiness to remain in the comfort she was accustomed to. I also liked that after stopping th [...]

    26. Charli ღ Denae

      I'm not really sure what to say about this one. I started it with high hopes but soon found that it wasn't going in the direction I enjoyed. I put it aside and read a couple other books, then, not one to let a book remain unread, I decided to try it again. This time, it pulled me in but there were parts where it seemed as though it were going nowhere. Don't misunderstand. It's very well-written. It just isn't the kind of story I usually enjoy. It's about a woman, JD, who has let those around her [...]

    27. Lala

      I think I could have really liked this book, but there was too much standing in my way. Initially I gave this book two stars. But I decided that was unfair. It was a well written story. It was touching in places. I even got a little misty eyed a couple times.The main problem: Jacqueline. The broad wanted to have her cake and eat it too. She refused to let herself be happy. She repeatedly pushed away the one person who was always there for her and who always loved her. She knew what she wanted, b [...]

    28. Marchessa

      And I'm officially done with this author. D.O.N.E. done. Every single one of her books that I read (don't even ask me why, probably because they were freebies/kindle unlimited) left me feeling annoyed, and/or disgusted. I didn't give a flying fuck about any of the characters, I actually hated most if not all of them, the storylines were just plain stupid and OTT (about as stupid as the h/H), the prominent slut/poor/fat/basically-anyone-who-is-not-perfect-shaming and he author's apparent ignoranc [...]

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