The Jackal's Head

The Jackal s Head Althea Tomlinson says she has returned to Egypt to see the sights and to chaperon a spoiled teenager through this strange and breathtaking desert land The truth is complexd dangerous Ten years ago s

  • Title: The Jackal's Head
  • Author: Elizabeth Peters
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 198
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Jackal's Head

    Althea Tomlinson says she has returned to Egypt to see the sights, and to chaperon a spoiled teenager through this strange and breathtaking desert land The truth is complexd dangerous Ten years ago, something here brought about her father s ruin and subsequent death and Althea intends to clear her disgraced parent s name and lay a dark past finally to rest.Althea Tomlinson says she has returned to Egypt to see the sights, and to chaperon a spoiled teenager through this strange and breathtaking desert land The truth is complexd dangerous Ten years ago, something here brought about her father s ruin and subsequent death and Althea intends to clear her disgraced parent s name and lay a dark past finally to rest But there are some mysteries best left buried in the shifting sands And a devoted daughter s search for answers is stirring up forgotten memories almost too painful to endure, and propelling her onward toward ancient tombs, legendary treasures, miraculous discoveriesd ever closer to her own probable doom.

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    One thought on “The Jackal's Head

    1. C.

      One of Barbara Michael's standalone novels, which felt like a modern Amelia Peabody and Radcliffe Emerson in 1968; "The Jackal's Head" surprised my by being highly enjoyable. Perhaps because "jackal" can have ugly connotations and having disliked one of her single novels, set in México; I long put this aside, bracing myself for a dud. What a joy to get it out of the way and love it. I wanted to bestow five stars, for the flying of pages and breathless circumstances of great discovery while evad [...]

    2. Teri-K

      This is an early Peters, written before the Amelia Peabody books were begun. It's interesting to see in it the seeds of the later series - this book visits many of the same places, including the Winter Palace and Gurnah. There's even reference to a Master Criminal, and John, (a name Peters apparently loved), is kind of an early Radcliff Emerson. Reading it that way may be more fun than reading it for straight romantic suspense, because it's only partly successful as such, as Peters hadn't yet re [...]

    3. Susan

      This is a very early Elizabeth Peters thriller, so don’t expect Amelia Peabody for a heroine or Ms. Peters' trademark humor. This book’s heroine is the type who has the reader thinking “Don’t open that door” and “Don’t go down that passage” as she flounces off to prove her independence and gets into a fix requiring the hero to come to the rescue. The strongest part of the book is the Egyptian setting and archaeological background.

    4. Kathy

      This is an older book, written back in the sixties. Tommy (a female) travels to Egypt to clear her father from charges made 10 years ago that he was selling antiquities. The truth was that he had discovered an unknown tomb. Tommy strives to find the tomb, find out who is buried there and find the bad guys.

    5. Darla

      (Genre:Fiction/mystery) 2.5 stars. Althea (or Tommy) Tomlinson grew up in Egypt with her archeologist father. But when he was dismissed from his position for attempting to sell a fake antiquity, they returned to the states. Tommy's father died in an accident shortly thereafter, leaving her an orphan at age 15. It's been 10 years since then and Tommy has been living and modeling in New York. But when she receives a cryptic letter from her father's Egyptian friend/dig worker, she knows she has to [...]

    6. Heather

      *Spoilers*Much as I enjoyed the idea of discovering Akhenaten's tomb, the romance really bothered me in this one. John is extremely controlling, doesn't listen to Althea at all, and gets so angry with her that he chokes her till she blacks out. How the ever loving hell is that supposed to be romantic!?!?!?!?

    7. Lia Marcoux

      A little Gothic for my tastes, but a lot of fun, especially since the lost treasure sought in this story is still lost in real life! Also includes a delightful aside about the state of slacks in the late sixties.

    8. Sarah

      This was an enjoyable read, but it wasn't spectacular. Despite the sense of urgency in the last 100 pages with Tommy locked in a tomb, and she doesn't know what part of the country she's in, without food or water and waiting for a murderer to come back (and I would think the dehydration for the 12 or so hours in the hot, dry air would have had more of an impact), I didn't feel the urgency that much. Usually when I'm reading something where the heroine if fighting to escape a dangerous killer, li [...]

    9. Jennifer

      While checking out library books by authors with a "P" last name, I discovered this classic. Written by an Egyptologist, I found the scenery and archaeology fascinating - I've been to many of the sites she mentions, and it brought back fond memories. I did enjoy the story although it was not as captivating/engaging as I had hoped. I'm not sure I'll read more.

    10. Samantha

      Althea Tomlinson aka Tommy has come back to Egypt, incognito, to prove that her father shouldn’t have been exiled from the archeologist digs there. So she’s dyed her hair and taken up a job chaperoning a rich guy’s daughter around. And everything is going swimmingly until she finds out that the person with proof of her father’s innocence has kicked the bucket. That’s pretty shitty for her, but not entirely unexpected; after all, the guy was pretty ancient.Now Tommy is stuck in Egypt wi [...]

    11. Abbey

      Written 1968. Althea (Tommy) Tomlinson, Egypt; gently humorous suspenser. Early Elizabeth Peters suspenser, set in Egypt, nicely pressages her Amelia series which comes about seven years later: a feisty archeologist/spunky female and mean-mouthed HeMan/archeologist (secretly in love with the heroine), survives hunting for secret tombs, lots of deviltry and theivery, and murder. Very well done, with a snappy pace and some funny, wry bits. Still lots of pleasure in the reading, even with the near- [...]

    12. Juergen John Roscher

      My daughter introduced me to Peters’ books. This is the second Elizabeth Peters book that I have read. I occasionally like to read a book just for enjoyment that is not too complicated or serious (Brain Candy.) Peters’ “The Jackal’s Head” was a good choice for a quick and pleasing read.I am not sure how to classify this book. It has elements of adventure (trying to find ancient tombs of Egypt), mystery (will the tomb of Queen Nefertiti be found and who will find it) and romance (who wi [...]

    13. Allisa

      This is a wonderful little number that I enjoyed thoroughly. I picked it up and kept it (my aunt was going to throw it away) because I have a little obsession with Egypt and Egyptology in general. Love it. Love it all. While this book wasn't one of the best I've ever read, it kept me entertained and in suspense throughout the entire novel.I just love how Peters' had Althea aka Tommy interact with the other characters. I was taken aback by how loud John was, and how flirty Mike was, despite being [...]

    14. dOnnabud lewis

      elizabeth peters' first suspense novel is an intriguing excursion through ancient egyptian sites with a twist of mystery that ultimately unravels into unexpected, exciting resolutions. as with other elizabeth peters protagonists, althea tomlinson is a strong, competent, courageous character. it's a great read; some favorite passages:"The night came with desert swiftness. A curtain of stars dropped into place against a blue-black sky. the western cliffs, retaining the last of the fading light, sh [...]

    15. Bill Currie

      First experience in a Elizabeth Peters novel. I can see she is one of the authors that can reel you in with a series or individual quick read books. What I appreciated in this novel was the degree to which she used actual history and archeology references both as a means of illustrating the scenery, landmarks, cultural icons, Egyptian royalty and geographical areas. As a detective or suspense novel it was OK, just OK. The inner strength and inquisitive mind of the main character, Tommy powered t [...]

    16. Anna

      This is really probably a 4.5 star book. It's definitely not Elizabeth Peters' best, but it's interesting because of being her first book and setting up a lot of the tropes she later uses so well in the Amelia Peabody series. I think what I like best about her Egypt books is the way the setting is almost a characterd not in a boring, five pages of description kind of way. I usually skim over descriptions in other books, but in Peters' books I slow down and take them in. They're short and relevan [...]

    17. Beth

      Okay, so I'm hooked on Elizabeth Peters, and I haven't even read one of her Amelia Peabody series. The Jackal's Head was first published nearly 45 years ago, and although a couple of the social references are dated, the writing is vivid. No one smokes any more, for instance, and I don't know when I last wore a Dacron dress, but the emotions are nearly touchable, the main character's self-deprecation and sense of humor make her feel as close as a new friend. The mystery wasn't hard to figure out, [...]

    18. Deanna

      I don't think I've ever given an Elizabeth Peters book less than 4 stars, but I can't give this one anymore than two. There are some good sequences of action, but the characters are inconsistent and, most importantly, unlikeable. The plot is unbelievable and jerky. Dialogue is so irritating it made me wince. And most importantly, this didn't happen. The particular tomb discussed has never been found. All of the Amelia Peabody series was set around actual Egyptian discoveries and the real people [...]

    19. Jessi

      Not a huge fan of the ending but it was familiar in the predictability I've come to expect from the romances of Elizabeth Peters. The heroine, incongruously nicknamed "Tommy", has returned to Egypt after 10 years with some misguided notion of avenging/solving her father's mysterious disappearance. There's intrigue, several deaths and attacks, and romance. It was also written in the 70's and therefore somewhat dated but still entertaining. Elizabeth Peters is the best writer of archaeological dig [...]

    20. Jeanette Johnson

      I suspected the ending but was still surprised when it all went down. A good 24 hrs after I've finished and I'm still not sure how I feel about it! I was hoping for a change from the EP archetypical "I am a stubborn, independent woman & I will fall in love with the first macho young art historian or archeologist that I exchange harsh words with" but this was not the change I was looking for. Still, the book was worth 4 stars because of the suspense, plot twists, and witty dialect! Maybe the [...]

    21. Mark Isaak

      Good light entertainment set around a scenario (the discovery of the tomb of Akhenaten and Nefertiti) which is both dramatic and seemingly plausible (mostly, anyway). The aspects which detract from my enjoyment are, first, that one character is larger than life, and second, that the narrator spends a lot of time criticizing (even condemning) herself, but depending on one's tastes, these could make the book more enjoyable for others. The mystery is particularly well done, with a revelation that c [...]

    22. Susan

      Elizabeth Peter's first book published in 1968 shows the promise she will fulfill in the Amelia Peabody series. Althea Thomlinson comes back to Egypt 10 year after she left at the age of 17. She hopes to clear her father's name. He was disgraced for trying to sell fake antiquities--and died soon after in a crash. Dr. John McIntire is head of the Luxor Institute, and he is a template for Emerson in the Amelia Peabody series. There is a question as to whether the tomb of Nefertiti might be in the [...]

    23. Šárka Fofoňková

      Kniha z prostředí afrického kontinentu se mi četla velice dobře. Egypt a archeologie jsou pro mne v podstatě jedna velká neznámá, o to víc mě ale asi kniha oslovila. Užívala jsem si úžasné autorčiny popisy krajiny. Hned bych měla chuť se například do Údolí králů vydat. Také postavy autorka vykreslila bravurně. Příběh v sobě obsahuje určitou dávku napětí a překvapivých zvratů, což jsem ocenila. Jen konec mi přišel možná trošku jako z červené knihovny, [...]

    24. Rebekah

      Just finished the audio book of this novel I first read decades ago. I remembered very little except that (view spoiler)[one of the archaeologists the heroine hangs with ended up being one of the bad guys and one turns out to be the love interest. (hide spoiler)] It is a credit to Peters that she kept me guessing as to which one. As always Peters' wryly humorous voice shines through and is very enjoyable. It left me wishing that she had written a sequel featuring the two main characters. I wante [...]

    25. Jeanne

      I picked it up because her books are right next to Ellis Peters. This book was very dated. It was written in 1968 and it shows. The main character is whiney. She's quick to anger. She is also incredibly unlucky. She gets beat up, choked, and assaulted in the first few chapters. Later on, she gets beaten up again and locked in a tomb. It was a quick read. I did not like the ending. It was too incredulous.

    26. Susan

      I haven't read Elizabeth Peters for a long time. I don't know if the character in this book is a new one or a continuing one, but I enjoyed her character. Althea can get herself out of a tight spot. If you are in to archeology, these are the books to read - I wonder how much of the location is fact.

    27. SJuhl4

      One of my favorites by Elizabeth Peters. Set in Egypt a young model attemts to clear her deceased father's name. The result is a frenzied search for a tomb only her father knew the whereabouts of. As always the plot is well thought out. The suspects are aplenty and a surprising romance is tossed in for good measure. She is an incrediable author - I highly recommend all of her works.

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