The Gallery of Vanished Husbands

The Gallery of Vanished Husbands A stunning new novel from the New York Times bestselling author of The House at TynefordLondon It s the eve of the sexual revolution but in Juliet Montague s conservative Jewish community where

  • Title: The Gallery of Vanished Husbands
  • Author: Natasha Solomons
  • ISBN: 9780142180549
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Gallery of Vanished Husbands

    A stunning new novel from the New York Times bestselling author of The House at TynefordLondon, 1958 It s the eve of the sexual revolution, but in Juliet Montague s conservative Jewish community where only men can divorce women, she finds herself a living widow, invisible Ever since her husband disappeared seven years ago, Juliet has been a hardworking single mother of tA stunning new novel from the New York Times bestselling author of The House at TynefordLondon, 1958 It s the eve of the sexual revolution, but in Juliet Montague s conservative Jewish community where only men can divorce women, she finds herself a living widow, invisible Ever since her husband disappeared seven years ago, Juliet has been a hardworking single mother of two and unnaturally practical But on her thirtieth birthday, that s all about to change A wealthy young artist asks to paint her portrait, and Juliet, moved by the powerful desire to be seen, enters into the burgeoning art world of 1960s London, which will bring her fame, fortune, and a life long love affair.

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      399 Natasha Solomons
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    One thought on “The Gallery of Vanished Husbands

    1. Liza Wiemer

      I have a lot of mixed up emotions about this book. It addresses a serious issue: What happens to a Jewish woman when her husband disappears and she's unable to get a religious divorce. She's in limbo, a married woman without a husband with no chance to remarry again until he's found alive and is willing to give her the divorce. (If he's found dead, she can be declared a widow.) Until then, she is an aguna. It's incredibly painful and disturbing to read how powerless Juliet Montague is after her [...]

    2. Melanie Coombes

      The book takes place in 1960s London. Juliet Montague is a mother of two who lives in a very conservative Jewish community. Her husband disappeared one day and since then, Juliet has felt she has also become invisible to those around her. Only men can divorce their Jewish wives at that time, so Juliet is unable to marry again and lives a sort of half life until she comes across a young artist who paints her portrait. This becomes just one a series of portraits of Juliet painted throughout her li [...]

    3. Deb

      I did not enjoy this book for many reasons. It was not terribly written but it lacked passion and atmosphere. I felt that my eyes were having to climb across each page with great effort.It begins in the 1960s but there is no real feel of the sixties conveyed. We are introduced to Juliet who is saving up for a fridge and her children who want a TV but really that seems to be the authors only attempt to demonstrate that the story is not set in the present. It could be set in the 60s, 70s, 80s or 9 [...]

    4. Maggie Anton

      Sorry, but you can get the plot in another review; this is my opinion. The story was compelling enough to keep me reading to the end, but I didn't connect with most of the characters - and especially the main character. The disconnect was almost immediate when I saw that the heroine's name was Juliet Montague but nobody ever made a joke, or even mentioned, Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. I never understood what she was feeling or why she made the decisions she did. Indeed, I found some of the se [...]

    5. Laura

      Not sure the cover art does the book any favors - this is a book mostly about a woman rebelling against her traditional community in favor of art. Juliet is one of those people who sees things: blues are really blue, ugly stands out, and if you show her a bare wall she can tell you what art you should put there. One of the defining moments of her life came when she was young and an artist painted her portrait in exchange for her father repairing his glasses.She's also in an impossible situation: [...]

    6. Jane

      The year was 1958, and Juliet Montague was turning thirty. She'd planned to be sensible, to go out and bring home the new refrigerator that she had been saving hard to buy. But Juliet had always had an eye for art, and on the way to the shops she spotted a young artist, Charlie, at work. She asked to buy the painting; he wouldn't sell it, but he offered to paint Juliet instead. A much better present!It wasn't the first time that Juliet's portrait was painted. The first time had been when she was [...]

    7. P.D.R. Lindsay

      Loved it. I really like the writing style and tone which Natasha Solomons uses. She has a way of making words dance.This story is about a very conventionally raised Jewish wife who breaks free and becomes a much respected Gallery owner in the art world of the 1960s. That sounds like a predictable plot. No way!On Juliet Montague's thirtieth birthday she sets off to buy a 'fridge, something she has painfully saved up for. Her husband walked out one day and never returned, she has struggled to rais [...]

    8. Maureen

      Juliet is a woman who rebels against the Jewish community that she was born into. Left to bring up two children on her own when her feckless husband leaves for work as usual one morning but never returns, she becomes involved in the London art society of the 1950's/60's. She was labelled an agunah ( a woman chained to a marriage after the husband disappears, and yet is not divorced). She is shunned by her community because of her lifestyle, something that brings shame on her family, but not Juli [...]

    9. Megan

      This was very disappointing in the end. I did not like the main character at all. She comes across as a total narcissist (Who has over 6 self-portraits of themselves lining their walls?). Her parenting skills were terrible and I really disliked her boyfriend Max.weak, so very weak.

    10. Alison Smith

      I seldom award 5 stars, but the book gets my wholehearted 5 stars. I devoured it in one sitting, again, something I seldom do. It’s a rich story, dealing with the world of conservative Jewish tradition, with the vibrant London art world set as counterpoint. To read entire review go to thebooksmithblog.wordpress

    11. Liviu

      An excellent novel about a Jewish-English woman from quite a traditional background in the late 1950's, who creates her own path in the world by using her talent to appreciate and discover painting talentWhile the novel starts in 1958 when Juliet Montague (born Greene in a Jewish village near London, where everyone was descended from Jewish immigrants from Polish villages at the turn of the century, so everyone knew everyone and the traditions were strong and far from the sophistication of the m [...]

    12. Edel

      This story is set in England over many years and the main character of the story is a woman called Juliet Montague. Juliet is a mother and wife although her husband has now vanished and has left her in an uncertain position and surrounded by her tightly knit Jewish community. I felt incredibly sorry for Juliet, she is trying to get through a difficult time with people talking behind her back as she tries to raise and protect her children and yet not lose herself amongst everything that is happen [...]

    13. Damaskcat

      I thought this book started off well but after a while I found it dragged rather. The beginning is quirky and I had high hopes of it but the rest of the book to me didn't live up to its initial promise. Juliet's husband has disappeared. Because of this she is something of an outcast in her Jewish community.Going out to buy herself a birthday present, she intends to buy a fridge, she is diverted by a young artist selling his wares on the street and decides to commission a portrait of herself inst [...]

    14. Pauline

      This book was a bit of a jump in the dark; I got it out of the library because I liked the coverJulie is 30 and impulsively gets a portrait of herself painted for her birthday instead of spending the money on a fridge. This action opens up a new life for her and her two children.The story covers an era and situations I know absolutely nothing about: the 60s London art scene and what it's like to be a Jewish woman whose husband has disappeared. Now I know a tiny bit more. Because Juliet's husband [...]

    15. Patty Mccormick

      I was impressed with the thought that went into this novel. The title is great and the use of portrait titles and the artist for each chapter is ingenious. We follow the life of Juliet and the painting of her portrait by each of the painters throughout the book. Each section represents a different period in her life. We are shown how Juliet is tortured between being a good jewish widow and being herself. She wants to please her mother, but at the same time yearns to break free from the old tradi [...]

    16. Jennifer

      Chose to read this book because the title intrigued me and the the truth behind the title is an interesting glimpse into the history of the Jewish people. I never realized the limbo that Jewish women whose husbands had vanished found themselves in. This novel allows us to follow Juliet Montague who rebels against the strictures imposed upon her when she finds herself in this position. She finds herself in the art world of 1960s London and as the years progress she has her portrait painted by sco [...]

    17. Nancy

      Juliet lives in a conservative Jewish community in England in the late 1950's. She has two young children and a husband who has left her, becoming an object of pity to her parents' friends . But a chance encounter with an artist changes her life forever, freeing her from her from her restrictive traditions. Her world becomes that of artists and art, seeing life in a whole new way.I really like Solomon's writing and all of her books I have read so far. She has a way of telling a story, with some [...]

    18. PopcornReads

      Book Review & Giveaway: The book cover for The Gallery of Vanished Husbands by bestselling author Natasha Solomons drew me like flies to honey. I had to know who this mysterious woman was! Reading the publisher’s brief description clinched it; I had to read this novel. This is the story of a woman who wanted the world to see her for who she was instead of who they thought she should be. This novel may be set in the mid-20th century but its message is still quite pertinent in today’s worl [...]

    19. Julia

      This has been the best book I have read in a while.The story has many layers, but the one I love is about the relationship between artists and those who 'see' their work - really see beyond the canvas, using intelligence and a rarely found perception which lies at the edge of consciousness: it can't be explained or rationalized, but it does propel the life of the main character Juliet.Natasha Solomons is a gifted writer - so many times I could not resist reading aloud a paragraph to Rob - just t [...]

    20. Beáta

      The novel is about Juliet, a Jewish woman whose husband left her and their children. Her husband disappeared without divorce and this fact fixed Juliet's fate. Fortunately, inspite of it she had an interesting life because she could find her happiness in her job. She led a gallery in London and she found her company, people who accepted her with her status.I really liked it.

    21. Annette

      Juliet is a woman to be admired. She is a woman who was dealt lemons and made lemonade! Who doesn't admire someone, who when the going gets tough, plows ahead and reinvents oneself? Ultimately, we are all responsible for our own happiness.

    22. Rctgale

      This book should appeal to Anglophiles and those who enjoy art. I have read other books by this author, and they have been a pleasure.

    23. Rachel

      Interesting and well written but not particularly compelling though I was motivated to finish it just to find out if the vanished husband ever reappears.

    24. Esmeralda

      A story with many faces that leaves you feeling heavy. A great deep read into a world unfamiliar to most of us. Loved the main character, how she's all badass and does her own thing. Great read.

    25. Ksenia Chernyshova

      The book could've been so much better with a few more revisions and better editing. And a thicker plot. It had the potential but didn't deliver. A story about a Jewish society! -- yet the author seems to think being Jewish is super boring, and there's no love for the culture. A story about the sixties! -- yet there's no atmosphere of the sixties. A love story between a woman releasing her closeted sexuality and a hermit artist! -- seriously, how could that turn out so lame?

    26. Cathy

      It's 1958, and Juliet Montague is getting on with her life after her gambling husband has abandoned her and their children and disappeared without a trace. She understands that he is gone for good, and grieves more for a portrait of her as a child which he has taken with him than she does for George himself. She seems resigned to making the best of things, bringing up her children alone and working in her father's business. However, it's not quite that simple. Juliet is part of a close-knit Jewi [...]

    27. Viviane Crystal

      Juliet Montague is living in England during 1958, a time when change is slow to happen, especially for a woman like Juliet who thinks artistically, “out of the box,” but who lives in a conservative Orthodox Jewish community. Her husband has abandoned her and her two children, Frieda and Leonard. But she isn’t free to divorce him as only Jewish men can divorce women and not the other way around. So she more often than not elicits pity and gossip from her mother’s friends and acquaintances [...]

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