The Blackheath Séance Parlour

The Blackheath S ance Parlour Two sisters dabble in the dark arts in Victorian London in this tale featuring murder vampires malevolent spirits and a life size chocolate gorilla For fans of the classics Holmes Dickens and Abf

  • Title: The Blackheath Séance Parlour
  • Author: AlanWilliams
  • ISBN: 9781908122513
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Blackheath Séance Parlour

    Two sisters dabble in the dark arts in Victorian London in this tale featuring murder, vampires, malevolent spirits, and a life size chocolate gorilla For fans of the classics Holmes, Dickens, and Abfab.In 1842, two drunken sisters debate their future Business at the family chocolate shop has ground to a halt, and change is needed For once, domineering elder sister MagTwo sisters dabble in the dark arts in Victorian London in this tale featuring murder, vampires, malevolent spirits, and a life size chocolate gorilla For fans of the classics Holmes, Dickens, and Abfab.In 1842, two drunken sisters debate their future Business at the family chocolate shop has ground to a halt, and change is needed For once, domineering elder sister Maggie doesn t get her way, and a month later Judy, Maggie, and Netta Walters a medium with big hair and a bigger secret open their s ance parlor The locals are shocked, but soon the shop is crammed with people wanting to contact the dead Despite their change in fortune, a rift grows between the sisters, as Judy gets her gothic novel published, finds a man, and proves to be capable of contacting spirits than Maggie, who can only read tea leaves Spurred on by jealousy, Maggie tries harder, and soon her talents surpass those of her smug sister She fills halls with folk wishing to witness her powers, and is even consulted by the Queen As word spreads, the Church decides that Maggie must be stopped, and Maggie is tricked into a carriage destination Bedlam Hospital She then has to choose between publicly declaring herself a fake and returning to obscurity, or being incarcerated forever with the insane.

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    One thought on “The Blackheath Séance Parlour

    1. Tracy Fenton

      I have just finished this incredible book by Alan Williams. I don't want to give anything away however I need to let you know this is my favourite book of the Autumn so far. There are so many words to describe it. BONKERS, Brilliant, Weird, Wacky, Sad, Funny, Strange, Gruesome, Peculiar. But above all it is definitely DIFFERENT! I gave it 5 stars xx

    2. Helen (TBC)

      Dark, very quirky, funny and brilliant - I was intrigued to read this when a friend described it as bonkers - it is! I listened to this on audible and loved the narration, I'm still a bit awkward with audio books as I don't seem to concentrate as much as when actually reading, particularly as I listen only when dog walking, cooking etc, but this one really held my attention.This is a really clever novel set in Victorian England with extremely quirky characters, lots of different back stories and [...]

    3. Jane

      Now is a strange concoction, but it is utterly perfect for this Halloween…Imagine, if you will, two sisters living and working in a village not so very far from London. They both liked good food, strong drink and nights out, but their chocolate shop was never going to fund the lifestyle they wanted. In fact, they could barely make ends meet, and so they agreed that it was time for a change. Maggie, the leader of the pair, suggested that what Blackheath needed was a curtain shop, but Judy told [...]

    4. Sue

      In 1842 two sisters are running a failing chocolate shop in Blackheath on the outskirts of London. Younger sister Judy persuades a reluctant Maggie that re-opening the shop as a seance parlour would bring in good business. Established medium Netta is recruited to teach the sisters the "trade". Meanwhile Judy is also writing a novel. This book has excellent reviews on and I was expecting great things. As it turned out I was a bit disappointed, mainly because I thought that the writing and charac [...]

    5. Kathy

      The Blackheath Séance Parlour by Alan Williams is a thrilling Gothic novel that is quite fascinating. Set in the 1800s, this exciting story combines supernatural elements with an intriguing mystery, the tiniest hint of romance and a riveting novel within a novel. The resulting tale is richly atmospheric and quite compelling.Maggie and Judy Cloak are sisters who open a séance parlour after their chocolate business fails. Oldest sister Maggie is very reluctant to agree to Judy's plan to open the [...]

    6. Lucinda

      A wonderfully rich historical paranormal mystery filled with Spinechilling tension and incredible imaginative ideasThis supremely spooky, chilling tale set within the 1800’s has an ambience of Philip Pullman’s Sally Lockhart mysteries with a peculiar paranormal twist that is refreshingly original. Deliciously dark and addictive, I was drawn into this magnetic story unable to tear my eyes away from the pages… The Blackheath Séance Parlour is about two sisters who transform an old chocolate [...]

    7. F Macdonald

      If you want something different, and if your usual book of choice is not gothic horror, you should give this a try. We read the book in our book-group, and the author is the cousin of one of our group (he is not the Alan Williams, born 1935, described in the author profile I looked at on the site today).The style and setting reminded me a little of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell by Susannah Clark, or some of Neil Gaiman's fantasy-writing. The setting is in the 1840s, in Blackheath, London, when [...]

    8. Star

      Judy and Maggie Cloak own a shop in Blackheath which has been passed down through generations of their family. This time it’s a chocolate shop, but they’re losing money hand over fist. Meanwhile, there is a murderer loose on the moors of Blackheath and spiritualism is on the rise. Judy finds Netta Walters; a medium with her own checkered past, and talks Maggie into changing the chocolate shop into a séance parlor. With Netta as the medium and Judy reading tarot, Maggie is stuck reading tea [...]

    9. Damaskcat

      I thought this would be my sort of book but in the end I was quite disappointed with it. Two sisters run a sweet shop in Victorian Blackheath but business is not doing well and a lot of the time they are hungry and cold. Both drink to escape their problems and Judy, the younger of the two is writing a novel. Excerpts from this novel are interspersed with the events of their current story. A murderer is preying on young women crossing the Heath at night and everyone is scared to go out at night. [...]

    10. John Herbert

      A haunting little novel indeed!!Living in Greenwich myself it was an extra bonus reading about streets and places that I knew pretty well.The atmosphere of Blackheath in 1842 is vividly painted, heightened by the progress of the two sisters from cake shop owners to Seance Parlour, with family gripes in tow.When Netta Walters, a medium of some repute, joins them, the Parlour really takes off. Sure enough, as the the seances and visual connections get into full throttle, the big argument involving [...]

    11. Moira

      I decided to buy this book as it is about my local area. I wasn't really sure what to expect but I found it a compulsive read. The characters were excellent, the gothic horror story shocking and the Seance Parlour story was gripping. I also didn't want it to end. I loved all the detail about Blackheath and was fascinated about what was around in 1842. So much was similar including the attitudes of the "villagers". In summary a fantastic read which I will definitely be recommending to all my frie [...]

    12. Karen

      I really enjoyed this book I loved how the two stories entwined. I found the descriptions and the setting were perfect. The images portrayed kept me reading far later at night then I should The thought of contacting the dead is filled with wonder and dread and whilst they take this to the extreme the manner in which the sisters start small and grow pulls you deep into their story. I loved having the story that ran alongside it that could be a book in its own right. This is unlike anything else I [...]

    13. Tania

      This is now in my top all time favourite books. I was completely hooked on this. Absolutely loved all the characters. You get a real sense of the Victorian era whilst reading this, the author really draws you in and the way its written is so atmospheric. There are several stories running through the book, all of which are engrossing, and the bonus of a story within the story!

    14. Summeet

      Loved reading about Victorian Blackheath in this interesting gothic novel within a novel. I instantly felt 'present' in the book, and found the strong female characters both funny and resilient in their desire for change. Looking forward to more from this author.

    15. Michelle Sibley

      I read a review that said this book was bonkers so I had to read it and it was bonkers! A refreshing change and I enjoyed it

    16. Jaki Young

      I enjoyed reading this book, although in the beginning I got more interested in the story in Judy's book than the main plot. really liked the character of Maggie & her struggles in the beginning.

    17. Jae

      A thoroughly enjoyable read with wonderful feisty heroines - I'll definitely be looking out for more from this author.

    18. Nancy

      Really good. And I live one village over from Blackheath! Love to have neighbors as main characters of books. Very imaginative, creative effort - just enough real life / supernatural balance.

    19. Mike

      Thoroughly enjoyed this story involving well drawn characters. The Exorcist meets Downton Abbey and your nearly there

    20. Melissa

      Absolutely excellent read. It was wonderfully written, and had encapsulated the sisters struggle, to becoming successful in their Séance Parlour. Such a bold thing to do, especially in the time period in which the book is set. I loved how the sisters had a very different kind of "sibling" rivalry, where one is talented, and the other tries to up the other by almost going insane, but with unlimited determination. These ladies aren't your regular "run of the mill" Victorians. They are strong, det [...]

    21. William Holden

      From the very first page, you know you are in for a treat. Alan Williams has created, in my opinion, one of the best works of fiction I’ve read in years. The writing is brilliant, the story well-done, but the highlight of the novel are the two main characters, Judy and Margaret Cloak. I’ve never enjoyed two characters before like them. They are in a class by themselves, and I mean that in every sense of the word. I couldn’t get enough of the Cloak sisters and I couldn’t put the book down [...]

    22. Fiona Essig

      This book is amazing. I can't remember what made me buy it, but it really has an amazing sense of place. I was completely immersed in the little shop in Black Heath. A definite good read.

    23. Ade Grant

      Okay, confession time. I requested a review copy of this book and the publisher sent me one. Not a big deal, but I suppose that generosity does generate some goodwill. Secondly, and here’s the biggie, I live in Blackheath. If I walk a few minutes from my flat I can be sat on a bench with the Hare and Billet pub in one direction and Ranger’s House in another. So for a book set in Blackheath this is an advantage, and I derived a great deal of pleasure not only from sharing mutual admiration wi [...]

    24. Catherine Juta

      Brilliant and compelling. The story of two sisters and their clashing ambitions. If you liked Penny Dreadful you will love this. What a pleasure to read. A homage to gothic literature. All things I love mixed together. The history of Blackheath was a cherry on the top. Wonderful.

    25. Mary Karpel-Jergic

      I found this book really engaging. It surprised me, shocked me, intrigued me and kept me turning pages. However, this may be due to my lack of experience in reading gothic fiction. The mystery and the supernatural which underpinned this story was not something that I was familiar with. But, I liked it. Very much! Interestingly, I only knew about this book because I follow Alan Williams on Twitter (whom, I'm sure is not the same guy as on the bio here)and when recently deciding what books to take [...]

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