Runaways The red balloon explodes my blood runs hot from skull to toes I grab my bag and run Cassie and her brother Jack are on the run from the past from the future and from their failure of a family But w

  • Title: Runaways
  • Author: Sherryl Clark
  • ISBN: 9780143307150
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Paperback
  • Runaways

    The red balloon explodes my blood runs hot from skull to toes I grab my bag and run.Cassie and her brother, Jack, are on the run from the past, from the future and from their failure of a family But where can they go And can you ever really run away

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      346 Sherryl Clark
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    One thought on “Runaways

    1. ALPHAreader

      ‘Runaways’ is the story of Cassie and her young brother, Jack. School counsellors seem to think Jack is ‘dumb’, and so does their mum – she can’t cope with Jack and is relieved when the kids’ absentee father shows up to take Jack away. But Jack and Cassie won’t be split up and the two of them runaway together.‘Runaways’ is the new middle-grade verse novel from Australian author Sherryl Clark.Alternating between Jack and Cassie’s voice, ‘Runaways’ stretches between Melbo [...]

    2. Amanda

      Runaways by Sherryl Clark is set in Melbourne and Adelaide. The story revolves around a girl named Cassie and her younger brother, Jack. They live with their mother who finds Jack a hindrance, possibly due to him having ADHD (this is my guess as it’s never stated). When their father shows up and takes Jack, Jack runs away and so does Cassie as she’s determined to find her little brother.Runaways is a short book written in verse so it took me no time at all to read. I’d class it as middle g [...]

    3. Demet

      What a courageous book! Loved this story for its honesty and heart, beautiful writing and two endearing characters. Jack and Cassie come from a broken family. Their father is missing and mother goes "berserk" with the weight of parenting. Cassie and Jack are on the run to an unknown future with the one thing they know for sure. They have each other just like "black shiny mussels stuck to the pilings, Jack and me (Cassie) stuck together like that."

    4. Creative Kids Tales

      RunawaysBy Sherryl ClarkWe begin with Cassie’s perspective. Through her eyes, we see just how life is for her and her little brother Jack and the only word to describe it is bleak. Both kids get in trouble a lot, both at school and at home.When their Dad return’s flashing fifty dollar notes, Jack thinks everything is going to be great. Dad tells Jack he can go on holiday with him, Jack leaps at the chance. Cassie knows better. She knows her dad is a fraud.She begs her mum to stop them going, [...]

    5. Claire

      What it's about: A middle-grade book about two siblings struggles with family life, and the urge to run away, forever.What I thought: Runaways was a short but fast-paced book, written entirely in verse. We read from both Cassie and Jack's point of views, giving us the extra insight needed to fully understand what is happening on both ends of the tale. Their mother has a hard time dealing with Jack, and his father comes to collect him for a while. This turns into an adventure of cross-country hit [...]

    6. Alex Fairhill

      Clark has created a realistic world of family breakdown with this verse novel, with the point of view alternating between the two main characters. Cassie and her younger brother Jack are separated, then run away from opposite sides of the country, meeting up in the middle. The placement of the words on the page - neat for Cassie and jumbled for Jack - add to the impression of Cassie's grounded personality and Jack's ADHD. Subtle silhouette-style illustrations and the use of different fonts for C [...]

    7. Nella

      Excellent verse novel about a brother and sister who run away from a dysfunctional home. Adults (including school counselors) treat Jack poorly; his only protector is his sister Cassie

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