よつばと! 12

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  • Title: よつばと! 12
  • Author: Kiyohiko Azuma あずま きよひこ
  • ISBN: 9784048913522
  • Page: 471
  • Format: コミック
  • よつばと! 12

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      471 Kiyohiko Azuma あずま きよひこ
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      Posted by:Kiyohiko Azuma あずま きよひこ
      Published :2018-08-06T11:25:53+00:00

    One thought on “よつばと! 12

    1. Artemy

      What a wonderful volume! This was my favorite of the series so far. I absolutely love Yotsuba. I wish my life was as fun as hers! (I also wish that I lived in a beautiful and quiet Japanese city instead of a dirty and ugly Russian industrial hellhole, but that's beside the point).

    2. Mehsi

      And thus we reach the ending for Yotsuba&!, at least for now. :( Probably will take another year or so before new material/new volumes pop up. I will miss Yotsuba. I loved her antics in Volume 9,10,11 and this one. She keeps getting funnier and more interesting. Loved that she painted her dads table all blue and how he punished her for spreading paint everywhere. Also the camping trip was fantastic, and so I could go on with the things that happen that were fun. I can just say, I had a great [...]

    3. Emilia P

      Yotsubaaaaaaaa, don't leave meeeee.Translators, translate new stuff (is there new stuff?) faster!I wish I could see a little bit more how Yotsuba is growing up and changing, but also I hope she never really grows up. What an inspiration to starry-eyed dreamers of all ages.

    4. Blackransel

      Emang Yotsuba sama bapaknya ayah-anak yg romantis. terutama bagian saat mereka akan tidur ketika kegiatan berkemah.

    5. Kricket

      more yanda-hating good times in this volume. i just love yotsuba's face in general. also delighted by her pranking miura's mom. "i turned your shoe over." so funny.

    6. Dawn Rutherford

      I love this series so much. This one gets a 5 for all the cute illustrations of everyone in mummy bags on the camping trip. Too adorable!

    7. Mowalski

      This is one of the first manga I've ever read, and it's definitely a worthwhile series. Kiyohiko Azuma delivers once again in the 12th installment of the lighthearted adventures of a green-haired little girl named Yotsuba. No fanservice, screaming, or trash-talking in this manga, folks. Here, we get to see Yotsuba learn about the luxury of paint, trick-or-treating, and camping under the stars. The art has clearly improved, and the backgrounds are as realistic as ever. The humor is never over-the [...]

    8. Chelsey

      I am so sad that this is the last volume for now (hopefully). Yotsuba is hilarious, even though it bothers me slightly how demanding she is. My kids and I can't seem to get enough of her and the last few weeks we have been quoting Yotsuba to one another and giggling. Pure fun.

    9. Candice M (tinylibrarian)

      This series never fails to satisfy. Always full of heart and laughter! I think my kawaii meter would explode if there was ever a Yotsuba&! and Hello Kitty crossover.

    10. Yovano N.

      Bisa juga dibaca di sini: kandangbaca/2014/Butuh waktu lebih dari setahun untuk bisa membaca kelanjutan serial yang lucu-lucu gemes ini. Maka ketika teman saya, Mide memposting foto manga ini di Facebook, I can’t help it but kepingin banget segera baca juga! Dari sedikit judul komik yang saya ikuti, Yotsuba ini termasuk salah satu judul yang berkesan di hati. Setiap kali selesai membaca komik-komik Yotsuba, perasaan saya selalu hangat-hangat bahagia gitu #ciyus. Yotsuba yang lugu, polos, yang [...]

    11. Zen

      This is a review for the whole series. I read the first volume of Yotsuba a while ago and for some reason neglected to go back and read the rest. I regret this quite a lot, because this manga is just plain amazing. Yotsuba is a slice of life manga; it doesn't follow a definite plot, but rather the daily life of a 5-year-old girl by the name of Yotsuba. Her name is Japanese for "four-leaved clover", which explains why she always has her hair tied in four pigtails. Nobody knows where she comes fro [...]

    12. Judy (Geeky Reading)

      ~4.5/5My god, I just need infinite amounts of this series. It should be never ending. Why are there not already like a hundred volumes of this?Yotsuba is the most adorable kid in the world and I hope I have a kid like her someday. She’s learning, she's getting older. She’s not in school yet, so she just explores and has fun all day every day. I love that she learns something new all the time, that she misspells and mispronounces words all the time, that she’s learning not to lie or make up [...]

    13. Peni Astiti

      Akhirnya, yang ditunggu-tunggu datang juga. Begitu denger udah ada di toko buku, langsung datengin. Kangen banget sama si bocah berambut hijau ini. Kangen ayahnya. Kangen Jumbo. Kangen Tora. Semua, dehKayak biasanya, selalu nggak tahu diri kalo baca Yotsuba. Pasti ngakak ga bisa ditahan, ga peduli lagi ada di mana.Di vol. 12 ini, Yotsuba belajar ngikat tali/pita. Paling bikin ngakak pas ngeliat ekspresi Tora pake pita. Bahahahaha. Juara!Love and hate relationship antara Yotsuba dan Yanda masih t [...]

    14. Lissibith

      Oh my god. How do I even begin to explain this manga, in order to get a lot of you to read this (and let's be frank. There are a great many of you out there I think would enjoy this series). What is this volume about? Painting furniture. Learning to tie a bow. Bike helmets. Camping. Halloween. But really, it's about Yotsuba, exploring the world in the way only a young child can, experiencing new things, engaging with everything with a joyfulness and guileless honesty that I can't help but find e [...]

    15. Mike

      Quick thoughts: The first several chapters feature ribbon tying, the consequences of paint, and getting a helmet, and are cute and amusing as normal for Yotsuba. The Halloween chapter is a great look from the outside on our strange little holiday. But it's the closing chapters about camping that make this one of my favorite volumes. Not laugh-out-loud funny like a lot of the series, but just perfectly paced and executed in the way it captures the joy and wonder that can be found in a relatively [...]

    16. Brian

      This is the last volume of Yotsuba I will be reviewing for some time now, as volume 13 has yet to be printed in Japan and certainly not the US. The series ends on a bit of a whimper as we have nothing terribly funny or different in this novel. I enjoyed the first few stories, in particular the one where Yotsuba paints a table, leaving quite a mess, but as the book went on, it got less and less enjoyable. I'll miss reading this but am ready to move onto a different series or at the first least, m [...]

    17. Erin

      OMG THIS WAS FANTASTIC!I'm going to miss Yotsuba and everything she has done from her tantrums and from the way she met new friends. I'm going to miss the story where something new happened in each chapter. I'm going to miss my favorite character which a lot of people may hate: Yanda. He is my favorite character because of what he has taught me. He has taught me that no matter how old you get you can still be childish and that is why I love him to death!

    18. Amy

      Yaaay! This book made me want to do a lot of things: paint a table, make an acorn necklace, drink hot chocolate, anddare I say it? - it even made me want to go camping, just a little bit! I love how much Yotsuba loves everything (except for Yanda - it's hilarious how much she hates him). Yotsuba makes me want to enjoy everything, and that's why I love this series so darn much. She makes me remember that it's a gift to wake up, and have a whole new day of possibilities in front of me.

    19. Simon Wigzell

      Tough to give Yotsuba&! a rating: Should I rate it as a Yotsuba&!-book, in which case this was about average, or should I rate it compared to all other books, in which case the 5 stars are a given (like every single Yotsuba&! book)?But no grading on a Yotsuba-curve today, so 5 stars it is!Anyhoo, here the big feature is a camping trip (which will continue in the next volume). Unfortunately for Yotsuba Yanda is also taking part

    20. Yue

      I cannot believe I read this more than a year ago! Seems like yesterday.I've been re-reading a lot lately, Yotsuba among them. This is such a charming manga. Every little frame is cute, including glimpses of the street or the sunrise. My favorites chapters may be: where Yotsuba paints the table in blue and makes a complete mess. That is such a kid's behavior! it was funny and her little foot-print adorable.The other one is the sand-pit. So many good memories.

    21. Elaine Lin

      i love this series and i will most definitely keep reading all the chapters. Yotsuba goes on many journeys to learn more things and as time passes she also gets more mature but still the youngest in the neighborhood. Everyone watches out for her and takes care of her when her dad is busy working. I literally laugh while reading this book and i would recommended it to anyone, everyone because it just turns up your mood to bright and delightful. GREAT BOOOOOK!

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