Poirot speelt bridge

Poirot speelt bridge Er wordt een moord gepleegd tijdens een spel bridge De geheimzinnige mijnheer Shaitana verzamelt niet ontdekte moordenaars Het blijkt een gevaarlijke hobby die hem tenslotte het leven kost Hercule Po

  • Title: Poirot speelt bridge
  • Author: Agatha Christie
  • ISBN: 9789021814605
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Paperback
  • Poirot speelt bridge

    Er wordt een moord gepleegd tijdens een spel bridge.De geheimzinnige mijnheer Shaitana verzamelt niet ontdekte moordenaars Het blijkt een gevaarlijke hobby, die hem tenslotte het leven kost.Hercule Poirot, die op het ogenblik dat Shaitana werd vermoord bij hem op bezoek was, moet zien uit te zoeken wie van de gasten zijn gastheer heeft vermoord.Hoewel hij uit de manierEr wordt een moord gepleegd tijdens een spel bridge.De geheimzinnige mijnheer Shaitana verzamelt niet ontdekte moordenaars Het blijkt een gevaarlijke hobby, die hem tenslotte het leven kost.Hercule Poirot, die op het ogenblik dat Shaitana werd vermoord bij hem op bezoek was, moet zien uit te zoeken wie van de gasten zijn gastheer heeft vermoord.Hoewel hij uit de manier waarop de verdachten die avond bridge speelden heel wat kan opmaken over hun karakter, blijft het een ingewikkelde zaak

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    1. Erin ☕ *Proud Book Hoarder*

      I'm done! It feels like I am finishing books up so slowly lately - June wasn't a strong reading month.Thanks to Hercule Poirot, it ended well - the Belgian detective dominates the story from start to finish. That may sound like it's something needless to say, but Agatha Christie did tend to have some Poirot books where the beloved detective didn't even show up until the second half or toward the end. In this case we open up with him at a party and end with him entertaining survivors.The story wa [...]

    2. Ahmad Sharabiani

      Cards on the table (Hercule Poirot #15), Agatha Christie عنوانها: ورقها روی میز؛ شیطان به قتل میرسد؛ اتفاق بعد از شام؛ نویسنده: آگاتا کریستی؛ تاریخ نخستین خوانش: یکی از روزهای سال 1993 میلادیعنوان: شیطان به قتل میرسد؛ نویسنده: آگاتا کریستی؛ مترجم: جمشید اسکندانی؛ تهران، نشر روایت، 1372، در 535 ص؛ چاپ دیگر: ت [...]

    3. Ivonne Rovira

      I’m so torn on this book. On the one hand, how often can you say that you have four — yes, four! —of Dame Agatha Christie’s sleuths in one book? On the other hand, the task they take on turns out to be a bit thin — at least at first.A cruel globetrotter and art collector named Mr. Shaitana gathers eight people for a party. In hindsight, it turns out that he has invited four sleuths — no less than Hercule Poirot, ditzy mystery writer Ariadne Oliver; Scotland Yard’s finest, Inspector [...]

    4. Carlo

      Unlike other Christie stories, at the beginning of Cards on the Table, we only have four suspects. I believe this is one of Christie's best works and even of the genre, since analyzing motives and studying personalities is one of the best things about detective fiction, and the book is packed with that. Christie tells us in the introduction that this case is Poirot's favorite, and of course that's no surprise. However, the book is embedded with a huge amount of details which can be a bit overwhe [...]

    5. Richard Derus

      Rating: 4* of fiveThe Publisher Says: It was the match-up of the century: four sleuths--Superintendent Battle of Scotland Yard; Mrs. Ariadne Oliver, famed writer of detective stories; Col. Race of His Majesty's Secret Service; and the incomparable Hercule Poirot - invited to play bridge with four specially invited guests, each of whom had gotten away with murder! But before the first rubber was completed, the host was dead.My Review: This review is of Christie's novel and the tenth-season film a [...]

    6. Nandakishore Varma

      Mr. Shaitana collects murderers who have committed the act and gotten away with it. So as a challenge to Poirot, he puts four of them around a table to play bridge: on another table are seated Poirot, Mrs. Oliver the mystery writer, Colonel Race and Superintendent Battle. However, the cat-and-mouse game goes very badly for Shaitana as he gets murdered during the evening.I don't know bridge (it is somewhat similar to 56, which we used to play in college), but I know the basics - the key factor he [...]

    7. Mariℓina

      Cards on the Table, is my very first Agatha Christie novel and surely i made a fine choice, because the writing is excellent, the psychological games exquisite and i couldn't get enough of the tiny details and clues that were hiding in every page.Actually, crime-mystery isn't my favorite book genre, but i love the TV-series of that kind. I've seen so many different shows that now my eye is trained enough to find the killer almost immediately. That didn't happen though in this book. I only ruled [...]

    8. Jokoloyo

      It is not a proper review. I admit that I forgot the story.So far, this is the only Agatha Christie's story that I could guessed the villain correctly, based on the Bridge plays. (It's hardly a spoiler clue, Poirot always asking the Bridge plays that happened at the murder scene in the story. A little experience in playing Bridge would help).Too bad I borrowed this book from my college friend, and until now I have no chance to re-read it again. I forget who done it. it should be fun re-discoveri [...]

    9. Arybo ✨

      Stile: impeccabile. Trama: Sembra facile, ma non lo è. Ho ADORATO la signora Oliver. Il suo personaggio ha dato la possibilità di inserire contenuti metaletterari e riferimenti alla letteratura poliziesca in generale. INon riuscirò mai a capire il bridge, ma mischiare le mosse della partita ai movimenti dei personaggi è stato geniale.

    10. Lindley Walter-smith

      Agatha Christie is sometimes severely underrated as both an observational writer and as a comedian. She's rarely underrated, though, for the perfection of her puzzles. Cards on the Table is one of my all-time favourite Christie novels, because in this one all three strengths shine.The setup is delicious - four successful murderers playing bridge at one table, four famous detectives at another. At some point in the evening, while being dummy, one of the murderers wanders over and kills the ninth [...]

    11. Shobhit Sharad

      I would have given this book four stars if only the end wasn't so rushed. I've always commended Agatha Christie's ability to create unique and innovative cases, and admire her approach via psychology. This was even better in this book, because physical clues were almost next to nothing. Also, I liked how the official person involved, Superintendent Battle, was not a dim-wit or a lousy person, but actually contributed to the case. I loved Mrs. Oliver and she was written like what I imagine Agatha [...]

    12. Phrynne

      This was one of the best Agatha Christie books I have yet read. Nine people at a bridge game, one murdered, four suspects and four above suspicion who investigate. I have to admit I picked the wrong person as the murderer and Christie gave me quite a surprise at the end. I liked that though because the clues had all been there and I was just not detective enough to pick up on them. Another career that is not for me!

    13. Alaina Meserole

      Card on the Table was a really fun and interesting read. It starts with Shaitana having a dinner party, where he invites 4 detectives and 4 suspected murderers. One of the detectives is obviously Poirot which means that there is going to be a murder. I mean, death seems to follow this guy all the god damn time - so of course when the host of this dinner party is found dead I wasn't really shocked. I, of course, ate this book up. I didn't even want to figure out who the murderer was until Poirot [...]

    14. David Schaafsma

      Cards on the Table Poirot #15“Real life’s a bit different,” said [Scotland Yard Superintendent} Battle.“I know,” said [mystery novelist] Mrs. Oliver. “Badly constructed. . . . I could make a better murder any day than anything real. I’m never at a loss for a plot.”Not a household name, Cards on the Table, yet it has things to recommend it, and of interest about it. First, it involves a—first time--introduction by “Agatha Chriistie,” speaking for Hercule Poirot as a “real [...]

    15. Sophie Hannah

      Very good, focused novel, with only four suspects. I'd have enjoyed it more if I had the first clue how to play bridge! Not one of my favourite Christies, but still hugely entertaining. Loved Poirot's insistence that he could only solve the murder once he'd found out the bridge-playing technique of each suspect!

    16. Rania Alessa

      رواية رائعة وغامضة بمعنى الكلمة مليئة بالألغاز وحلها كان ذكياً وعبقرياً وضعت الكاتبة الأضواء على شخص ومن ثم طلع شخص لا يخطر على البال بحل واسباب ذكية ورائعه جداً تعتبر من أفضل الروايات التي قرأتها إطلاقاً أنصحكم بقراءتها تحياتي

    17. Lady Clementina ffinch-ffarowmore

      Hercule Poirot is invited to dinner. When he arrives, he finds there are eight guests, four, people new to him but the others, himself included, are connected with the world of crime detection in one or the other way―Superintendent Battle of Scotland Yard, Col. Race (connected with the Secret Service), and Ariadne Oliver, author of detective fiction. Their host is Mr Shaitana (the word “shaitan” roughly translates to devil/satan or evil), a man who takes pleasure in the power he holds over [...]

    18. Nhi Nguyễn

      Ôi trời, ôi trời ơi. Cứ tưởng kẻ giết người đã được tìm ra rồi chứ, ai ngờ khúc cuối ông thám tử dễ thương vui tính người Bỉ Hercule Poirot tung một "quả" ngoạn mục bất ngờ, làm hết hồn luôn. Thế mới biết, đừng có đùa với Poirot và Dame Agatha Christie :D

    19. Girish

      The book starts with Agatha Christie's disclaimer that People expect the crime to be committed by the least likely suspect and not all murders are solved through clues. And so here is a book where there are no physical clues to the murder and Poirot (and co) need to rely on psychological profiles of suspects to arrive at the killer. In one of the most interesting mysteries(depends on your taste, of course) , a murder is committed while a game of bridge is in progress. The 4 suspects in the room [...]

    20. Zahra Rhm

      داستان جنایی- معمایی پرکشش و غیرقابل حدسآگاتا کریستی در این کتابش چهار نفر رو کاندید قاتل بودن میکنه. هر چهار نفر جرمی در گذشته مرتکب شدن. خواننده در طول داستان حدس هایی در مورد این که قاتل کیه میزنه. اما فصول آخر کتاب کاملا گمراه کننده هستن. طوری که احتمالا در هر فصل خواننده در [...]

    21. Jim

      I enjoy reading Agatha Christie novels on occasion. Especially those where Hercule Poirot is the protagonist. They transport me to a different time and place. Cards on the Table was published in 1936. It seems like just about everyone had a butler, cook, parlor maid, or chambermaid. Sometimes all of the above. Regardless of occupation. Even widows on fixed incomes. It must have been nice. In Cards on the Table Poirot meets Mr Shaitana at an exhibition of snuff boxes. Mr Shaitana is a collector a [...]

    22. Kathryn

      Mr. Shaitana loves to throw parties. He is, after all, a man with a penchant for drama, a Mephistophelian air, and far too high an opinion of himself. M. Hurcule Poirot is one of eight guests invited to Shaitana's for a bridge party. Shaitana suspects four of them of murder, and believes this is his chance to prove himself superior to some of the greatest sleuthing minds of the day--for in addition to Poirot, three other "great minds" of criminal investigation are invited. But, Shaitana's plans [...]

    23. Đorđe Bajić

      Poslednji roman u ovom pregledu je „najsvežiji“. U pitanju je krimić Agate Kristi Karte na sto (1936), delo koje se smatra jednim od najzanimljivijih eksperimenata u karijeri „kraljice zločina“. Broj osumnjičenih u krimićima je obično veliki, neretko dvocifren – u ovom romanu ih, kako spisateljica ističe u predgovoru, ima samo četvoro. To čitaocu omogućava da se usredsredi na potencijalne ubice i lakše reši misteriju. Tako je, barem, u teoriji. U praksi, Agata Kristi je svo [...]

    24. Dina

      Reference NotesSeries: Hercule Poirot #16 (1936)Narrator: (3rd person)Recurring Characters:Scotland Yard's Superintendent BattleMrs. Ariadne Oliver (best-selling writer of detective "and other sensational stories")Col. Race (Secret Service Agent)Victim: Mr. ShaitanaCOD: StabbingSuspects:Dr. Geoffrey Roberts (victim's acquaintance who might have murdered one - or two, who knows - patients in the past)Mrs. Lorrimer (victim's acquaintance who might have murdered her late husband)Maj. John Despard ( [...]

    25. Bruce Beckham

      Infuriating!The reader is charged to deduce which of four guests at a bridge party murders their host - in plain sight of the other three.It sounds easy, but I must say, I didn't get remotely close - and if I can offer a word of advice (without it being a spoiler) I should say pay attention to what interests Poirot.Despite my blundering sleuthing, I nonetheless enjoyed the period insight, and cringed as usual at the inadvertent racism that was evidently de rigueur for the time.For the denouement [...]

    26. Zainab Zuhair

      اوراق لعب على الطاولة رائعة من روائع الكاتبة البوليسية اجاثا كرستي حيث كانت حبكة الجريمة من نوع خاص وتتكىء الجريمة على ان هناك ٤ اشخاص متهمين بقتل السيد شايتانا في وقت واحد ، حيث كان الاربعة متواجدين في الغرفة التي قتل فيها دون ان يلحظ احد منهم لحظة قتله ! وتختزل الحبكة في اور [...]

    27. Zahra Ali Cherif

      😲🤔🙃🙈🙊المهم تمت القراءةالرواية ذكاء، كالعادة (اثباتا لغبائي 😒😐)

    28. Harshita

      I really loved this one! As usual it was a murderlved by four of the best in their respective fields (all fictional of course!)So we have Colonel Race of the secret service; Superintendent Battle, a police officer; Adriane Oliver, a crime writer and Hercule Poirot, a private detective. They have all been invited by the flamboyant Mr Shaitana, a collector with a Mephistopheles complex(in my opinion the name itself is a giveaway!), to a dinner party along with four other people whom the latter sus [...]

    29. Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all)

      Do people still play bridge? Growing up in the 60s I remember seeing a column in the local paper that diagrammed a bridge game every week, and when I was about 7 or 8 a bored babysitter tried to teach me and the other 2 kids she was looking after to play; that lasted for about 10 minutes, given that we were ages 7, 10 and 11 and the eleven-yr-old was a hyperactive boy! I never did learn to play; numbers and their convolutions are not my thing. However, bridge in one form or another, under differ [...]

    30. Abbey

      A most exotic - and extremely wealthy - man hosts an intriguing dinner party: the guests are four famous sleuths and four people who may have killed in the past but who have not, as yet, been found out. He drops numerous hints, and at the end of the evening is found dead. Which murderer killed again? Which sleuth will figure it all out first? One of Christie’s most peculiar stories, it’s fascinating even though I don’t understand Bridge at all and the cardgame plays a part in the solution. [...]

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