Dood van een huistiran

Dood van een huistiran In Jeruzalem ontmoet Hercule Poirot een heel vreemde familie Wanneer hij later hoort dat de excentrieke wrede moeder uit dit gezin is vermoord verbaast hem dat absoluut niet Toch besluit Poirot uit

  • Title: Dood van een huistiran
  • Author: Agatha Christie H. Tromp
  • ISBN: 9789021824031
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dood van een huistiran

    In Jeruzalem ontmoet Hercule Poirot een heel vreemde familie Wanneer hij later hoort dat de excentrieke, wrede moeder uit dit gezin is vermoord, verbaast hem dat absoluut niet.Toch besluit Poirot uit te zoeken wie de moordenaar is een zeer gecompliceerde zaak als blijkt dat praktisch iedereen in de omgeving van de vermoorde vrouw een motief heeft

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      365 Agatha Christie H. Tromp
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    One thought on “Dood van een huistiran

    1. Simona Bartolotta

      “They have been in prison so long that, if the prison door stands open, they would no longer notice!” It was rather frustrating to have to wait more than 100 pages for the murder to happen, but oh, it was so worth it. Poirot's final dénouement was particularly appreciated. And I'm so ridiculously glad they all had their (view spoiler)[happily ever after (hide spoiler)], in the end.This time around, the queen of crime did not disappoint at all.

    2. Jaya

      Re-read on October 2016I stand by my rating :))***10+++ StarsThis is perhaps one of my most favourite Christie's. No matter how many times I read it (last count was 8), this story does not get old, all those descriptions and sequences retain their power to thrill me even when I read it today. I simply love this book and the mystery of it.This has nothing to do with anything Jerusalem, archaeology, historical artifacts. Nope. Absolutely not.

    3. Nandakishore Varma

      This is one of my personal favourites.An obnoxious old woman, Mrs. Boynton (who used to the warden of a women's jail) has kept her daughter and stepchildren in psychological bondage for their whole lives: she gets her kicks from exercising control over other human beings. Obviously, they wouldn't mind if somebody murdered her.Well, what's hoped for happens. In the Red City of Petra where the family is on tour, Mrs. Boynton is discovered dead with a puncture mark on her wrist, sitting outside a c [...]

    4. BrokenTune

      4.5*"You do see, don't you, that she's got to be killed?"Mrs. Boynton is despised by everyone who meets her. Even her family. All of her children live under her thumb and it is easy to see how her manipulative tyranny make Mrs. Boynton one of the most despicable characters (view spoiler)[and one of the most deserving victims (hide spoiler)] in any Christie novel.Poirot, having once overheard a conversation between two of the Boyton children, is resolved to investigate when a death occurs on a tr [...]

    5. mark monday

      Choose Your Own Adventure!As a gay man, you have many tasks to accomplish in the course of a normal day. It is best to keep an appointment diary at hand, at all times.6:00am Gym8:00am Breakfast (oatmeal and egg whites)9:00am Hair Appointment10:00am Shopping (Macy's or Nordstrom's)11:30am Leisurely al fresco Brunch2:00pm (1) assume complete control of all U.S. Federal, state, and local governments, as well as all other national governments(2) destroy all healthy marriages(3) replace all school te [...]

    6. David Schaafsma

      “You are a detective, are you not?”“Yes, mademoiselle.”“A very well-known detective?“The very best detective in the world,” said Poirot, stating it as a simple truth, no more, no less. The best opening to an AC mystery for me yet:"You do see, don't you, that she's got to be killed?" Poirot overhears a brother try to persuade his sister to kill their tyrannical and sadistic and morbidly obese mother, and why not?! We quickly learn that even if you are a complete pacifist that you mi [...]

    7. Mahdi Lotfi

      خلاصه ی داستان:در اردوگاهی تحقیقاتی در اورشلیم، خانواده‌ای به نام بوینتون اقامت دارند که همسر رئیس خانواده، آقای بوینتون که رئیس این پروژه تحقیقاتی باستان‌شناسی است. رئیس خانواده لیدی بوینتون، زنی مستبد و شکنجه‌گر است که فرزندانش قصد دارند وی را بکشند. اما پیش از آنکه آنان [...]

    8. Melissa

      Once again, Christie has written a mystery with an ending I didn't see coming. This time, I can't decide if I think she left enough clues to lead to the culprit, however. Normally, I find myself saying "oh, yeah!" as I read the outcome, but this time I thought it was a little shaky. But, as usual, Christie does a beautiful job fleshing out the characters of a well-rounded cast, with plenty of doubt cast among almost all of them. I changed my mind a few different times as to the possible outcome, [...]

    9. Story_girl

      (view spoiler)[Huh well When Poirot pointed out the real murderer it was rather anti-climatic.I was probably expecting a lot more drama 🤔End of political ambitions and career as a motive for murder.With all the talk of Ginerva's sheikhs coming to capture her and all the pshycological talk between the two doctors present, I was expecting something more dramatic.Well anyway my guess of who the murderer was completely wrong.I was thinking that perhaps Dr Gerald had taken a fancy to the beautiful [...]

    10. Kavita

      So glad to find a Christie book that I don't remember clearly! An American woman has her family bound to her through psychological torture. She enjoys tormenting people, and takes it out on her isolated family for amusement. But on a trip to Petra, she is exposed to the outer world, as are her family. Suddenly, one day, she is found dead. Though, nobody really cared for the woman, Hercules Poirot does not approve of murder. He sets out to find the truth.I couldn't guess the murderer at all, thou [...]

    11. Trisha

      I don't know why but I thought this was a completely different story before starting. I've seen this as a play by a different name so - imagine my surprised when I realized I knew this story!But seeing it as a play DID NOT take away from my love for the story. Agatha Christie is a story teller like no other. I loved Poirot (I laughed out loud when someone in the book called him Little Poirot! lol) as always and I loved his little schemes and abilities to notice what others do not.This book is br [...]

    12. Obsidian

      Well this one was not as well done as Death on the Nile. I think it was because it was pretty obvious after one character's utterance who did the crime in this one.Unlike with some other Poirot novels, Hercule really doesn't step up to the plate until about half way through the book. The first half is spent with two fellow doctors/travelers looking upon the weirdness that is the Boynton family.Two of the characters, Sarah King and Dr. Gerad witness that the entire Boynton family, except for one [...]

    13. Tarinee Prasad

      I always wanted to be a detective .Ok I accept .I wanted to be a Painter ,Engineer ,Ninja(Naruto) , Superman/Shaktiman ,President ,KBC winner , Pizza delivery boy ,librarian ,IPS .But with all these constantly changing aims of my life ,one thing was common .I always wanted to be a detective .So the result was inevitable .I love booksI always wanted to be a detective .I still do . Result : Agatha Christie's novels are always a treat for me .Her books are not just another Cozy read for me ,it also [...]

    14. Amainer

      I usually read an Agatha Christie novel when I am at home on Christmas vacation. I had this on my shelf, so I decided to bring it with me. "Appointment with Death" has Hercule Poirot on yet another holiday, this time to The Holy Land. As usual, Poirot's vacation is interrupted by a suspicious death. I have read quite a bit of Agatha Christie, and I must say, I found this book somewhat disappointing. The first Christie novel that I ever read, was "Murder on the Orient Express" - to this day it re [...]

    15. Dina

      Reference NotesSeries: Hercule Poirot #20 (1938)Narrator: (3rd person)Victim: Mrs. BoyntonCOD: Digitoxin poisoningSuspects:Mr. Lennox Boynton (victim's stepson)Mr. Raymond Boynton (victim's stepson)Ms. Carol Boynton (victim's stepdaughter)Ms. Ginevra "Jinny" Boynton (victim's daughter)Mrs. Nadine Boynton (Lennox's wife)Mr. Jefferson Cope (Nadine's friend)Ms. Sarah KingDr. Theodore GerardLady WestholmeMs. Annabel PierceFavorite quote:"So clever of women to go into public life and hold their own. [...]

    16. Bruce Beckham

      Without spoiling the plot, for once I did feel rather tricked as Hercule Poirot eloquently held court in the final chapter of this book, the famous denouement.I always reckon that a good red herring has a distinctly suspicious whiff - whereas this novel is populated by what turns out to be a great shoal of its innocuous pink subspecies.No matter - as usual I enjoyed the meanderings of the legendary detective, while the setting - a largely peaceful Middle East - evokes a sense of nostalgia that m [...]

    17. 3houd

      في أثناء رحلة عائلية لعائلة بوينتون تموت السيدة بوينتون بشكل مفاجئ مما يرجح وجود شبهة جنائية. فيدخل في الموضوع المحقق الفذ هيركيول بوارو لتحديد ما إذا وجدت جريمة من عدمها.لم تعجبني الرواية, مملة إلى حد ما.

    18. Laurel Young

      (Spoilers for Murder on the Orient Express as well). How is it that I had never read this masterpiece before?! I'm ashamed to call myself a Christie fanatic without it, but the oversight has been corrected. I have been working my way through some of Dame Agatha's more eccentric experiments (Passenger to Frankfurt most recently), when I came across this gem--absolutely classic Golden Age 1930s Christie, full of suspense, red herrings, twists and turns, exotic settings, and Hercule Poirot! Who cou [...]

    19. Christy

      I wouldn't argue with anyone who claimed Dame Agatha has written better mysteriesYET this one is fully deserving of several stars for good reasonDo others- when reading a book, (especially by one of these ultra-prolific, beloved authors whose time on this earth has passed) do as I, and check the year it was first published?There are several reasons I do this. One of my main reasons is so I can get a clear picture of the historical setting in which the story takes place. This helps me understand [...]

    20. Siddharth Chakravarthy

      3 StarsThe Plot was rather simple and it included a number of characters which was a good thing but also a bad thing. Here's why i feel that way : Since many characters were involved, Hercule Poirot (the detective) was faced with quite a complex problem of solving the case by circling out the guilty among them despite the fact that each one of them provided him with their own version of the events and happenings which didn't match well with each other's. So this makes the plot more intriguing an [...]

    21. Paulo "paper books always" Carvalho

      This was not the best book by Agatha. By all means. First of all, Poirot only appears in half the book (100 of 210 pages) and the last 20 pages is the setting as Poirot tells them all how smart he is and how he cracked the murder.So it seems, not all people had some motifs to kill the Matriach of a American family and the killer isn't who we are led to believe.My main problem is that Agatha Christie was getting more and more discontent with Poirot and this book shows it. I understand. This lady [...]

    22. Almeta

      Christie thoroughly drew the psychology of her characters in this mystery. The various behaviors displayed due to stress and suppression were all plausible reactions.Surprisingly, the eccentricity of Hercule himself was not as evident. The Poirot I know has his quirks. At the beginning of this story, it is predictable that he closes his window in order to be sure that “outside air stays outside”. I grinned to myself and said, “Yes, he would do something like that.” I missed his humorous [...]

    23. Mohamed Shoaib

      بوارو في القدس و بينما هو متجه للنوم يسمع شخصين يتحدثا احدهما يخبر الآخر "ألا تتفق انها يجب ان تموت ؟" في اليوم التالي تلتقي الشابة سارة كينج بالدكتور الفرنسي جيرار و يجلسان للتحدث حتى تظهر أمامهم عائلة مكونة من ستة أفراد يبدو عليهم الغرابة التامة خصوصًا الام السيدة بوينتوني [...]

    24. Julia

      Haven't read an Agatha Christie mystery since I was a teenager. It's good to be back. Not sure that anyone writes mystery better than she did.

    25. Shatrujeet Nath

      It was strictly okay, something that I have more or less come to expect from Agatha Christie books. The good points were that the author put in some effort at creating decent atmospherics, and there were a couple of places where the writing brought a chuckle and a smile to my lips. The story itself was flat, though, and none of the characters (all very poorly sketched) were remotely inspiring. I couldn't care less who the murderer was, and when the great reveal happened, it left me cold and disi [...]

    26. Andrea

      Wherever Poirot ventures, even on holidays to Petra, death seems to follow. Are you sure he is not the real culprit, framing others for his murderous deeds? After all, his reputation, impeccable looks, and harmless appearance might be the perfect disguise. Hmmm Sound theory. I should be a detective :)A manipulative and malicious family matriarch is found dead of apparent heart failure, and naturally one or more of her long-suffering children fall under suspicion. But not everything is as simple [...]

    27. Versha

      Enjoyed this cozy mystery immensely. Though the story started a bit slowly the initial discussion and character analysis of Boynton family by Dr Gerard and Sarah King the psychologists, was very interesting to read. And of course yet again I failed to guess who the actual murderer is. Hercule Poirot you’ve done it again!

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