Gallien in Gefahr

Gallien in Gefahr Asterix the comic hero from the Roman era and the first international superhero continues to conquer the world With hundreds of millions of copies sold in languages and dialects not to mention

  • Title: Gallien in Gefahr
  • Author: Albert Uderzo Frédéric Mébarki
  • ISBN: 9783770400324
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gallien in Gefahr

    Asterix, the comic hero from the Roman era and the first international superhero, continues to conquer the world With hundreds of millions of copies sold in 107 languages and dialects, not to mention 11,000 websites devoted to the character, these engagingly witty and record breaking books have become the highest selling series ever surpassing even Harry Potter And theAsterix, the comic hero from the Roman era and the first international superhero, continues to conquer the world With hundreds of millions of copies sold in 107 languages and dialects, not to mention 11,000 websites devoted to the character, these engagingly witty and record breaking books have become the highest selling series ever surpassing even Harry Potter And the phenomenon shows no sign of abating in fact, it s spreading to other media, such as video games, CDs, and movies And fans of these hysterical historical tales will love this first new album in four years now out in paper It s a lively tale that features a falling sky, an incredible space race, and some surprising characters.Whatever adventure Asterix embarks on, it s sure to be a blockbuster.

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      470 Albert Uderzo Frédéric Mébarki
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    One thought on “Gallien in Gefahr

    1. Dirk Grobbelaar

      I've always loved the Asterix books. I grew up on a literary staple of Tintin and Asterix so this kind of thing will always have a place on my shelf. However this was disappointing. The satire and historical Easter Eggs that these books are famous for are blatantly absent. True, there is some humour, but it's not the clever humour you'd expect from an Asterix story. I could probably go on like this indefinitely. The long and short is: some things don't mix. Oil and water. Asterix and Space-Ships [...]

    2. Mathieu

      Si j'ai pas mis zéro, c'est en souvenir de mes jeunes années et de mes premiers pas de lecteurs avec Astérix Quelle honte ! Une histoire aussi scandaleusement mauvaise, j'aurai jamais cru en voir dans Astérix (et surtout pas du vivant d'un des deux créateurs). Le plus navrant dans tout ça, c'est qu'Uderzo ne se remet absolument pas en cause. Que personne n'est apprécié son travail, il s'en fout ! On a acheté, bon con. Moi, je pense que j'en ai fini avec Astérix et ça me désole. Si le [...]

    3. Gavin

      I thought I hadn't read thisbut I haveghNot a great story at all.This is plain to see it's not the originals.It's supposed to be a tribute from Uderzo to Walt Disney, who inspired him to be an artist in that regard I'm thankful.Otherwise, it's a silly story about aliens and silliness and just too silly to be great. Give it a miss unless you're an Asterix fanatic like myself.

    4. Nisha D'lima

      Never thought I'd ever see an Asterix book I did not like, thought that the writer took advantage of the waves of fame and decided to milk it for nothing. Worst storyline, did not like the illustrations, honestly did not know where the story was going. Horrid horrid horrid

    5. Bruce

      Asterix the Falling Sky – a disaster of an Uderzo story; the Gaulish village is visited by competing alien races respectively intended to represent Disney and manga cartoon styles (evenly-matched, you see)

    6. Kunal

      So, I had nothing to read yesterday and I was a bored so I picked up this book from my bookshelf. Finished it easily in 10 mins. Nice book with great humour, it's another fun read for people who want to read especially quick books.

    7. Polly

      The Asterix books by Uderzo have all been way below the standard of the Goscinny and Uderzo ones, but this is an all-time low. Truly lousy.

    8. Feather Mista

      Antes de sonar fundamentalista, dos aclaraciones: El dibujo sigue siendo bonito y tiene un par de escenas que me hicieron amagar una sonrisa. Listo.Ahora, que fluya la rabia: Este álbum es un insulto a los lectores de manga (y a los japoneses en general, representados por un bicho amarillo desagradable), un insulto a los lectores de cómic yanqui (que bastante tienen sintiéndose insultados permanentemente por sus propios personajes), y -sobre todo- un insulto a todos los lectores de Asterix. C [...]

    9. Komuniststar

      Eto napokon na hrvatskom počeo redovno izlazit Asterix. Nadam se da će ovaj put izdržat i da ćemo ih sad, napokon, imat sve na hrvatskom. Jedina vrijednost ovog stripa je to da je napokon izašao na hrvatskom, meni je ovo najlošija epizoda Asterixa, bez uvjerljivosti, prepoznatljivosti i zabave. Dah pare za nju samo zato da izdavač ne stane s izdavanjem zbog loše prodaje. Nadam se da nisam bacio pare u vjetar :)

    10. Jay

      This was a disappointing addition to the Asterix universe. It's an awkwardly combined universe, the Gauls and spacemen, and it just doesn't sit right. This might be a fun read for children, but for myself and other Asterix fans, it's a little bit more than bad.

    11. Karhum Ghassan

      Lol that's what this book make me say so funny and why does a nagma ride on o hover bike while it has wings and that little purple midget lol.

    12. Lelyana

      Kalo Asterix bacanya entah beberapa kali. Sampe bukunya lecek dan akhirnya di bundel supaya gak ilang2an. Komik terkeren sepanjang masa setelah Tintin.

    13. Arnaud Vanheeswyck

      J’ai toujours été un grand fan des Asterix et de la période Goscinny-Uderzo. Ici, les dessins d’Uderzo sont toujours bien faits mais que dire du scénario ?! C’est le premier Astérix que je n’ai pas su terminer. On regrette les calembours et les scénarios bien ficelés du regretté Goscinny et quand on n’a plus d’idées pour l’histoire, on amène des extraterrestres (comme on peut le faire dans certains mauvais films) dans l’univers d’Astérix et ça n’a ni queue ni têt [...]

    14. Jon Shanks

      Looks like a classic Asterix book as it is drawn by Albert Uderzo, however, he also takes on writing duties too for the late Rene Goscinny, but that is where it falls down. There are a few humorous touches (the Arnold Schwarzenegger super clones for one) but it doesn't really have the sharp wit of the classic stories, coming off as a tribute act rather than the genuine article. One for die-hard completists, rather than the casual fan I think.

    15. Bárbara Castro Lima

      Banda desenhada não é claramente o meu género literário. Astérix é giro, mas esta história é um pouco rebuscada por causa dos extraterrestres.

    16. Sarah

      I didn't actualy like this one nearly so much as I've enjoyed all the other Asterix books. I mean really aliens? It just didn't fit at all.

    17. Christian Krüger

      Die bisher schlechteste Folge in der Reihe, so absehbar und plump im Plot, dass man es sicherlich kein zweites Mal ansieht.

    18. Serena

      Gli extraterrestri mi sembrano un po' superflui nella Gallia del 50a.C. non c'è paragone con gli altri volumi.

    19. Hruotland

      Harmlos. OK, größtenteils harmlos.Anders als Band 29 (oder 11) ist dieser nur bescheuert, nicht aktiv bigott.Der Hauptpunkt scheint zu sein, dass Uderzo ein Disneyfan ist, und japanische Mangaka (oder Anime-Zeichner) »(…) missgünstig und rachsüchtig. Sie kopieren (Disney.)« »nicht so weit fortgeschritten«. Oooh-keeey, *Augenrollen*. Und Tesuka-sama war viel mehr ein Disney-Fanaboy als Franzosen jemals zugeben würden, und deutlich mehr als Uderzo. Wer zB MW für eine Disney-Kopie hält [...]

    20. Ceri

      I always loved reading Asterix books when I was a child. The word-play and physical comedy and historical factoids woven in, they have a lot going for them in general. I bought this book at the request of one of my children, although I hadn't heard of it, and we read it together. I was really disappointed; it's lacking in the charm and entertainment of most Asterix books and it is generally a very odd book indeed. The Asterix books usually stay in their time frame (ancient Gaul in Roman times) b [...]

    21. Jerome

      Both amusing and awful, this tale has an interesting premise, but one that ultimately fails. The world of Asterix is suddenly treated to the appearance of a Teletubby-like alien, his army of Superman-like clones, and his grasshopper-like archnemesis. Along the way we get references to Walt Disney. It’s different and creative, but at times it’s a bit much. Asterix and Obelix are basically bystanders.A fine Asterix tale, even it is still definitely one of the worst, and the humor and charm is [...]

    22. Manuel Chiofi

      Il villaggio è congelato. Nessuno si muove più è una strana sfera è sospesa sopra al villaggio. Asterix e Obelix affronteranno nientemeno che gli alieni in questa ultima storia originale di Uderzo. Il confronto tra Toon e Namga riprende, nemmeno troppo velatamente, la lotta tra appassionati di comics americani e manga giapponesi, con al centro il fumetto europeo che di certo non sta a guardare.Non certo il migliore albo di Uderzo, ma di sicuro il più temerario.Da non perdere Namga e i cloni [...]

    23. Becca

      A friend had recommended the Asterix series to me, mainly for it's wordplay. When I found some of the books at the library, I picked a random one and brought it home. I should have paid slightly more attention because it turns out this one was done after one half of the Asterix writing duo had died, so I have a feeling it wasn't as amusing and interesting. I did enjoy some of the wordplay, and I generally liked the story, but I had hoped for more. I shall try a different Asterix book, except I'l [...]

    24. Matthew Hunter

      Uderzo tries to go big by bringing aliens into the mix. The story falls flat. It's an evenly fought galactic battle between Disney and Manga styles of animation. Chief Vitalstatistix allows the bard to sing. Toon the alien looks like a purple teletubbie. Asterix and Obelix give up much of their indomitable status to watch Toon save them. Druid Getafix reveals some odd insecurities about his potion-making abilities. It's a weird reading experience for Asterix fans. I don't blame us for rejecting [...]

    25. Ime'... Imelda

      gue nggak terlalu suka sama asterix yang satu ini. menurut gue, ini udah far away nggak masuk akal.ceritanya adalah ramuan ajaib Panoramix itu terkenal, bahkan sampe' ke luar angkasa. oleh karena itu, ada dua jargon luar angkasa yang datang ke bumi (tepatnya desa galia), untuk bisa ngedapet'in itu. well, dari situ aja, gue udah males banget bacanya :) kurang bagus menurut gue. but yah, it's ok laaahhh :D

    26. Elizabeth S

      Not the best Asterix book. The flow is a little jumpy. Instead of beginning with the little Gaulish village we know so well, we jump right to Asterix and Obelix in the forest. Several jumps like that make the story a little disjoint. But this is still an Asterix book, and there is still lots of good fun. And the English translators are thankfully still excellent. I enjoyed the reference to the "great Gallo-Roman actors Laurus and Hardius."

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