Danza sulla mia tomba

Danza sulla mia tomba Strano hobby la Morte per un ragazzo di sedici anni Strana convinzione quella che l amicizia sia una scatola di fagioli magici Poi ci sono le sue ginocchia troppo basse che odia la scuola da tener

  • Title: Danza sulla mia tomba
  • Author: Aidan Chambers Giorgia Grilli
  • ISBN: 9788817024259
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Paperback
  • Danza sulla mia tomba

    Strano hobby, la Morte, per un ragazzo di sedici anni Strana convinzione, quella che l amicizia sia una scatola di fagioli magici Poi ci sono le sue ginocchia troppo basse che odia, la scuola da tenere o lasciare, un padre poco democratico, una madre troppo fragile All improvviso arriva Barry, una barca a vela gialla al posto del classico cavallo bianco e una voglia traStrano hobby, la Morte, per un ragazzo di sedici anni Strana convinzione, quella che l amicizia sia una scatola di fagioli magici Poi ci sono le sue ginocchia troppo basse che odia, la scuola da tenere o lasciare, un padre poco democratico, una madre troppo fragile All improvviso arriva Barry, una barca a vela gialla al posto del classico cavallo bianco e una voglia trascinante di gustarsi la vita in ogni istante Et di lettura da 13 anni.

    • Free Read [Romance Book] ✓ Danza sulla mia tomba - by Aidan Chambers Giorgia Grilli Î
      284 Aidan Chambers Giorgia Grilli
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    One thought on “Danza sulla mia tomba

    1. Jaidee

      3 "innovative, brave but overwrought" stars.This book was published in 1982 and the content of the story makes it very brave. A boy-boy adolescent love story. The way it was written -combination of confessional, social work reports and a few newspaper clippings make it innovative. Hal is 16, British, mostly gay and deciding what to do with the rest of his life. He lives in a British tourist town and has to decide about furthering his studies or getting a job. He borrows a friends little boat and [...]

    2. Erika

      4 stelle e mezzo."Siamo quello che fingiamo di essere,quindi dobbiamo stare attenti a quello che fingiamo di essere."-- Kurt Vonnegut.Questo è il primo scritto di Chambers che mi capita tra le mani e mi ricordo ancora della prima volta che l'ho sentito nominare. In molti ne hanno parlato con calore, affetto ed estrema ammirazione. Hanno sottolineato la sua capacità di scrivere romanzi unici, storie che parlano da sole con una peculiare onestà e franchezza. E, ora che ho finalmente letto uno d [...]

    3. Robbie

      Sixteen-year-old Hal is lazing on his friends sailboat when he capsizes. That's when Barry Gorman saves Hal's life, and the two boys start a friendship. Over the course of the summer, Hal and Barry have adventures throughout their British town of Southend, and their relationship slowly develops into something much more serious. In a moment of intensity, Barry makes Hal promise that if either of them dies, the other one will dance on his grave, giving no explanation. Then the unthinkable happens. [...]

    4. T4ncr3d1

      "La sola cosa importante è che in qualche modo sfuggiamo tutti alla nostra storia."Comincio a chiedermi perché sia così largamente condivisa una certa visione mortifera dell'adolescenza, come se per parlare bene di adolescenza, per capire gli adolescenti, fosse necessaria la morte di qualcuno. Anche in questo caso, si comincia con una morte già annunciata, per poi procedere a ritroso. Per fortuna, il nefasto evento che detta la narrazione viene accompagnata da un evento molto più singolare [...]

    5. Abby

      Originally published in 1982, this British gay teen coming-of-age story was way ahead of its time in its depiction of young queer characters who aren't in the least bit conflicted/ashamed/scared of their sexuality. In fact, it's still more matter of fact about the character's sexual identity than most queer teen books out there today -- rather than making that facet of their identities (and society's response to it) the focus of the novel, Chambers simply allows the story to unfold through the p [...]

    6. Anncleire

      Real vote: 4.5Recensione anche sul mio blog:pleaseanotherbook.tumblr/p“Danza sulla mia tomba” è il primo romanzo di Aidan Chambers che ho scelto di leggere. Avevo sentito parlare di lui in giro per il web, ma non mi ero mai decisa a prendere in mano un suo testo. Averlo ascolto parlare alla presentazione di “Mare di Libri” di quest’anno è stato illuminante, sotto molti punti di vista, e finalmente, uscendo dal tracciato e dalla mia TBR, ho letto questa piccola gemma, che non sono riu [...]

    7. Sean Kennedy

      I remember reading this book when I was a teenager, and sought it out again. I wish in retrospect the GLBT YA fiction that is out now was around when I was younger, because it seems everything dealing with those issues that was released back then was depressing and didn't inspire much hope. This is another book that deals with the Tragic Dead Gay syndrome - not a spoiler, as you are told this on the very first page. And really, I am over Tragic Dead Gay syndrome. It doesn't help that this book d [...]

    8. Ruben Villa

      finalmente uno young adult che non é pretenzioso con personaggi stereotipati ,situazioni al limite del umana comprensione e ciliegina sulla torta genitori inesistenti.un libro per i giovani che si possono facilmente identificare sia nel protagonista che nelle situazioni.una storia che parla di amicizia,accettazione,amore e del mistero della morte e di una promessa fattarché non 5 stelle?per il finale avrei voluto vedere una conclusione diversa siete giovincelli ve lo consiglio

    9. Paige Horst

      After reading the first page of Dance on My Grave, I was hooked. The novels that resonate the most with me are ones with unreliable narrators and a non-traditional or non-linear narrative. The voice of Henry "Hal" Robinson shines through every word of this mid-sized novel. Told in the form of diary entries, after-the-fact-journaling, newspaper clippings, and official reports from a social worker, the novel plunges us straight into one summer in the life of a boy trembling on the edge of a cliff [...]

    10. Lydia

      The full title of this book is: Dance on My Grave: A Life and Death in Four Parts One Hundred and Seventeen Bits Six Running Reports and Two Press Clippings with a Few Jokes a Puzzle or Three Some Footnotes and A Fiasco Now and Then to Help the Story Along. The full title is a much more accurate description of the novel than just the title.Hal has realized for some time that he desires a "bosom buddy" and has failed to find one. When he meets Barry Gorman, someone he has seen in school but figur [...]

    11. David Rain

      I picked up this book when it first came out, started reading it idly, then couldn’t put it down. This is a teenage novel, or young adult novel, of considerable and unusual accomplishment. It’s also a gay novel, a comic novel, and an experimental novel, too. The story is about Hal Robinson, a sixteen-year old schoolboy, and his dramatic and obsessive love affair with the richer, handsomer, older Barry Gorman. On the first page, we learn that Barry is dead, and that Hal has been arrested for [...]

    12. Laura

      The only reason I gave this book a 4 instead of a 5 was because it got slow in places, and I lost interest for a while about 3/4 of the way through. However, the ending is perfect and redeems any slow parts. The author, Aidan Chambers, says it perfectly himself in an afterword to the book: "Dance on My Grave has sometimes been called a novel about being gay. That is not how I think of it. To me it is as much about obsessive emotion as anything else. Hal is obsessed with Barry -- or rather, what [...]

    13. Nicole

      I want so much to like Aidan Chambers! What am I missing??I made it exactly halfway through the book before I couldn't take it anymore. Parts were so good, but most of it felt like I was trying to see through opaque glass. I got the plot points, I got the basic character outlines, but the details were frustratingly fuzzy. Like I was listening to my friends speak in code with the assumption that I understood, but I didn't really and so I had to pretend I understood and keep muddling though the co [...]

    14. Katie

      This five-star rating has something of nostalgia in it. Don't get me wrong: it's a good book, and if I were reading it for the first time today I would probably give it four stars. But instead it is the beloved book of my fifteen-year-old self, lost to me for many years, and finally returned through the magic of a new edition. The prodigal book returned! So I can overlook the fact that the book loses urgency in its final third, and the fact that it contains two long, semi-comic set pieces that f [...]

    15. Jurri Saddler

      I randomly stumbled across Aidan Chambers' "Dance on My Grave" and am glad I did. I immediately found the protagonist, Hal, so engrossing that I couldn't help but develop an insatiable need to know his story-A fact that made me sleep deprived a few times. That being said, the only drawback I found was at times it felt like the story didn't get as deep as it could have been, or rather certain relationships weren't as developed as they could have been. That aside, it was a great read. An idea that [...]

    16. Melissa

      I'm pretty sure this falls under "young adult" reading, but it has relatable subject matter. I'm also pretty sure you can't get this book in the States anymore unless you happen upon a used copy. I read this on a 5-hour train ride from Edinburgh to London, in a car all by myself with a broken iPod, a very easy read but that's not an insult. And of course I like it because it's more than a LITTLE gay. No spoilers here, but the obsession of the main character with his friend is almost frightening. [...]

    17. Marco

      Allora, premesso che ora amo Chambers e che lo trovo uno degli scrittori di YA più talentuosi tra quelli che io abbia mai letto.Danza sulla mia tomba è un capolavoro se non fosse per le, mhh, 40 pagine finali che mi hanno lasciato un po' freddino.Ne parlerò meglio in video, ma comunque rimane bellissimo e VOI NON LO STATE LEGGENDO, LEGGETELO.Secondo me Breaktime è superiore a livello tecnico, ma Danza sulla mia tomba mi ha colpito un sacco a livello emotivo. Ci son state pagine in cui ho pen [...]

    18. Mario

      Non ho parole per descrivere quanto mi sia piaciuto questo libro.Chambers ha saputo usare brillanti espedienti narrativi per raccontare una storia limpida e vera, con dei personaggi indimenticabili. Ho adorato dalla prima all'ultima pagina questo romanzo e l'annesso dolore che innesta gradualmente dentro di te. Temi trattati interessantissimi, come amicizia, amore, morte. Spunti di riflessione molto ampi. È stato il mio primo approccio con l'autore, e non vedo l'ora di leggere altri lavori di q [...]

    19. Goele Lousbergh

      I am literally more than twice the age I was when I first read this, and yes, I did still love it, maybe a little but not much less. There is no way of remembering this now, but it seems so likely that this book was the first place where I came across names like Vonnegut, Eliot, and that wonderful poem of Auden which I still adore today. It must be, because the quote "we zijn wie we willen lijken dus moeten we goed nadenken over wie we willen lijken" still comes to me in Dutch. For those lifecha [...]

    20. Kate B

      A story of obsessive love that could occur between any two people. Unlike other teen gay books, it's sole focus isn't how the lads feel about their sexuality or how others react to it. Youngsters today will have to take my word for it that gay guys who weren't fretting about being the only gay in the village was progressive for the early 80s. This was back when homosexuality had been legal for a couple of decades (in the UK), but local authorities were forbidden from 'promoting' it. What was the [...]

    21. Brittany

      Why didn't I read this book earlier? It was sitting on my shelf for probably almost a year, but I put other books ahead of it. I am sorry. I still crave another ending even after having spent an hour finishing the book, not even getting up to turn on my light until the sun set completely. Fin, did we even realize the revolution of this book when you read it in 2011? Never once do they drop words to describe the love between any of the characters! It just is. No classification or explanation. Jus [...]

    22. Catherine Austen

      I loved this book, and love this author. He's fantastic - creative and intelligent and funny and full of soul, and such a fine writer. (I liked this book much more than his Breaktime, which was well-written and intriguing but it just didn't grab me. This one I just loved.) This is a book worth rereading. It's a very honest love story (a gay one). They don't give away that Hans Christian Andersen medal for nothing.

    23. Goldie Marie

      Amazing this book is a true work of art, a Mona Lisa ina crowd of bring watercolours. First off I loved the format. Differnt but Famailiar in a mix of the old and the new. I must admit the whole hey maybee I'm gay maybee i sleep w/ a girl tonight kinda irks me; you either like him or you don't, don't play with his emotions. Otherwise it was one of the most fantastic pieces of lit I've read in a while. I recommend Pg:162 paragraph 7.

    24. Marine's Books

      I read this book when I was fourteen, I didn't speak english really well at that time but I know somehow I got the feelings the author put in the book. I didn't get all those words but I could understand the characters and their thoughts about what it's like to be a teenager and all the questions you can ask yourself. I loved it. It has always been one of my favourite books.

    25. Nicola

      Rambling and uninspired. Chambers' prose simply wasn't evocative enough to tie together the novel's diffuse themes. As a result, the main character's fascination with death didn't come across as poignant, it just seemed a bit weird.

    26. Melody

      A stirring, realistic portrait of obsessive first love, only this one ends (and the book begins) with the death of one of the boys. Interesting style, told in choppy bits of present tense, memories, adult social worker's reports. Very strong.

    27. Jbsfaculty

      very well written YA novel about obsessive love of one teen for another - full of literary references in one teen's journal. Better than most YA fare.

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