A Wedding in Springtime

A Wedding in Springtime Her Timing Couldn t Be WorseMiss Eugenia Talbot s presentation to the queen is spoiled by a serious faux pas the despicable William Grant made her laugh right in front of Her Majesty Now Eugenia is r

  • Title: A Wedding in Springtime
  • Author: Amanda Forester
  • ISBN: 9781402271786
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Wedding in Springtime

    Her Timing Couldn t Be WorseMiss Eugenia Talbot s presentation to the queen is spoiled by a serious faux pas the despicable William Grant made her laugh, right in front of Her Majesty Now Eugenia is ruined and had better marry someone, anyone at onceAnd His Couldn t Be BetterRoguish William Grant has never taken anything seriously in his life Until he meets EugeHer Timing Couldn t Be WorseMiss Eugenia Talbot s presentation to the queen is spoiled by a serious faux pas the despicable William Grant made her laugh, right in front of Her Majesty Now Eugenia is ruined and had better marry someone, anyone at onceAnd His Couldn t Be BetterRoguish William Grant has never taken anything seriously in his life Until he meets Eugenia Talbot, who makes him feel and do thing he never thought he would.Now Eugenia s great sense of humor and kindheartedness may be her undoing, unless William can help her find a husband To his surprise, that s the last thing he wants to do

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    One thought on “A Wedding in Springtime

    1. Khanh (the meanie)

      Very, very, did I mention very light read? I've recently read some novellas which I criticized as being too light and lacking of characterization because of their briefness. A Wedding in Springtime is a full-length novel that could easily have been a novella length book if it had only stuck with the main storyline. I found all the characters pleasant, but dull, and absolutely lacking in any sort of personality.The plot was not much of a plot, and the main storyline is bogged down with ten millio [...]

    2. Kate

      There was way too much going on in this book. Half of the chapters were dedicated to the couple from the next book and a mystery plot that involved a man who will be the hero of that book. The glimpses we DID get of this couple, therefore, were shallow and almost vapid. The hero seemed to be a bit of an idiot, and information was randomly and inconsistently dropped in about him. I found the "inspirational" bits of this book bizarre and random as well. And then there was the writing, which was bo [...]

    3. SOS Aloha

      Now every field is clothed with grass, and every tree with leaves; now the woods put forth their blossoms, and the year assumes its gay attire. – VirgilSpringtime brings the privileged families back to Regency London, putting forth their beloved blossoms – the yearly crop of debutantes. Miss Eugenia Talbot’s debut is too gay when she giggles in front of the queen. Her aunt is horrified and seeks to marry off Eugenia as quick as possible. Eugenia meets a bevy of suiters but only has eyes fo [...]

    4. Lauren

      A Wedding in Springtime2 StarsDuring her social debut, Miss Eugenia Talbot, commits the most egregious of faux pas when she laughs in the presence of the Queen. Her reputation in tatters, Genie must marry and quickly. Unrepentant rake, William Grant, the man responsible for Genie's predicament takes it upon himself to aid in the quest for a groom, However, it soon becomes clear to him that he desires the position for himself. Despite the rather promising premise, A Wedding in Springtime falls co [...]

    5. Yankeecountess

      The first thing you should know about this book is that it begins with a fart joke.I'm not kidding. Now you're either going to fall into two camps: one, you're laughing hysterically at this, or two, you're making a face and turning your nose up. If you're of the latter camp, stick with me, because this actually was a nice little romance, quite humorous, and looks to be a promising series.**toot, toot, a few minor spoilers**Our story begins with Miss Eugenia Talbot at the beginning of her London [...]

    6. Farrah

      A sweet book. Wedding in Springtime was such a cute romance. I didn't love it, but I definitely liked it.Eugenia was an okay heroine, though she came off as weak sometimes. She was indecisive and needed to show more backbone. And she was forgettable as a character. But, she was still likable. So, I didn't have a huge problem with her.William was much more fun. He was adorable. He was a very lively character and he made things so much more interesting whenever he was in a scene. But he was also a [...]

    7. Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews

      Originally posted at: longandshortreviews/boIf ever a blurb was misleading then the little snippet for A Wedding in Springtime is totally off base. This story isn’t all fluff and boring internal angst between the classes and a man overcome by a lady’s charms. Not by a long shot. This book has intrigue, action, mystery, betrayal, twisted intentions, and a love scene that was totally not what a person expected. This tale started off so innocently and slowly built with starts and stops, but tha [...]

    8. Rachel T

      Posted on The Reading Cafe 30 Apr 135 out of 5 for this reader folks!WELCOME to London England 1810 where manners and the way one carry themselves and/or places oneself in a public position could determine whether one is ruined or successful. Welcome to the regency romance genre!"Ten minutes into her societal debut, Eugenia Talbot was ruined."I do love a book that begins with a good ruining don't you?? LOLA Wedding in Springtime by author Amanda Forester was CREATIVE and a multi-layered read! Th [...]

    9. Lily (Night Owl Book Cafe)

      I received this book for review from SOURCEBOOKS Casablanca through Netgalley, in exchanged on an honest review.Miss Eugenia Talbot has greatly embarrassed herself in front of a queen when she couldn't control her laughter – thanks to the handsome William Grant. Now her presentation in front of the Queen is not the only thing that is ruined, but her reputation went down in flames with it. Genie must marry at once, someone or anyone that will have her.Oh gosh, what a romantic book. I found myse [...]

    10. Kathie (katmom)

      Available now!A Wedding in Springtime (Marriage Mart #1) by Amanda Forester was a sweet story with many threads. That cover is so pretty!To begin with, Miss Eugenia Talbot is being presented to the Queen. Unfortunately the man announcing her has some, um, tummy issues that cause a giggle to try and escape the debutante's mouth. She almost gets it under control when William Grant laughs and gives her a wink. That giggle becomes a laugh and Miss Talbot's debut is now ruined.Miss Talbot's aunt seek [...]

    11. paperysoul

      3 starsI did enjoy this book only that I didn't enjoy it immensely. The story is a bit dull although sometimes, sweet. Even though with the emphasis on hero, William Grand and heroine, Eugenia Talbot, this book has many characters that somehow are very important. These characters are connected to each other. Said connection is VITAL because it formed a story.I had to remember a lot of names too and it was a tedious thing to do. Truly.The moment I saw the book title and the series title, I though [...]

    12. Miranda

      Amanda Forester writes so well and I was captivated from the first page until the very last. A truly delightful story full of humor, amazing characters, and has a pretty good plot. I did find the story line to be slow in some places but nothing extreme. The main characters are Eugenia & William. They are riveting and I love how Ms. Forester lets them get to know each other & then fall in love slowly instead of like traditional romance novels where they are just thrown together and and ar [...]

    13. LaFleurBleue

      My expectations were not really high, while starting this book which I got for free.In fact it turned out to be a very pleasant and entertaining surprise. The overall tone is light-hearted, though not bordering on silly; it might seem a bit too actual, but I have not noticed any major anachronisms or behaviors which would absolutely not make sense. The characters development and inner conflicts and reasoning remain quite secondary in this book to several adventures intertwined together with a fe [...]

    14. Amanda

      Never did enjoy the characters and wasn't overly fond of the hero or the way God sprung up right before sex. And not in a cool way.Seriously, though. The more I think about this, the more it angers me. (view spoiler)[Hero, madly in love with heroine and too stupid to deal with it, gets drunk, then rather than offering marriage -- which is what he thinks about -- he asks her to be his mistress.If that wasn't bad enough, she ends up going to his house -- where he's even drunker than the last time [...]

    15. Kirsten

      What a lucky find! I say this because as I recall I picked this up since it was on sale in the Kindle store. One of the better Regency romances I've read in a long while. French spies, "good" rakes that get trapped, arranged marriages un-arranged, debts of honor, and some nice salacious intrigue.One of my favorite parts is where the heroine describes how seduction is laid out in gothic novels. LOL!

    16. Debra Taylor

      My thanks to Sourcebooks Casablanca for giving me an ARC of this book in return for an honest review.Full review closer to release date.

    17. Cori

      I really enjoyed this romance, although it had quite a few problems. After writing down all my thoughts I’m surprised I enjoyed this book as much as I did, but yep, I still found it an entertaining read. Here are my thoughts:There was a very dark plot simmering underneath the romance, which I was surprised and rather taken aback by. I feel like it was too much of a contrast to the romantic, society parts of the story. Kind of jarring going from one to the other, and just very unpleasant scenes [...]

    18. Holley

      I like the author's voice and enjoyed the book, but there are a few character issues that are a little far fetched and could cause some readers problems. I was also predisposed to like a book that starts with not just a fart joke but a whole skit that would have right been at home on the Carol Burnett show. I will definitely read more by the author

    19. Lisa Jo

      Amanda Forester has delivered a splendid novel for her debut into Regency historical romance. A WEDDING IN SPRINGTIME in an entertaining and delightful historical romance. Miss Eugenia Talbot has made a less than stellar debut into society. An incident caused her to laugh in front of Her Majesty and now she is on the verge of ruin. Her Aunt is fraught with despair and insists she marry at once to avoid a huge scandal. Unfortunately, Eugenia has taken an interest in the most unattainable rake in [...]

    20. Noirfifre

      Who is that William Grant person and where can I kiss him? I meant where I could meet him. I am sorry Genie but your fellow is dashing with a smooth tongue which only leads to trouble for people like me. Thus, since he is already your better half, I will appeal to Amanda Forester for my own. Men as William exists only in novels; what a sad fact.What I love most about ‘A Wedding in springtime’ is the dual couple romance. Most romance novels journey through the difficulties of one couple; howe [...]

    21. Melissa

      Genie screws up her debut in front of the Queen and is branded an outcast. Genie blames Will Grant for screwing up her big moment. Really, it was Lord Chamberlin's gut distress that is to blame - yep, this Regency romance starts with a prologue dedicated to a fart joke.Her aunt and mentor decides she needs to marry and quickly. Grant is too much of a rake, so poor Genie has to impress a bunch of dull suitors when she wants adventure with Grant. Grant and his crew (a duke and an earl, aka the her [...]

    22. Vânia Nunes

      First book in the "Marriage Mart" series brings the story of Eugenia - Genie - and Grant. But at the same time, the author starts to insert characters to her future books novels .The plot is more elaborate. Yes, it's a romantic novel, but at the same time has a vein of mystery surrounding the characters. Therefore, in this case, it is good that the reader begins the odyssey reading through book # 1, knowing each character.Eugenie Talbot came from countryside to debut. In her presentation to the [...]

    23. Andrea

      ** I just realized this review was meant to post in May 2013. Oops. **I don't read a lot of historical romance anymore, but books like A Wedding in Springtime make me question that. I'll admit, I fell in love with this cover, and that played a huge part in my decision to take it for review. I'm so happy I did read A Wedding in Springtime, because I truly enjoyed this story. A Wedding in Springtime is essentially the story of "ruined" Genie Talbot and the man who made her laugh in front of the Qu [...]

    24. Beyond the Squee

      This review may also be found at:Beyond the Squee: Book ReviewsbeyondthesqueeFive minutes into Miss Eugenia Talbot's presentation at court, notorious rogue Mr. William Grant made her laugh, ruining her debut. To hush up the scandal, Eugenia's aunt hires a matchmaker to quickly find a suitor— anyone except the infamous William Grant—to help restore Eugenia's reputation. But amiable Eugenia shows a disturbing tendency to follow her heart, and is again caught in the company of notorious Grant. [...]

    25. Heather Book Savvy Babe

      *I read this book for review at Book Savvy Babes Blog*From the beginning to the end of this book, I had a smile on my face. A Wedding In Springtime is a delightful, fun, sweet, all-around fabulous read. The story begins with Lady Eugenia’s debut to the Queen of England, and what a fantastic, memorable debut it was. I was laughing out loud and fell in love with Genie right then because the girl held herself together much better than I would have in that situation. After the embarrassing debut, [...]

    26. Cerian

      Originally published at The Rookie Romance Blog.This is the first book I've read by Amanda Forester, and it is the first book in her regency Marriage Mart series.I enjoyed A Wedding in Springtime, it was a fun and sweet romance through most of the book. There were elements of mystery and danger as the plot continues, which was an interesting contrast to the feel of the rest of the book. I definitely enjoyed the mystery elements, and they helped keep the pace moving.I did feel that there was a lo [...]

    27. Kris - My Novelesque Life

      4 Stars Genie Talbot's debut into London society is the talk of the ton and has made her a leper to any future social engagements all because she laughed in front of the Queen. Being a country girl she wants to return home but is afraid she will let her family down. Her Aunt has decided the best course if action is to get her married off soon as possible before she becomes a scandal like her mother (eloped with another man).William Grant in part was the reason Genie had laughed and now the rogue [...]

    28. Proserpine

      I never had the chance to read something from Amanda Forester, so I didn't know what to expect from A Wedding in Springtime. Plus, from what I could understood, this title isn't the typical subject of Ms. Forester, still a Historical Romance genre, but the time period and the characters are kind of different from what she use to write however, I wanted to give a try since I love Historical Romance!This title was one of the best Historical Romance I had the chance to read this year, so far! I was [...]

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