Lost Souls

Lost Souls With such novels as The Resurrectionists Michael Collins has galvanized his reputation as a master of the literary thriller In Lost Souls he embarks upon his most ambitious project yet offering a h

  • Title: Lost Souls
  • Author: Michael Collins
  • ISBN: 9780143035886
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lost Souls

    With such novels as The Resurrectionists, Michael Collins has galvanized his reputation as a master of the literary thriller In Lost Souls, he embarks upon his most ambitious project yet, offering a harrowing portrait of a stricken American community On Halloween night, a small midwestern town is traumatized by what appears to be a hit and run accident But the mayor aWith such novels as The Resurrectionists, Michael Collins has galvanized his reputation as a master of the literary thriller In Lost Souls, he embarks upon his most ambitious project yet, offering a harrowing portrait of a stricken American community On Halloween night, a small midwestern town is traumatized by what appears to be a hit and run accident But the mayor and chief of police conspire to divert the investigation away from the prime suspect, a local high school football hero, leaving the beleaguered police officer who discovered the body to uncover the truth behind the cover up Full of the author s trademark psychological intensity, this fast paced tale is Michael Collins at his page turning best.

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    One thought on “Lost Souls

    1. Teresa Proença

      …1…2…3…acho que não me estou a esquecer de nenhum crime……Um enredo com um desenvolvimento “peixe espada” e uma resolução “insonsa”……Um policia “arrependido de ter nascido”…Um politico vendedor de automóveis (? – receio não ter entendido bem…)…E mais umas quantas personagens que tanto podiam lá estar, como não…Vou "arquivar" este livro com Os Guardiões da Verdade e precaver-me para não ler mais nada de Michael Collins…

    2. Shane

      This book is a sad commentary on Mid-West small-town life, or at least, the author's view of it. Given that Michael Collins is an Irish emigre who has written some splendid Irish literature, I wondered whether he was out of his depth here or has as yet earned the write to write from the inside about this milieu?Lawrence, the protagonist and narrator, is the most lost of the Lost Souls in this book, and the author takes a risk in having such a loser (with a heart) carry this story.A four-year old [...]

    3. Gossymotto

      I flipped this book open and read the first paragraph and it caught my attention. A cop, comes home after working the night shift on Halloween, his tree has been TP'd and the word PIG burned into his lawn with bleach. It's nothing out of the ordinary in his little town. The other thing that got me interested initially, was that the book was written in the first person. It's been a while since I have read a book written this way and it was somewhat refreshing. The first few chapters were starting [...]

    4. Judi

      f Mary Whipple were working on this review, she'd have sent me an e-mail by now warning me that this book is very bleak. But then, the book is titled “Lost Souls” so how could one expect it to be anything else? Certainly, not eventually hopeful as in a book called “The Resurrectionists.” Working with Mary I have learned that I have a propensity for the books she calls bleak. I seem to have a high tolerance for the foreboding, noir style that is usually more cynical than optimistic. But w [...]

    5. Pernille Aarseth

      Beautifully written! I love how the author has captured the feelings of depression, sadness and despair. I think It's a very unique book. Love it!I give it 4,5/5 Stars.

    6. Mary

      Among the acts of petty vandalism and various teenage pranks played on Halloween night, a true tragedy is discovered. A local police officer finds the body of a little girl, dressed as an angel, concealed in a pile of autumn leaves. With the streets full of trick-or-treating children, it looks like she might have been the victim of a hit-and-run. But how did a three-year-old child come to be hiding there alone in the dark, dressed in her flimsy costume? And why were the child's feet bare?As the [...]

    7. Ian Mapp

      This is the way that books should be read - 40 pages on day 1, 90 on day 2 and 150 on day 3.This is a bleak novel about small town american life and broken dreams.A three year old girl is found run over, probably by the towns star quarter back just before a big game.The investigating police officer is getting over divorce and the fact that he is not having access to his son, due to non payment of child support. He pulled a gun on his wife during their split and the mayor got him off and calls in [...]

    8. MB Taylor

      I finished reading Lost Souls last Thursday night. I read it primarily because I discovered it while organizing my backlog and while I was reading Poppy Z. Brite’s 1992 book of the same title. I’m not sorry I did; it’s an interesting book and quite a change of pace. Brite’s book is a Vampire horror novel where no one wins and Collins’ is a noir psychological thriller where no one wins. Hmmm, maybe they weren’t so different after all.Lost Souls (Collins’) is about people who have lo [...]

    9. Miranda

      I have to admit, my feelings toward Lost Souls are a bit complicated. I almost didn't post a recommendation for it because of the feelings the book stirred up in me. But then I realized that those feelings are most likely what the author, Michael Collins, was going for. Which makes this a very successful book indeed.You might be wondering about what I mean when I say "the feelings" that were stirred up. To sum it up, this novel was a bit of an emotional roller coaster for me. Depending on what w [...]

    10. Amanda Patterson

      Michael Collins writes a police procedural set in the American Midwest. Why would an Irish author want to do this? Collins was short listed for the Booker in 2000. I’m betting that it wasn’t for a novel like this. Collins is known for writing 'literary' novels with solid narrativeThis novel is billed as “The thinking man’s John Grisham” on the cover. This alone should have alerted me. When Grisham starts to think, I want to run.Anyway, the body of a 3-year-old girl is found among a pil [...]

    11. Tiana

      I was skeptical of this book at first because I got this from the 4 for 10 dollar table at chapters and I had read one of the other books I picked up (INTERWORLD)and was dissapointed so I went into this not expecting much. However it turned out better than I thought.It is about a hit-and-run murder of a girl on halloween in a rundown town full of damaged characters. Everyone's a little messed up in their own way. At first the story was very plot based, reminded me of the way da vinci code was to [...]

    12. Christine

      It’s Hallowe’en night in a small Midwestern town and just as everyone is turning in for the night police officer Lawrence is called to investigate what looks like a hit and run accident. A little girl, still wearing the angel wings of her costume, has been discovered under a pile of a autumn leaves. As the investigation unfolds Lawrence is called in to the Mayor’s office and there, along with the Police Chief, asked to look the other way about certain pieces of evidence for the “good of [...]

    13. Josephine (Jo)

      27th May 2011 A somewhat depressing book and not really my cup of tea at all. It started out with the potential to be an excellent mystery but after the first few chapters it decended into the depressing description of the life of an unhappy recently divorced police officer. We are led through the maze of his complicated relationships and money troubles, the sad demise of his dog, his downward spiral into depression and loss of respct in the local community. To say the least he is unlucky but I [...]

    14. Melani

      This is definitely not the best Collins has to offer. Most of the plot was predictable, and when it did surprise it was because the event was implausible (i.e the character Collins designed would probably not have done what was attributed to him/her). [Can you tell how hard I'm trying not to write a spoiler?] Also, there was something distracting about the disproportional portrayals of the characters. (e.g We were given exhaustive descriptions of the mayor and the ex-wife's new husband, yet offe [...]

    15. Paul Secor

      This may be an honest book in some ways. I've never lived in the Indiana rust belt, so I don't know about that.I do know that this was the most depressing book I've ever read. All the while I was reading it, I kept asking - If this is what life is like, why live? Even Mr. Collins trying to tie up things neatly (and falsely, imo) in the last couple of chapters didn't help things.I couldn't wait to get this book out of my house and back to the library. I even tossed out the bookmark I used while r [...]

    16. Luce Cronin

      This novel had been shortlisted for the Booker Prize, and I can understand why. So well written, and the suspense is so engaging that i had trouble putting it down. The Guardian newspaper out of London said " A mood , an atmosphere, a sombre snapshot of a society that has been driven to a dark place by greed and pain". And that just gives you an eye-opener to this very intense tale.

    17. Gabrielle

      On Halloween night the police found a little girl who had been run over. Later they find a girl who supposedly killed her self but, they later discovered that it was a homicide. The book was easy and was a really short book. However I just thought its just about all the same as the other crime books I have read.

    18. Janne Paananen

      Hmm Coenin veljekset saisivat tästä hienon elokuvan! Kirjan fiilistä voisi kuvailla vaikka silleen, että laitetaan Rankka päivä -leffan päähenkilö Fargoon ja katsotaan mitä saadaan aikaiseksi. Inhimillisiä, hyvin rikkinäisiä elämiä.Kirjaa lukiessa ei todellakaan tiennyt, mitä seuraavan nurkan takana odottaa!

    19. Deanna

      I tried, but I didn't really like this one. It was too slow, andI dunno, I want to say depressing, but that doesn't seem right. It was slightly boring, and many times I thought about quitting, but stuck it out till the end just to see what happened. I was hoping it would redeem itself and I'd be happy I stuck it out, but that's not the case.

    20. Zézinha Rosado

      Um livro que tem uma escrita um pouco "depressiva", especialmente em relação à personagem principal, o detective Lawrence, mas cuja história no final dá uma reviravolta tão interessante que vale mesmo a pena lê-lo até ao fim.

    21. Joe

      An interesting and very dark novel set in small town America. The lead character was very down and this came across fully in this novel. Not a bad paced plot and storyline which certainly did enough to keep the reader interested.

    22. Brian

      A decent entry in neo-noir that I thought was veering toward The Killer Inside Me territory, which seemed a bit derivative but interestingly so, but the final resolution was more mainstream. Certainly well written and it kept my interest throughout.

    23. Donna L.

      I thought this was a depressing book. I got really tired trying to follow a story which turned out to be mostly about a depressed, divorced cop rather than the supposed plot of the story. The plot and ending were very predictable.

    24. Corinna

      Pretty sure I'd read this before but went ahead and re-read it. Book amnesia comes in handy sometimes. Decent page-turner.

    25. Todd Monsell

      Bleak but highly readable tale about a fallen cop and husband dealing with murder in a dead end Midwestern town in the 80s.

    26. Dianne

      Just starting this one.Not going to finish it either. Can't get into it for some reason. Don't like the writing style I guess, or story, or something.

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