Eleven Hours

Eleven Hours Didi Wood is nine months pregnant doing some last minute shopping before the baby is born Stepping out of the air conditioned Dallas mall into the cruel heat of the parking lot she hears a voice beh

  • Title: Eleven Hours
  • Author: Paullina Simons
  • ISBN: 9780007716753
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Eleven Hours

    Didi Wood is nine months pregnant, doing some last minute shopping before the baby is born Stepping out of the air conditioned Dallas mall into the cruel heat of the parking lot, she hears a voice behind her and the nightmare has begun.Abducted by an increasingly unstable young man, Didi must endure an epic drive across the Texas plains, heading through the relentlessDidi Wood is nine months pregnant, doing some last minute shopping before the baby is born Stepping out of the air conditioned Dallas mall into the cruel heat of the parking lot, she hears a voice behind her and the nightmare has begun.Abducted by an increasingly unstable young man, Didi must endure an epic drive across the Texas plains, heading through the relentless heat toward a destination that only he knows.Meanwhile, her anguished husband Rich is on the trail with an FBI agent who may or may not be as good as he says he is at rescuing hostages.Eleven Hours s a tour de force of storytelling power from the bestselling author of Tully and Red Leaves.

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    One thought on “Eleven Hours

    1. Suzanne

      So glad I am reading more books of a 'thrilling' nature! This ripper of a book packed a quick, fast punch. It covers, as the title suggests, an eleven hour time frame, where there's no room for anything else but good solid reading, that I did not want to put down for a moment. Everything there is to like is here, as nine month pregnant Didi is enjoying the air con in the dead of summer, minding her own business and filling in time till she meets up with her loving husband, Rich, for lunch. This [...]

    2. Brenda

      Nine months pregnant Didi Wood had a little over an hour to kill after her doctor’s appointment before she met her husband Rich for lunch. She decided to go to a nearby shopping centre where it was air conditioned – it was a crushingly hot day – she needed to get some wooden blocks for her daughter Amanda; a few other bits and pieces. She wouldn’t be late for lunch with Rich but she would enjoy her slow wander around the shopping centre. When a young man offered to carry her bags, she de [...]

    3. WarpDrive

      Extremely forgettable. I have finished it 5 minutes ago and I already struggle to remember what this book was all about. Painfully cartoonish, monochromatic characters, and a dull and predictable plot with abundant platitudes littering the narrative, all strongly characterize this book and make it an excruciating reading experience; moreover, the leading character is so painfully stupid, in her mixture of dumb consumerism and Christian fundamentalism , that the only missing ingredient in her sto [...]

    4. Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice*

      EXCERPT: Didi wanted to speak but found she was made speechless by her heart ramming itself against her chest. She didn't need to turn around. She recognized his voice. It was the manin the jacket. She felt slightly nauseated. 'Did you hear me, ma'am?' the voice said. 'You shouldn't be carrying those heavy bags. It's not good for the baby.'Didi turned around. The man was standing in front of her, hands in his jacket pockets. The heat index was up to 120 and he was wearing a jacket over his white [...]

    5. Dolors

      I don't know exactly why but I keep reading other novels by Paullina Simons looking for the same feeling "The Bronze Horseman" trilogy left me, which I devoured in no time (and they are not short books at all!).This is my second book by Simons after the trilogy, and again, I feel more than disappointed, I feel disgusted.No trace of the smart and subtle prose of her most acclaimed series, just another impossibly likable characters in a superficial story not believable at allIn this "thriller", we [...]

    6. Skyring

      This is a book that was hard to put down. The tension rose. Poor Didi! From shopping the mall, munching on almond pretzels, her day just went steadily downhill. The pain, the thirst, the worry, the heat, the dirt and the blood all mounted up, and the poor reader is trapped there with her. It's an uncomfortable and unpleasant ride, but there's no escape. Not until the end. The suspense was killing.I read it as quickly as I possibly could. Within the span of a day, which is pretty good for me now. [...]

    7. Rachel

      "A heavily pregnant young woman is leaving the shopping mall to head home on a horribly hot day in Texas. Her normal life of shopping, husband, children, with the extra excitement of the imminent baby, stretches before her. And then she is bundled into a car and kidnapped by a desperate young man."

    8. Tatum Williams

      Personal Response: I thought that “Eleven Hours” by Paullina Simons was a good book. It took me awhile to get into it but once I did it was hard to put down.Plot: Didi Woods, at eight months pregnant, was shopping at the mall and this guy as she was walking to her car asked if she needed help with her bags. She said no thank you and kept walking but he followed her to her car. He said that she was hurting herself and the baby because she was carrying those bags. Once she go to the side of he [...]

    9. Stacy

      This book was only written two years before the Bronze Horseman, and it was so incredibly different and so badly written (comparatively) that I feel very fortunate I didn't read this first. I surely would never have read the Tatiana and Alexander series.This was a really quick read, and had an interesting angleegnant woman kidnapped from the mall for no apparent reason, guy is a psychopath, doting husband knows she is missing very quickly, etc etc. I could identify with Didi, because even though [...]

    10. Blair

      This is the second time I've read this, I think the first time was when it first came out (a long, long time ago). I didn't remember much, other than I couldn't put it down. The reason for the re-read??? Well after reading Bad Mommy I was left with a major book hangover so I thought I'd re-read something I knew that I would get absorbed into easily. It worked a treat! That said, obviously this was better the first time around no matter how much Id forgotten. Flaws: too much repetition when swapp [...]

    11. Susan

      Amazing. Harrowing. Gripping from page 1 to the last. The story is strong I think because of the bravery of the subject. Paullina writes of a heavily pregnant woman kidnapped and battling for her survival in extreme heat and terrifying circumstances. I found this story shocking and Paullina brave to put a pregnant woman into this sort of situation and to be so graphic about the happenings. This story is gutsy and really does punch you in the stomach right to the end. You feel the desperation of [...]

    12. Chloe

      This was certainly an un-put-downable read.Highlights were definitely the Didi and kidnapper parts, well written and credible. I could really FEEL the unbearable heat of the day, the blind panic of Didi's, the dirt, the pain and the thirst. It was all so vivid.What was not so credible was the husband/FBI side of the story. The husband being so involved in the search for Didi was just not realistic. Donning bullet proof vests and flying around in helicopters is just too unbelievableriously. As if [...]

    13. Rachel Zylstra

      I read this book in one day. It's not a big book, but is certainly a rollercoaster ride! Paullina Simons wastes no time getting to the point. Very different to her other books, I couldn't imagine her writing something like this! While reading it you come up with a hundred scenarios of where you think the book is going to go. It was hard because I felt such anger and frustration towards Didi's kidnapper, but then towards the end of the book I was crying for him and felt so sad. But then after a f [...]

    14. Lynette

      Another great read by Paullina Simmons. Obviously this is no Bronze Horseman but I've long since stopped searching, but I was in the mood for a thriller and she delivered what I wanted. Moves fast, usual brilliant characterisation as I've come to expect from her. Kept me turning pages right to the end. It's not 5 star, but it's a great read. My only gripe was the main characters religious ramblings got on my nerves but that's probably because I'm particularly intolerant of anything religious. Sa [...]

    15. MrsF

      Pretty much read in one sitting. I can't remember the last time I read a book that I felt I literally could not put down. Incredibly compelling - if you could be on the edge of your seat whilst reading, then I was. The writing was simple, yet efficient and powerful; certainly not top-shelf 'literature' but exceptionally great entertainment. More a long novella than a novel, this is a most satisfying read. Highly recommend.

    16. Claire

      GRIPPING. i couldnt put this book down until i finished it (about 11 hours as it happens) and even after finishing, i sat feeling quite dazed, the story has quite an impact. excellent read, one that i'd go back to quite happily but only if i had time to read it from cover to cover, absorbing

    17. Clare

      Sometimes it seems like Simons is two different authors. She moves between brilliance and mediocrity so easily. This was down the mediocrity end. Not terrible, readable, but she's capable of so much more

    18. Pam Mason

      I was disappointed in this book as I have read some fantastic books by Paulina Simons. I didn't particularly like the topic and felt the book didn't have any depth. I felt it was drawn out and therefore don't recommend it

    19. Liam Terblanche

      What a departure from Simons's other books! Riveting time-line, suspense, tension, with a continuous undertone of foreboding. Maybe I'm biased. But Paullina Simons cannot put a foot wrong.

    20. Julia Sandler

      It's a hard one to put down gripping, suspenseful story about a kidnapping. My mate made a great point in that it would make a great Law & Order/CSI episode. I was hooked!

    21. Purbali

      "eleven hours" by Paulina Simmons was indeed a page turner.Didi, a 9 months pregnant woman gets kidnapped from a shopping mall by a supposedly kidnapper who doesn't want a ransom.Time shifts through the scenes where Rich, her husband is introduced and he gets scared upon realizing that his pregnant wife has been kidnapped.Next the FBI steps in and the officer in charge Scott decides to persue this kidnapper, all the while bragging his record on being able to catch the culprit. However as time go [...]

    22. Yami

      Didi Wood is very pregnant and decides to go to the shopping mall while waiting for her lunch date with her husband. When she decides to grab a quick bite before leaving the mall a stranger approaches her an engages in polite small talk. He spooked her out from the first contact and yet later on the parking lot didn't pull up enough of a fight to refuse hanging out with him for a ride, yeah but right, the heat and 9 and a half months pregnant. So, that's how Didi got kidnapped, then, we learn ho [...]

    23. Elizabeth

      An entertaining piece of pulp fiction. I have enjoyed other Paullina Simons novels more.But well written as escapism.

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