Safira Gwen sente se confusa Gideon o seu companheiro de viagens no tempo est a dar com ela em doida primeiro beijaa apaixonadamente e depois ignora a Mas ningu m disse que o amor nas viagens era f cil Fel

  • Title: Safira
  • Author: Kerstin Gier
  • ISBN: 9789896661168
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Paperback
  • Safira

    Gwen sente se confusa Gideon, o seu companheiro de viagens no tempo, est a dar com ela em doida primeiro beijaa apaixonadamente e depois ignora a Mas ningu m disse que o amor nas viagens era f cil Felizmente, Gwen tem Leslie, a sua melhor amiga James, o fantasma e Xemenius, uma g rgula muito irreverente, para a ajudarem com os altos e baixos amorosos e tamb m paraGwen sente se confusa Gideon, o seu companheiro de viagens no tempo, est a dar com ela em doida primeiro beijaa apaixonadamente e depois ignora a Mas ningu m disse que o amor nas viagens era f cil Felizmente, Gwen tem Leslie, a sua melhor amiga James, o fantasma e Xemenius, uma g rgula muito irreverente, para a ajudarem com os altos e baixos amorosos e tamb m para a ensinarem a comportarse como uma verdadeira dama do s culo XVIII Desde que Gwen se tornou a ltima viajante no tempo, os seus objetivos passaram a ser ir a uma soir e no ano 1782, salvar o mundo e, mais do que tudo, n o dar nas vistas Desta forma, por agora s tem de aprender a dan ar o minueto o que n o nada f cil , enquanto decide o que sente pelo rapaz dos seus sonhos o que tamb m n o nada f cil.

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      493 Kerstin Gier
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    One thought on “Safira

    1. Kai

      “Unfortunately it's an incontrovertible fact that sound common sense flies out of the window as soon as love comes in through the door.”Even better than Ruby Red. Because of Xemerius(why didn't she introduce him in the first book?)and because of that hilarious ball where Gwyneth/Gwendolyn (which is her actual name in the German and original version of this book) is getting incredibly drunk and does.s she definitely wouldn't do when sober.I rarely have this much fun when reading a book but th [...]

    2. Lara

      “True love knows no constrains, no locks or bars. Past every obstacle it makes its way.It spreads its wings to soar toward the stars, No earthly power will make it stop or stay.” I literally fly through this book in 1 day, and I have no regrets! There is really nothing ''WOW'' about these books so I really don't know why I like this series so much. Saphire Blue was much more better than Ruby Red. Gwen was really funny and sweet in this book. She is really relatable and she handles the situat [...]

    3. Amy

      Oh my gosh, do I really have to wait for OCTOBER for this book to be translated into English???? AHHH! I'm so excited. And I suppose by October I'll be stuck back in dinky Dayton so I'll have to wait even longer to get my hands on a copy. ^.^ Maybe I should just re-read Ruby RedFinished 12/28/12*sigh*So much potential. So, so much potential. Unfortunately, it doesn't live up to it.The plot is still interesting. In fact, its creative and fun and quite enjoyable. But the characters!Oi. The charact [...]

    4. shreya

      It’s hard to believe the number of bloggers and readers out there that haven’t heard about this wonderful young adult series. Ruby Red, the first book, brought to us an adventure that included time-traveling, secrets, carriages, evil barons, and a little bit of romance. Sapphire Blue continues on from there with double the trouble, triple the action, and quadruple the romance! The characters were once again, very engaging, and I had no problem with getting hooked into the story. Time-travel [...]

    5. Ferdy

      SpoilersI didn't really like this, it irritated the hell out of me. The heroine, Gwen, could have been a decent character had it not been for the ghastly romance and the vile love interest (the douche dick Gideon). Every time Gwen was near Gideon or thought about him (which was most of the time), I lost respect for her. She was weak, pathetic and desperate. He treated her like utter shit and the dumb bitch let him, she would be mad and upset when he acted like bastard but as soon as she saw him [...]

    6. Christine Riccio

      Really enjoyed the book but, I have so many questions! Just posted my full book discussion: youtube/watch?v=LaZuuI ! So excited for book 3!

    7. Carie

      Arghh.I like this series, I do. WIth a few complaints. My biggest complaint is that it is a series, instead of a single book. Not much happened it the first and frankly not a whole lot happens in the second. I got SO (in all caps!) tired of no one telling Gwen anything. Eventually some things are revealed. Ish. But you shouldn't have to read 2 books in the series to start getting answers. Yes, I'll read the next. As long as my complaints are duly noted.

    8. Jaz

      I. Need. The. Part. Three. Now.We get more time travels than in the first book, that one was definitely the introductory book to this worldAlso finally we discover the meaning of something that has been mentioned in the prophecy, which I believe it was pretty obvious since the first time it was mentioned but it is what it is. We will get some answers and more questions too. I suspect that many explanations are being saved for the third and last part. Overall, the plot is quite simple. This inst [...]

    9. Denise Bücherwunderland

      Wie toll 😍Nachdem ich Band 1 ja innerhalb von wenigen Stunden gelesen hatte, habe ich natürlich kurz darauf mit Band 2 begonnen.Für diesen habe ich ein wenig länger gebraucht, aber das liegt hauptsächlich daran, dass ich viel zu tun hatte.Die Handlung schreitet hier genauso schnell voran und seit Beginn von Rubinrot bis zum Ende von Saphirblau vergeht gerade mal eine Woche.Deswegen haben die Charaktere kaum Zeit sich weiter zu entwickeln, aber die Protagonstin Gwendolyn passt sich erstaun [...]

    10. Fenia

      WOW!!! :O *forever crying* This book was just as great as the first one!!! I loved it. I laughed. I cried. Loved it. I'm so obsessed with this series!! Few spoilers ahead: I loved the soiree and the singing? i laughed so hard in this scene!! Gwen drunk?? So funny!!! Gideon? Still in love with himbut he really pissed me off!! At the end thoughwell he does love her. right? he loves her. right?? right?? *crying again* I just can't with all the feels!!! My poor sweet Gwen is so miserable and hurt I [...]

    11. Cynn

      Es que cada vez me gusta más esta trilogía.En Saphirblau,la segunda parte de la trilogía Rubí,nos encontramos con una historia que comienza siendo algo predecible y pasa a ser absolutamente entretenida. A pesar de que sigo insistiendo que creo saber varias cosas que todavía no se revelaron se que no puedo juzgar al libro de predecible si todavía no se si en cierta forma, esto es así. Por esto mismo me centro en la historia de esta entrega y empiezo a reseñarla. La historia es mucho más [...]

    12. laurooou

      This book is a good sequel to Ruby Red. It's a light read that will have you laugh hysterically. There is a lot more time travel in this one and some interesting details of the prophecy are revealed.In the first book, Gwen seemed a bit immature for her age, and she doesn't really evolve in that regard in this book. I think that is probably the main reason I gave the overall series 4 stars instead of 5. Even though Gwen is hilarious, she is not a great role model or heroine. She lacks a tiny bit [...]

    13. Laura

      I still love these books - I'm so happy! Maybe part of it is nostalgia, but I haven't been this entertained in a while. I read quite a bit of this on my rides to and from university and I must've been quite the sight to the people on the train. I constantly had to force myself not to laugh out loud, but couldn't stop myself from grinning every other page. Gwen's thoughts and comments made my day. The sass! Rereading this, it turns out, has been one of my smarter decisions.

    14. Giulia

      3.5 starsThis series is so fun to read! It's fast-paced and humorous, with witty characters and the cutest romance. I'm having a blast reading it! I would write something more articulate, but you know, book three is already waiting for me

    15. Nikoleta

      Χαλαρο, ξενοιαστο, περιπετειωδες και καλογραμμενο. Μα πάνω απο ολα εχει τόση φρεσκάδα, τόσες ατάκες και ευχάριστο χιουμορ που όσες φορές και να το διαβάσω πάντα καταφέρνει να μου φτιάξει την διάθεση.

    16. Suzanne

      This book just set up for a great conclusion. I can already tell! Now if the person who has the third book of this series at my library will finally return it I could finish the series! I love time travel books because of the added element of history. I generally am not too big into historical fiction so when it is added to fantasy I actually eat it up. This series has great blend of fantasy, history, and romance. I seriously cannot wait for book 3 from my library!

    17. Amelie

      Wow. Ich hätte ja nie gedacht, dass das möglich war, aber Saphirblau ist definitiv noch besser als Rubinrot. Das liegt vor allem an den neu eingeführten Charakteren und natürlich der Liebesgeschichte, die das ganze noch viel viel viiiiel amüsanter macht.Die oben erwähnten Charaktere sind nämlich Xemerius und Giordano. Beide sind einfach zum Schreien! Ich finde Kerstin Gier hat es auch einfach klasse gelöst, traurige oder gar dramatische Szenen durch Xemerius' lustige Kommentare zu entsch [...]

    18. Andis/Slytherin

      4 solid stars! This one was a little longer than Ruby Red but I read it much much faster. This makes me wonder how long it will take me to read Emerald Green <33 Love this series so much so far though.

    19. Ecmel Soylu

      Ciddi bir aksiyon eksikliği olduğu gerçeği inkar edilemez ama ben karakterleri ve yazarın mizahını çok seviyorum*-*

    20. Ryan

      "The illimitable, silent, never-resting thing called Time, rolling, rushing on, swift, silent, like an all-embracing ocean-tide, on which we and all the Universe swim like exhalations, like apparitions which are and then are not: this is forever very literally a miracle; a thing to strike us dumb - for we have no word to speak about it."- Thomas Carlye Warning: May contain mild spoilers, taking into account that this is the second book in the series.Gwyneth Sheppard has recently found out that s [...]

    21. ☾Poppet

      As usually I finished this book quite long ago (the next day that I finished Ruby Red book and movie) buuut i forgot to put it on my read shelf and because i wanted to finish a review first but i had mixed thoughts (and events) since as soon i finished Sapphire Blue I watched the movie which was so good (im going to admit it now: i liked it better than the book) Gwendolyn as always was so fun to read I absolutely love her character and with the companion of Xemerius: hell yes. The time traveling [...]

    22. Odette Knappers

      Het reviewen van een deel 2 van een trilogie voelt altijd een beetje als iets zeggen over het middelste gedeelte van een stand-alone. Het verhaal gaat wel door, maar je kent de wereld al en er gebeurt nog niet écht iets. Wel pakte de bijzondere wereld van Gwendolyn me weer en heb ik genoten van de onderdompeling in de wereld.Ik vind Gideon een ongelooflijke eikel, nog steeds. En hoe vrouwonvriendelijk de hele organisatie is jeetje zeg. Ik vind het wel tof hoe Gwendolyn daar mee omgaat, als mens [...]

    23. Darren Hagan

      *Actually 4.5 stars*This book was so much better than the first one in my opinion. I found myself way more gripped from beginning to end. I think a huge part of it is to do with Xemerius, as his character is funny as hell. I did find Gwen to be a bit annoying sometimes though. I also seem to find myself more intrigued by what happens in the prologue and epilogue of these books (they are told from a different character's POV). I'm actually quite looking forward to Emerald Green now didnt think I' [...]

    24. Rebecca ♥ Ash, Kishan, Magnus ♥

      This was better than I remember Ruby Red, if I hadn't seen my review. I read it so long ago. And as I said in that review, this is better read back to back, so I am on to book 3 now.

    25. Amelia Oswald

      wtf did I just finished two books in one freaking day !! That's insane !! I need book 3 right now :( Ugh

    26. Willinda

      Nádherné. Jednoduše nádherné. Bude mi trvat opravdu hodně dlouho zbavit se toho připitomělého úsměvu, který mám od první stránky :D------------------------Ještě před týdnem by vám šestnáctiletá Gwendolyn řekla, že je jí život relativně normální. Sice se její sestřenice učila všechno možné, aby mohla cestovat časem a pouze čekala, až se u ní konečně projeví časocestovací gen, její tetička s babičkou a vlastně velká část rodiny je mírně šílen [...]

    27. Krystal Bond

      Despite not being able to put this book down, I still have to give it only 4 stars. I still have so many questions about all of the mysteries that they seem to keep adding onto but giving essentially zero information about. I truly hope the third and final installment answers all questions and I can give it a solid 5 star rating. Otherwise I still recommend these books, because they are interesting and the characters all very likable. I've enjoyed it overall so far.

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