The Gathering

The Gathering The battle between superhero and villain escalates in this pulsepounding sequel Having thwarted Max Dalton s scheme to drain the world s superhumans of their powers Colin Wagner has taken on the mant

  • Title: The Gathering
  • Author: Michael Carroll
  • ISBN: 9780399247262
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Gathering

    The battle between superhero and villain escalates in this pulsepounding sequel Having thwarted Max Dalton s scheme to drain the world s superhumans of their powers, Colin Wagner has taken on the mantle of Titan and, with partner, Diamond, is using his newfound abilities to rid the London streets of crime But our young heroes lives are irrevocably changed when an unknowThe battle between superhero and villain escalates in this pulsepounding sequel Having thwarted Max Dalton s scheme to drain the world s superhumans of their powers, Colin Wagner has taken on the mantle of Titan and, with partner, Diamond, is using his newfound abilities to rid the London streets of crime But our young heroes lives are irrevocably changed when an unknown adversary leaks their secret identities to the world Forced to flee to the United States with their friend Danny Cooper, who is coping with the loss of his arm and the dark prophecy surrounding his future, the trio must learn to master their powers and work together if their mysterious foe is to be defeated New heroes are introduced, old friends and enemies return, and life changing choices will be made in this second installment of Michael Carroll s superhero saga that dares to ask the question Will Quantum s Prophecy come to pass

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      485 Michael Carroll
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    One thought on “The Gathering

    1. Amytiger

      The Gathering, Quantum Prophecy. Not bad title and series name. Pretty good title caption ("Born to be Heroes"). Pretty great cover. Plain amazing story. At the beginning of The Gathering, before chapter one starts the author describes what happened to Dioxin, also known as one of the world's most notorious villains, on the day that every super humans powers disappeared. That's going to be annoying for anyone who has read the first book of the Quantum Prophecy and knows that the story takes plac [...]

    2. Trent

      This book is more intense than the first book an diamond knows how to do use her powers more wisely.With an exititing plot turn near the end.This is my favorite of the series so far.Once again reccomended for people who like fantasy.

    3. Brian

      Slightly better than the first, but then again aren't sequels supposed to be? Ten years after every superhuman vanished from the face of the earth, a new generation of heroes has emerged. The three heroes from the first book have their secret identities mysteriously leaked to the press. With their names and faces on every TV station and newspaper around the world, the trio takes refuge at a secret military installation that houses and trains a new crop of superhumans. Together, the three friends [...]

    4. Ricky

      As I suspected in my last review I said that they would eventually use their powers to fight crime and eventually be known around the world. I think that this book was a little slow in the beginning but picked up more towards the end. I think that Michael Carroll did a really good job showing us the places that they were in. It really showed me what was happening in there. At the end, this book made me more excited to read the next ones because of how quickly they came to show their powers and u [...]

    5. Aaron

      In this sequel to The Awakening, in which the world sees the return superhumans after 10 years. The next generation of superheroes is coming together to better handle the troubles they face.Danny, gifted with the talent of superspeed, lost his arm and his powers in order to save the day in the previous book and is still coming to terms with the fact that his real father is a former shape-changing supervillain.Colin, whose parents were both superhumans has the ability to resist harm along with su [...]

    6. Emily

      I read the first book in the Quantum Prophecy series some time ago (like, years), and I’ve been meaning to read this one for a long time (this is probably true of about ninety percent of the books I read – my to-read list is kind of out of control). So I finally got around to it, and had the pleasant experience of being reminded why I liked the first book so much. The series is quite fun, with likeable characters and a fairly original superhero mythology.Ten years ago, the superheroes (and s [...]

    7. Jayda

      This book -sigh- This book is so much more boring than the first one. It's also cheesier, too. Butler is a nearly unrealistic, bully-type teenaged superhuman whose obnoxious in all forms. I really wish that he would've just kept with the original three teenaged superhumans. That would've been a lot nicer. Josh Dalton is obnoxious, too, and also a little cheesy. Solomon Cord is a little too bosy, almost like he thinks he's better than the others. It would've been better, as I said before, if they [...]

    8. Ally

      Now this is better. The sequel to the Awakening, The Gathering is a better tale than the woefully depressing book The Awakening. (Yeah remember me yelling at The Gathering for most of my review, well this is the happier side of this series.)The Awakening is a fast paced book with tons of action, more than what's in the Gathering. It's a lot more satisfying than rolling eyes at the horrible plot of The Gathering. (Rolling eyes, after all hurts my mind after twitching all those muscles.) The Gathe [...]

    9. Jamie Krakover

      The Gathering is a great second book to the Quantum Prophecy series. The Gathering opens with Colin Wagner aka titan and Renata Soliz aka Diamond, resurrecting the superhero ranks by fighting crime and helping others in London. This is short lived when their real identities are leaked to the public. Colin and Renata along with their friend Danny Cooper and their families are taken to the US to a secret organization known as Sakkara. There they learn to perfect their abilities and meet other teen [...]

    10. Tristan Rocha

      The Gathering is the second book in the Quantum Prophecy series. It mainly focuses on three protagonists: Colin Wagner, son of Titan and Energy, who has super strength and superhuman hearing and vision; Danny Cooper, son of Quantum who was raised by Facade (a former super-villain), who had super-speed and intangibility; and Renata Soliz, who has the ability to freeze herself into an impenetrable and unbreakable diamond form which she was frozen into for ten years.The New Heroes are gathered to a [...]

    11. tc

      I've just realized that I've already read this book before when I read the first book because I checked them out together . I reread it anyway and found it to be quite enjoyable . This is not the type of book I usually read since I usually go for Nicholas Spark movies and Meg Cabot or summer romance books . With the exception of Harry Potter , I only read books with romance in it . This was a good change of genre . I have a bit of a soft spot for superheroes and fairytales . This without a doubt [...]

    12. Patrick

      These first three Quantum Prophecy books are an interesting story that I think has been waiting to be told. They are a cold-blooded view of what adults and government would really do in a world of superheroes, especially teens whose powers have just emerged. The kids are manipulated and controlled from every side, and public relations battles are waged about the motives and goodness of the heroes. Their parents wonder how much to tell them, and the public and the heroes themselves worry if no pe [...]

    13. Trike

      The second book in Michael Carroll's "New Heroes" trilogy keeps up the momentum of the first book. It also maintains the "Young Adult fiction in name only" theme by tackling tough choices and not flinching from the logical progression of the characters he's set up. There's nothing graphic about the violence, but it's there in spades. It does suffer a bit from "middle chapter syndrome" as many second installments to trilogies do, but it sets up the conflict for the final conflict quite well, with [...]

    14. Wadzanai Mufunde

      When I first picked up the The Quantum Prophecy, I was intrigued by the cover. But don't judge me because everyone can be this shallow. The first book was great and I'm glad I can say the same thing about the sequel.We were left wondering what would happen to Danny and Colin and whether Facade would get off easy. I I loved that this book had action and you could see the story from other people's point of view. It's like X-Men, only the main characters are younger and a bit more relatable. We met [...]

    15. Zachary San

      I rated the book a 4 because it had a good story, grabbed my attention, and has a lot of detail about the characters. My personal opinion about this book is, it is a great book. Danny killed his father during interrogation. The book cover explains that Colin starts to get all his powers now. My favorite character is Danny because he had his dad turned out to be fake and his mom didn't know, and Danny's real dad was behind bars. 2 things I learned were, think about the decisions you make, and don [...]

    16. Raymond Hu

      I think the 2nd book of this series was as great as the first book with the same comments from the first one. I realized one more thing that the author keeps you on suspense with the flashbacks in the book to start it off and to end the book. It makes the reader actually wanting to read more about the book and wanting to learn what happen. Also i loved how new chacarteres were introduced into the book and it made everything 2 times better and more exciting. I liked how he end it off with the tea [...]

    17. Mrslabraden

      The Gathering is the second book in the Quantum Prophecy series. Danny is missing an arm and has lost his powers. Colin tries to become the new Titan when his identity is discovered. To keep his and Danny's families safe, they are all moved to Sakkara in Kansas, the new headquarters of super human heroes. Solomon Card has resumed his identity as Paragon and is training the young recruits to be superheroes. They are needed sooner than they think when Dioxin begins a reign of terror in order to ex [...]

    18. Erica

      Not quite as thrilling as the first book and some of the characters appear rather "slow." For example when Josh kept automatically agreeing with Yvonne NO ONE SEEMED TO QUESTION IT. That was just one of many instances and it feels like despite the fact that we have people who have clearly been heroes for a long and should be a tad bit more genre savvy they are as clueless as the newbs.Also, Sol diedd hew as the Batman figure so of COURSE I loved him. I'm hoping it was a fake out since someone li [...]

    19. Jk997

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    20. Ryan Burt

      Book 2 of the Quantum Prophecies. In book one there have been no Superheros for 10 years but suddenly teenagers start to develope Superhuman abilities. Where in book one it is about certain teenagers discovering their abilities book two is about them joining together. Just like Super Friends. Ok not just like Super Friends but I couldn't help but think about that every once in a while. I have liked both the Quantum Prophecy books but this book was even better then the first. A fun read for sure. [...]

    21. Lana

      Part 2 of the superhero series - and I think I would definitely rate this one better than the first.Jump into the lives of very young teens that are to inherit hero abilities after their superhero parents lost theirs. Follow the drama and action that unfolds as they battle against the evil master mind. Unsure who to trust as even friends can turn against them unwittingly, manipulated by super villains.A must read to all who love a good super hero story.Well done Michael - I look forward to conti [...]

    22. Kim Raccoon

      I am just not loving these the way I loved the other four books (Superhuman, Ascension, Brawn, Hunter). Perhaps because I just miss all of the other characters too much. I do enjoy how puzzle pieces are coming together because Brawn and Hunter left out so many details that are being pulled together in these books. (Note, I do realize that I've read them in the wrong order.)Obviously I'm going to get "The Reckoning" but I'm way more excited for "Crossfire". Is it here yet?

    23. Angie

      The best part about discovering a series late in the game? No wait! I already have book three in my hands.The new superhumans are coming to terms with their abilities. Will the rest of the world be able to accept them? And will all of the heroes use their powers for good? You have to keep reading to find out!This is definitely a bordering on YA juvenile book. Some violence (though of the comic book smash bang grab variety not gore).

    24. Megan

      Very nice. I'll admit, at the end of chapter one my first thoughts were, "I am vengeance, I am the night, I am Batman!" but still! It was definitely worth reading. The super powers were not entirely creative, but it was a good follow up and the plot was definitely surprising! And the ending! AAAAHHH! Are you kidding me!? Even if I hadn't planned on it (Which I had, by the way) after that ending there is no way I can't read book three! >.>

    25. R.S. Jinks

      This book is good, but it didn't just blow me away as many of the others did. One of my minor peeves was that Danny was powerless for much of the book, so the book dealt with him battling the mental blocks he imposed on himself which I thought was foolish. Just my two cents. On the whole though, it's another worthwhile entry into the series with some good action. I just want to see the New Heroes really cut loose and fuck shit up.

    26. Steve

      New characters:1.Butler Redmond- can create force fields.2.Mina- can see person’s aura3.Yvonne- control person’s minds.3 mutants that has been added here is such a lame. I hope Mr. Carroll added some more. Old super humans are resurfacing. Quantum’s prophecy of Danny is slowly making sense. Solomon Cord is such a smart guy. This book is full of twist. The plot is somehow great. I wish many events had happened inside their Sakkara base.

    27. Garrett Powers

      I thought the book was very similar to the last book. It was a good read for a teenager who likes plot twist and lots of action. The author should have described the new set o heros more and given them a more detailed background story. The book overall was fantastic with very few things to dislike about it.

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