In the Dark

In the Dark Historical domestic and sexy like Moggach s best selling Tulip Fever this is a tantalizing page turning story set in South London s dark and dirty streets during WWI Pretty young Eithne Clay r

  • Title: In the Dark
  • Author: Deborah Moggach
  • ISBN: 9780701181093
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In the Dark

    Historical, domestic and sexy like Moggach s best selling Tulip Fever, this is a tantalizing, page turning story set in South London s dark and dirty streets during WWI.1916 Pretty young Eithne Clay runs a shabby genteel South London boarding house while her husband is off at the War There s Ralph, her fourteen year old son, and Winnie the young maid, a homely, goodheartHistorical, domestic and sexy like Moggach s best selling Tulip Fever, this is a tantalizing, page turning story set in South London s dark and dirty streets during WWI.1916 Pretty young Eithne Clay runs a shabby genteel South London boarding house while her husband is off at the War There s Ralph, her fourteen year old son, and Winnie the young maid, a homely, goodhearted country girl, and the lodgers, of course, a curious but necessary burden They include blind Alwyne Flyte, communist and cynic, victim of a gas attack in the trenches When the dreaded telegram arrives at the house, things turn from difficult to desperate for the two young women.Then along comes the butcher, Neville Turk, big handsome ladies man, irresistible for his meat, money and brutish confidence, who throws flighty Eithne into a turmoil but has sinister plans of his own Winnie and the blind lodger, meanwhile, conduct a strange, erotic liaison of their own And young Ralph, ignored by his mother, looks on, feeling the undercurrents of desire, seeing than he should All the strands come together in a shocking denouement that turns a coward into a hero and young Ralph into a man.They re all in the dark with their dreams, secrets and fantasies, and electric light, new to their world, may be a boon but it reveals both grime and secrets Life is tough on the home front and they re all working the system in different ways, sometimes comic sometimes tragic, always human.

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    One thought on “In the Dark

    1. Anna H

      I loved this! Reads like a good PBS Masterpiece series from the UK. A story about a London family directly affected by the Great War and its aftermath. A nice easy story with moving ending -- good summer beach reading.

    2. Lady Drinkwell

      A wonderful read about a lodging house during the first world war. Lots of great period detail, rather steamy at times even shocking when what goes on "in the dark" is described with many vivid characters. Although it all takes place in England the effect of the War on the various characters movingly depicts the horror of that time.

    3. Susan

      This novel is the anecdote to the contrived plot and one-dimensional characters of Hanna's Nightingale. Like Nightingale, there is a war time setting with women managing while most able-bodied men are enlisted or have been killed in battle. But the story lacks Nightingale's plot inconsistencies and weirdly modern anachronisms. The characters are well defined and memorable. I was concerned for Winnie and Ralph in particular. Wonderful plot twists.

    4. Patriciagoodwin

      An excellent read. The characters are truly alive & realistic. The feel of London life during WW1 was superb. And really this is the novel together with surprises that appear throughout. I will definitely look out for other fiction from this author.

    5. janetandjohn

      Earthy in it's descriptions, this novel about civilians in London in WW1 is full of lust, hatred and butcher's meat. A quick but dark read which I enjoyed.

    6. Shonna Froebel

      This tale set in Southwark during World War II, is of a teenage boy and his mother, running a rooming house. The father has been killed in the war, and the two are struggling to make ends meet, especially after the rationing begins. The maid, Winnie, is from the country, and acts like an older sister to the boy, Ralph. The local butcher, Neville Turk, is attracted to the mother and woos her by "helping out", sending her nice cuts of meat, and arranging delivery of coal when they run low. This st [...]

    7. Lori Anderson

      I love Deborah Moggach's books, and was delighted to find this one is historical fiction. Set in World War I, the story revolves around one of Moggach's favorite themes -- how people living in a hotel relate to each other, the secrets they hide, and the surprises they reveal. I read it in one night and was a disaster of exhaustion the next day -- but it was well worth it.Highly recommend.

    8. Sue

      What we do to survive, how we mould the world to be as we want it to be, how we judge people and put them into boxes then get upset when they show their individualness. A unique take on life at the end of the war and how different people cope with war inflicted stresses.

    9. Trish

      Currently reading this and find it a very touching story. Picked it up as had read "Tulip Fever" by Moggach and had enjoyed that.

    10. Pammy

      I loved this story about a run-down boarding house in South London, circa 1916. Eithne struggles to keep things going after her husband is off to the WAR. She and her son (Ralph) attempt to give comfort to their pathetic boarders: a blind communist, an old woman with dementia, and a sad little family with the mother working two jobs to survive. A hire hand housekeeper does her best as the threeEithne, Ralph and Winnie form as a working unit to keep everyone fed and a roof over this heads.And the [...]

    11. Rachel

      "1916. Pretty Eithne Clay runs a ramshackle South London boarding house with the help of her teenage son, Ralph, and their maid, Winnie. Struggling to keep herself, her lodgers, and her son going as every day life vanishes in the face of war, Eithne's world is transformed by the arrival of Mr Turk, the virile, carnal, carnivorous local butcher who falls passionately in love with her. As the house bursts to life with the electricity - metaphorical and real - he brings, dark secrets come to light. [...]

    12. Judy

      The setting is in a town in England during World War 1. It takes place in a rundown boarding house managed by a young widow and her teenage son. There are an interesting cast of characters and some surprises along the way. I thoroughly enjoy this author's writing and I am looking forward to reading Tulip Fever, which I under was made into a movie with some of my very favorite actors.

    13. Roo

      It has been a long while since I read a Deborah Moggach book and this was exceptional. She is very talented at really taking you inside the characters, and the story was well thought out. I really felt like I was there in the boarding house, a very absorbing tale.

    14. Olivia

      Although it seems a rather simple story as a whole, there was so much that I loved about this book. 1) The character studies The Butcher (Neville) profits on the scarcity and desperation that the war has caused throughout London. He reaps the benefits of being among the only men left by seizing on others' misfortune and loneliness. He has affairs with the widows and women, buys up all the property he can, and runs a black market food supply operation. I loved Winnie's story, her simple love of h [...]

    15. Petra

      Soms lees je een boek en dan vraag je je halverwege af waar het verhaal eigenlijk over gaat, wat is het moraal van dit verhaal? Dit boek probeert denk ik te laten zien wat oorlog kan doen met mensen levens. Op alle verschillende vlakken. Wat gebeurt er als je vader zijn leven verliest in de oorlog en er een 'indringer' in je leven komt. Wat gebeurt er met een jonge jongen die gelooft dat je leven geven in de oorlog waardevol is? Hoe overleeft een huis in armoe waarbij eten schaars is? En dat all [...]

    16. Christine

      The title of this book does not reflect the story at all ! The only reason it would work is that the people who live in this boarding house all keep secrets from each other aka-being 'in the dark' about the truth. A better title IMO would be 'The butcher and his bone' haha.I can not pronounce he name of Ralph's mom, Eithne, a war widow who runs a shabby boarding house filled with strange characters. (And most only have sex on their mind) Who marries a rich butcher who is happy to have on an apro [...]

    17. R.J. Lynch

      Brilliant. Deborah Moggach has long been one of the best writers in English, and under-appreciated, but this is just about her best book. Many authors have described WW1 profiteers, but none ever managed to give them so much as a vestige of humanity. Moggach achieves this by first showing us the woman who will fall in love with profiteer Turk. She shows us the woman's despair, and how she needs to be rescued. Result: we fear troubles arriving for Turk because of what they will do to Eithne. A br [...]

    18. Matt

      I am pretty sure this book was accidentally taken from my wife's read pile. Even so, I kept with it - if only because I've been on a bit of a World War I kick with Fall of Giants and the final season of Downton Abbey.I was never drawn into the story, despite a few interesting twists and turns. In the end, there was only one character I had any empathy for - Winnie, the knocked up housemaid. This book was firmly in the 'meh' category, earning 2.5 stars. (I'm rounding it down to 2 stars because d [...]

    19. Angie Swain

      A terrific read.The story takes place towards the end of the second world war, in London. Rationing is strict, lives are hard.Then Eithne Clay, recently windowed, running a down at heel boarding house for down at heel boarders catches the eye of the local butcher.He woos Eithne with his prime beef and man-of-the-world manner, alienates her adolescent son, terrifies the maid of all work, fattens the boarders with the produce of his trade and everyone benefits from the newly installed electricity [...]

    20. Helen

      This has been the best book I have read in a long time, I loved it. I first became aware of the author Deborah Moggach after seeing the brilliant film "The Very Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" on a flight to America. I ordered two books written by her this one and "The Stand in" I read "The Stand in" first and was so disappointed I really did not enjoy it. After enjoying In The Dark so much I am going to look for more books by this author. In The Dark is set during the first world war years a wonder [...]

    21. Erin

      3.5 stars - The author's descriptive language well set the mood for this story in WWI London; a sense of filth, oppressiveness, and furtiveness permeate the setting and the characters' actions. Even this, though, couldn't overcome the very sparse plot; the characters weren't three-dimensional enough for me to care. I spent most of the novel wondering why I was still reading it; I finished the novel with that question unanswered.

    22. Veronica Zundel

      Moggach's ventures into historical fiction are not usually as gripping as her contemporary stories, but this re-created the First World War period well and had believable, if somewhat stock, characters. As usual the plot owed something to Shakespeare (Hamlet this time), but hey, why turn down a good plot when you find it?

    23. Ricky

      In this book Deborah Moggach has written a wonderful character driven story, its wonderful descriptive writing and keeps you intrigued throughout. It’s touching, funny and saucy in parts and has some great twists to the story. This is the first book I have read of Deborah Moggach and I will definitely be reading more in the future. It’s a master class in writing

    24. Eager Reader

      While the characters are well drawn they lack the charm and sense of adventure found in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.This feels like an earlier effort.This is a darker tail, Frank and the residents are on a downhill slide and lack the wit that carried the previous story to the successful movie adaptation.

    25. Maria

      Perhaps I should have waited till the holidays. This is a quick read that delivers a fairly standard coming of age story lived out by young Ralph, alongside an odd mix of two-dimensional characters, with WW1 doing its thing in the background. It isn't completely uninteresting but there are no revelations, either. Take it to the beach next summer.

    26. Louise

      I quite liked this one, started off as one thing, and at one point I thought it was going to be something completely different(there was a big input of sex suddenly) , but it turned right back into a intimate story of a house and its inhabitants, and works best when set within those walls.Some great character, and the story tied up nicelyGood stuff.

    27. Jayne Charles

      World War I as seen from back home in London, through the eyes of various inhabitants of a boarding house. As always, Deborah Moggach writes with tremendous wit and lively description. Up there with the best of her books.

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