I robot dell'alba

I robot dell alba A poca distanza dall ultimo romanzo del ciclo della Fondazione URANIA presenta ai suoi lettori un altra pietra miliare della sterminata saga spaziale che vede uomini e robot uniti per la conquista d

  • Title: I robot dell'alba
  • Author: Isaac Asimov Delio Zinoni
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • I robot dell'alba

    A poca distanza dall ultimo romanzo del ciclo della Fondazione , URANIA presenta ai suoi lettori un altra pietra miliare della sterminata saga spaziale che vede uomini e robot uniti per la conquista della Galassia Torna in questo nuovo romanzo il detective interplanetario Elija Baley, l eroe di Abissi d acciaio e de Il sole nudo, che, sul pianeta Aurora, conosciuto ancheA poca distanza dall ultimo romanzo del ciclo della Fondazione , URANIA presenta ai suoi lettori un altra pietra miliare della sterminata saga spaziale che vede uomini e robot uniti per la conquista della Galassia Torna in questo nuovo romanzo il detective interplanetario Elija Baley, l eroe di Abissi d acciaio e de Il sole nudo, che, sul pianeta Aurora, conosciuto anche come il Mondo dell Alba, dovr cercare di svelare la trama che ha portato a un crimine di tipo insolito la morte di un robot Ma dietro la risposta che Baley potr trovare si celano un enigma, e un opportunit , ancora pi grandi chi dovr colonizzare l Universo, l Umanit o le macchine simili all uomo, i robot Copertina di Karel Thole

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      265 Isaac Asimov Delio Zinoni
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    1. Apatt

      “I cannot say what I feel in any human sense, Partner Elijah. I can say, however, that the sight of you seems to make my thoughts flow more easily, and the gravitational pull on my body seems to assault my senses with lesser insistence."Ahh good old R. Daneel Olivaw, how I have missed you.It has been decades since I read anything by Isaac Asimov. When I started reading sci-fi in my teens Asimov was the go-to author for new readers. I was not quite ready for Heinlein or Clarke but Asimov’s Th [...]

    2. Ahmad Sharabiani

      The Robots of Dawn (Robot #3), Isaac AsimovThe Robots of Dawn is a "whodunit" science fiction novel by American writer Isaac Asimov, first published in 1983. It is the third novel in Asimov's Robot series. Detective Elijah Baley of Earth is training with his son and others to overcome their socially ingrained agoraphobia when he is told that the Spacer world of Aurora has requested him to investigate a crime: the destruction of the mind of R. Jander Panell, a humaniform robot identical to R. Dan [...]

    3. Punk

      SF. This is the third in the R. Daneel Olivaw series and Detective Elijah Baley has been sent off-planet to Aurora to investigate a roboticide. He's loaded on a spacer ship, deloused, and then sent to his quarters where he's to remain for the duration of the journey. Everything's so foreign and uncomfortable that Elijah can't help himself when he sees Daneel come through the door -- he hugs him.These books are all still about the love between a man and his humaniform robot. Over the course of th [...]

    4. Ms. Smartarse

      For all you sci-fi buffs, who are considering reading I Robot and The Rest of the Robots before The Robots of Dawn: it is not necessary. Still, my inner geek was extremely proud of itself, for having read them after all. Our trusty hero, Elijah Baley, has formed a small "club" of people who venture outside their cities, in order to gradually get used to the outer world with its changing meteorological conditions. Meanwhile he has also been (unsuccessfully) petitioning, to be allowed a trip to Au [...]

    5. Catie

      I think that I would have really liked to know Isaac Asimov. I am usually too lazy to add photos into my reviews (Applause for all you creative types out there!) but I had to share this photo from the jacket of my book:I mean, Jehoshaphat! Have mutton chops, nerd glasses, and a bolo tie ever been so adorable? I know I don’t think so. He was, by all accounts, an incredibly brainy person (He was the vice-president of Mensa!), but, to me, his humble, plain-speaking nature really comes across in h [...]

    6. Kit

      Okay, so star rating==not always indicative of book quality with me, but before you say I am unfairing this review, let me explain you a thing: (( SPOILERS TO FOLLOW ))My god, I adore robots interacting with people. My god. I am sure none of you could tell this about me at all because I am clearly quite subtle about it, but I have always been delighted to read about closeness between humans and nonhumans. I love the way it makes me think about how logic and reason works in different people as we [...]

    7. Stephen

      4.0 stars. I really enjoy the Robot novels by Asimov. He is a master at creating larger than life characters and then making you care about what happens to them. This story begins the bridge between Asimov's Robot novels and the Foundation series. Highly Recommended!!Nominee: Hugo Award for Best Science Fiction Novel (1984)Nominee: Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel (1984)

    8. Hernan Garcia

      Para Elijah Baley, dos años han pasado desde que transcurriesen las aventuras narradas en El Sol Desnudo, a las narradas en Los robots del amanecer, el siguiente libro cronológicamente hablando, de la saga de la Tierra. Sin embargo para Asimov pasaron han pasado 26 y se nota.La narrativa es mucho mas madura (se evidencia claramente en la cantidad de paginas del libro, que prácticamente dobla a la anterior novela de la saga), llegando a ser bastante impactante para el lector que sigue cronol [...]

    9. Ivana Books Are Magic

      You know even if this novel wasn't as a great read as it happened to be, it would have deserved five stars on the merit of that last chapter alone. The ending of this novel was absolutely brilliant. Not only that I didn't see it coming, I didn't expect anything of the kind. It was such a worthy ending to the series! Talk about finishing with style! Still, let's get back to the beginning, shall we? This is the final novel in Asimov’s Robot series and it happens to be my favourite one. I liked t [...]

    10. Davyne DeSye

      Just love this book, for so many reasons!First, the purely obvious one: I love the duo of Elijah Baley, hard-boiled detective, and R. (short for ‘robot’) Daneel Olivaw, his partner, so of course, I would be pleased with another installment of their detecting adventures together! (While this story is the third in a series, it stands completely on its own and can be read and enjoyed without having to read the first two books.)I also love the romance in this one. Asimov is not very big on inclu [...]

    11. Stephen

      4.0 stars. This is either the third or fourth book in the Robot series (depending on whether you want to include the short story collection I, Robot as the first book in the series. In this book, written in 1983, begins the process of integrating the Robot series with Asimov's Foundation series and provides an explanation regarding why robots are not part of the Galactic Empire of the Foundation series. It also does a credible job of planting the seeds of the science of psychohistory made so fam [...]

    12. Ivana

      Why is that I always have such a hard time writing about my favourite novels? I'm not sure, but it is always so hard to find the right words to describe literature that I hold in high esteem. This is the best novel by Isaac Asimov that I have read so far. I was just amazed by it. I do like Asimov and from my book shelf you can see that I'm no stranger to sf. However, The Robots of Dawn was something different. It was just perfect. It dealt with so much, from politics to social customs. In one se [...]

    13. Marie

      Oh gosh do I wish I could give this book more stars. It was one of my absolute favorites as a kid! Robot sex! Independent (I thought at the time) women! The introduction of Giskard, the mind-reading robot! What's not to love? well, about 90% of the book is dialog, for one. Expository dialog. And meandering expository dialog on unrelated topics to prolong tension as you wait for person A to finally come through on what they said to person B about a motive for the roboticide?The mystery itself is [...]

    14. Barışcan Bozkurt

      Güneşin Tanrıları kitabında beklediğimi Şafağın Robotları'ndan aldım.Kitabı okurken aklım ister istemez Güneşin Tanrıları'na gitti. Aslında Güneşin Tanrıları sandığımdan daha iyi bir kitapmış. Ama gereksiz uzun olduğu da aklıma gelmedi değil.Şafağın Robotları önceki iki kitaba göre çok daha iyi bir hikâye sunuyor. Özellikle zekice yazılmış sonu etkiledi. Daha iyi bir kitap olduğundan beğenmediğim yerleri de gözüme daha çok battı. Örneğin Gladia [...]

    15. Raj

      Plainclothesman Elijah Baley is back in space, sent by Earth at the request of Aurora, the oldest and most powerful of the Spacer worlds, to investigate the 'murder' of a humanoid robot. At stake is not just his own career, but the entire future of Earth and the future Galactic Empire.It was in this book that Asimov starts sowing the seeds to start connecting his Galactic Empire/Foundation books with his Robot series, with one of the characters explicitly talking about psychohistory in a chain t [...]

    16. KatHooper

      Originally posted at Fantasy Literature. We review SFF, horror, and comics for adults and kids, in print and audio daily.The Robots of Dawn is the third book in Isaac Asimov’s trilogy about investigator Elijah Bailey and his robot sidekick R Daneel Olivaw. In the first book, The Caves of Steel, the pair met and solved a murder mystery on Earth. In this far-future Earth, a fearful populace lives in domed cities and never ventures outside. In the second book, The Naked Sun, Elijah faces his fear [...]

    17. Jason Pettus

      As of spring 2012, I am selling a first-edition copy of this book through my arts center's rare-book service [cclapcenter/rarebooks]. Here below is what I wrote for its description:In a remarkable eight-year period in the 1950s, science-fiction veteran Isaac Asimov cranked out nine books comprising three series that were to define so much of the entire genre in the decades following them: the "Robot" series of stories and novels, set in a period of future history in which Earth natives are facin [...]

    18. sologdin

      Nutshell: always already famous detective concerns himself with the setting-significant wrongful decommission of an AI dildo.Elijah is preceded in all his endeavors by the hyperreal version of himself from a "hyperwave dramatization," produced regarding the events of The Naked Sun (5). Everyone whom he meets mentions it--so the point of the novel in some ways is that the Real must tirelessly overcome a precession of hyperreality. Part of the hyperreality of the setting is the simulation of human [...]

    19. Sakacaca

      *Clap ClapLa verga de judas invertida este es el mejor libro de Asimov que me he leido hasta la fecha. Este libro continua la historia, creo que un par de años despues del Naked Sun. Leyendo la biografia de Asimov, el mae lo escribio un pingazo de tiempo despues y se nota, es diferente. Los primeros dos no le llegan a la cintura a este 3er libro de al serie. No se si es por los dos anteriores o por el hecho que el misterio a resolver en verdad parece imposible pero es un arte puesta en letras. [...]

    20. JonSnow

      How a book can be this extraordinarily gripping, is beyond me. It is a yet another fine example of logical deduction and inducements which are paradoxically so complex, and yet when reduced to their base elements in the finality of this masterpiece, so simple. To the very last word of the very last page, this book was fascinating no that word is not profound enough but I can think of no other to explicate the magnitude of my feelings I had the ending somewhat unintentionally spoiled by a friend, [...]

    21. Charles Zigmund

      Isaac Asimov's later science fiction novels were written at the insistence of his publisher. He had turned from writing science fiction in the 1950s to churning out scores of books of fact -- on science, history, Shakespeare, the Bible and other subjects, for many years. For whatever reason, esthetics or profits, his publisher was not about to see a great science fiction writer permanently retire from the genre that had made him famous, and started demanding more SF. Asimov complied, and began w [...]

    22. Sesana

      Really 3.5 stars, and my least favorite of Asimov's Robot books. The story heavily features characters talking (and talking) about sex in the most detached and clinical terms possible. It also includes a major character casually committing adultery with no thought of the spouse. Nice. And yet, I still liked it. Asimov is a skilled writer, and I greatly enjoyed seeing Baley and Daneel again. The mystery solution took me somewhat by surprise this time. There are a lot of connections between his ot [...]

    23. Tfitoby

      An excellent extension of the Lije Bailey stories, easily the most enjoyable of the three (so far?) but for the added chapter almost clumsily tieing the series in to the Foundation/Empire timeline.The beauty of these novels is the multiple layers at which you can view them. At it's simplest form of detective fiction it is a wonderful read but as you layer on the philosphy and cultural studies aspects it grows it to much more.As I finish each Asimov work I am incredibly sad, it seems like there w [...]

    24. Buck Ward

      The Robots of Dawn, written in 1983, fairly late in Asimov's science fiction career, is quintessential Asimov, with the exception that it contains a sexual aspect that isn't characteristic of most of his work. The story doesn't contain explicit sex scenes, but sex does play an important role.In this book, Asimov sets the seeds of the science of psychohistory, the basis of the Foundation series, written decades earlier, but which takes place thousands of years in the future.

    25. Brett

      Isaac Asimov is one of the most beloved science fiction authors in the genre, but there is simply no way of getting around the fact that this book is the worst kind of trash. It is deeply boring, full of stilted dialogue, and possesses no sense of wonder or possibility about the future. Asimov's entire Robot series has been underwhelming, but this one is actively insulting to readers.The Robots of Dawn follows the events of the Caves of Steel and the Naked Sun, which feature the same protagonist [...]

    26. Joe

      The third full length Robot novel by Asimov and so far my favourite, which considering I was impressed by the first two that's saying something.The story follows Detective Baley and R. Daneel once more as they investigate a almost normal crime set within a radically different human culture on the planet of Aurora. I was impressed by how the book starts off simple, both with story and prose, and manages to progress and become far more than I expected from it. It's more subtle than I expected and [...]

    27. The_Mad_Swede

      The third of Asimov's Robot novels, following after The Caves of Steel and The Naked Sun, has plainsclothesman Elijah Baley from Earth once more team up with R. Daneel Olivaw to solve a mystery. This time it is a matter of roboticide and on the leading Spacer planet Aurora. Baley is called in and has to make full use of his deductive skills under pressing circumstances, the least of which not being his having to venture abroad on the outside.Asimov clearly grew into a more skilled writer in term [...]

    28. Simona Bartolotta

      «Anche se la gente applica questa definizione ad Aurora, d'ora in poi sarà la Terra il vero Mondo dell'Alba.»Gli ultimi capitoli de I robot dell'alba sono una delle cose migliori che abbia mai avuto il privilegio di leggere.Lo svolgimento di questa storia è così raffinato, così preciso. Resto sorpresa ogni volta che ci ripenso.E i suoi personaggi sono talmente realistici da sembrare quasi finti. I robot stessi hanno più spessore psicologico che certe persone in carne e ossa di mia conosce [...]

    29. Oleg Kagan

      Asimov's worlds are always amazing. This, the third of a four-book series was no exception. Much of the book was the Earth Detective Elijah Bailey moving around interviewing people and dealing with his agoraphobia. The suspense built as the plot became tighter, making me itch to drive so I can listen to what will happen next.Two points to note:- Asimov is a master of logic, as is his character Elijan Bailey. However, sometimes the logic steels the plot from the fact that people will behave in il [...]

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