Hemelse muziek

Hemelse muziek Set in the west of Ireland and Venice this book features a shy and unconfident schoolteacher and his lovelorn and depressed father whose only desire is to die and join his wife and daughter in heaven

  • Title: Hemelse muziek
  • Author: Niall Williams Maarten Polman
  • ISBN: 9789052268026
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Hemelse muziek

    Set in the west of Ireland and Venice, this book features a shy and unconfident schoolteacher and his lovelorn and depressed father whose only desire is to die and join his wife and daughter in heaven.

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    One thought on “Hemelse muziek

    1. Jeffrey Keeten

      ”When he went to university and began to study history, it was the now familiar presence of the disappeared that attracted him. He sat in the glass-fronted room of the library and lost himself with the ghosts of the previous three hundred years. He kept his head down and his eyes moving on the pages, but his mind took flight, and soon even his body was elsewhere, a fact noticed only by old Murtagh, the ancient librarian assistant, who himself had long ago vanished into the books of Thomas Hard [...]

    2. Elyse

      I made a terrific spontaneous purchase when I downloaded"As It Is In Heaven", by Niall Williams. It was HEAVENLY!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU .*Jeffrey*! It was the Perfect Book at the perfect time!!!!!!I was 'still' bathing in the experience of "The Heart's Invisible Furies", by John Boyle. I couldn't for the life of me settle down with the next book. I read the beginnings of around 10 books in my houset even checking my kindle downloads. None of them were what I was looking for. MY HUNGER for the RIGHT B [...]

    3. Gloria

      Hi. My name is Gloria.I'm a Niall Williams addict.If you don't hear from me for awhile it's because I'm slinking off to go and quietly devour everything this man has ever written.See you on the other side

    4. Cynthia Heinrichs

      A gorgeous read. I'm not one for love stories, and sometimes this jaded heart finds Williams' prose overblown and I want to roll my eyes the way I might when I find someone telling a story with high drama, more for their own pleasure in hearing themselves talk than for the entertainment of their hearer, but I keep going (because I can't help myself, his words are so delicious) and then I find myself reading his prose aloud and forgiving how openly he speaks of love and I'm turning over the corne [...]

    5. Juliet Wilson

      A beautiful love story between a withdrawn Irish teacher and a passionate Italian violinist, who carries the scent of lilies with her. But the real wonder of the book is in the details – the father and son communicating silently through their chess games, the tailor who can read a man’s health through the fit of his clothes, the doctors who believe they are fakes because they cannot heal the soul, the magic realism in the way the music transports everyone who hears it. Even the minor charact [...]

    6. Dawn

      This is my 5th books of Niall Williams. His first four had to do with the "Making a go of it" on the west coast of Ireland. This is his first work of fiction that I have read. He is an extraordinary wordsmith; his words have a lightness that almost float off the page to evoke a feeling of atmosphere - the sounds and smells and the look of a place are all captured through the essence of light. The story itself is a beautifully and artfully told tale of love - the love of a man for his dead wife; [...]

    7. Julie Christine

      Just what the doctor ordered: a beautiful, mystical story of love, loss, redemption and rebirth- complete with the dreamy atmospheres of Venice and the West of Ireland. And much to my heart's relief- a happy ending. Or rather, a beginning filled with hope and joy. ______________________I started this last week and stopped because the opening pages were too filled with grief and loss- more than I could stand at the present moment. But I picked it up again last night, after abandoning another Iris [...]

    8. Ginger Bensman

      As It Is In Heaven is a beautiful mystical novel brimming with ravishing prose about a widowed and dying father’s love and hopes for his son. Stephen, his quiet unassuming school teacher son’s world is transformed by a chance encounter and his subsequent pursuit of a lovely Italian violinist. (Or, perhaps there is no such thing as chance, only kismet.) The book is a tour de force that captures the landscapes of Ireland and Venice—and the human heart. I fell in love with William’s charact [...]

    9. Dhanaraj Rajan

      I wavered between 3 and 4 stars and at the end decided on 3 stars.The reason why I wanted 4 stars:The novel is well written, I mean the prose is apt to the plot. It is a love story filled with tinges of tragedy and simple beliefs in hope. The prose was simply lovely when it was dealing with the love story and was subtly emotional as it was tracing the lines of tragedy and was very soothing when it was about the simple hopes that the life would turn out well. The language carried the emotions of [...]

    10. Jessa

      Everytime I picked up this book and tried to read it i felt like I was torturing myself. After about 75 pages I skimmed through the rest of the book and got through it in a few hours and still didn't miss anything. Didn't really like the characters and the story was so slow and boring.

    11. Norah

      This seemed a sad and slow-moving book at first, but I soon began to enjoy the rich language of Niall Williams. A story full of ridiculous happenstance and coincidence, sad, slow-moving, but so satisfying, not as a happy-ever-after ending, but something better.

    12. Richard Marshall

      A story of love and loss and the redeeming power of faith. The characters are well drawn and their motivations believable albeit dogged by fate.

    13. TheGirlBytheSeaofCortez

      Note: I posted this same review on right after reading the book.As It Is In Heaven is my favorite Niall Williams book. Part of the reason it is my favorite is the fact that it takes place in Ireland and in Veniceo of my favorite places in the world. And Ireland and Venice are perfect locales for this story with its distinctly fairy tale quality. There is magic in "As It Is In Heaven" and it is definitely Irish magic.The characters in this book are all emotionally and spiritually damaged, but th [...]

    14. Crystal

      Some of my favorite parts/lines"When somethin of great size moves into the heart it dislodges all else, in just the same way that the forward movemen of the queen reshapes the (chess) board.""But neither did he hear the voice that whispers insistently beneath the surface of al lour happiness, that urges us to gather each moment like a small stone and store it in the deep pockets of your soul, that knows what lies ahead and offers only the wisdom of living fully and cherishing like the briefest d [...]

    15. Kinosfronimos

      I purchased the book as I thought it was the novel of the movie by the same name, which I had seen upon its release in 2004 and remembered as brilliant. But when I found the novel to be set in Ireland, I knew something was up. The novel is not the same as the movie (which was set in Sweden) - but I'm glad I picked it up anyways.The story opens with a father and son who have shut themselves off from life after their wife/mother and daughter/sister were killed in a car crash years back. They see e [...]

    16. Mystica

      Stephen is a history teacher. Quiet, shy and very reserved. His father Philip is old and ill, dying in fact of cancer though he has not been to a doctor. He just knows he is. Philip lost his wife and young daughter in an accident and since then, he is just counting the days when he can be back with his wife and daughter on the other side. Philip talks to them and to all appearances in this story, they are as alive and present as they could possible be.In this backdrop comes a violinist to this q [...]

    17. Ilze

      When you first start reading this book, it almost frustrates in the sense that the narrative is slowed down tremendously by the poetic language. Williams is able to create mood and beauty with his words like none I've read in English before. Once you've gotten used to this, the story starts to move and you are moved by it. There are moments when you want to cry, and moments when a smile is possible, and often, you see yourself in that narrative: Experiencing love and death and God. The three puz [...]

    18. Claudia Sesto

      Un uomo, una donna, l'Irlanda e la musica un mix che crea l'amore!Un uomo, vede una donna che suona un violino e scoppia l'amore. L'autore di questo libro ci conduce in un viaggio nelle terre d'Irlanda, in quei bellissimi paesaggi che la caratterizzano, ci insegna l'importanza dei due sensi: l'olfatto e il gusto, ci fa vivere la vita in tutte le sue sfaccettature: la paura, il dolore, la gioia, l'amore, l'invidia, la solitudine, le maldicenze e ci fa apprezzare come contorno alle vicende umane " [...]

    19. Marvin

      This gets off to a very promising start: "There are only three great puzzles in the world, the puzzle of love, the puzzle of death, and, between each of these and part of both of them, the puzzle of God. God is the greatest puzzle of all." Although the book substantively wrestles with all three issues, it's not all that profound, despite a lot of over-the-top prose. At times it reads almost like a fantasy, but one very grounded in the mundane lives & landscapes of two very likable characters [...]

    20. Roberta

      Libro noiosissimo, e anche deprimente. Philip e Stephen, rispettivamente padre e figlio, perdono in un incidente la moglie/madre e la figlia/sorella. Questo doppio lutto getta un'ombra molto lunga sulle loro vite, specialmente sul padre Philip (fino a metà libro non sono riuscita a memorizzare chi era il padre e chi il figlio, grave eh?) che vive gli anni a seguire percependo un tumore in crescita dentro di lui e aspettando estaticamente il momento sempre più vicino del ricongiungimento con la [...]

    21. Anya Maksymova

      I loved this book. Ever since my discovery of Niall Williams which started with History of the Rain, I've been looking forward to his books as special literary experiences. So far I haven't been disappointed. As it is in Heaven touched me particularly strongly because I loved how Niall Williams shows the connection between all the characters, however minor, in the plot and how they affect each other. Also his romanticism is not the cheesy modern Hollywood-style predictability and banality. The c [...]

    22. Nikki

      The prose in this novel is wonderful, thick and lyrical. Williams does a lovely job evoking place and the way it seems to echo the internal workings of the characters. The father and son relationship, and the son's longing for violinist Gabriella, are described, especially early on in the novel, beautifully; a person could fall in and get lost there. And I think that is the problem How to keep that going? The writer decides to try for a series of plot twists and confrontations with "real" life, [...]

    23. Shelley

      This is the first Niall Williams book I have read, and I look forward to reading others. This novel requires commitment, make no mistake. If you choose to stick it out, you will be rewarded with an amazing experience. Williams has a gift for crafting beautiful sentences that swell into captivating paragraphs that can transport a reader anywhere he wants to take them. This is no action-packed thriller; Williams wants you to spend time with each page, each scene, appreciating the details he spotli [...]

    24. Karen

      Yes, it is beautifully written but, like the Irish weather it often describes, it is wall-to-wall melancholy. And Steven is more than a little bit creepy in his pursuit of Gabriella, the fickle and infuriating violinist. I agree with Meredith that the fruit shop owner is the warmest character. The last fifty or so pages are truly inspiring, although you just can't shake the feeling, at every turn of the page, that everything is going to come crashing down for Steven again. And it doesn't make up [...]

    25. donna wilkin

      Current must-read author in my world. Sentences that can be re-read thirty times, giving grace and language to the unspeakable. This is a story of love - love as it is on Earth and the beauty of love as it may be in Heaven, and the interplay of both. There is so much goodness in this book. Almost every character paves the way for the happiness of another. And those who don't are wounded or lost. The power of love to overcome grief and loss is told lyrically and simply - as it would be in Heaven. [...]

    26. So92

      Una noia mortale. Scrittura lenta e artificiosa, niente dialoghi manco a cercarli col lanternino, storia palesemente sdolcinata si salva dal giudizio "pessimo" perché nonostante tutto alcune frasi che ho anche sottolineato a matita mi sono parse molto interessanti e attinenti la mia situazione nel mondoN.B. La valutazione non è pari a zero anche perché qualche bella suggestione paesaggistica l'autore ce l'ha saputa regalareo è gran parte merito della copertina? Acquistato a 5€ frugando tra [...]

    27. Cathy

      As It Is in Heaven is too melancholy for a 5-star rating, but that is probably the worst thing I can say about it. The main characters are all lovable misfits. The settings in Ireland are moody and haunting. There is mysticism in the story, but it is largely unnecessary. This novel is one of those that you have to keep reading until the very last page, or you're bound to miss some magic in the telling.

    28. Gerard Kelly

      I loved Williams first novel The Four Letters of Love, and looked forward to this, his second. In many ways I found it even better. The unashamed romanticism remains, and the magical realism, if anything, increases As ever, I loved Williams' writing, but I was also drawn into the story and found it very satisfying. Perhaps I too am an unashamed romantic I am certainly an unashamed fan of this writer.

    29. Merry

      Beautiful beautiful writing. It reads like poetry and every word, every sentence counts. I didn't miss a line and many times I reread a page just to savour a description. Yes, initially I did find Stephen's pursuit of Gabriella a bit creepy but then it dawned on me - it's a story in the old tradition of courtly love: Stephen embodies chivalry and he is drawn helplessly into the quest to win Gabriella's love. Very clever. I am still thinking about it today, a wonderful book.

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