Vier Liefdesbrieven

Vier Liefdesbrieven Nicholas Coughlan is twelve years old when his father an Irish civil servant announces that God has commanded him to become a painter He abandons the family and a wife who is driven to despair Years

  • Title: Vier Liefdesbrieven
  • Author: Niall Williams Maarten Polman
  • ISBN: 9789025421243
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Paperback
  • Vier Liefdesbrieven

    Nicholas Coughlan is twelve years old when his father, an Irish civil servant, announces that God has commanded him to become a painter He abandons the family and a wife who is driven to despair Years later, Nicholas s own civil service career is disrupted by tragic news his father has burned down the house, with all his paintings and himself in it.Isabel Gore is the daNicholas Coughlan is twelve years old when his father, an Irish civil servant, announces that God has commanded him to become a painter He abandons the family and a wife who is driven to despair Years later, Nicholas s own civil service career is disrupted by tragic news his father has burned down the house, with all his paintings and himself in it.Isabel Gore is the daughter of a poet She s a passionate girl, but her brother is the real prodigy, a musician And yet this family, too, is struck by tragedy a seizure leaves the boy mute and unable to play Years later, Isabel will continue to somehow blame herself, casting off her own chances for happiness.And then, the day after Isabel s wedding to man she doesn t love, Nicholas arrives on her western isle, seeking his father s last surviving painting Suddenly the winds of fortune begin to shift, sweeping both these souls up with them Nicholas and Isabel, it seems, were always meant to meet But it will take a series of chance events and perhaps, a proper miracle to convince both to follow their hearts to where they re meant to be.

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      360 Niall Williams Maarten Polman
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    One thought on “Vier Liefdesbrieven

    1. Michele Harrod

      Ah, I am torn between a 4 and a 5 for this exquisitely beautiful novel. I fear it has only scored a 4 from me, because I have lost the ability to truly fall into the warm pool of luscious descriptive prose and linger there longer than I should. So at times, I found myself skim reading - which was a terrible crime in the face of such beautifully crafted literature. So I would go back, and read it again properly. And now I have gone back and changed my 4 to a 5.This book really takes the reader on [...]

    2. Julie Christine

      Fall of Light moved me so deeply when I read it a few years ago, but only now have I read another by this Irish author. His style is very lyrical & mystical, yet grounded in a sense of place and history that drips with affection for Ireland. His characters are very spiritual and he invites in the fantastic to explain both tragedy and happiness. There is a traditional love story woven through the narrative, although the lovers do not meet until the end. The principal characters are a civil se [...]

    3. Tiffany

      One of the best books I've read in a long time. I just loved the imagery of Williams' writing, so much so that I underlined many of my favorite passages in the book. Here's some just to give you an idea:He did not rise for work the next day, nor the one after that. When he did finally arrive at the office, Flannery sitting across the table from him saw at once the embedded dagger of one-way love still hanging from between my father's ribsd, rings of ice cream round their mouths and saddles of fr [...]

    4. Angela Young

      The epigraph to this book is Ovid's 'Lovers pave the way with letters.' It's a great pity we don't write love letters much any more (love emails and love texts just don't have the same alliterative ring nor can they 'pave the way', with such promise) but this is a marvellous, lyrically-written, magical book about love, by a man. Why am I surprised? Because most men aren't brave enough to write about love with such honesty and yearning and a sense of the mystical. But this man is an Irishman and [...]

    5. Marta Skoober

      A julgar pelos sinais encontrados em Quatro cartas de amor o livro estava nas prateleiras tem bem mais de dez anos. Infelizmente eu não consigo me lembrar quando, porque e nem onde o comprei. Digo infelizmente porque resultou de uma das melhores leituras de 2016. Quatro cartas de amor me faz lembrar das tags criadas pelos canais literários: livros que você tem medo ler ou algo parecido. Pois é eu tinha muito medo de ler o livro, que tem um dos começos mais impressionantes que eu já havia l [...]

    6. Tiana

      I really wanted to like this book, but I think it's just not my style. His writing is definitely beautiful, but to me it felt like too much description and not enough plot. There was almost no dialogue through the whole book. And I have to admit, after finishing it, I just don't get it. I'm not even sure how it really ended since the ending was written almost entirely in poetry rather than in clear language. I hate to give it only 2 stars because his words really are beautiful and lyrical, so I [...]

    7. Gerard Kelly

      Adding this now, though I read it a few years back (twice). I am a huge fan of Williams because of the sheer force of his writing. I'm not sure if he is more poet than novelist, but I found myself stopping to catch my breath in many places. As the son of an errant Irish artist, I suppose I also found resonance in the story itself -and though I am not always won over by magical realism, Williams' handling of it is compelling. How else do you capture the idea that love is both owned by and resonan [...]

    8. Ruby Barnes

      Fellas, discover your inner romantic.A first novel but he had written four non-fiction books before with his wife about local life. A romantic story with fantastic twists that are quite believable. The descriptive turn of phrase is often breathtaking and compensates for the rather slow pace of the plot, which doesn't really get going until the final quarter of the book. This book is about the style of its telling rather than the story itself.

    9. Julie Laumark

      I get homesick for Ireland. That sounds silly considering that I was born & grew up in New England. I've been to Ireland once: for 2 weeks. Niall Williams brought me back there. His writing was descriptive, lyrical & every phrase was saturated with the atmosphere of the Emerald Isle. I honestly felt the spray of the Atlantic on my face, breathed in the tangy salt of the air, slid down the icy streets of Dublin City & gazed thru silver mist toward the Irish mainland. Everytime I opene [...]

    10. Cynthia Heinrichs

      I love this book. The writing is so beautiful that I found myself reading it aloud. As I writer I read my own work aloud all the time, but I can't remember the last time I did that with someone else's writing. I'm not much of a romantic, but I felt so caught up in the stories of these people, so intimately drawn into their lives and loves, that I was swept away by it all. It's going on my 'keeper' shelf to be reread when I feel the need for a little beauty in my life.

    11. Nicole

      I truly love this book. I've read it twice and it remains my favorite. I can't even begin to express how beautiful this book is and what it means to me so many ways. First reading was July of 1998.

    12. Dan Ragsdale

      I thoroughly enjoyed this short work, from beginning to end. I am really looking forward to reading the memoir that the author, Niall Williams, co-wrote with his wife, Christine Breen, "O Come Ye Back to Ireland: Our First Year in County Clare"

    13. Grace Phua

      Curiosity level: If you find it hard to believe in miracles (or love) read this!•“In love everything changes, and continues changing all the time. There is no stillness, no stopped clock of the heart in which the moment of happiness holds forever…” -p.152•Nicholas Coughlan and Isabel Gore each has a tragic story growing up. Everything in their lives just seems to be random, mad and senseless. But behind the scenes, God is weaving a story so unlikely that it can only be seen as a miracl [...]

    14. Ross

      I found this, Williams' first novel, not nearly as focused, funny or worldly as his 8th, History of the Rain. In fact I would say the whole first section (150 pages) of Four Letters of Love was overblown, sentimental and unnecessary. This could have been a very satisfying novella. Or short play. The good news: writers can (and some do) get better.

    15. Arlene Hayman

      The Four Letters of Love is a thought-provoking novel that I serendipitously found at the public library used bookstore. Situated in picturesque Ireland, the story begins in the first person with Nicholas, a young twelve year-old boy, telling of how his father received a directive from God commanding him to quit his civil servant job and to become an artist painter. Nicolas’ father embarks on his new calling, and abandons the family for long periods of time during his painting trips to Western [...]

    16. John Wood

      Beautiful language. Confluence of several heart-rending stories. A bit fantastical, mainly realistic. I enjoyed every minute of my time with Williams and his characters. I have to say that I especially enjoyed the parts on the island with Isabel's parents, brother, and Nicholas.

    17. Chracker

      Beautifully written with some wonderful characters. It took me back to the days of acting in The Playboy of the Western World because so much of it is set in Galway, County Clare, and the Western Isles. There are numerous wonderful moments. One little allusion I love comes when Nicholas is called on to tell a story (p.132) and he starts quoting Latin to his father. It is never translated but it is just so appropriate; it comes from Virgil's Aeneid: "Do the gods, Euryalus, put this fire into our [...]

    18. Tripti Chouhan

      Summary of my Review: A great book for those who enjoy portrayal of emotions, characters and natural beauty, more than the story. A must read for die hard romantics and those who believe in soul mates. However, others may not find it as appealing. Magical realism, nature (sea), emotions (love and pain), destiny and fatalism are few themes explored brilliantly by the author. However, the book is a mixed bag. Although everything makes complete sense towards the end, certain questions are either le [...]

    19. Calzean

      I am beginning to think Niall Williams is one of the great modern writers.The plot is so-so, boy and girl are destined to meet and fall in love. But this book is about the writing and being Irish. It is written in a lyrical, poetic style with great love of the Irish landscape, mysticisms and belief in miracles. It is also about the purpose of a life, a belief in fate and destiny and fulfilment through finding the right person to love even when there are numerous impediments.In Dublin, Nicholas's [...]

    20. |E|E|

      Caveat: I read this while traveling the West coast of Ireland in '99, seeing first-hand places where the book is set -- and I was in a ridiculously romantic state of mind. It's full of underlined passages like: "as much as her heart had expanded and grown in the first girlish weeks of love in Donegal, filling her until bursting, now, in the years left, there was to be the slow drop by drop bleeding back of it all." If I were to read Four Letters now, I might toss the book aside and dismiss it as [...]

    21. Marguerite

      I stumbled across this one while searching the fiction shelves of the Virgil Grissom Library, and I'm so glad I did. This litle gem has helped me make connections between my fondness for magical realism, Irish roots and interests in music, poetry and the mystical elements of religion. (I realize I'm slow.) A lovely book. Celebrate your Irish, and give it a go. Ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi est.

    22. Doug

      While I really loved Williams' latest book, 'History of the Rain' (it was my favorite of the 13 books on the 2014 Booker Prize longlist), for the majority of this, I was much less enchanted. While the language, as always, was exquisite, I found the story slow going and not terribly engaging. That changed at about 2/3 of the way through, and the last third went like gangbusters and ultimately redeemed what came before.

    23. Ayelet G

      Who knew that the Irish had their own magical realism realm?! I was recommended this book from a friend here and it was a great read. The way he describes the events, the land and the people brings it to reality.

    24. Fiona

      This is my favourite book. I have a lot of favourite books, but no others have such lyrical writing, such transcendent words. It is sustained poetry in prose form, and is the most beautiful novel I have ever read.

    25. Jenny

      This is my favorite book ever. Isn't that a big statement? My RS book club is reading it so I need to reread it. I'm excited to see if I can still claim it to be my favorite. I last read it in London with my girl-pal emo, so it's been a while.

    26. Joan

      Torn about how to rate this book, because for the most part, it's beautifully written with language that simply flows and takes you away. That being said, it was not my usual kind of book and I sometimes found myself skimming. Hence the 3 stars.

    27. Lara

      Love, love, love this book. It's an unconventional love story, kind of mystical, kind of suspenseful, and beautifully written.

    28. Mary Lou

      This is a magical, mystical, lyrical book about the power of love, to the point where nothing else matters. It gently gathers you in until you become completely absorbed. One you don't want to end

    29. Grace

      The writing was so beautiful - but so dense, it took forever to get through. The story was mild and not even that busy But the prose made it magic.

    30. Heidi

      Magical and beautiful book, that believes in love <3 Such poetic language you want to reread the sentences over and over And it happens in Ireland <3

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