Inside the Box: The Culture, Science, and Sweat of the CrossFit Revolution

Inside the Box The Culture Science and Sweat of the CrossFit Revolution From humble roots in the garage of fitness guru Greg Glassman to over rough and tumble gym spaces today CrossFit is a gritty grassroots fitness phenomenon with an open source exercise platfor

  • Title: Inside the Box: The Culture, Science, and Sweat of the CrossFit Revolution
  • Author: T.J.Murphy
  • ISBN: 9781934030905
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Paperback
  • Inside the Box: The Culture, Science, and Sweat of the CrossFit Revolution

    From humble roots in the garage of fitness guru Greg Glassman to over 3,000 rough and tumble gym spaces today, CrossFit is a gritty, grassroots fitness phenomenon, with an open source exercise platform, dedicated to improving lives by improving fitness Its fervent practitioners, known as CrossFitters, are as competitive as they are sweaty, striving for the pride of markinFrom humble roots in the garage of fitness guru Greg Glassman to over 3,000 rough and tumble gym spaces today, CrossFit is a gritty, grassroots fitness phenomenon, with an open source exercise platform, dedicated to improving lives by improving fitness Its fervent practitioners, known as CrossFitters, are as competitive as they are sweaty, striving for the pride of marking their time atop the list of the day s top performers.CrossFit s boxes are brick walled industrial warehouses, gyms, and garages floored with rubber mats and chock full of kettlebells, free weights, ropes, medicine balls, truck tires, jump ropes, and bags of chalk CrossFitters race to complete the day s prescribed workout, many named after fallen war heroes, with exercises that include burpees, box jumps, clean and jerks, and pull ups as many times as they can in a designated time period Workouts are intense, leaving spent athletes dripping with sweat and glowing with endorphin fueled satisfaction.In a departure from sterile mainstream gyms, it is camaraderie that keeps CrossFitters coming back week after week for their hour of high intensity suffering that and the promise of weight loss and a sculpted physique Its practitioners know well that CrossFit has changed lives, forming biggest losers into lean, mean evangelists.Author and veteran CrossFitter T.J Murphy goes inside the box to shed light on the extraordinary community of CrossFit and why this fast growing fitness movement is coming soon to a garage near you.

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    One thought on “Inside the Box: The Culture, Science, and Sweat of the CrossFit Revolution

    1. BG Josh

      Stupid books that teach you things and change your perspectiverrrAnyway, this book teaches about crossfit. An exercise paradigm where science is actually applied to the art of fitness. Now I have to go and do crossfit.

    2. Bret Mogilefsky

      The CrossFit/CrossFit Endurance websites assume up-front understanding of lingo, philosophy, scene, etc. The reviews promised an intro for an outsider entering the CrossFit "scene". It was exactly that, and just what I needed. It's a little too breathless, reads a bit like an extended Men's Health article, and the author's background in high school sports and triathlons don't make it clear who can follow in his footsteps, particularly as it was a challenging acclimatization for him to say the l [...]

    3. Kimberly Walton Mayden

      This book provided what I needed for an intro to the most fantastic fitness program ever, CrossFit! The author provided a look into the unique Cross Fit culture and also listed a dictionary with illustrated pics of important barbell lifts in the back of the book.I also liked that the book was written from the perspective of a middle-aged, former marathoner and triathlete beacause that is what I am as well. This gave me encouragement to proceed into this hard-core regimen. There was an excellent [...]

    4. Noetic_Hatter

      A fast and pleasant read. I was a bit disappointed that it was more Crossfit sales pitch than personal memoir. But it's an excellent overview of how Crossfit works and thinks, with some personal stories included. If you read it, you'll have a much better sense of what to expect about the program -- including some of the goofy 'science', such as 3D modelling of one's fitness level. The author has certainly swallowed the Kool-Aid, and he makes it sound very appealing (especially the community aspe [...]

    5. Kate Schwarz

      This guy started at Crossfit right when I did. Right before the 2012 Open Workouts. One of his very first WODs was 12.1, seven minutes of burpees. Hey, me too! It was fun reliving the first few workouts with him, though I didn't have a body as broken as the one he said he had. There were certainly pages in the book that I skimmed, as he didn't have to sell Crossfit to me. Anyone who knows me knows I've not only drunk the Kool-Aid but I now do my best to get others to do the same.Things I appreci [...]

    6. Kunal

      This was an overall good book that gives you a great inside glimpse of what Crossfit is all about and is a book I would recommend to any beginner in Crossfit. You learn about how Crossfit was developed by Greg Glassman and what the experience is like for a new crossfitter. It was very inspiring to hear about all the stories of people who completely transformed their bodies as a result of finding crossfit and also to read about the elite crossfitters who compete in the crossfit games as it is tru [...]

    7. Alasdair Page

      Great readAs a new crossfitter I am enjoying learning about the sport of fitness and feel this is a very honest review of crossfit and how it can positively impact lives without it being a constant attempt to sell me on the crossfit lifetyle

    8. Catherine

      This was one of those books that for no reason that I can put my finger on seemed to take me a really long time to read. It wasn't long, it wasn't complex, and I really enjoyed the content. Much of what was said really resonated with me - I've been in my local affiliate since January and have already seen much of the good that CrossFit has to offer. I'm glad I could get this finished during the week that the open begins - good luck to us all!

    9. Deane Barker

      The entire time I was reading this book, I was thinking, "Who is the audience for this? Who would read this book?"When it was done, I realized that I am the audience. I read that book. That book was written for me.I do CrossFit. I love CrossFit. I consume all sorts of media about CrossFit. And this is who the book was written for. People in the cult who want to talk about CrossFit all the time.The book is a short introduction to CrossFit. It has chapters on where CrossFit came from, why it works [...]

    10. Ashley Rodgers

      Inside the Box by TJ Murphy is an exceedingly educational book. Murphy informs the audience of his crossfit journey and how being involved in this program has crafted a whole new person. He explains that he owes his dramatic increase in strength and stamina to the process of crossfit. Ultimately, he thoroughly explains how “most people talk about what they want but are completely unwilling to lift a finger to help them get there” (136). With hard work and perseverance, Murphy confidently sta [...]

    11. Shannan

      I feel rather neutral about the book but felt it deserved more than 3 stars - I probably would have given it 3.5 stars in the end. I wanted to read a book on a personal account of a person coming into the crossfit culture. I found this book to be a quite technical explanation of crossfit exercise physiology as well as snippets of the author's experience with crossfit - a pleasant surprise. The author interviews several key players in the crossfit movement and counterpoints their views with his o [...]

    12. Stephen Collins

      Just finished this, after buying it for myself at Christmas.I was familiar with Murphy from his years in the triathlon publishing world (and my past as an enthusiastic, but rarely good, triathlete) so was expecting a strong dose of cynicism towards CrossFit; it's certainly there in the early parts of the book.Murphy's journey reflects my own; busted from a history of sports that damaged me, a discovery of CrossFit, the enjoyment of the training style and the surprise at encountering the communit [...]

    13. Charlie

      I love this book and would recommend it to anyone contemplating crossfit. You might learn a thing or too even if you've been at it for a while. I drank the kool-aid a long time ago, so even though it was a bit of a sales pitch at times, I know the 'goods' being sold are worth every penny.I've been crossfitting for several years now, (although as of this year I also include a little progressive strength training every week using Tactical Barbell program) and I have seen nothing but incredible res [...]

    14. Raven

      Useful and interesting insights to some of the CrossFit personalities whose videos I've watched or whose books I've read. Also an easy fun read it'd make a good airplane book. (Memoirs are great for that.) I would have liked a little more information, if it's available, on why CrossFit worked around the author's injuries when they sounded pretty bad seems like he's got other books out specifically on running that might address that to some degree. My favorite part was the case study in chapter 7 [...]

    15. Jen A.

      An interesting inside look into a sport culture phenomenon. I found myself interested in CrossFit after reading this book, but I know I'm not interested in participating with the group that does CrossFit in my traditional gym. I'm glad Murphy mentioned that as CrossFit gains in popularity, it is likely that some CrossFit gyms won't be up to the same standard as the first few. I found his honesty refreshing -- a touchstone even as you begin to realize that he's drinking the Kool-Aid now too.

    16. Doug Naquin

      Well-written and succinct "year in the life" account of the CrossFit experience by an accomplished, if severely hampered, marathon runner. While the attitude toward CrossFit is positive, Murphy does not come across as a zealot or unquestioning disciple, lending the book greater credibility. In fact, I began CrossFit at about the same time Murhpy did and find his experience reflects mine in many ways.

    17. Luis Andrés Serrallé Marentes

      Una auténtica pesadilla de libro. Me lo compré pensando que sería una introducción a la historia del crossfit: sus comienzos, fundamentos, mejores deportistas Y es una patraña de superación personal sobre un periodista majadero que ya era un gran atleta y al que una lesión postró en el sofá. Obviamente, el Crossfit lo devolvió a la alta competición y competir en los Games con relativo éxito. En fin, un gran masaje de miembro del autor hacia sí mismo.

    18. Jonna

      For someone wanting to understand the CrossFit craze, this is a good source of information. Being a CrossFitter myself, there was a lot of explanation that I didn't need, but I did learn a lot about the beginnings of CF and a glimpse into where it is headed. I wouldn't have thought the author, who could barely walk due to injury before entering a CF box, would be able to "rehab" himself with CrossFit. It's hard! But it obviously worked for him.

    19. Amy

      Not incredibly well written. You can tell the author's experience is largely with articles, not a full book, as each chapter (and sometimes even sections within chapters) seems to function as it's own article on the topic of CrossFit rather than a unified book. Still, the information is basically exactly what I was told in my intro session at my local CrossFit affiliate box, so I felt like I was ahead of the game going to CrossFit for the first time.

    20. Ayanna

      While this provided a very good description of the origin, evolution and overall premise of CF, it wasn't the personal memoir I expected. This was slightly disappointing only because as someone with knee issues who is getting into CF, I confess that I was seeking some virtual camaraderie and inspiration. It was still a good read, just not for the reason I initially added it to my list.

    21. Marissa

      Good mix of motivational stories and the background of crossfit. The author is a former triathelte struggling with injuries and started crossfit when he could barely walk. I like that he addressed both the physical and mental pain of workouts. Interesting read for anyone dabbling in crossfit culture.

    22. Gavin Gates

      A bit of preaching to the converted here, as promised, this is a look at somebody finding CrossFit and their first year or so of getting to grips with the change in lifestyle it brings about. Murphy writes well, put's all viewpoints across from a neutral standpoint and gives a great insight into what this rapidly expanding world of fitness is all about.

    23. Andrecrabtree

      A good first hand account of Crossfit from an initially skeptical ex-runner who didn't think it would work for him. He was pleasantly surprised. This goes into what CF is, isn't, and some ideas why it works as a fitness "movement." A good read if you're curious about CF. If you want to learn about the history read Learning to Breath Fire instead.

    24. Steve Gupta

      I really enjoyed the book. It reads fast and gives a great introduction of CrossFit including history, benefits, and criticisms. It does not teach you how to do CrossFit, but does have a glossary with terminology and a description of various exercises.

    25. Helga Pereira

      Great book! I started doing Crossfit ten months ago and have been super enthusiastic about it, but have heard so much criticism as well. This book helped me to keep my Crossfit fire up, and it's great for someone who wants to learn more about the Sport of Fitness :)

    26. Andre

      Straight forwardly inspirational, and good for it. I found it a good introduction to the varied aspects of Crossfit and it's very interesting culture. Nice for aspects that aren't clear (yet) after two weeks at my new box. Solid and quick, not in depth.

    27. Lori Panu

      Succinct explanation of the CrossFit experience. Highly recommended for those who are timid about starting as well as those who have already drunk the kool-aid. Inspirational stories included of CF folks to really encourage anyone, at any level of health and fitness, to start CrossFit right now.

    28. Mashavu Edmondson

      Great book on the emerging sport of CrossFit and how it changed the life of a broken-down, injured former runner. Great book. Very motivating. I read a few excerpt every time CrossFit starts to feel "too tough".

    29. Zoe

      I liked the book but it was a bit verbose at times and I missed more in depth crossfit knowledge. I wish he talked less about his personal stories and more about crossfit to make people understand why crossfit is so intriguing and amazing.

    30. Matt

      This book is a good introduction to Crossfit for people who are considering it. I've been doing Crossfit for a year already, so I didn't learn anything more I already know from experience. It's a quick easy read, and I'd recommend it to anyone thinking about Crossfit.

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