Break No Bones

Break No Bones Following the tremendous success of Cross Bones Kathy Reichs explores another high profile topic in Break No Bones a case that lands forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan in the middle of a grue

  • Title: Break No Bones
  • Author: Kathy Reichs
  • ISBN: 9780434015443
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Paperback
  • Break No Bones

    Following the tremendous success of Cross Bones, Kathy Reichs explores another high profile topic in Break No Bones a case that lands forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan in the middle of a gruesome international scheme Summoned to South Carolina to fill in for a negligent colleague, Tempe is stuck teaching a lackluster archaeology field school in the ruins ofFollowing the tremendous success of Cross Bones, Kathy Reichs explores another high profile topic in Break No Bones a case that lands forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan in the middle of a gruesome international scheme Summoned to South Carolina to fill in for a negligent colleague, Tempe is stuck teaching a lackluster archaeology field school in the ruins of a Native American burial ground on the Charleston shore But when Tempe stumbles upon a fresh skeleton among the ancient bones, her old friend Emma Rousseau, the local coroner, persuades her to stay on and help with the investigation When Emma reveals a disturbing secret, it becomes important than ever for Tempe to help her friend close the case.The body count begins to climb An unidentified man is found hanging from a tree deep in the woods Another corpse shows up in a barrel There are mysterious nicks on bones in several bodies, and signs of strangulation Tempe follows the trail to a free street clinic with a belligerent staff, a suspicious doctor, and a donor who is a charismatic televangelist Clues abound in the most unlikely places as Tempe uses her unique knowledge and skills to build her case, even as the local sheriff remains dubious and her own life is threatened.Tempe s love life is also complicated Ryan, her current flame, has come down to visit her from Montreal, and Pete, her former husband, is investigating the disappearance of a local woman and he and Tempe are staying in the same borrowed beach house Ryan and Pete compete for her attentions, and Tempe finds herself distracted by her feelings for both men than she expected Break No Bones is a smart, taut thriller featuring the kind of high stakes crime that makes the headlines every week Reichs, the inspiration for the hit FOX TV show Bones, is writing at the top of her form, and Tempe has never been compelling.

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    One thought on “Break No Bones

    1. Jocelynne Broderick

      I don't know if maybe I'm getting over this style, maybe too much Law and Order watching, but this was a little boring for me.Yeah, it had all the classic KR stuff.s, mystery, more bones, more mystery.But it was so predictable! I think that's the main reason I was bored with it. Tempe's in trouble again, but now she has Ryan AND Pete to help her out, which is just annoying as hell. And throw in some 'colleague' never mentioned before, and there you go, another KRs book. I hate when authors intro [...]

    2. Tiffany PSquared

      ❝Friends ask how I can bear to do the work that I do. It is simple. I am committed to demolishing the maniacs before they demolish more innocents. ❞Tempe is back, this time battling a possible serial killer on Dewees Island, SC. An unlikely place for multiple homicides, but the bodies keep turning up. But she's also battling a crisis of the heart because she's shacking up with two handsome men - her ex-husband, Pete, and her current lover, Andrew Ryan. Hashtag: Awkward!What I Liked-As usual, [...]

    3. Sarah

      I found out that this series is the inspiration for the TV show Bones so I thought that it might be a fun read. I am not a huge Bones fanatic, but I do find it entertaining every now and then. The book, to be honest, bored me. What I like about the Bones TV show is that Dr. Brennan has this antisocial way about her - she doesn't really know how to interact with living people, and yet she still has empathy and she does care. That's the most endearing part about that character. In the book she's j [...]

    4. نرمين الشامي

      اثناء انشغال عالمة الانثروبولوجيا تمبرينس برينان في رحلة ميدانية مع صف من طلاب الاثار تتعثر بجثة مجهولة الهوية ثم تتوالى الاحداث ويتزايد عدد الجثث المجهولة وتثابر برينان على ايجاد الحقيقة لتكتشف اشياء يشيب لها الولدان .رواية مشوقة وممتعة خاصة لمحبي الروايات البوليسية وهي [...]

    5. Ellen

      Break No Bones by Kathy Reichs.This could have been just another mystery using a familiar set of circumstances but it was so much more. Tempe is filling in for a colleague during an archaeological dig. The site ia an American Indian burial ground in Charleston. Not too much exciting for the students or Tempe and then something among the old bones catches Tempe's eye. A fresh skeleton is unearthed. A chain of events/murders soon follows and this story takes off. Packed with non-stop excitement, c [...]

    6. Toni Osborne

      Dr Temperance Brennans work brings her and her archaeological students to an ancient Native American burial ground near Charleston. While there they uncover a decomposing body in a shallow grave.Why was this body buried in a clandestine grave? And what does the unusual hairline fracture and condition of the sixth vertebrae signify? What began as a simple project turns into a heated homicide investigation when three more bodies are found. While investigating, Tempe crosses paths with her estrange [...]

    7. Gina

      Another awesome book in the series!I adore Tempe. I love her attitude, her personality. She's not without flaws, just like any human being, and I love reading about her - her feelings, her emotions. The novel is smooth with her thought process, and it wouldn't be the same without it.Reading about her troubles between Pete and Ryan, it feels natural and completely real. Anyone in her situation would be questioning herself. I love how Reichs brings Tempe to life, like an everyday person that you c [...]

    8. Sarah

      Requires great suspension of disbelief to swallow the idea of Tempe (a forensic anthropologist from Charlotte), Ryan (her detective boyfriend from Quebec), and Pete (her estranged husband, a lawyer) solving murders in Charleston. Hello, jurisdiction?And a shoutout to my librarian friends - you might find it annoying that Tempe searches in vain for a journal article online, and then suddenly her hindbrain reminds her where to find it (conveniently, in a book in her living room). A woman with a Ph [...]

    9. Bex

      I had avoided Kathy Reichs' books for a while, finding her plots somewhat repetitive and was getting bored with how (to me) unnecessarily complicated Temperance's personal relationships were and yet they were just going in the same circles. So I picked this one up, not sure what to expect. I'm glad I did. Yes, her relationships are still complicated, but I liked the direction this book took them in. Reich's writing can be almost formulaic (she always ends her chapters on a cliffhanger note effec [...]

    10. Miriam Smith

      Kathy Reichs books are either easy to read or hard to follow as they can be very heavy on the forensic science. This one was not over the top in that area and I found the story easy to follow and very enjoyable. I particularly liked the banter between Pete and Ryan (Tempes ex and current love interest). Although nothing like the popular tv series "Bones" which is based on these books, they are still great books to read, professionally written and with great characters. I would happily recommend [...]

    11. M1ssb3rry

      I would say that so far this is my favourite oneTempe is showing a bit more emotion in her love life particularlyI can see why she loved Pete however I really like RyanThe story itself was great, the villain in this book was extremely smart, making sure from the beginning to cover their tracks so it was even more satisfactory when they were captured

    12. Hali Sowle

      Sometimes Tempe just doesn't know how to say no and when she doesn't she usually finds herself in the midst of something dark and dangerous. Break No Bones exemplifies this problem of Tempe's and throws in the personal issue of both ex-husband Pete and current boyfriend Ryan having to get along to help her out.The book starts in South Carolina. Tempe has been "roped" into teaching the field class in anthropology for the University because the woman who has taught the class for years and made it [...]

    13. Matt Schiariti

      Break No Bones brings Tempe back to her native Carolina. She's working a teaching dig in the lowlands when she digs up an unexpected surprise. A dead body. And not an ancient burial either, this one is quite recent. The local coroner and an old friend of Tempe's has fallen ill recently so as a favor, Tempe takes on the job of trying to identify the remains she uncovered at the dig.Enter Pete, the estranged husband. Hired by a client to see if an clinic they donate to is cooking the books, he als [...]

    14. Shirley

      If you like mysteries and forenics, then this is the book for you. It's written by a Canadian forensic anthropologist from Montreal. Kathy Reichs works for the Chief Examiner in North Carolina and Laboratoire de sciences et de Medecine Legale in Quebec. This is her ninth book about a forensic anthropologist who is always getting too emotionally involved in strange murder cases. It's not too heavy on the science and tech language and it is fairly engaging. The story moves along quickly and will k [...]

    15. Sarah (Workaday Reads)

      My lastest audio book in the car was Break No Bones by Kathy Reichs. The main character was the inspiration for the Fox tv show Bones. I love the show, so I was prepared to love the books.I hate the book. The only thing it has in common with the show is the character name and field of occupation.The book has a lot of extraneous, rambling information that contributes nothing to the story. It starts out very slow, and doesn't get into the story very quickly. I listened to several chapters while tr [...]

    16. Kathleen Dixon

      It's a couple of years since I read a Kathy Reichs novel, and the last one was one I didn't enjoy that much, so it was with a little hesitancy that I started this. Well, I needn't have bothered being concerned - she (or me, because it may have been my state of mind that caused the unhappines with that last one) was back to the great kind of story that I'd loved in all the former ones.What did I like in particular about this? - I enjoyed the sparring between the ex-husband and the boyfriend, I en [...]

    17. Winnie

      My first Kathy Reichs book - review to follow.Not bad - but for low maintenance/wise cracking/semi loner female detectives, I really prefer Kinsey Millhone.

    18. Magpie67

      Where is the ten star button? I don't know why I stopped reading this series. I love this author, I love this series and I love the forensics. I adore the characters each and every one of them including new people that enter Tempe's circle of discovering the truth for the dead bodies she is asked to help identify. Sheriff Gullet was cantankerous in the beginning and warmed up to Tempe's style of dealing with skeleton remains plus her side kick, Pete the ex, was also pushing her to find the truth [...]

    19. Cybercrone

      Well, it's official. I LOATHE Temperance Brennan in the books. This one just downgraded her from adolescent to infantile. Unfortunately, I still like the stories a lot so I'll have to put up with her for a while.How is it that the writers for the TV show made her likeable? There she is nerdy, introverted and socially inept, but still interesting and sane enough that you don't want to slap her silly every 5 minutes like I do when I'm reading the books. Reichs has made her such a whack-a-doodle an [...]

    20. Charlie Kaufman

      Kathy Reichs is an amazing writer. Her descriptions of Charleston made me homesick for living down there again.

    21. Demi

      Loved this book!!! Glad it included more of her personal life and included her friend dying because it made me love the character even more. I like that she is also in conflict over her old love and her current love because feelings don't just disappear over night I'm glad it highlights thy. The case was excellent and it's nice that it nodded at an actual serial killer and basically did a modern take on that. Better than the last book that was more theory and left me feeling frustrated

    22. Juli

      Break No Bones is the 9th novel in the Temperance Brennan series. This series is the inspiration behind the Bones television series. Technically, the television character really only shares her name with the book Brennan. The two characters are completely different. Reichs says that Brennan is merely at a different stage in her career in the television series. TV Brennan is at the beginning stages of her career, while the book Brennan is more mature. But from my point of view, the two characters [...]

    23. Chris

      Reviewed first at Brunner's BookshelfAs much as it pains me to say this; I’m officially finished reading Kathy Reichs. I was a big fan of these books since almost the beginning, but I took some time off reading them and explored what else is out there. I have given this a lot of thought and I think I have figured out why I have grown out of these books. In the last few years I have gone from reading only 3 authors to reading a ton of authors. There are plenty of women authors with female chara [...]

    24. David

      This is the first of this series that I have read and I have to say while it was a decent enough read it had some elements that I despise in books.First, I hate the "Murder, She Wrote" syndrome that is rampant in many television programs today. What do I mean by that? I mean that a hero or heroine ends up in an investigation that the police would never permit, much less cooperate with. For example, when you watch an episode of CSI where the technicians participate in the interrogations-- you've [...]

    25. Donna Davis

      Kathy Reichs can spin a good yarn, and sometimes I learn things I didn't know. She is a second tier among my favorite writers, however, (and I am applying this to almost everything she has written, so if I see an exceptional book, I'll write another review; otherwise, this covers them, because a good friend keeps giving them to me, and when they are free, I read them anyway).Flaw #1: The science lecture. When I read the obvious other writer in this category, P. Cornwell, I feel as if I have inad [...]

    26. Aaron

      Dr. Temperance "Tempe" Brennan is off to South Carolina to sub for a college course involving a dig. Little does she know it, but the assignment will end up drawing her into an intriguing case that will team her up with her boyfriend and her ex as they try to figure out what a series of bodies are turning up in the area, all with unique damage to some of the bones in their neck. It all starts when one of the students finds a body on the final day of the dig.This shouldn't be all that surprising [...]

    27. Simone

      Temperance Brennan is one of those characters that I am always pleased to return to for another adventure, and this novel was no different. I enjoyed the way that the novel started out--Tempe back to her archaeological roots for a spell in teaching, only to find the arm of a dead body when the trip was almost over. I thoroughly loved the way that Tempe complained, to herself, about it happening because she knew that she would be roped into the investigation if by nothing else but her own need to [...]

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