The Cottage At Glass Beach

The Cottage At Glass Beach Heather Barbieri follows her acclaimed Gaelic tinged drama The Lace Makers of Glenmara with the resonant tale of a woman who in the wake of scandal flees to a remote Maine island to reconnect with h

  • Title: The Cottage At Glass Beach
  • Author: Heather Barbieri
  • ISBN: 9780062107961
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Cottage At Glass Beach

    Heather Barbieri follows her acclaimed Gaelic tinged drama The Lace Makers of Glenmara with the resonant tale of a woman who, in the wake of scandal, flees to a remote Maine island to reconnect with her past and to come to terms with the childhood tragedy that has haunted her for a lifetime.Set on the rugged New England coast, Barbieri s The Cottage at Glass Beach strikesHeather Barbieri follows her acclaimed Gaelic tinged drama The Lace Makers of Glenmara with the resonant tale of a woman who, in the wake of scandal, flees to a remote Maine island to reconnect with her past and to come to terms with the childhood tragedy that has haunted her for a lifetime.Set on the rugged New England coast, Barbieri s The Cottage at Glass Beach strikes the perfect balance between high lit and mainstream women s fiction, infusing a potent and unforgettable love story with unforgettable characters that will remain with you long after the final chapter Richly evocative, Barbieri s narrative of intimacy, struggle, and redemption will call out to readers of Joanne Harris, Alice Hoffman, and other modern masters of drama.

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    One thought on “The Cottage At Glass Beach

    1. Melissa

      I wanted to like this book more than I actually did. It felt very unfinished at the end, and I admit that might be because I like things tied up neatly. But it's not so much all of the threads left hanging, it felt like the entire story was left hanging. And it's not the type of book for a sequel.

    2. Bookphile

      The Cottage at Glass Beach got off to a very promising start. Fleeing scandal, Nora heads for Glass Beach, where she grew up before her mother's mysterious disappearance. There was a lot of meat to the basic setup of this book: the scorned wife struggling to learn how to make sense of her husband's betrayal, the troubled daughter lashing out at her mother, the remote and atmospheric island with its secrets. Unfortunately, the narrative falls apart about three quarters of the way through the book [...]

    3. Angel

      4 Stars for Chapters 1-232 Stars for Chapter 24I really wanted to like this book, however, the ending was a huge disappointment.I appreciated that the storyline had twists and turns and was not predictable. I enjoyed all of the main characters. Certain elements were too drawn out and then other elements left unanswered completely.In summary, the ending left me feeling like I was supposed to understand everything, but I did not.Leaving the reader with lingering thoughts is ideal for me. Leaving t [...]

    4. Candy

      I wanted to love this book, because I chose it on the title alone. I have a thing about sea glassThe story started out strong. The main character Nora, goes to a remote island to get away from her cheating high profile husband. Her goal is to get her girls away, and enjoy the summer in peace. There she meets her Aunt, whom she has not seen, for reasons she doens't know, since she was about 5 years old. Once there, a mysterious stranger 'washes' up on shore. From here on in, I found the story a b [...]

    5. Kristen

      GENRE: FictionTHEME: Myths/Family DramaRECEIVED: Received for Review from HarperCollinsBLOG: seeingnight/ 3.5 stars REVIEW:The cottage at Glass Beach was a little out of my norm of genres, but it had that kick of mythology and romance that I absolutely love. The major premises of this novel are really about family and healing from the heartbreak in the families past and present. This was my first novel by Heather Barbieri and definitely not my last.Nora Cunningham has just been dealt with a majo [...]

    6. Carolyn Hill

      Heather Barbieri's writing is lovely and evocative, especially as she describes the sea and the island setting off of Massachusetts. However, her storytelling does not equal her lyricism. Many of the characters held promise, and Barbieri does a good job of distinguishing each. Nora, the main character, has accepted an invitation to visit her aunt Maire on a small island off of Boston to escape the scandal of her politician husband's exposed affair and shield their two daughters from the repercus [...]

    7. Ruth

      It was the title and then the cover that drew me to this book. Those are two very powerful attributes! When I looked at the author's name, I realized that I had read something else by her but couldn't remember what. At the bottom of the cover I saw the name of her previous novel The Lace Makers of Glenmara which was the one that I had read.This is a story of a mother and her two daughters. Nora is married to the youngest Attorney General in Massachusetts and lives the life of a politician's wife [...]

    8. Naomi Blackburn

      What drew me to this book originally was that it was reviewed by an author I really like. It isn't what kept me there though. I found this book to be cookie cutter and boring. This book is the epitome of what is put out by big house publishers that is pure vanilla with the same old storyline regurgitated into yet another book. I recently read a blog post by an author I follow on twitter that asks if there are really any other "original" story lines left. If this book was an indication, I would s [...]

    9. Heather Book Savvy Babe

      Fairy tales meet reality in Heather Barbieri's novel, The Cottage at Glass Beach.In The Cottage at Glass Beach, with a hazy past and an uncertain future, Nora is a woman facing major life changes. Her husband has been aught cheating and Nora has retreated to the small island home of her late mother. With two daughters in tow, Nora must figure out how to move forward with her life and gain clarity for her life. With the help of her aunt and a mysterious shipwrecked man, Nora begins to find peace. [...]

    10. Kay

      The Cottage at Glass Beach was a very pleasant read. It has a soft, quiet quality to it and from the start gives you a hint of magical realism. Burke's Island is rich in history, and I found the numerous characters to be all equally intriguing; as Nora, Ella and Annie (Nora's daughters) meet them, I wanted to know more about them and their life on the island.There's also a beautiful mix of styles; the book isn't straight romance, and in fact I would say it mostly isn't about the romance. There's [...]

    11. Shelleyrae at Book'd Out

      I was immediately intrigued by the premise of The Cottage At Glass Beach, particularly because it hints at mystery and magical realism. It's a combination of elements that I delight in and are guaranteed to attract my interest. Unfortunately, I was left distinctly underwhelmed by this novel, which couldn't quite resolve into the enchanting read I hoped it would be.While I quite liked the storyline, which is accurately described in the blurb, little was actually resolved by the end of the novel. [...]

    12. Vickie

      Nora and her daughters move to a family cottage on a small Maine island after a scandal with Nora's husband, who is an overall DB. I liked Nora's character; Ella, the 12-year old daughter is a smartmouth but what 12-year isn't?; Annie is a sweet 7-year old who is in touch with much of the magic that surrounds Burke's Island. Owen may or not be a selkie, but he is an enjoyable character.I would give 4* to The Cottage At Glass Beach, but the ending was not even a complete cliffhanger. It just ende [...]

    13. Claire

      Can we talk about how much the ending of this book sucks? Like a few other readers, I was ready to slap 4 stars on this novel, but that last chapter really soured quickly. 2 stars is being generous for that last chapter. When I closed the book, I nearly stomped off, saying WTFF?! Second "F" intendedThe majority of the book is great but damn if I didn't wanna slap Ella. She had promise but sometimes a mother has to explain things, even if the daughter is still angry. Loved Aunt Maire, Polly, and [...]

    14. Shannon

      So much promise in the premise of this book and there were glimpses of a gripping story in a few chapters and with certain characters. But damn if the ending is one of the biggest disappointments I've ever read. Unresolved doesn't even begin to describe what this book lacks. NOTHING is explained. There was lots of potential with characters, with the exception of the annoying pre-teen daughter character and the wimpy mother Nora. An island mystery, the Irish legend of selkies, ship wrecks, a poss [...]

    15. Mary (BookHounds)

      MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITNora has taken her two girls and takes refuge on an island off the Massachusetts' coast in her aunt's cottage after she reads about her politician husband's infidelities in the paper. Her mother's disappearance years ago left a rift between her and her aunt that she is now trying to mend. The two girls find magic at the beach even though they don't fully understand what exactly happened between their parents. When she meets Owen, a fisherman who has apparently survived a ship [...]

    16. Cheryl

      Nora and her two daughters, Ella and Annie leave for Burke's Island in Maine. Nora used to live here when she was younger. Lately Nora has been feeling a powerful pull to return. Nora and her daughters are staying just for the summer. It is not long before the threee women have a man wash up into their livesterally. His name is Owen. There is something mysterious about Owen. This will be the summer that Nora and her girls will never forget. This book was way better than I could have imagine it t [...]

    17. Stephanie

      From the first few pages of The Cottage at Glass Beach I felt absolutely entranced. Just like the little island off the coast of Maine that this book is set in there is something magical about this story, an intriguing mystery that made me want to sit and read until I was done with the very last page. It is the story of a wife and mother of two young girls whose life has been turned upside down by her husband's affair. When Nora and her daughters arrive on the island she is quickly reminded of a [...]

    18. Tara

      I was hoping this would be kind of like In The Country of The Young by Lisa Carey, but alas! This book wanted to be The Mermaid Chair by Sue Monk Kidd, which I absolutely hated. Everything in this book is vague, except the main characters' daughters. Everyone is so precious all the time, and then(view spoiler)[seal people? This was not explained very well, if at all. I just learned more about selkies from than I learned from this book. For real, what happened with the main character's mother? D [...]

    19. CC

      I couldn't get into this -- not really my type of prose, which is my fault, not the author's. Main character Nora goes to a remote Maine island with her two daughters after her husband's infidelity. She tries to piece back together her life She finds someone -- there's Irish lore mixed in -- blah, blah I'm sketchy on the details because I stopped reading.The prose was just too gentle, and had almost no impact on me. They didn't read like real people; no angst, no edge. Everything was just -- gen [...]

    20. Pr Latta

      Took two tries but I finally finished this, another take on the cheated-on-wife-goes-back-to-her-roots-to-reassess. The location is beautiful (New England island), I enjoy the writing style, and some of the characters (Aunt Maire, Allison, and Annie in particular) are engaging. My real hang up is the fantasy aspect. I can handle magical realism in fiction but I want my fantasy in Fantasy. I can't even classify it a Romance because I was just left thinking, "Huh?" and I got no real emotion or zin [...]

    21. Alyce Rocco

      The Cottage At Glass Beach was an interesting story that fell flat or blundered to a disappointing ending leaving lots of unanswered questions. It was as if the author, Heather Barbieri, had a great idea but did not express it as to be fully understood. She is, however, a good writer setting moods and offering insights like:"You're like a dark cloud that rains on everything.""Rain's good. It's cleansing. It makes things grow," Ella replied."Not the hard kind. The kind that makes mud and floods. [...]

    22. Lorahl

      If I could give it zero stars I would. This is the worst book I have read in a very long time. It was so far fetched it was unbearable to read and would have been better suited in the fantasy section of the library.It almost pains me to say that even the 50 Shades series is better than this.

    23. Mollie

      This was an interesting book to read, right until the end. Then, somehow, there was something unsatisfying about it. The ending felt rushed, as if the author decided the book was now long enough and needed to end it.

    24. Colleen Mattatall

      there wasn't anything wrong with this book, it was just ok. Perhaps because I've ready several books like this recently.

    25. Gina

      The plot and the characters never came together for me. I liked the location of the book, however, since I'm a sucker for anything that takes place on the beach.

    26. Robin

      Wanted to like this better but I'm not a fan of "magical realism" and had to have a friend interpret some of the events that I took too literally.

    27. Caroline Cottom

      I was looking forward to this "summer read" but found the writing full of cliches. I was interested in the story but couldn't get past the over-used phrasing.

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