Nos Meandros da Lei

Nos Meandros da Lei Capa alternativa de ISBN N o h cliente mais assustador que um homem inocente Para Mickey Haller advogado de defesa na cidade de Los Angeles a frase n o podia ter mais significado Entre os

  • Title: Nos Meandros da Lei
  • Author: Michael Connelly Alberto Gomes
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nos Meandros da Lei

    Capa alternativa de ISBN 9722339117 N o h cliente mais assustador que um homem inocente Para Mickey Haller, advogado de defesa na cidade de Los Angeles, a frase n o podia ter mais significado Entre os traficantes de droga, vigaristas e condutores embriagados que engrossam a sua lista de multifacetados clientes, h poucas hip teses de ter de defender algu m inocente NCapa alternativa de ISBN 9722339117 N o h cliente mais assustador que um homem inocente Para Mickey Haller, advogado de defesa na cidade de Los Angeles, a frase n o podia ter mais significado Entre os traficantes de droga, vigaristas e condutores embriagados que engrossam a sua lista de multifacetados clientes, h poucas hip teses de ter de defender algu m inocente No entanto, Mickey est prestes a aceitar o caso que vai p r tudo aquilo em que a sua vida assenta para al m da d vida razo vel E se o homem errado estiver atr s das grades enquanto o verdadeiro assassino anda solta Thriller irrepreens vel que revela o lado sinistramente perigoso da justi a, Nos Meandros da Lei o romance que p s Michael Connelly ao lado de nomes como John Grisham e David Baldacci.

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      422 Michael Connelly Alberto Gomes
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    One thought on “Nos Meandros da Lei

    1. BillKerwin

      A compulsively readable legal thriller about a cynical defense attorney who works out of his Lincoln town car (hence the title) and begins to believe he has finally found that most dreaded and improbable of all clients, an innocent man. Although this novel has its share of darkness, it is much lighter in tone than Connelly's equally absorbing Harry Bosch detective novels. I found Mickey Haller's brash personality and breezy delivery an unexpected--and welcome--change.

    2. Will M.

      I don't know where I will go or what cases will be mine. I just know I will be healed and ready to stand once again in the world without truth.This is my very first 5-star rating of 2015. I've finally found a novel(in 2015) that entertained me throughout the novel. No slow moments anywhere, and the ending was superb. Characters were really likable and fully developed in the end. Mickey Haller is my favorite attorney, in novels at least.This was my very first legal-crime novel, and I am ashamed t [...]

    3. Jonetta

      Michael "Mickey" Haller is a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney with the type of clients you'd rather see him lose for in the courtroom. When he lands a "franchise" case representing Louis Roulet, a wealthy realtor, Haller feels like he's truly in the money and on the path towards more like-walleted clients. What is remarkable about this story is how vivid a picture we're given of Mickey Haller. On the surface, he's a slick, oily attorney representing the underbelly of the city. Beneath that [...]

    4. Lyn

      Damn this was a great book.Michael Connelly’s 2005 introduction for veteran criminal defense lawyer Mickey Haller is a first page winner. Connelly’s ability to write and this character’s natural charisma were on full display from cover to cover.The movie tagline and the hook to draw readers in is Haller’s use of a Lincoln to drive from courthouse to courthouse in and around Los Angeles, he basically works from his backseat. But this is only a groundbreaker to set the stage. Haller is a p [...]

    5. jo

      this is my michael connelly tally so far: i have read two harry bosch and two mickey haller. i barely remember the harry bosch. the mickey haller dug a hole in my mind. this is not how things should be. harry bosch is michael connelly's hero. harry and i, though, do not connect; mickey and i are two peas in a pod. if he were real, i would very much like to be friends with mickey, though i doubt he'd want to be friends with me -- not because he wouldn't like me, but because he's the loner type an [...]

    6. Saleh MoonWalker

      Onvan : The Lincoln Lawyer (Mickey Haller, #1; Harry Bosch Universe, #18) - Nevisande : Michael Connelly - ISBN : 739465511 - ISBN13 : 9780739465516 - Dar 404 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2005

    7. Dirk Grobbelaar

      I postponed reading The Lincoln Lawyer because I thought it was going to be a courtroom drama with excessive infodumps and tedious pacing. Boy was I ever wrong. Fortunately, my wife had the foresight to spring it on me as part of our annual must-read agreement for 2015.The law was a large, rusting machine that sucked up people and lives and money. I was just a mechanic. I had become expert at going into the machine and fixing things and extracting what I needed from it in return.Don’t misunder [...]

    8. Tea Jovanović

      Ova knjiga me je oduševila dok sam je čitala još u rukopisu Bolja mi je od Hari Boš serijala :) A i film nije loš :)

    9. Rosie

      Mickey Haller is a defence attorney that basically works out of his car. Mickey doesn't particularly care if his client is innocent or guilty. He cares more about the money and fame a trial can bring him. This changes when he takes on Louis Roulet's case. I found the story a bit slow to get into. At first I was often wondering when things would pick up. The beginning mainly introduces a lot of cases Haller has worked on and doesn't begin to get more interesting until about a third of the way thr [...]

    10. Mara

      It's extra exciting when you read a book you enjoy and know that there's plenty more from whence it came (read: it's part of a series). Thus, I'm pretty darn pleased to have made the acquaintance of the eponymous Lincoln-riding lawyer, Mickey Haller. Haller is a defense attorney of the “Better Call Saul” variety. Criminals need lawyers, and if their money's green… He's a likable guy—so likable, in fact, that neither of his ex-wives (prosecutor/baby mama Maggie McFierce, and super secreta [...]

    11. James Thane

      This is the book in which Michael Connelly introduced Michael Haller, a lawyer who works out of an "office" in the back seat of his Lincoln Town Car as he navigates the various courtrooms that dot Los Angeles County. Connelly got the idea for the character in a chance meeting at a Dodgers baseball game when he sat next to an attorney who did exactly that.Mickey Haller is a bright guy who works all of the angles. Mostly he represents drug dealers, prostitutes and other low-lifes, but except for t [...]

    12. Robin

      Defense Attorney Mickey Haller is busy interviewing clients and appearing at hearings. Instead of an office, he works out of his fleet of Lincoln Town Cars. He feels very lucky when he gets a call about Louis Roulet, a rich Real Estate Broker accused of assault. Mickey sees this as a "franchise" case, a big case that will last months where he'll be able to maximize his billable hours. But his luck isn't holding out. When a friend helping him with the case is murdered, Mickey is conflicted by his [...]

    13. Tony

      "You're a sleazy defense lawyer with two ex-wifes and an eight-year-old daughter and we all love you."That's not writing, it's a regurgitating a cliche, and this book is litter with them, like confetti at New Year's Eve. The trouble is that the over use of cliched speeches and actions obscure a page turner, a novel decked out with top flight characters and scenes place it on the top shelf of its genre. Overall, the book is worth reading, but you'll have to fight the cliche gag reflex at least a [...]

    14. Stephanie

      Ok, okI may have watched the movie before reading this book. It could be my old age or the fact that I've been working my butt off lately, but I may have watched the movie twice BEFORE even thinking about reading this book. What can I say I like lawyer movies, and I like movies starring Matthew McConaughey, and I like movies starring Mr. McConaughey as a lawyer. I enjoyed the twists and turns the story took and wasn't sure they'd be as interesting in a book.The thing is that while the book doesn [...]

    15. Margitte

      Loved this book. It is a reread for me. I couldn't remember much of it since my copy is so old there is not even a cover picture for it on GR. lol. The first read was a few decades ago. The second time around was as good as the first time. Brilliant book: entertaining, high drama, court - thriller at its best. Believable and realistic. My kind of book.

    16. Matt

      The book proved to be equally as exciting as the novel, though reading it was partially spoiled by seeing the movie, as I could predict where things were headed.This was my first Connelly book, but will not be my last. A great mix of Grisham and some quirky Cannell, I was pulled in by the second chapters. I love legal thrillers, especially when the main character can be a little off centre in his life and tactics. Connelly laid out both believable and potential scenes as he works with a very spi [...]

    17. Magdalena

      "The Lincoln Lawyer" is a gripping, character driven thriller, full of twists and turns that kept me interested right till the end. Haller is one of those characters that you cannot help but like. He is full of attitude, charisma and charm that allows him to use and manipulate the system just enough to make money and keep clients knocking on his door. With Haller it is not so much about justice as making the system work in your favour. And then that one case lands in his lap, the case that makes [...]

    18. Obsidian

      I have been so busy that no new books have grabbed me. I have tried a few and abandoned them all. I finally picked this book up in order to finally move off the BL space that I have been on for I think 3 weeks now. I am so glad that I read the first book in the Mickey Haller series. This book is fire. I loved every part of it and it was just what I needed right now. Mickey Haller is a defense attorney in Los Angeles. He has not had much luck in getting what he calls a "franchise" case these days [...]

    19. Rohit Enghakat

      Simply superb book. When I first watched the movie, I couldn't understand the plot. The camera print also did not help much. So not sure if the movie is better than the book or vice-versa. Mickey Haller is an interesting character. The way he trounces the DA's attorney, Ted Minton in the court is absolutely wonderful. Louis Roulet, a rich estate agent is arrested and charged with sexual assault and battery. He hires Mick Haller to defend him. The courtroom drama is engaging and hooks you. But th [...]

    20. Sam Quixote

      I got the idea to read this from Nicholson Baker's article against 's Kindle device where he said he had to finish reading this on his Kindle (despite disliking doing so on such a shoddy device) because he had to know what happened in the end. I'm not predisposed toward legal/crime thrillers as I think they're a bit too melodramatic and sensationalist (I was thinking of John Grisham). However it's an unfair generalisation as I hadn't read any books from this genre. So I picked it up not expectin [...]

    21. Mike (the Paladin)

      Okay I'm surprised. I like this book. I picked it up out of curiosity and frankly don't even recall what it was that caused me that curiosity. But, I've found a good book and plan to go on to the next in the series.This book is about a man who in many ways is nothing like me. I don't like the kind of music he likes. I probably would never espouse the belief and "ethical" system he does (view spoiler)[ though he does find himself rethinking parts of it later in the book (hide spoiler)]. I do howe [...]

    22. Ed

      Great read. But I saw the movie first, then read the novel, a process that gave away some of the plot points. Oh well. The more hapless, fatalistic Mickey Haller in print differs from the cocky, slick attorney on the silver screen. So, I ended up liking the book more, although both make for first-rate entertainment. Mr. Connelly's writing is just so smooth, and I just flowed along with the story. I like that as a reader; I admire that as a writer. I'll be reading further in the series.

    23. Cathy DuPont

      WOW! What a great read that was. Great plot; clear and interesting characters; action, something happening every page; twists and turns; did I say great plot? To me it was one of the best books I've read in a long time and a first for me reading Michael Connelly. I've seen his name and books but never been too interested in the hyped and hightly marketed authors which I thought defined Connelly. I was just plain wrong. Connelly writes like I like and enjoy. He writes like a professional, clear a [...]

    24. HBalikov

      If you enjoyed the gritty L.A. described by Walter Mosely in his Easy Rawlins novels, I think you will appreciate what Michael Connelly is doing. His lawyer, Mickey Haller, is deep into the dark side of this sprawling county. His philosophic perspective matches the world he sees:"There was nothing about the law that I cherished anymore. The law school notions about the virtue of the adversarial system, of the system's checks and balances, of the search for truth, had long since eroded like the f [...]

    25. Mark

      I admit having seen the movie with Mathew M. quite some time ago and finding it an enjoyable movie, a bit surprised there has not been a sequel as there are more books out there with the same character. That said the movie version was a much slicker person as the book person, and I enjoyed the book better than the movie.This is one of those books you want to keep reading even if you are aware that you have important stuff to do, you keep reading on. I have seen the movie but forgot most of the p [...]

    26. Jim

      This has to be one of Connelly's best books ever simply for Haller's characterization. He's a defense attorney who is all about the money at the start & that changes for a variety of reasons over the course of the book. A: What's the difference between a catfish and a lawyer? Q: One's a slimy scum-sucking bottom-dwelling scavenger; the other is a fish.An old joke that's told several times. It's even used by Haller to great effect. I disliked him at the beginning of the book. By the end, I ca [...]

    27. Bill

      It's been a very long time since I last read Michael Connelly. Way backwhen he was virtually unknown I had somehow heard about him and lovedhis first Harry Bosch novel The Black Echo. In fact, I still have a print of Hopper's famous Nighthawks on my wall, which I was inspired to buy because of that novel.I continued to follow Bosch through a few more novels, and they began to pale for me somewhere around The Concrete Blond.Then came a new character with The Poet, which was fantastic. There were [...]

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