Perfect People

Perfect People When a young couple join a fertility programme run by a clinic in America they little suspect that the happy day that follows is the last day of mankind s evolutionary supremacy Mankind is facing its

  • Title: Perfect People
  • Author: Peter James
  • ISBN: 9780230760523
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Perfect People

    When a young couple join a fertility programme run by a clinic in America they little suspect that the happy day that follows is the last day of mankind s evolutionary supremacy Mankind is facing its greatest challenge obsolescence.Longlisted for the 2012 Wellcome Trust Book Prize.

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    One thought on “Perfect People

    1. Bibi

      When John and Naomi lost their 3-year son to a genetic disorder, they turn to a geneticist who, for $400,000, promised to assist them in conceiving a genetically superior baby, one immune to the recessive genes.Naomi becomes pregnant with not one but two babies and with the series of bizarre events leading to their birth, we, the readers, know something is amiss. When the babies start behaving abnormally, the couple reaches out to the good doctor only to find he'd disappeared. Then an even more [...]

    2. Andy

      Another of my wife's books, read while in India.I really can't tell why most people are raving about this (note: spoilers present). The central concept is interesting but James doesn't go anywhere with it. We're stuck throughout with an annoying, rather generic couple who make a poor choice and then seem continually perplexed at the unusual consequences of their actions. I appreciate that they were (naively?) expecting something else but it's patently obvious to us as the reader that the mysteri [...]

    3. Best Crime Books & More

      I hold my hands up; I am a true Peter James fan and in particular am partial to a bit of Roy Grace! For those not aware of Mr James or indeed my lovely hero Mr Grace, start paying attention! Peter James has been writing for many years and his most recent and very popular series of books features Superintendant Roy Grace. Although many of Peters fans, myself included) may prefer the Grace novels, Peter James has been writing stand alone novels since the very early eighties. His latest release ent [...]

    4. Wizpunzel

      Not having read any of this author’s other novels, I didn’t know what to expect however I found the plot disappointing, the characters implausible - principally the unlikely, naive couple paying almost ½ million pounds for a ‘designer’ baby, because their firstborn son dies from an appalling but wholly imaginary disease (there are already many hideous fatal conditions, so why invent one?), who then continue to lumber through the story making one moronic decision after another. Amazing c [...]

    5. Chris

      Initially Perfect People felt like it could have been written by any number of American authors; the style of writing could have come from Linwood Barclay, Michael Connelly or even Jonathan Kellerman. I assumed Perfect People was an attempt by Peter James to increase his popularity and following within the US; Perfect People didn’t have the normal ‘Peter James’ style about it. Soon however, Peter James stamps his trademark style on the pages – not with his normal police procedural and fo [...]

    6. HannahCassie (PSIloveThatBook)

      Amazing. Brilliant. Breath taking!It is my favorite book of adult fiction, it has everything I have ever asked of the story. Plus, as a geneticist myself and believer in transhumanism this is just a must read and must love and ah I am just going to take it into my bed instead of a teddy bear!

    7. Kaitlin

      I picked up this book purely based on it having been long-listed for the WellcomeBookPrize and I am very glad I did actually because I ended up really enjoying it, even though it definitely has its flaws. I've never read anything else by this author, and from what I understand he's mostly a crime-thriller writer, but this book has more of a pure thriller and action vibe to it. The whole way through the story was pretty intense and there was a lot of very interesting research involved to make it [...]

    8. Sarah

      I have read a couple of books by this author which I absolutely loved, so was very much looking forward to reading this oneTo start with I have to admit I did find it a bit slow going but once I started getting into it, I was well and truly gripped.As a parent I could fully empathise with John and Naomi. To lose a child has got to be one of the worst things in life possible. So to get the chance to have another baby that can be guaranteed to have none of the illnesses that can be passed on in th [...]

    9. Cindy Ng

      I had high hopes for this book as the topic of genetic engineering and the issues surrounding it really interests me, and reviews all seemed pretty positive. I also really enjoyed the movie Gattaca which is on a similar theme. However, just a couple of chapters in I couldn't believe how naive the two main characters were, and they seemed to be making stupid decision after stupid decision. This continued throughout the book and really affected my enjoyment of the story but I pushed on, partly bec [...]

    10. Joanne Sheppard

      Peter James is an impressively prolific bestselling thriller writer, of whose books I had before now read precisely none. I picked up Perfect People at a low-price book sale along with various other thrillers this summer because I was keen to know what Peter James does that sells so well, and because I was interested in the subject matter: a couple who agrees to have a genetically engineered son to avoid losing another child to the hereditary disease that killed their first baby, Halley, at the [...]

    11. Colin Andrews

      One of the most thought-provoking thrillers I've read. Scary too, not so much in the blood and gore sense, but the in the implications of genetic engineering of the human species to a level far beyond what eugenics in the conventional sense might ever achieve. When the book was first started, designer babies were still a subject for science fiction, but judging by scientific advances made over the past 10 years this fiction could so easily become fact. There is no reason to believe that violent [...]

    12. Elaine Browne

      This is very different from what I normally read.It's very science fiction and I normally detest that genre of literature but this is extremely well written.The characters of John and Naomi are extremely realistic , they are flawed humans who long for intelligent children.The whole plot of designer babies brings up a fascinating subject and is dealt with fabulously in this book.Luke and phoebe are monsters and they contribute greatly to the ambitious story line of where science will eventually e [...]

    13. Diane S ☔

      Perfect People Alternately chilling and heartbreaking, James portrays couples who will do anything to have a child. In this book it is a genetic disease and the loss of the child due to that disease that send Jack and Naomi to a renowned geneticist that is said to perform near miracles. Anything, of course, that can be used to help people can also be taken the other way and used to enrich and pervert the very person who is supposed to be helping the situation. People who swear they are not in it [...]

    14. Marie

      Perfect People is a thriller with a sci-fi twist that delves into the shady world of eugenics. John and Naomi Klaesson are a couple who have been left heartbroken by the death of their son by a horrible hereditary disease. Desperate to have another child, but wanting to be sure the same fate will not befall them again, they hand over their life savings and their bodies to the infamous Dr Dettore and his shady offshore genetics clinic. He promises that he can make their dreams come true and when [...]

    15. Miles

      John and Naomi are grieving the death of their four-year-old son from a rare genetic disorder. They desperately want another child, but they realize the odds of their next child contracting the same disease are high. Then they hear about geneticist Dr Leo Dettore. He has methods that can spare them the heartache of ever losing another child to any disease. At his clinic is where their nightmare begins. They should have realized something was wrong when they saw the list. Choices of eye colour, h [...]

    16. Jenni

      Perfect People, by Peter James starts off promisingly. The protagonists are relatable, even to someone who does not want a child. They seem achingly normal, yet willing to try anything to prevent their potential offspring from dying in as horrible a way as their son. And, really, even with the controversy surrounding eugenics, one is able - at first - to understand why they go to the lengths that they do.However, James tries to fit far too many elements into the story. It turns from a story of d [...]

    17. Bookworm

      One of the most thought-proving thrillers I've read. My first thought was that this book should be made into a movie. I can sympathise with John and Naomi. It's nothing wrong wanting to free their next child of genetic disease. If I were them, and presuming I want the chance to have healthy children, I'd go to Dr Dettore too. I felt sorry for them because they put everything on the line and in the end, they didn't get the happy ever after they had hoped to have. The first few chapters were slow [...]

    18. The Book Whisperer (aka Boof)

      The first thing that attracted me to this book was the cover: It looked eerie and intriguing. Perfect People is a stand-alone thriller which was a perfect place for me to start with Peter James’ books as I have yet to pick up one of the Roy Grace series.According to the blurb, this book has been 10 years in the planning. When the idea first came to James about writing a book about designer babies, it was just that – an idea. Now it is a reality. That makes reading this book all the scarier [...]

    19. Kat

      Perfect People begins on a perfectly creepy note. John and Naomi are transported by helicopter to a boat moored outside American waters, in the middle of the night. They see no one other than the staff, even though the boat supposedly carries quite a few passengers who have paid a tonne of money to use the services of geneticist Dr Dettore. Now, for anyone that wasn't consumed by grief and a desperation for a child, this would be too freaky for words, but John and Naomi are both - and they choos [...]

    20. Helen McBay

      Having read and enjoyed all of Peter's Roy Grace novels I thought I would give his stand alone novel, Perfect People a go.I struggled to get through the first 50 pages; I don't know if this is because I am not very scientifically minded or if not much was really happening. However, I ploughed on and am glad I did. The novel picked up pace after this with loads going on to keep the pages turning especially in the latter stages of the book.This book took Peter James 10 years to write and he has qu [...]

    21. Robin

      Peter James steps away from his regular series of novels about detective Roy Grace for this chilling standalone thriller on the theme of genetic manipulation.John and Naomi's life has been blighted by the death of their son from a disease he inherited from them. They visit maverick scientist Dr Leo Dettore and pay him all their money to have their next child born free of the disease-carrying genes. Alarm bells should ring when he seems keen to add further genetic enhancements, but they are worri [...]

    22. Jess The Bookworm

      This book follows a couple on their journey to have a child free of genetic diseases following the death of their first child from a disease which they carry.The couple goes to an infamous geneticist who assists them in conceiving a child free of genetic disorders. However, the geneticist has his own agenda, and things do not quite end up as planned.I thought that the story line was very interesting, and the concept of designer babies fascinating, as we know that such a thing is not too far off [...]

    23. Shawna

      ARC provided by NetGalley:If you're in the mood for a medical-themed science fiction book, Perfect People fits that description. After the death of their young son from a genetic disease, John and Naomi are so desperate for another child that they turn to a "designer baby" doctor. Although their original wish is simply for their baby to be born healthy, things don't go as planned. This book had me hooked from the first pages. The storyline is believable and sufficiently creepy as it deals with t [...]

    24. Kimberley Jones

      this book was recommended to me by my aunty who said it was brilliant. i never usually read this sort of book but thought id give it a go, however after reading it, it just reminded me of why i dont read these sort of books! i spent the whole book very confused as to what on earth was going it. i found it really hard to follow and the whole concept of the book is totally bizarre! even after finishing, i had no idea of what had happened from beginning to end! very strange book, not sure if it was [...]

    25. Louise

      not the usualsort of thing from James, but he pulled off a different style of writing very well.taking something that is becoming less like science fiction everyday, and giving it a twist like this was clever.No matter how good the intentions were of the parents, you have to wonder should they have tinkered with mother nature for their designer babies, and were the people they were left with just payback???

    26. Vicki Tyley

      “Why not give science a chance at the helm? Is science, in the right hands, going to make an even bigger mess?” – Perfect PeopleNot the usual Peter James thriller I’ve come to expect, but a good read all the same.

    27. Alison

      Utter drivel. I was trying to finish this to add to my total of books read for the year but at the half way point I decided I had better things to do with two hours of my life. Yes, the writing is so light that it's only taken me about that long to get through 300 pages of the paperback edition. I did try to think of some redeeming features of the characters, plot or writing, but unfortunately I couldn't.

    28. Amy

      I seem to reading something different to everyone else.Reviews I have read, people rave about Peter James but reading the Alchemist I didn't get the fuss.Perfect People got my attention so I decided to give him another go, how I wish I hadn't.The plot seemed brilliant, really interesting, started out like I expected but the more I read the more ridiculous it became.

    29. Elena-Sofia Manea

      Sorry, but I cannot read a book in which the main characters are so damn stupidAs said before me, it is extremely unrealistic that such parents (naive and completely oblivious regarding the real world) could think and proceed with having DNA designed babies.The idea sounded interesting, but the writing is slow and boring and so are these people.

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