A Breath of French Air

A Breath of French Air I should like to go to France said Ma God Almighty Pop said What for For a holiday of course Ma said I think it would do us all good to get some sun And so at the end of a rainy English August the

  • Title: A Breath of French Air
  • Author: H.E. Bates
  • ISBN: 9780141029641
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Breath of French Air

    I should like to go to France, said Ma God Almighty, Pop said What for For a holiday of course, Ma said I think it would do us all good to get some sun And so at the end of a rainy English August the Larkins all ten of them, including little Oscar, the family s new addition bundle into the old Rolls and cross the Channel to escape the hostile elements.But f I should like to go to France, said Ma God Almighty, Pop said What for For a holiday of course, Ma said I think it would do us all good to get some sun And so at the end of a rainy English August the Larkins all ten of them, including little Oscar, the family s new addition bundle into the old Rolls and cross the Channel to escape the hostile elements.But far from being the balmy, sunny and perfick spot Ma Larkin hoped for, France proves less than welcoming to an eccentric English family The tea s weak, the furniture breakable and the hotel manager is almost as hostile as the wind and the rain they ve brought with them And when the manager learns that Ma and Pop are unmarried yet sharing a room under his roof, the trouble really begins

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      164 H.E. Bates
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    One thought on “A Breath of French Air

    1. Beth Bonini

      This is a silly book, but it's a joyous romp - or 'lark' as Pa Larkin would have it. When a wet July - 'a real thick 'un'- starts getting Ma down, the Larkin's new son-in-law begins reminiscing about his childhood holidays in France. Next thing you know, a whole crew of Larkins (all of those daughters with floral names plus baby Oscar) are crammed into the Rolls Royce and heading for their first foreign holiday. Their first encounter with Beau Rivage is pretty grim, but soon Pa Larkin has them a [...]

    2. Sonia Gomes

      I do not think I enjoyed the sequel as much as I did 'The darling buds of May'. You just cannot drag humour if there is no plot,'The darling buds of May' had no plot but it was really enjoyable because of its descriptions of the British countryside, the delectable food, the jobs the young ones did to make money and all sorts of things so new to me. 'A breath of French air' cannot sustain as here the tremendous lack of plot shows and the book just disintegrates as a badly cooked souffle.

    3. Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all)

      This was OK, but just OK. The Larkins are displeased with life in general during a rainy summer, until Mariette's husband of one year begins to rhapsodise about his childhood holidays in France. Except he probably went there in July or August, and the Larkins spend the month of September in a coastal town, unaware of the abrupt changes in climate France is famous for on the cusp of the seasons. Very much a period piece, this book satirises the typical English tourist of the sixties, seventies an [...]

    4. Bree T

      A year has passed since the conclusion of The Darling Buds of May and Pop and Ma Larkin have added baby Oscar to their family, Charley and Mariette are now married (but no bun in the oven or little one for them yet) but otherwise the family remains the same as ever. Ma is depressed by the summer rains though and when Charley sees a little piece on France in the newspaper, he’s reminded of the summers he spent there as a child and how deliciously warm and sunny it was. Ma is immediately interes [...]

    5. Regina

      The second book of the series which starts with "The Darling Buds of May". You need to read these in order and you need to be very politically incorrect to enjoy the humor. I really find them funny - I am sorry to say! The description of the French resort in the middle of a storm with everyone filling up on "guillotined" bread for all they were worth was a riot - really. Give them a try.

    6. Marg

      Some of the same things that were charming in the first volume were not quite so when you take the Larkin's out of their natural environment

    7. An Odd1

      /photo/user/ back cover The fun is the boisterous conviviality and relaxed joy in traditional "sins". Ma 36 p 15 hankers for France, heat. Pop wants grandkids. So all ten Larkins flee their beloved junkyard England home in chilly wet August. Son-in-law "Charley" Charleton primes all with bon mots phrases a bientôt from his childhood remembered sunny seaside, drunkenly bursts beachballs athletic suitors "float towards every five minutes" p 73" his topless tanning new wife Marriette. Air is firs [...]

    8. Camilla Tilly

      Before I read this second novel in Herbert E Bates five book series about Pop Larkin and his family, I did the mistake of watching the DVD with the entire TV series from the early 1990s. The TV series was alright but when reading this second novel in the series, I realised that the TV series doesn't by half measure up. Bates has an extraordinary language! It is a true delight to read his description of places and people that is totally lost in the TV series. My recommendation would really be to [...]

    9. June Louise

      "Inside the cafe Pop found himself to be the only customer. Presently a waiter who looked as if he had been awake all night and was now preparing to sleep all day came and stood beside his table. 'M'sieu?' 'Three boiled eggs,' Pop said. 'Soft'. 'Comment?' Thanks to Mr Charlton, Pop knew what this meant. 'Soft,' He held up three fingers. 'Three. Trois. Soft boiled.' 'Ex?' 'Yes, old boy,' Pop said/ 'Oui'. With his forefinger he described what he thought were a few helpful circles in the air and at [...]

    10. Grant Trevarthen

      The Larkin's are back, this time they have gone on holiday France, mainly as Charley who has now married Mariette, tells of happy sun filled days at the beach on family holiday, as a child. So the Larkin family that has now expanded to 10,with the arrival of another baby Larkin, this time a son called Oscar, who is totally dependent on Ma for his liquid refreshment, sets of to the land where things are hopefully as Charley predicted. They arrive in Brittany, and the weather couldn't have been wo [...]

    11. Mr G.B. Steele

      Another good read with the Larkins.''It's very rare for me to laugh now when I read a book, I suppose getting to ones mid eighties chages ones outlook. However this is the third Bates book I've read and he continues to amuse me so much. This book is such a super light and happy read, to me just the right length, and the reaction of Pop to events, discussions are quite hilarious. I look forward to a long and amusing relationship with other books by H.E. Bates. I thorougnly recommend.

    12. Mark Farley

      In this the second in the series of The Darling Buds of May, the family travel to France, where they become fish out of water and are led by the new addition of the family, Mr Charlton. Pop and Ma's laidback attitude to life, love and relationships are highlighted further when they run into Pop's old flame and a love struck bed and breakfast owner falls for him. You don't get very much of a sense of where this book is mainly set because, as with the first book, it just revolves around the excess [...]

    13. Mark

      Another good read. This one, appropriately, is full of joie de vivre and sees the Larkin family uprooted en masse for a holiday for a month in France. so it features them getting used to different climate, different culture, different customs, different language lots of differences. As with the previous book, the writing is very evocative and conjures up great images and sensations of the scenes, the food, the drink etc. Not a lot happens in this one, other than the family getting used to a diff [...]

    14. Simon

      My first encounter with the Larkins family. (I never watched the tv series despite being a big David Jason fan). Here the family enjoy a holiday in Brittany. If at times the attitudes expressed are a little discordant then I'm happy to accept them as evidence of how far we've travelled as travellers in the 57 years since it was published and the 57 years since I was born. Things have changed.An enjoyable read with engaging characters, a rosy complexion and a scattering of chuckles.

    15. Philip Whiteland

      As the French have it!I wasn't too sure about this episode in the Larkin family life, at first. I wondered whether their infectious joie de vivre would cope with being transplanted to a post-war French coastal resort? I needn't have been concerned, their full-on approach to life and love transforms all it touches. Not as riveting as the first book but still a marvellous piece of escapism.

    16. Hannah S. Fullgraf

      The second book of the Larkin chronicles is lovingly filled with descriptions and hilarious scenes of Pop, Ma, and the children adjusting to holiday life in France, but definitely lacks an encouraging story line. It was a nice and quick read, though, so I'll definitely continue to read the three remaining novels about the Larkin family.

    17. Rachel

      What's not to like? Pop at the France seaside wooing all the ladies (though with David Jason in my head from the to series I just can't see it somehow!) and Ma as chilled as ever. Lots and lots of description of boobs in this one - HE Bates did seem to enjoy writing. About Ma feeding 'Little' Oscar.

    18. Sophie

      Another magical story about the Larkin family who decide to go to France for their summer holidays. A light, breezy read that i enjoyed just as much as the first book in the series. A big thumbs up from me.

    19. Ellen

      Delightful and funny. Ma and Pa Kettle in a Rolls do France! I love that the hotel owner thinks Pa is an eccentric member of the British aristocracy. He's quite popular with all the ladies, especially when they find out that he and Ma aren't married!

    20. Suzanne

      Another fantastic and very funny series. My dad & I discovered this series at a used bookstore in Oxford, England.

    21. Caroline

      Doesn't have the same feel as "The Darling Buds of May". Definitely didn't enjoy it as much but still liked it.

    22. Cathy Mcclarnon

      Some of the language is rather dated (lots of reference to "Froggies" which I don't think you would get in a more modern book) but lots of fun for a quick read.

    23. Ros Peters MacDougall

      A delightful frivolous book. Brilliantly descriptive of hols abroad in the Sixties etc.with the Larkin characters. A bit of fresh air!

    24. Tom

      Out of their usual environment the Larkins still end up being awash with booze, good food (eventually) and the odd bit of slap and tickle, tres snob as Pa Larkin would say.

    25. Fiona

      Amazing how little plot there is in the book compared to how much they made up for the tv. Much greater perspective on Pop's relationships though.

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