Murder at the Savoy

Murder at the Savoy When Viktor Palmgren a powerful industrialist is casually shot during an after dinner speech the repercussions both on the international money markets and on the residents of the small coastal town

  • Title: Murder at the Savoy
  • Author: Maj Sjöwall Per Wahlöö Michael Carlson
  • ISBN: 9780007439164
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Paperback
  • Murder at the Savoy

    When Viktor Palmgren, a powerful industrialist, is casually shot during an after dinner speech, the repercussions both on the international money markets and on the residents of the small coastal town of Malmo are widespread Chief Inspector Martin Beck is called in to help catch a killer nobody, not even the victim, was able to identify He begins a systemic search foWhen Viktor Palmgren, a powerful industrialist, is casually shot during an after dinner speech, the repercussions both on the international money markets and on the residents of the small coastal town of Malmo are widespread Chief Inspector Martin Beck is called in to help catch a killer nobody, not even the victim, was able to identify He begins a systemic search for the friends, enemies, business associates and call girls who may have wanted Palmgren dead but in the process he finds to his dismay that he has nothing but contempt for the victim and sympathy for the murderer.

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      125 Maj Sjöwall Per Wahlöö Michael Carlson
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    One thought on “Murder at the Savoy

    1. Brad

      All six forewords for all six Martin Beck books I've read (in order) have made much of the authors' Marxist backgrounds. I can't remember who wrote what and what they wrote exactly, but most of them are quick to warn readers of Maj Sjöwall & Per Wahlöö politics, then -- most times -- they are just as quick to let us know that those politics rarely intrude on on their writing, so we readers shouldn't have any problem enjoying their mysteries. The writers of the forewords talk a lot about t [...]

    2. Algernon

      [7/10] Viktor Palmgren died at seven-thirty-three on Thursday evening. As recently as half an hour before the official declaration of death, the doctors involved in his case said that his constitution was strong and the much-discussed general condition not so serious.On the whole, the only thing wrong with him was that he had a bullet in his head. Those Swedes! Their reputation as dour, gloomy, manic-depressive only serves to hide a wicked sense of humour, a deadpan delivery that hits you usuall [...]

    3. Ray

      A businessman is shot dead during a dinner at a swanky hotel. The murderer gets away and disappears into the night.Who could have killed the tycoon? The trophy wife? Her lover? A dodgy business associate (several candidates fit this bill)?Beck follows the case to a conclusion, with the doggedness we have seen before, ably assisted by a wonderful supporting cast of oddballs and curmudgeons. This book is set in the Sixties and it is a little dated in the detail - everyone smokes incessantly for in [...]

    4. Thomas Strömquist

      The investigation (in Malmö this time) of the murder (a shooting in full restaurant) of a wealthy entrepreneur brings out a lot of the social conscience of Martin Beck (and his creators). This is very much Sweden of the times (60s/70s), but still, at a quite reasonable level and not really interfering with the story being told.

    5. Tfitoby

      The husband and wife team of political activists turned mystery writers, Sjowall & Wahloo, really crank up the social commentary in this sixth chapter in their The Story of a Crime series featuring Martin Beck. It's noticeable because there's very little in the way of crime or police procedural writing and more discussion on the failings of Swedish society in the late 1960's; this time the spoiling of nature by commerce, the government approval of an "illegal" arms trade, the inferior qualit [...]

    6. Maria João Fernandes

      "We maintain law and order here. This isn't Stockholm.""Murder at the Savoy", o sexto livro da série do Martin Beck, mantém o mesmo estilo de narrativa sarcástico, perspicaz e introspectivo que os volumes anteriores.É Verão e os habitantes de Estocolmo mantêm as suas rotinas sob o sol excessivamente quente que se faz sentir. O número de crimes na cidade aumentou e a violência parece ser despoletada pelas temperaturas elevadas. Apesar disso, Martin Beck está, como quase sempre, constipad [...]

    7. Dorothy

      I have tremendously enjoyed reading the books in this series. Up until now. I have to say that this sixth entry in the ten-book series left me scratching my head as to why they even bothered. It seemed as though the authors were simply phoning it in and were not really engaged by the story they were telling.The "mystery" took a back seat to Sjowall's and Wahloo's exploration of Swedish society and all that (they felt) was wrong with it back in the 1960s when they were writing. Reading about the [...]

    8. Nancy Oakes

      In the city of Malmo, which lies across the Baltic from the coast of Denmark, a group of people are having dinner together at the Savoy hotel. A man enters the dining room and shoots one of them, a wealthy industrialist who promptly falls into a plate of mashed potatoes that surround a fish casserole. The shooter leaves through a window and he's gone. With very little clues as to the killer's identity, the police begin to focus on the dead man, Victor Palmgren, and his associates. Things become [...]

    9. Marica

      Festival del luogo comuneLa coppia di autori svedesi (3 coppie di puntini sulla o) scrive bene ed è di piacevole lettura. Sul risvolto di copertina si legge che i loro libri hanno “un fine anche politico: la denuncia della società neo capitalistica svedese”. In realtà la denuncia consiste nel dire che i ricchi fanno i soldi sulla pelle dei poveri e facendo traffici d’armi con l’Africa (così: più didascalico che propositivo). Leggendo si trova una lunga serie di macchiette che stanno [...]

    10. Mobyskine

      Another day another crime. This was another my favorite. Simple straight forward but engrossing much. From the suspects to the victim himself. I love Åsa Torell in here (I like that she decided to join the police squad after the Stenström incident). One thing about Beck investigation that he loves to involve all his team fairly that I think all characters get their own spotlight, even Broberg the suspect. I was nervous at a point, can't think or making assumptions on how or who the shooter-- q [...]

    11. Larou

      The introduction to this volume (by Michael Carlson) is one of the better ones in this edition – finally someone who does not deem it necessary to a follow a mention of the authors’ Marxist leanings with a disclaimer that they are not preaching party politics.Unlike communism or socialism, Marxism is not a political movement but a philosophy and an analysis of the workings of capitalist society (which both communism and socialism claim to build on – notice that there is a difference); in f [...]

    12. Jenn

      I know that Sjowall and Wahloo pioneered the Swedish procedural, and I know, as well, that pioneers often work within a framework that's much more limited than what we are used to. As such, it's not hard to imagine that these mysteries were ground-breaking at the time they came out. They depict a society growing anxious about its own safety, about the efficacy of its police, and about the trust-worthiness of its own home-grown businesses and elite classes. The clash between classes is more appar [...]

    13. Pedro

      La más débil de las seis novelas que he leído hasta ahora, según mi opinión. Sé desde el primer libro que los autores son de izquierda y que critican, en mayor o menor medida, al estado de bienestar sueco. He podido lidiar con eso en las cinco primeras entregas. En realidad, no había resultado una temática invasiva, sólo algún comentario acertado sobre alguna situación puntual, que permitía apreciar un punto de vista distinto dentro de la sociedad. Sin embargo, en esta novela la perc [...]

    14. Skip

      Book six. A high profile businessman, Viktor Palmgren, who is shot to death while addressing colleagues at a dinner in the Savoy Hotel in Malmö. It is unclear whether the non-descript killer's motive was political (anti-capitalism), commercial or criminal. Martin Beck is dispatched from Stockholm to run the investigation and works again with Per Mansson, with whom he has worked in previous novels. Ava Torell, former girlfriend of a murdered detective, makes an important contribution to the crim [...]

    15. AC

      I've been going through this series and had read the first five. Reviews of this one had been a little dodgy, so (impatient as I often am these days) I skipped ahead to #7 and was thoroughly disappointed - finding it the weakest of all. So that one sat on my TBR for quite awhile. That was a mistake. This is an almost flawless police procedural and one of the best in the series. I could quibble about one or two points (and deduct half a point), but it would constitute a spoiler, so I'll just give [...]

    16. Jake

      All good murder mysteries are societal critiques, because all murders are signs of societal disfunction- of a system that broke down in either contributing to the circumstances of the murder or failing to stop it. And all good murder mysteries are also books of philosophy- because nothing makes a writer more philosophical than thinking about death. But in "Murder at the Savoy", Sjowall and Wahloo do something unusual: they sidestep almost all of the mystery- and focus almost entirely on the soci [...]

    17. Roderick Hart

      This is the sixth book in the Martin Beck series, and the murder in question is that of a businessman, Viktor Palmgren, who is addressing colleagues at a dinner in the Savoy Hotel, Malmö. The murder has the appearance of a professional hit, so the emphasis at first is on whether the murder is political or commercial. Two detectives are mainly involved, Per Månsson, the local man, and Martin Beck, drafted in from Stockholm. They have worked together before and get on well. Two other detectives [...]

    18. Trish

      I think I know now what I love so much about the Martin Beck mystery series by Maj Sjowall and Per Wahlöö. The pace is slow, the writing is clear, and the main characters are worthy and thoughtful. There is humor, the sort of bumbling slapstick inspired by a not-too-bright police force overworked and underpaid. There is sarcasm and cynicism, all of it deserved, however, and served in small doses. There is also a point of view that is heroically on the side of the common man, with all his failu [...]

    19. Stephanie Jane (Literary Flits)

      Searching to add Murder At The Savoy to my TBR list I noticed that it shares a title with a Sherlock Holmes story. I've not read the Holmes though so don't know if the similarities end there or not. This is the sixth in the Martin Beck series and I've actually read them all in order (so far!). I think it is the least police-ey and most political story so, although I agree with Sjowall and Wahloo's sentiments - indeed much of their 'evils of big business' warning is being experienced in exactly [...]

    20. icaro

      ogni volta che ne finisco uno mi viene da dire: "è anche meglio del precedente". Sarà vero o sarà solo smemoratezza? Comunque non ci sono molte serie che mi generino un simile pensiero. Ed è già un grande pregio. Peccato che i suoi auori ne abbiano scritti solo dieci.Su tutto una polizia svedese incapace, stupida ( e un po' fascista) riscattata solo dall'umanità e dalla perspicacia dei suoi investigatori.

    21. James

      My first Martin Beck mystery. Will I need my passport to be able to read future novels? The Beck novels helped introduce the Scandinavian policeman to the American audience. I find the Norse detective more intriguing than the American gumshoe. The authors used the Beck books to showcase but also disect Swedish society which is an interesting subject in itself. Will certainly read more of the Beck stories.

    22. K

      I'm enjoying these authors. A nice addition to my Nordic Noir group, though less intense in general than, say, Nesbo or Adler-Olsson. This story was more a police procedural than anything else, with the crime being solved in an almost anticlimactic fashion. I do like the protagonist, Martin Beck-- a laconic detective with a great deal of patience and forbearance of those around him. I shall read more from this writing team.

    23. Claudia aka la viandante dei libri

      Omicidio sorprendenteLa dinamica dell'omicidio e la modalità di fuga dell'assassino è altamente improbabile. Da leggere con un sorriso scettico e disincantato per alcune ingenuità. Ciò che rende eccezionale questo libro è la critica alle politiche lavorative e alle diseguaglianze, ancor oggi attuali. Incredibile!

    24. Marissa Morrison

      The detectives investigate a murder while thinking about the economic inequalities that led to the crime. This is not a very thrilling book, but it is a thoughtful one. It is nice to see things looking up a little for Martin Beck in his personal life.

    25. Brent Legault

      The words outside sound like an Agatha Christie novel, but the words inside give you grim, grand Sweden.

    26. Lorraine Dunlap

      Again, don't read the Preface/Introduction. It contains a spoiler for the series; tacky!I didn't enjoy this book as much as previous ones in the series. Characters seemed to go on and on about the social circumstances excessively, which makes the book age less well than the previous ones. Also, the victim is so unlikeable, finding the murderer is almost disappointing. Maybe that was their point, but still

    27. Spicalu

      I'd read all the previous Martin Beck books up to this point. The series, I thought, started well, but by this book I was not really enjoying it. The cynicism (which I get is normal for crime novels) got to be too strong here. Almost unpleasant. I'm probably not going to finish the remaining books in the series.

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