The Pigman & Me

The Pigman Me Eight hundred and fifty three horrifying things had happened to me by the time I was a teenager That was when I met my Pigman whose real name was Nonno Frankie The year Paul Zindel his sister Betty

  • Title: The Pigman & Me
  • Author: Paul Zindel
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  • Page: 341
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Pigman & Me

    Eight hundred and fifty three horrifying things had happened to me by the time I was a teenager That was when I met my Pigman, whose real name was Nonno Frankie The year Paul Zindel, his sister, Betty, and their mother lived in the town of Travis, Staten Island, New York, was the most important time of his teenage life It was the year he and Jennifer Wolupopski were be Eight hundred and fifty three horrifying things had happened to me by the time I was a teenager That was when I met my Pigman, whose real name was Nonno Frankie The year Paul Zindel, his sister, Betty, and their mother lived in the town of Travis, Staten Island, New York, was the most important time of his teenage life It was the year he and Jennifer Wolupopski were best friends It was the year of the apple tree, the water head baby, and Cemetery Hill And it was the year he met Nonno Frankie Vivona, who became his Pigman.Every word of his story is true And The Pigman Me has an added bonus one crucial piece of information the secret of life, according to the Pigman.

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    One thought on “The Pigman & Me

    1. Malbadeen

      I want to tell you that this book is sweet but I'm afraid you'll brush it aside because of that, don't.It could be messed-up (if you like that kind of thing). The mom is crazy (not A Child Called It crazy but bordering on Glass Castle crazy), She threatens to kill herself all the time as a means for punishing her kids, The father is absent, Zindel get's in fights at school and has enough insecurities to let us know he's real. But what I really loved is that the focus is not on all the yucky part [...]

    2. Brenda

      The Pigman and me was a great book! Nonno Frankie was one of the most amazing characters I have encountered with. I recommend this book to anyone.

    3. Laramie Weebles

      This is my least favorite book in the entire world. I was assigned to read it when I was in 5th grade and I was completely blown away. I hadn't realized that books this terrible even existed. To this day, I'm happy to report I've never encountered another book as pointless or awful as this one.If I could, I would give this book zero stars. It deserves none. I hope this book is forgotten by history. If you liked this book, that is wonderful, and I'm glad that you found joy where I could find none [...]


      I loved this book !When I was a teenager in the 70s I read all the Paul Zindel books that were available in my school library and the public library. I loved them then and I continue to love them now.This book was written in a warm hearted way about his life growing up in Staten Island with his bitter, histrionic, man hating mother and older sister. The father left the family and married his girlfriend leaving the mother to figure out all sorts of unusual ways of keeping herself and the two kids [...]

    5. Jamie Pinkerton

      I remember picking this book up from the school library when I was a kid not really expecting to like it. of course I was wrong. I found the book recently at a used book store and remembering how much I adored it I picked it up. it was just as good now as it was when I first read it as a child. I love that its a true story. strange, but true. I don't really see it as being a pigman #3 book. it stands just fine all by itself and makes the other two books boring in comparison.

    6. Ariana Lane

      The book was really good, but really sad too. Paul, his sister, and mother shared a house with another lady and her children on Staten Island. Paul's mom moved them around a lot, but it seemed like things were finally working out for Paul. He really liked living in the house and was making friends in the neighborhood. But what was really special for Paul was that the lady they shared the house with, who's name was Connie, had her parents come to visit often. Connie's parents names were Nonno Fra [...]

    7. Angela

      This is the autobiography of author Paul Zindel. Zindel is the author of a number of novels for young adults including The Pigman, My Darling, My Hamburger, and To Take a Dare. In The Pigman and Me, Zindel describes the events in his adolescence life during the period of time when he lived in the town of Travis in Staten Island, New York. The book begins with Zindel’s move to Travis. He describes the house his single mother bought with a friend, Connie, who moves in soon after them with her tw [...]

    8. Kiara Johnson

      The pigman and me is about a boy who lived with his sister and mother. They lived in a house with another lady and her children in Staten Island. Paul liked living here and was doing good in the neighborhood. The man and woman they lived with were named, Nonno Frankie and Nonna Mamie. Paul developed a strong relationship with Nonna Frankie, who later became Paul's "pigman". I thought this book was really good and i would recommend people to read it. I liked that Paul and his family found a place [...]

    9. Ralphie

      This book is about the life Paul Zindel had and all the terrible things that happened to him until he had met his Pigman Nonno Frankie. Nonno Frankie had taught Paul all about the wonderful things of life. Paul's life turned completely around thanks to Nonno Frankie. Paul had lived with a suicidal Mother and older sister Betty. I can connect a lot of people to this book because a lot of children have lived with at least part of paul zindel's life. For example a lot of kids live with bad parents [...]

    10. Essau Alli

      The Pig-man and Me is a book with a lot of drama because it has very serious concepts. This boy lives with his mom and his little brother. His mom is a little crazy because she believes that society is always watching her publicly. This book is an auto biography of Paul Zindel.I can connect this book to myself because sometimes I think that my family is a little crazy. even though they might act like it they are not. Sometimes they do crazy things. but those crazy things are what makes them a go [...]

    11. Gabriel Sommer

      This auto-biography explains the life of Paul Zindel. Like all auto-biographies I enjoy the more childish years, and the pre-teen years. I find this most interesting because of the ways that we all acted as kids, and to compare the difference in decisions that we make. I know that I will never "grow up" and I will never "act my age." Paul Zindel Now what is a Pigman? According to the story: Paul Zindel's Pigman was Nonno Frankie was a man that Paul met. Frankie taught Zindel how to live his life [...]

    12. Mateo

      This boy is about a kid, Paul who has a Pigman. The big story is all about what the secret of life is. As he meets new friends along the life in the house, he discovers what he will be when he grows up. I can make a text-to-self connection of me and Paul by curiosity and family issues. Paul has big issues in his life with everything. There are a lot of conflicts in Paul Zindel's life. I am also very curios of secrets and new things. I gave this book 5 stars because it is very fun to read and the [...]

    13. Laura

      Autobiographical story of one year in author Paul Zindel's high school life. He meets the inspiration for his character, The Pigman. This one year in Zindel's life helps explain his future books, especially The Pigman. His relationship with an older Italian man who tells bad jokes; his female best friend; his man-hating, dog-loving mother; writing stories for English class. Useful quotes:"School should be a happy place. It should be like a big bubbling pot of juicy meatballs! You should eat it a [...]

    14. Sabrina

      Sabrina SmithBiographyThis autobiography by writer Paul Zindel chronicles his teenage years. The most significant event in the book revolves around the man who inspired the main character of the one his best-known novels, The Pigman. Short chapters, which include numbered lists and photographs, make this is a quick and easy read. Zindel tells his story with humor and sincerity. Many teens will relate to living with a single parent, moving from place to place, and many other of his experiences. B [...]

    15. Katie

      I rated the book "The Pigman and Me" 4 stars because it was interesting, easy to read, and was funny. The end of the book was sad because Paul had to leave his friends and move to a new town. I would encourage anyone to read this book because when reading this book it seems like it is not nonfiction. If you like reading about fist fights, collies, and fishing for lobsters you will love this book. I didn't give this book a 5 because in some chapters it was a little boring but overall it was a goo [...]

    16. Shirley

      The Pigman and Me is rated "Young Adult." It is a humorous account of the teenage years of author Paul Zindel. Though it borders on inappropriate for a junior high audience, it never seems to quite cross the line. It is humorous and aptly captures those feelings that often make teens uncomfortable in school. The Pigman is a wonderfully down-to-earth character who teaches and guides with humor, compassion, and joy. All teens deserve such a support system in their lives to handle those instances o [...]

    17. Savannah

      This short memoir is about author Paul Zindel and his time living in the town of Travis on Staten Island. Travis becomes the first place where Paul really makes friends and has a life after being constantly moved from place to place by his wacky mother, it is also the place where he meets his "pigman" which is Zindel's way of saying mentor. The memoir is really interesting and funny and the pigman is someone you'll wish had been a part of your life when you were a teenager. My only wish is that [...]

    18. Paul Bulger

      Thought it's not perfectly written and small in size, The Pigman and Me is a tragic, and heartbreaking children's story with a few good words of wisdom and truly demonstrates the impact good advice, love, care, and exuberance an adult can have on a child (even if they don't know one another for very long), and the inevitable separation contained in its ending pages of this book can be downright painful, but at the same time, hopeful.

    19. Melody

      Zindel's memoir of his adolescence is dark and sad and heartbreakingly well remembered. His mom was unstable and his life was unstable and he could have easily slipped through the cracks into obscurity and unhappiness. He met a man who changed everything for him, though, and this memoir has Nonno Frankie as its glowing heart. It would have been unbearably grim if not for him. A well-written memoir, charmingly narrated but very sad.

    20. Angela Scott

      I randomly choose this book from a library shelf knowing nothing about it and I have to say I really enjoyed it. The plot line managed being intriguing, realistic and heart-warming at the same time and I enjoyed the characters. My only criticism would be that aside for some sub-par passages about the attractiveness of girls the main character seemed much younger than a teenagereven a young teenager. I would probably imagine him to be about 9 instead.

    21. Wealhtheow

      Complicated relationships between damaged, quirky characters. I didn't really like it when I read it as a tween (too close in feel to A Catcher in the Rye, and not enough elves to keep my interest), but to the best of my recollection Zindel crafts a sensitive tale of people awkwardly connecting to each other.

    22. Rachel

      An absolutely delightful and entertaning autobiography. It covers just a few adolescent years of the author's life and how those years influenced him for good. Realistic, interesting, and fun. It will take you back to middle school!

    23. Murphy

      The Pigman is so far my favorite of the YA books I have had to read for my library class in the fall. This book The Pigman and Me is a biographical version of The Pigman, it really shows how the author took his experience and played with it. If you like The Pigman this title is a fun experience.

    24. Daisy

      This is Paul Zindel's sort-of-memoir. Its something that is written for his young fans but this is not as light hearted as Roald Dahl's "Boy" and the like. The writing is simple, but it's quite dark and it will make you understand the recurring themes of Paul Zindel's stories.

    25. Melanie Jacobson

      Fast, easy read. I don't know if I would have read this for fun as a kid because I wasn't into memoirs back then, but I think it would be great to teach and I think teens would like it in that context. It's interesting how he found humor even in the challenging circumstances of his life.

    26. Casey

      It was fascinating to learn about the factual background to the Pigman books. Zindel never talked down to or pulled punches with his young readers. I try to do this as a teacher, but he was definitely better at it.

    27. Esther

      An interesting memoir from the author whose books I loved as a teenager.The humour was there but not the biting teenage angst of his fiction.

    28. Paige Kinnaird

      Thought I would use this book as a companion for reading THE PIGMAN with my students. Not really finding material in this book that would complement the fictional story.

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