The Pure in Heart

The Pure in Heart A boy disappears waiting for a lift to school A child miles away in the North of England is abducted while walking to swimming baths near home A girl and her harassed single mother become close to th

  • Title: The Pure in Heart
  • Author: Susan Hill
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Pure in Heart

    A boy disappears waiting for a lift to school A child miles away in the North of England, is abducted while walking to swimming baths near home A girl and her harassed single mother become close to their next door neighbor Ed Simon Serailler has very distressing cases, while still raw after a close shocking bereavement.

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      346 Susan Hill
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    One thought on “The Pure in Heart

    1. Ova Incekaraoglu

      This book was beautiful but so sad, and it crushed my heart. I am unsure about reading the next book. I love this series but so upset about reading missing children etc.Please, I beg you writers, don't harm children! Who enjoys reading children suffering? Who?!Anyway I love that Hill lays out Simon's life, his family relationship, makes him a real character almost in flesh and bone. She writes about the darkness in this world, so beautifully, so neatp.s: I wish I had an older sister like Cat :)

    2. Sue

      If you are looking for a mystery with a difference, then Susan Hill's series featuring DCI Simon Serraillier may be for you. The series so far (I've read the first two) features police procedurals that are marked by sharp descriptions of character, including secondary charcters and family, details of plot, private emotional details of both felons and protagonists. As in the first volume, there are unexpected plot twists.I'm not going to give many plot details--wouldn't want to spoil anyone's rea [...]

    3. Sophie

      It makes no sense to call this a mystery. Or to call it a Simon Serrailler mystery. This book is basically several short stories whose only common bond is that they occur in the same community. Any "action" in the book is designed to develop characters rather than resolve any story lines. There's the story of the kidnapped child (no spoilers follow - this is all on the book jacket), never developed, never resolved. There's the story of the young ex-con trying to go straight. It's really pretty p [...]

    4. Melanie

      This was pretty darn good! I would say 3.5 to 4 stars. It's a mystery in that a child abduction is the heart of the book but where it differed from a lot of other mysteries I've read is that there is a lot of focus on surrounding characters. You get to know the detective's family and some other people of the smallish town where the crime takes place. I will definitely be seeking out the next installment.

    5. Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice*

      Susan Hill, I love your Simon Serrailler series.This is the second book in the series I have read and thoroughly enjoyed. Please read the series in order, otherwise you might be a bit lost as to relationships, etc.DCI Simon Serrailler is on a painting holiday in Venice when he is called home to the bedside of his dying youngest sister, Martha. Returning to work early, he is thrust into a case where a little boy disappears from outside his home while waiting to be collected from school. The Pure [...]

    6. Judith Lewis

      Sorry, but this was a disappointment. I had quite enjoyed the previous book in the series, The Various Haunts of Men, which I suspect was written as a stand-alone novel but then developed into a series. I suppose I had expected a quality PD James/Ruth Rendell style crime novel and found something different - which didn't quite work, unless we find the issues are resolved in later volumes As in the previous book, Hill tampers with various "givens" in detective fiction. In that book, a key charact [...]

    7. Laura

      Another fantastic novel in the Serrailler series by Susan Hill. For me, I had to dock a star because any time a child is abducted, I have a tough time with the book. However, this was a solid follow-up to The Various Haunts of Men, with the same setting and main characters, and of course Hill's terrific characterization and writing. You can't help but be disturbed by Susan Hill's novels; her psychological insights are too strong and her people too human, the situations all too real. Having said [...]

    8. Terri Lynn

      This was very disappointing to me in a lot of ways. We see a lot more of Simon Serrailler in this second book in the series but he is not very likable other than his love for his sister Martha.This was not exactly a mystery or suspense. In fact, I don't know what the hell to call it. It was more of a British soap opera inside two covers than anything else. Here is what happened-(1) Simon the cop, Cat the doctor, and their triplet brother in Australia had a sister Martha who was born 10 years aft [...]

    9. Mary Gilligan-Nolan

      The Simon Serrallier series are in the words of the author herself, neither a thriller nor a whodunnit, and while they have these elements and the main thread of the story is based on a crime that Simon is investigating, they are just as importantly about his family and the other people their lives may cross. This is a beautifully written story, which deals also for the first time with their youngest sister, Martha, who is a newborn baby in a 26 year old womans body, severely handicapped since b [...]

    10. Alicia

      What a hugely disappointing followup to yesterday's book. I should note that although yesterday's was billed as a "Simon Serailler Mystery", he wasn't the main character. Here he was, and he just wasn't as compelling. Plus the book felt a little lazy--like in the first one Simon is described as having striking light hair and dark eyes, but in this his eyes are blue! Come on, editors. Not to mention that the story of a kidnapped boy managed to have absolutely no dramatic tension, and the vast maj [...]

    11. Claire

      Less magical and compelling than The Various Haunts of Men, but I still enjoyed it, if for no other reason than it upends some very common detective story conventions. This book concerns the aftereffects of the crime solved in The Various Haunts of Men, and focuses a significant bit on Simon's family's life - specifically the life of his sister, Martha, who has been in a care home for most of her life. She was born with a mental defect, and never will be able to talk, walk, feed herself, etc. At [...]

    12. Mike Gabor

      The main theme of this book is about a young boy who is kidnapped from in front of his house while awaiting a ride to school but this novel is much more than your standard whodunit. The main character in the book is DI Simon Serrailler. We also meet his family, his sister Cat, a GP, his parents who are also doctors, his niece and nephew. The author explores the relationship Serrailler has with these people. She also delves into the lifes of the parents and sister of the missing child. She brilla [...]

    13. Diane Barnes

      This is the second book in the Simon Serailler series, and like the first one, is an excellent read. The crimes and situations engendered by both books are riveting in themselves, but add a Chief Inspector who has commitment problems, along with family members struggling with their own personal demons, a police force doing their jobs under trying circumstances, and peripheral characters whom you come to care about, and you have more than a mystery, more like a real village you get to visit each [...]

    14. Jennifer

      This is the second of a series -- my bookstore sells it as a "staff pick." That's just crazy. The ending is so bad that I feel cheated of my time and money.

    15. Bill

      An interesting mystery. This is the first Susan Hill mystery I've read, but I had previously enjoyed her The Woman in Black, a gothic ghost story. I liked her writing style very much. Reading this 2nd in her Simon Serrailler mysteries, I found that I still enjoy her style. It was an interesting story, the disappearance of a 7 year old boy and the police investigation led by DCI Serrailler to try and find him. It's a meandering sort of story, many interesting plot lines; Simon and his family, Sim [...]

    16. Kirsty Darbyshire

      I liked the first in this series, but completely loved this second book. You'll be disappointed if you like your crime novels to get everything resolved and tied up neatly by the end; this is in many ways more of a family saga that happens to feature a policeman and his work. I like it that way, it goes off at all kinds of tangents with minor characters which I found a really entertaining read. I could barely put it down, not because it's a page-turning thriller but because it's well written, in [...]

    17. Nancy

      This book doesn't fit the common detective series mystery pattern -- a murder is solved and the hook to read the next book in the series is a complication in the detective's love life. It looks like the Simon Serrailer series is going to be more of a small town soap opera than a series of mysteries with tidy resolutions. If I were able to easily identify with the actions of the characters, I might enjoy it as a family saga, but I found that I could not emotionally identify with the actions for s [...]

    18. ursula

      totally boring crime novel: a kidnapped boy, early on it becomes clear that he is dead, but case is not resolved at all. Accompanied by equally boring stories about the detectives family, life in rural England and a woman stalking him because he is unable to tell her that he's not interested in a relationship any more.

    19. Bobby

      As soon as our star detective/narrator gets to work he has a fawning junior detective that hangs on his every word.hhhhhhhhhhhhh! Too painful and irritating to continue. Oh, he's also a soulful artist who sketches tombstones in Venice.

    20. Sebastian

      Exceptional good detective. Gives you a strong feeling that the things really happened and not the who done it type of book. I really enjoyed it.

    21. Monique

      Ultra disappointed.w okay I had a good time with this author a few years ago and I remember the novel "The Various Haunts of Men" as being well written and a mystery that I wanted to continueI was ready for more of the same with this book but unfortunately it ended terribly, built up a story and didn’t deliver on the promise of a reveal--all these characters are introduced for apparently no reason except to emphasize how important , aloof and handsome the main character Simon Serrailer is whil [...]

    22. Jane

      Where I got the book: audiobook from Audible. ***SPOILER WARNING***This second novel in the Simon Serrailler series is more loosely written than the first, a trend that continues through the other books I’ve read in this series. The police procedural—in this instance a case of child abduction—proceeds alongside the lives of the Serrailler/Deerbon families, a bit like flipping between a soap opera and a detective mystery on TV. In addition, Hill starts using a technique she often employs la [...]

    23. Rae

      #2 Simon Serrailler series.In the second installment of the series, Serrailler and his department try to find a missing boy. At the same time, Simon's parents are dealing with the illness of their daughter Martha, Cat and Chris are awaiting a new baby, and Serrailler is struggling with the death of a colleague and the reappearance of an old flame.Susan Hill's Serrailler books are not your typical mystery series. They remind me of the Jan Karon books in which all the action takes place within the [...]

    24. Dave

      Much like the first book in this series, this has all the trappings of a police procedural mystery but breaks another cardinal rule, and is definitely going to annoy some mystery readers, like me. But looking at the book as a mystery-shaped novel, this one works better than her first in the series. She handles the detective and multiple characters well--except perhaps for the family living in the Dulcie Estates (public housing), who come off a little stereotypical. The themes are endurance, and [...]

    25. G Hodges

      This book looks at death, loss, anger and frustration. Ms. Hill might be considered the heir to PD James, with her detective being a painter rather than a poet, and her attention to emotional detail refined. In fact, she paints the scenes in words.The story details Simon Serrailler’s abrupt return from a painting holiday in Venice after his father calls to tell him that his disabled triplet sister may be dying. He goes back to work and there is an immediate missing child situation. I feel that [...]

    26. Victoria

      Due to the amount of difficulty that I had in actually acquiring this book, I think I elevated my anticipation for it to an unreasonable amount. It picks up not long after The Various Haunts of Men ended, and here the focus revolves around the series’ titled man character. Unfortunately, the plot isn’t quite as intricate as the first novel in the series. The ending’s lack of a resolution also is a bit frustrating. But since this is a sequel, there should be more information in the next boo [...]

    27. Yvan

      Unlike the other volumes in the Serrailer series, and against the flow of conventional detective narrative, this novel is about unresolved loss, unrequited almost. An unsolved abduction of a child for which no mourning is yet possible; the passing of another one whose exact cause of death will never be recognized; the scar left by a lost, unexplained and unrequited love; and, finally, the insistent memory of of the loss of whom could have been Simon Serrailer's great love, precisely because deat [...]

    28. Kay

      As a mystery, this is highly unsatisfying because the killer is never brought to justice. Of course, this is indeed what often happens in real life, but we mystery fans have a deep and abiding need to see order restored to the universe.Read as a novel, the book advances the story of Simon Serailler and his sister Cat, as well as their institutionalized sibling Martha, who is severely developmentally disabled. Simon refuses to engage with his former lover, Diana, who is virtually stalking him in [...]

    29. Lynn

      Ugh. I loved the first in this series, but this one was not even close. I was mostly bored the whole time waiting for something that falls in the giant category of "mystery" to happen. It does, but I should have known it would go nowhere (which it did!). I didn't care as much about the characters in this one. It was too episodic, like a lot of little stories that I didn't care about which were separate from each other. I should have known by about halfway through that nothing was going to happen [...]

    30. Deanne

      Really enjoyed this, the second book in the series. Also feels like this is more Simon's book as he becomes more central. I also like the way Hill sets him within his family and work colleagues. He's a loner, but there's also a sense that he wants more.There are also other characters and I do wonder how they will fit in, however I do have only one thing to ask Hill, Felix? Feels like one of those moments at work when you ask the new parents if baby has a name, and then have to try to look as tho [...]

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