Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, Volume 3: Death of Spider-Man Prelude

Ultimate Comics Spider Man Volume Death of Spider Man Prelude Super hero school is in session The world s No peacekeeping organization S H I E L D is fed up with Spider Man specifically the millions of dollars spent cleaning up his collateral damage But inst

  • Title: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, Volume 3: Death of Spider-Man Prelude
  • Author: Brian Michael Bendis Sara Pichelli
  • ISBN: 9780785146407
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, Volume 3: Death of Spider-Man Prelude

    Super hero school is in session The world s No 1 peacekeeping organization, S.H.I.E.L.D is fed up with Spider Man specifically, the millions of dollars spent cleaning up his collateral damage But instead of throwing the teenaged web slinger in jail, they ve settled on a far worse punishment after school super hero training, courtesy of the Ultimates While Spider MSuper hero school is in session The world s No 1 peacekeeping organization, S.H.I.E.L.D is fed up with Spider Man specifically, the millions of dollars spent cleaning up his collateral damage But instead of throwing the teenaged web slinger in jail, they ve settled on a far worse punishment after school super hero training, courtesy of the Ultimates While Spider Man takes notes from his first tutor his idol, Iron Man Mysterio and the Black Cat vie for possession of a mysterious artifact from the archives of the former Kingpin of Crime Can even Spider Man and Iron Man, working together, contain the object s unimaginable power Collecting Ultimate Comics Spider Man 15, 150 155

    Ultimate Marvel Ultimate Marvel, later known as Ultimate Comics, was an imprint of comic books published by Marvel Comics, featuring re imagined and updated versions of the company s superhero characters from the Ultimate Universe Those characters include Spider Man, the X Men, the Avengers and the Fantastic Four.The imprint was launched in with the publication of the series Ultimate Spider Man and Ultimate Comics The Ultimates Ultimate Comics The Ultimates was an ongoing monthly comic book series published by Marvel Comics that made its debut in September as part of the second re launch of Ultimate Marvel Through the Ultimate Universe Reborn tagline following the Death of Spider Man and written by Jonathan Hickman with art by Esad Ribic, the series also serves as a continuation of elements from Ultimate Marvel Comics Marvel HQ Read free digital comics for kids and families featuring Spider Man, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Avengers, and Groot, Rocket, and Guardians of the Galaxy on Marvel HQ. Spider Man Into the Spider Verse Trailer Reveals Ultimate Spider Man Into the Spider Verse welcomed viewers into Marvel s Ultimate Universe in this new trailer, which revealed such villains as Ultimate Goblin, Prowler, and possibly the Kingpin. Explore the Marvel Universe Marvel Earth s Mightiest Show Pieces of Marvel Tech that Became Real Earth s Mightiest Show Sponsored by Visible Earth s Mightiest Show hosts Lorraine Cink and Langston Belton take a look at some futuristic tech from Marvel comics that ended up predicting real life tech we use today ad Spider Man Miles Morales Characters Marvel Emerging from a universe in need of a new Spider Man, a Brooklyn teen named Miles Morales rose to the challenge Reluctant at first, he quickly earned the mantle of a Super Hero. Ultimate Spider Man Ultimate Spider Man , Ultimate Marvel . Ultimate Spider Man Ultimate Spider Man una serie a fumetti pubblicata negli Stati Uniti d America dalla Marvel Comics dal , incentrata su una versione riveduta e aggiornata del personaggio immaginario dell Uomo Ragno.La collana, dopo il crossover Ultimatum, ricominciata da capo con il titolo Ultimate Comics Spider Man.Successivamente la serie ripresa nel come Miles Morales Ultimate Spider Man Ultimate Spider Man Wikipdia La srie Ultimate Spider Man est publie en France par Panini dans la revue du mme nom, ainsi que dans des magazines en librairie, chez Marvel Deluxe et Best Comics.Ils compilent plusieurs tomes sortis aux tats Unis La premire saison s est termine au tome LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Spider Man Web LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Spider Man Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Spiderman Toy

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      271 Brian Michael Bendis Sara Pichelli
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    One thought on “Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, Volume 3: Death of Spider-Man Prelude

    1. Kemper

      Guess what’s coming?Yep, but I’ll leave that alone until the next volume. I assumed that this would be full of all kind of ominous foreshadowing regarding Spider-Man’s upcoming doom, but it really plays out like just another chapter in the life of the Ultimate version of Peter Parker where he‘s still a teenager struggling with high school and often overwhelmed by his life as a superhero.I’d missed the previous volume so not sure why Iceman and The Human Torch are living with Peter and [...]

    2. Cait (Paper Fury)

      AHHHH THIS WAS SO GOOD!! I have little quibbles (don't I always?) but this is like the exact kind of Spider-Man comic I like to read about! HE'S A TEEN DOING TEEN STUFF. Although he was waaaay too sweet and not enough sass. But there were so many elements to this book and I just want a movie of it. Of THIS adventure. Of Spider-Man being a teen and having girl problems and getting fired from his after-school job and geeking-out with Iron Man.Seriously he totally nerds out with Tony Stark over the [...]

    3. Sesana

      I'm guessing that, by the time this volume was published, Peter Parker's death was a done deal and everybody in the world knew it. So there's no point in hiding the fact that the poor kid will be dead in a few issues. (Which made JJJ's offhanded comment that Peter might not live to see college a shot to the heart.) Also, Marvel wanted to make more money and probably figured that more casual readers would buy this volume if it had the "Death of Spider-Man" label on it. I'm not complaining about t [...]

    4. Peter Derk

      A nice premise, S.H.I.E.L.D. figures that Spider-Man, though effective in his own way, is causing a lot of peripheral damage. So, they ask a trio of other superheroes what to do about the situation. What follows is Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man all recounting Spider-Man encounters.During his shared battle with Captain America, Spider-Man wasn't exactly on his game and may have kinda sorta shot him in the face with a web, resulting in one of the finer costumed expressions I've seen in a lon [...]

    5. Jdetrick

      I have to admit, while I have enjoyed Bendis' work on Ultimate Spider-Man, I'm beginning to tire of the series and his take on the character. Luckily, I don't seem to have much more time to be concerned about it.

    6. Wing Kee

      And everything is as it should be, albeit it was a janky journey to get there. World: The multiple artists was a bit of a trip. Sure I can understand for issue 150 but even the other issues there was a lack of consistency and it did take the reader out of the book. However, I would like to say that the artists that they had were all really good and gave the characters life and personality. The world building was also surprisingly good. With all the pieces that have been off since the new series [...]

    7. Laura

      Did Black Cat always have short black hair and look exactly like Catwoman with white hair tacked on? Because I thought for sure she used to be a blonde and the only thing the two had in common were the black costume and penchant for sneaking about in the night.Anyway, this was my first intro to Black Cat, so I know little about her other than the fact that she uses a LOT of double-sided sticky tape in her costume.Story was awesome although the relationship bits were a bit forced/dull--especially [...]

    8. Richard Radgoski

      This is my first read of any Spiderman Ultimate. I've read Spiderman from way back in the 80's and 90's, so I'm not really up to speed. When I recently went into a comic store and saw that spiderman had a 'death', I was alarmed enough to pick up the book so I can find out what happens. (I then found out there is another 'death' but that is another story)I liked most of the artwork. It seems the Ultimate comics have Spidey and friends much younger AND it seems most of his close friends knows his [...]

    9. Lloyd

      "Death of Spider-Man Prelude", huh? In a volume which Peter Parker looks really alive and well at the end, I wonder what could be coming next. Well, apparently he does die, but maybe Well, I guess we'll just have to read on and see. This volume is the aftermath of Peter and the other young superhero residents of Aunt May's abode being urged to take a break from superheroing That's until the Ultimates decide Peter should be groomed to be a better Spider-Man. Bendis, as I've said endless times rev [...]

    10. Geoff Derks

      Sad to see this legend come to an end. A while back I had to read the event that people were talking about - "Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Vol. 4: Death of Spider-Man" I thought it was okay, but I wasn't invested in the Ultimate Peter Parker, so his death wasn't that much of an impact. However, reading the Miles Morales (new UC Spider-Man) volumes starting with Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, Vol.1, I kept seeing a reverence for Peter. I needed to find out why he was so great. Over the last 6 months, [...]

    11. Sean

      Brian Michael Bendis once again dives into the super-hero teen drama of the Ultimate Spider-Man and all his friends. Here we are shown some really interesting ideas about how Spider-Man should fit into the Ultimate world as a whole. There is also great scenes with Mysterio and Black Cat. I'm not sure where that's going but its really interesting. All that said, all this is pushed aside by the never ending teenage drama with Peter. I understand that is a huge draw for many people here but Spider- [...]

    12. Martin

      Yes this book is the last pit stop on the road to the death of spider man event and well it delivers all around the plot centers around this tablet that can grant the user its one wish though literaly so for instance i want to make all fear me the tablet would make everyone fear you to the point everyone would run away from you. That and we get to see mysterio's ultimate version who is well kinda cool and i enjoyed his character. black cat is also a character and the kingpin makes and cameo or t [...]

    13. Edward Cheer

      This was definitely a step in the right direction for Bendis, since his last comic. This book improves upon the previous by adding the more human side to Spider-Man, and it is much appreciated. However, the story is a little hard to get behind with this secret magical key that has the power of a mini-Death Star laser. I also didn't feel as much for Peter and MJ for hooking up yet again (I believe that makes this the third in this series), so this just seemed like a big eye-roller for me. Hopeful [...]

    14. Anthony

      I'm wondering what this has to do with The Death of Spider-man arc? No doubt it'll make more sense once I get to the actual Death of Spider-man arc, but this just seems like another volume of Ultimate Spider-man. I mean, it's a decent volume, I just think the title is a little misleading.The art is also a little inconsistent. There's about 6 different artists working on this volume, and that's not include the #150 special. It just hurts the flow a little at times. But the final part, drawn by Ch [...]

    15. Holden Attradies

      This is probably the best post-Ultimatum Ultimate Spider-Man. The art is amazing, especially just about any panel with MJ and Gwen. The art brings a feeling of teenage hijinks and angst to the series that fit it just right. There is a particular panel with MJ and Gwen peeking round a corner at Peter that was just perfect and hysterical. Sara Pichelli is REALLY good and making a static comic panel feel like a moving clip in a movie.

    16. Caroline

      I haven't read that much of Peter Parker as Ultimate Spider-Man but I went back to read this after reading some of the Miles Morales books and now I'm sad and don't want Peter to die :-/.This was a pretty good story, although the art was kind of a mixed bag (all GOOD artists, just you could tell they were rushed/had several disparate art styles mixed together in the same issue.)Also, apparently Ultimate Johnny Storm wears a fedora? As a disguise? Somebody needs to talk to him about this and also [...]

    17. Beckiezra

      I really enjoy Sarah Pichelli's artwork. The story was often laugh out loud funny (Spider-man's total fail with Captain America was particularly amusing). I'm a bit confused with the numbering, I thought maybe they were including Avenger comics since it jumped from 15 to 150s but according to the copyright it's all Ultimate Spider-man. I liked the look of the art in the last issue BUT it didn't look like he really looked at the previous character designs because he made Mary Jane look like she d [...]

    18. B

      For a "prelude," this is not a great starting point. It's mostly a culmination of several things. And then the "new" stuff happens in the middle. I think Bendis misses some opportunities to make the "superhero school" thing interesting. It is as though hje (like one of the teachers) really didn't want to do it. Then there's an unexplained MacGuffin that vaporized a New York City block and everyone shrugs it off.But the characters are all strongly written.

    19. Val.

      Todo lo que puedo decir es: MehNo fue terrible, pero no me gusto. Las ilustraciones fueron un tanto humm infantiles, no sé cómo describirlas, pero no me gustaron. Este cómic me dejo con un mal sabor porque creí que me iba a topar con una mejor historia, y pues no fue así, simplemente no, le perdí las ganas a toda la saga de Ultimate. El Peter parker de esta historia es un tanto soso, al igual que Mary Jane, y Gwen Stacy, y la tía May, y todos.

    20. Shaun

      This is the volume in which Peter gets his affairs in order. The prelude to death of Spider-Man is where all the loose ends and hanging threads all get tied up or forever deferred. There's no real epic feel to this volume, just good old Spider-Man doing what he does and Peter sorting through his metaphoical junk on his days off. But there aren't many large changes in his life this time. Calm before the storm.

    21. Jacob

      Didn't really like the art in this one, it definitely isn't the worst I ever seen, but the faces all seemed a little off.What's up with dissing Jack London? Some of his books are pretty good (I've only read some of them, so I don't know about the rest) And the Rules for using the Wi-Fi poster in the computer lab? I like all the little jokes thrown in the background of these Ultimate Spider-Man comics.

    22. Ian

      Despite the ominous title, this feels like just another chapter--and a lackluster one, at that--of Peter's life. If Mysterio's plotline actually resolves--and if its momentum thus far is any indication, I don't think it will--Bendis'll have to climb uphill to make it feel like it belongs in the series.

    23. Eric Mikols

      One more volume to go until the big death. I've been reading this series for a more then a decade, it's sad to see it coming to an end. This volume was the usual goodness but the art is just plain gorgeous.

    24. Brian

      Some of the artwork here is amazing. Storylines are wrapping up (gee, I wonder why) but this book still does amazing things with teen life and characterization overall.

    25. Shannon Appelcline

      A volume that really shows off that the heart of this Spider-Man is in its character moments--which comprise the vast majority of this book.

    26. TJ Shelby

      Great book and intro story arc for Spidey's death. Bendis has almost made the Ultimate Spidey series more pertinent than the baseline series.

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