Royal Street

Royal Street As the junior wizard sentinel for New Orleans Drusilla Jaco s job involves a lot potion mixing and pixie retrieval than sniffing out supernatural bad guys like rogue vampires and lethal were creature

  • Title: Royal Street
  • Author: SuzanneJohnson
  • ISBN: 9780765327796
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Paperback
  • Royal Street

    As the junior wizard sentinel for New Orleans, Drusilla Jaco s job involves a lot potion mixing and pixie retrieval than sniffing out supernatural bad guys like rogue vampires and lethal were creatures DJ s boss and mentor, Gerald St Simon, is the wizard tasked with protecting the city from anyone or anything that might slip over from the preternatural beyond.Then HAs the junior wizard sentinel for New Orleans, Drusilla Jaco s job involves a lot potion mixing and pixie retrieval than sniffing out supernatural bad guys like rogue vampires and lethal were creatures DJ s boss and mentor, Gerald St Simon, is the wizard tasked with protecting the city from anyone or anything that might slip over from the preternatural beyond.Then Hurricane Katrina hammers New Orleans fragile levees, unleashing than just dangerous flood waters.While winds howled and Lake Pontchartrain surged, the borders between the modern city and the Otherworld crumbled Now, the undead and the restless are roaming the Big Easy, and a serial killer with ties to voodoo is murdering the soldiers sent to help the city recover.To make it worse, Gerry has gone missing, the wizards Elders have assigned a grenade toting assassin as DJ s new partner, and undead pirate Jean Lafitte wants to make her walk his plank The search for Gerry and for the serial killer turns personal when DJ learns the hard way that loyalty requires sacrifice, allies come from the unlikeliest places, and duty mixed with love creates one bitter gumbo.

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    One thought on “Royal Street

    1. Denisa

      Couldn't go through with it. DNF his lips say "sorry", everythingelse says "not even close" I didn't like the characters, none of them. And there were stuff that annoyed me so much and that didn't really make sense!She was a sentinel (or guardian, can't remember what it was called) -in-training, she and only a few others were protecting New Orleans from all supernaturals (and we all know this city is always full of activity, no matter what book you read). Yet the badass future guardian didn't ev [...]

    2. Michelle, the Bookshelf StalkerQueen of the Undead

      You never know how you’ll react to a book. From the book summary, and the other ratings/reviews, I expected to love it. Sadly, my expectations were not met. There wasn’t anything glaring about the book that made me hate it, it just didn’t work for me.I felt absolutely no connection to any of the characters. Drusilla Jaco (known as D.J.) D.J. was the main female protagonist. She’s a low level wizard living with a higher level wizard at the start of the book. There is a lot of background t [...]

    3. Rane

      While Royal Street was marketed more along the lines of Urban Fantasy, it turned out to be a Paranormal Detective novel as DJ along with the reader follow the clues in hurricane ravaged New Orleans.The author showed great sensitivity when writing Royal Street, as much of the story takes place before and after Katrina and Rita. She doesn't sugar coat all that happened, but she shows great respect for the people's lives that were effected.This gives a sense of urgency as DJ races against the clock [...]

    4. Jessie(Ageless Pages Reviews)

      Read This Review & More Like It On My Blog!2.5 out of 5I went into this UF/PNR pretty hopeful: spunky heroine, a secret wizard organization, Hurricane Katrina, and an undead sexy pirate. What's not to love, besides the Louisiana location (seriously, hasn't another paranormal series coughSookiecough dominated that locale for the last 7 years?)? Well, if you're an apparently unsatisfied reader like me, three out of those four items did not live up to expectations. DJ failed to impress me throu [...]

    5. Kelly

      Royal Street, by Suzanne Johnson, is the first in a new urban fantasy series set in New Orleans. Drusilla Jaco, a.k.a. DJ, is one of the city’s two wizard sentinels, which means she’s assigned to keep an eye on paranormal trouble in town. The other sentinel is Gerry, Drusilla’s mentor and father figure. With Hurricane Katrina on the way, DJ evacuates while Gerry stays behind. When the storm passes, DJ returns to a devastated New Orleans to find Gerry missing, new breaches opened between th [...]

    6. Shera (Book Whispers)

      This is one of the those books where I wanted to give it a higher rating, but in all honesty just couldn’t. Before I even sat down to write this review I antagonized about giving it a higher rating. Then it hit me if I have to think this hard to find enough qualities to bump up the rating, that's my first sign. Even if this one of my top debuts for 2012. The reason for my feelings is for the world building of Royal Street. Wizards exist and they police the borders of the Beyond—where wizards [...]

    7. Bastard

      bastardbooks/2012I've always been fascinated with the idea of fantasy stories including natural disasters as part of the narrative. Not the usual "storm is coming, I feel something terrible is about to happen" kind of event, but just a random tornado suddenly touching down in the middle of a scene, or maybe a hurricane comes to destroy a town and be just that, a natural storm without all the added plot-device baggage. It was with that in mind that I got interested in Royal Street by Suzanne Joh [...]

    8. Snarktastic Sonja

      I am going to begin this review with a trigger warning . . . no, not your normal sex stuff . . . a hurricane warning, if you will. This book happens during Hurricane Katrina. If this sets up a nightmare scenario in your mind, you should probably skip it. It isn't a side note here - it is a *huge* part of the story. And, I think it is quite well done and it illustrates, more than the media did, about the hardships and struggles the residents faced. But, nonetheless, if this is something you don't [...]

    9. AH

      “A secluded Louisiana bayou. A sexy pirate. Seduction and deceit. My Friday afternoon had the makings of a great romantic adventure, at least in theory.”Now that is a promising start to a novel. Set in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath, Royal Street has the makings of a really good story. The basic premise is that the Hurricane’s change of barometric pressure allowed energy fields that protect our world from the Beyond to weaken, thereby allowing preternaturals to come [...]

    10. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)

      Royal Street is a very refreshing and enjoyable urban fantasy read. I was captivated by the sights and scenery of New Orleans, and the honest and enlightening perspective of the city during and after the Hurricane Katrina devastation. We did get refugees (both human and animal) from New Orleans around that time in the Austin, and also the poisoned air drifted our way, causing a lot of allergy and respiratory issues. Seeing the aftermath from a more distant perspective was painful enough. I can't [...]

    11. Olga Godim

      New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina. Magic and wizards. Betrayals and gods. Historically undead pirates and ultra-modern guns. It’s not a surprise such an unholy mix resulted in a marvelously fresh urban fantasy novel.The protagonist Drusilla (I hate the name by the way) is a young wizard in New Orleans, a junior member of the Green Congress of wizards. Her hardest assignment up to date has been sending a historically undead pirate back to Beyond, where he belongs. Then Katrina hits, and D [...]

    12. Dawn

      Royal Street. What can I say? I loved it. Wonderful characters, a great plot and plenty of conflict. Not to mention sexy shape-shifters and pirates. Drusilla Jaco, known as DJ, is a Green Wizard and a Sentinel in New Orleans. Her boss, Gerry gives her an assignment to capture and send the famous pirate, Jean Lafitte back to the Beyond. Lafitte threatens payback, but she sends him on his way. Then hurricane Katrina comes along, and DJ is ordered to evacuate. We all know what happens to New Orlean [...]

    13. D.G.

      **2.5 stars**The best part of this book was the setting - New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. After that, the world was full of plot holes with a wishy washy main character that should have CLUELESS stamped on her forehead and a stupid love quadrangle. You heard it right, not two but THREE men have her sights on her. Sigh is a low level sentinel in New Orleans at the time of Hurricane Katrina, which has breached the walls between this world and the "beyond". Her mentor disappears and even thou [...]

    14. Kara-karina

      I actually really liked this book. It's refreshing, easy and just a little bit different to be memorable among the sea of other urban fantasies.Dru is certainly not a kick-ass heroine. Physically she is an average human apart from being able to work with magic. She gets beaten and hurt easily, and you have to respect her determination to continue in the circumstances when a normal human being retreats. She's got a lovely sense of humour, it's a pleasure to read her banter with Alex, her unwillin [...]

    15. Kenya Wright

      HOLY BATMAN THIS BOOK SUCKED!You see the girl's facial expression on the book cover? It says. hurry up and take this photo i need to take a dump!That girl's facial expression summarizes my reading experience with this book.This is the book you read while waiting for someone to get out of the bathroom to take a dump.And I mean this with the most respectNow I admit, the first four chapters I was enjoying myself getting excited but then nothing.I made it to 60% and just DNF'd it.God I was boredIt j [...]

    16. Tracey

      Royal Street is another Netgalley offering which made me very happy. Netgalley is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you're gonna get. Royal Street is one of the ones that looks like it might be one of those odd chocolate-covered taffy things, where the inside is that strange pastel color and you seem to just have to chew and chew. It might look that way, as possibly just-another-urban-fantasy, but Royal Street is actually pure coconut. Or, as the Cigarette Smoking Man preferred, E [...]

    17. Melliane

      Mon avis en françaisMy English reviewSince I heard about this book, I was more than intrigued to learn more about it. So when I had the opportunity to read it with Netgalley, I immediately asked for it. And I confess that now I can only recommend it. It’s a new series I really loved (yes, yes, again). It’s always a pleasure to discover some new books like this one.Suzanne Johnson presents us a unique world, different from the ones we could have found before. A world of course full of magic, [...]

    18. Lesley

      Posted at My keeper shelfI’m a complete sucker for a new urban fantasy series and Royal Street by Suzanne Johnson is just the kind of clever, creative and beautifully written urban fantasy that I love. Royal Street’s setting and world building was really quite skilful and inventive. I’ve always liked and appreciated a little bit of reality mixed in with any new fictional setting and I thought Johnson really delivered this in Royal Street. Set in 2005 just as Hurricane Katrina hits New Orle [...]

    19. Alicia

      Overall, not for me.Drusilla is a Green Congress wizard living in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hits. She leaves the city before the hurricane hits, but her mentor Gerry sticks around. At first, the two remain in touch, and Gerry appears to be fine. But then Gerry disappears. The wizard Elders demand that Drusilla return to New Orleans, locate Gerry, and address the crack in the divide between the Beyond and the real world. To help her, they send Alex, an enforcer whom Drusilla finds to be [...]

    20. Jeffrey

      Royal Street by Suzanne Johnson is an interesting urban fantasy set in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Karina. Mixing the damaged New Orleans, long dead revenants who can cross from the Beyond back to the living, pirates, voodoo gods, magic and shapeshifters, Johnson’s debut novel is a real treat. At the outset, we are introduced to DJ, the main protagonist, a young green empath and wizard in training tasked by her master wizard Gerry to seduce the revenant Pirate Jean LaFitte, who has go [...]

    21. Cat Russell(Addicted2Heroines)

      A Green Congress wizard, a missing mentor, a decimated city, and one sexy pirate whose existence is made possible by the magic of memories. These are just some aspects of Johnson's Sentinels of New Orleans debut that made this novel an engaging and entertaining read.I was originally drawn to Royal Street by its eye-catching cover. When reading the synopsis, I was intrigued by the idea of a world filled with magic, coupled with the difficulty of overcoming an event as devastating as Hurricane Kat [...]

    22. Carolyn F.

      I really enjoyed this book. Thank you whoever recommended it because I loved it. I'm planning on reading more of the series. There are glimpses of a romance but who knows who the lucky guy is. Usually I want some sort of choice before books end, but it really didn't bother me that there wasn't. Can't wait to see what happens next! I would recommend this book.

    23. Galateea

      I picked up this book because a fellow book blogger and book junkie friend recommended it to me. And since i'm also in the habit of shoving books down her throat - she loves it - and I also happen to love paranormal romance and urban fantasy, i just couldn't refuse. The interesting synopsis as well as ravenous 5 star reviews certainly weighted quite a bit in my decision.As I was saying, i adore PNR and UF, i really do. They're two of my favorite genres, but this book simply did not do it for me. [...]

    24. Danielle (Danniegurl)

      While the book was interested and I did like it I wasn't blown away by it.Firstly the writing style is my forte it engaged me and had some silly side thoughts which really brought the characters to life but the execution of writing I wasn't a fan of. There was a lot of telling in this book and while it was a combination of the two, show and tell and tell and show, it wasn't enough for me not to notice and get bored with the glossing of things.The second thing, while I appreciate being dropped in [...]

    25. Andrea

      Set in New Orleans in the days preceding Hurricane Katrina, and the tumultuous weeks after, ROYAL STREET is the story of Drusilla "DJ" Jaco. DJ, a Green Congress wizard, is charged with helping to protect modern day New Orleans from the Beyond. What lies in the Beyond? Vampires, Weres, Elves, the Historical UndeadAll who are itching to cross over. When Hurricane Katrina forces a breach in the borders, and DJ's mentor, Gerry goes missing, she'll find out is she's ready to take on the preternatura [...]

    26. LadyTechie

      Let me preface this by saying that I have waited months to get a chance to read this book. I was able to obtain a copy through Netgalley's great e-ARC program. Royal Street is one of the books I have looked forward to since I was made aware that it was forthcoming early last summer. I have a love for stories based in New Orleans, especially urban fantasy. Royal Street is an urban fantasy based in the time of Hurricane's Katrina and Rita and a lot of what happens has its basis in the vulnerabilit [...]

    27. Stacy

      I gave it 3.5/5 starsROYAL STREET takes place during and after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Druisilla takes off to safety at her Grandmas house but her mentor Gerald St. Simon goes missing. Now that the borders between her world and the Underworld have crumbled Druisilla becomes the target of a dead pirate as well as a voodoo god. To make matters worse a sexy new partner walks into her life sent by the wizard elders.Druisilla (DJ) is a junior wizard trying to figure her way through what she [...]

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