Moon Run

Moon Run The wolf races in where the human heart trembles to follow Wolf Town Book Iain s head has called Wolf Town home for six years His heart hurt by a childhood spent suppressing his wolf won t let him

  • Title: Moon Run
  • Author: Joely Skye
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Moon Run

    The wolf races in where the human heart trembles to follow.Wolf Town, Book 3Iain s head has called Wolf Town home for six years His heart, hurt by a childhood spent suppressing his wolf, won t let him believe he isn t one misstep away from exile.During the first moon run of the year, the electrifying connection his wolf makes with Teo, the pack s beta and resident doctor,The wolf races in where the human heart trembles to follow.Wolf Town, Book 3Iain s head has called Wolf Town home for six years His heart, hurt by a childhood spent suppressing his wolf, won t let him believe he isn t one misstep away from exile.During the first moon run of the year, the electrifying connection his wolf makes with Teo, the pack s beta and resident doctor, has potential mate written all over it Yet the only emotion that rises above the tangled scars of his past is excitement over ensuring a permanent place in Wolf Town.Teo can t believe Iain so easily crashed through his rock solid resolve never to date within the pack The young wolf s artless, fumbling explanation for his attraction only serves to remind Teo why he set those rules his own past in a dysfunctional pack Guilt that he let Iain so far under his skin forces Teo to do the one thing his heart rails against Keep it clinical.Teo s apparent rejection not only breaks Iain s heart, it triggers a deep seated desperation that pushes him to take a terrible chance for the sake of the pack And to show Teo their connection is no illusion Product WarningsContains explicit m m sex for all the wrong reasons, all the right reasons, and a relationship that starts out on the wrong paw.

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      328 Joely Skye
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    One thought on “Moon Run

    1. Alison

      This one was a disappointment.I bought it because I’ve recently gotten sucked into Teen Wolf/Sterek fic and I was interested in reading more stories about werewolf shifters, alphas, etc.This was not what I wanted. I think this story is a short that fits between two longer pieces, although I’m not 100% sure on that one.I wasn’t super excited about the alpha/beta/omega dynamic in this story. Might work for others, but wasn’t what I was looking for and seemed far more complicated than it re [...]

    2. Bea

      You know those books that you just inexplicably and irrevocably love, even if you know they're flawed as all hell? Moon Run is one of those books for me. I remember this book - and this entire series, honestly - from a few years back, and I do remember being ridiculously excited that Iain and Teo would be getting their own book. I remember having ordered this the moment it had gone live on the Samhain website.But I like I said, it's a pretty flawed book. I shouldn't like Iain, theoretically. In [...]

    3. Ayanna

      The problem with this book is it doesn't really stand on its own. It requires that you've read the previous book(s). I also feel like the characters didn't quite come into their own either. They're not bad, I guess, but we're told a lot of stuff and it doesn't feel like much of it really meant much of anything.

    4. Jerry

      Continuation of Wolf Town series. Love to read about these shifters. Some of the characters are not always the smartest people, but then were would the story be? Again too short. Should be a part of a longer novel for Wold Town.

    5. Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews

      Originally posted at: whippedcream2/201Can a man shed his demons of the past in order to live a normal life? Or will fear of being cast aside keep him from letting his true self be seen?Iian was introduced in Wolf Town and was instantly cast as the character you wanted to hate. He’s a habitual liar and a user. But in Push Pull I got to see another side of this man and I was blown away by the sacrifices he made to keep another member of Wolf Town safe. Immediately I knew there was a story there [...]

    6. Tam

      This is book 3 in the Wolf Town series. I have a soft spot for these because they are set in my general neck of the woods in Canada. This is set at the same time, more or less, as book two. Iain is Rory's ex who was kind of clingy and annoying and I didn't like him much. This book his story and by about half-way through I just wanted to put him in my pocket and take him home and hug him. You find out why he behaves as he does and my heart broke a little. He's crushing now on Teo, the town beta a [...]

    7. Deanna Against Censorship

      When we first met Iain in earlier stories he was the wolf we did not want around. Maybe we did not hate him but maybe we did. In Push Pull we got to see other sides of him. A glint of understanding showing through Iain's defense mechanisms. Now we were a little confused about Iain. Was he a liar and a user or was he than one that had been used and abused before he came to Wolf Town? Teo has his own trust problems. Strong though he was on the outside he had doubts because he had been betrayed a f [...]

    8. Melissa

      In this book wwe back up about a month to start with, with Iain deciding on the first run of the year that he was to go after what, and who,. he wanted. Who he wanted was the pack's Beta Teo, but Teo had his own issues with people wanting him and not just because he was the town doctor - there were humans living in town also - but because other men had used sleeping with him as a way to mmove up in the pack status.When Iain gets shot and Teoalmost lloses him Two has to convince not only Iain it [...]

    9. Yvonne

      3.5 StarsI liked this one better because I read book 2 & Book 3 back to back. It almost gave the impression of reading one full story. Read separately, they're both too short. I did like reading about Iain and his insecurities and where they came from. Teo seemed to be the perfect match for him as he gives him that security he needed. I'm not sure if this is the end of the series. If it's not, I'm hoping that she takes to time to write more in depth stories as they're more satisfying. Also I [...]

    10. Jen

      I wish these books were longer and more in depth. I would have liked to maybe start the story back when Iain was a teen and experience that. And also back when Teo was with the other pack to experience the trauma of that. Learning it through internal dialogue tends to get monotonous.That aside, I still enjoyed this relatively short read. It's not a "short story" more like 126 pages on my Nook. Went really fast, though. It took me a while to realize this book overlaps the previous one a bit.All i [...]

    11. Kaseka

      3.5 stars.I'm definitely going to check out more of Skye's "Wolf Town" stories. I like paranormal towns as a rule, and this one didn't disappoint. Neither did Moon Run's main characters, whose misunderstandings were understandable given their histories and (in Iain's case) the physical healing process of wolves. A fun (and sometimes heart-tugging) read.

    12. Diane

      If you like sexy heartwarming wolves, you'll like this.This short story takes place concurrently with the events in Push Pull. I love the way this authors plays with overlapping timelines between books.

    13. Sadonna

      This book crosses over the time period of Push Pull - so the first half is really Iain's story during Rory & Scott's story in Book #2. It's a quick light sweet story of two insecure humans who are afraid to give in to their wolves desires.

    14. Merith

      I normally enjoy Joely Skye's work, and really liked the first two in the Wolf Town series. In Moon Run, I liked both MCs - Theo and Iain, and while I can understand their situation is complicated, it just seemed messier than it had to be.

    15. Tj

      Poor Iain is so damaged. This is his story but it is more about tying up loose ends to other stories. Teo and Iain's relationship rounds out the whole of the story and gives it a little more purpose. I enjoyed the story but just didn't connect to the story.

    16. Tamarrion Lash

      Хорошо, но до ее первых книг не дотягивает. И если я обычно пишу: сократить на треть и будет хорошо, то здесь все наоборот - побольше бы, поподробнее.

    17. Mandy*reads obsessively*

      Iain's history makes him insecure and unsure of his place in Wolf Town.I felt so sorry for him, and glad that it all worked out in the end!

    18. EscaPe iNTo thE PaGEs

      I love the Northern Shifter series. This story was about Teo and Iain. I just wish it had been longer. The sex scene was hot!

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