Playing For Time

Playing For Time In Fania Fenelon was a Paris cabaret singer a secret member of the Resistance and a Jew Captured by the Nazis she was sent to Auschwitz where she became one of the legendary orchestra girls w

  • Title: Playing For Time
  • Author: Fania Fénelon Marcelle Routier
  • ISBN: 9780815604945
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Paperback
  • Playing For Time

    In 1943, Fania Fenelon was a Paris cabaret singer, a secret member of the Resistance, and a Jew Captured by the Nazis, she was sent to Auschwitz where she became one of the legendary orchestra girls who used music to survive the Holocaust This is her personal account of the experience.

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      307 Fania Fénelon Marcelle Routier
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    One thought on “Playing For Time

    1. Danny Tyran

      At Auschwitz (Birkenau camp), there was a women's orchestra directed by Alma Rosé, daughter of the quartet leader Arnold Rosé and niece of Gustav Mahler. Fania Goldstein (a.k.a. Fénelon) was part of this orchestra in which she sang and wrote musical arrangments. She is one of the few survivors. It's this story she wrote in this book based on her diary from the concentration camps. It's remarkably frank on many sensitive topics: the degrading compromises survivors had to make, the black humor [...]

    2. Kim

      I'm a fan of Holocaust survivor stories. This one however, rubbed me the wrong way. I didn't like Fania, her story seemed twisted to put her in a good light at all times. I actually watched a documentary that interviewed some of the survivors of this band, and many of them disagreed with her on several points. While this story did actually happen in it bare bones, her retelling of it made it fictitious and dismissible.

    3. Jes. Cavanaugh

      In 2009, my mother was a part of a program called "Desperate Times", which was a recreation of the women's Birkenau Orchestra. She played mandolin in an orchestra with lay musicians as well as symphonic musicians. They played in New York City at St. John the Divine Cathedral, then took their performance to several former camp sites in Germany for Liberation Day celebrations and ceremonies.All of this sparked my interest in reading a first-hand account of life in the camps.Some of the other revie [...]

    4. Marianne

      I first read this story when I was only around 10 y.o. Had I rsted it then, there is no question in my mind I would have given it 5 stars. As an adult I realize she is portraying herself in an overly flattering light; practically as a saint among heathens. Still, this book made quite an impact. These girls went though Hell and survived. 4 gut-wrenching stars.

    5. Tina

      I remember seeing this as a "made for TV" movie back when I was 11 or 12. My mom and I watched it together, and I remember when I was at school the next day, most of my classmates had watched it as well. It was our first experience with a Holocaust related movie, and it certainly left an impression on us. I've never forgotten that movie, and I recently found out that it was based on this book. The book was excellent. It, of course, had much more detail than the movie and details that just would [...]

    6. Tim Mcmahon

      written well after the face and it is fairly obvious that she has made her self look better than she probably acted. This makes her come off as more of a caricature and less a real person. Good story though and fairly gripping. I read it in Calais France sitting next to a German bunker from WWII and that really made the story that much more poignant.

    7. Marla Tanous

      It is an autobiography about a Paris cabinet singer who happens to be a Jew during the Holocaust. She gets caught and thrown into an internment camp. Out of hundreds, she becomes one of the lucky girls, few in numbers, who gets to be in an all woman orchestra. Now she must sing minuet to get minutes.

    8. Mika Auramo

      Fania Fenelonin omaelämäkerrallinen muistelmateos keskittyy omakohtaisiin kokemuksiin keskitysleireiltä toisen maailmansodan aikana. Kirjan suomennetusta nimestä huolimatta kirjoittaja ei ollut Auschwitzin pääleirillä vaan muutaman kilometrin päässä olevalla Birkenaun tuhoamiskeskuksessa.Kirja alkaa orkesterin naisten tapaamisesta kolmenkymmenen vuoden kuluttua. Sen jälkeen mennään junavaunuilla Birkenauhun ja lopulta sodan loppupuolella Bergen-Belseniin. Lopuksi on vielä epilogi, [...]

    9. Laura Hauer

      Playing For Time is by Fania Fenelon and she writes this book because she wants everyone to know the horror that she had to encounter. This book is based off a true story of her real encounter in Auschwitz. She wrote this book so that we could see what she had to suffer even though she might have been treated better than other because she was in the Auschwitz women’s orchestra. But she still had to be starved almost to the point of death. And she had to survive sickness after sickness without [...]

    10. Ruby Tuesday

      I believe that this book was originally written in French and the translation doesn't make for a smooth read. I've read lots of Holocaust survivor books, however this is the first one where I've not particularly liked the author. She conveyed everybody around her in a very negative light whilst portraying herself as the only one will morals and a conscience. Fania Fenelon paints a very unattractive image of the musician Alma Rose but I've read that other survivors saw her in a much more positive [...]

    11. David Taylor

      PLAYING FOR TIME is the autobiography of FANIA (Goldstein) FENELONE, a french singer and musician, and survivor of the holocaust from Auschwitz Birkenau concentration camp. It tells of the circumstances, the Nazi's, the selections, the women's camps and gives an incredible overview of those awful times and terrible tortures, but in a deeply personal way. Fania takes you inside 'The Huts' of the camp in a way that makes you feel you have been there. The book is a true testament to a woman of char [...]

    12. buchergeblaetter

      This is the first holocaust story I have read. I didn't really expect that book to be as emotional and captivating as it was. It kept me thinking over the terrible things, that have happened in my own country, for a very long time. More than any history class our trips to the concentration camps, this book helped me to understand. I started to google certain names, that were mentioned in the book. As I have read some of the reviews on after finishing the book, I noticed some people accusing Fan [...]

    13. Bettie☯

      Vanessa Redgrave Fania FenelonJane Alexander Alma RoseMaud Adams MalaChristine Baranski OlgaRobin Bartlett EtalinaMarisa Berenson ElzvietaVerna Bloom PauletteDonna Haley KatrinaLenore Harris CharlotteMady Kaplan VaryaI think Fania did herself some favours in this memoir and mainly at the expense of Alma Rosé. Now that that has been said, I can tell you that this was breathtaking and Vanessa was superb.

    14. Larizzy

      When I closed this book, I had goosebumps all over my body and had to wipe away a tear from my eye.When I was in my teens, I couldn't get a real connection to this horrible time, even though I read Anne Frank and had lots of lessons in different subjects at school.It is so important to read reports written by witnesses. Soon every survivor will have passed away and "only" books will be left of what happened then.Therefore, I highly recommend this book to everybody.

    15. Christina

      This book is really morbidly interesting about the female orchestra in Birkenau led by Alma Rose until her death. I personally found it a little difficult to remember which woman was which because there are so many in the orchestra but otherwise, really worth a read. I'm indebted to my student who introduced me to this woman (I had known about Rose and a few others but not Fenelon) and this turned out to be the best book I have read so far on the topic.

    16. Jen Davis Lance

      Although this book was not as fascinating as it was when I first read it at the age of 12 (one of my first autobiographical reads from a concentration camp survivor), I was still struck by Fania's unfailing obtimism, the dichotomy of the SS officers relaxing to music after a 'hard' day of murdering Jews, and her wonderfully descriptive language.

    17. Tomi

      It took me awhile to get into this one; but once I did, it was impossible to put down. The author was a Mischlinge who was sent to Auschwitz where she became a member of the camp orchestra. Her perspective is different from many I have read, as she was one of the (barely) more privileged inmates. It is a heartbreaking story.

    18. Danielle

      I read this a few years ago, after I saw the movie. It was excellent, heart breaking and you'll never forget it. You should also watch the movie, with Vanessa Redgrave. So, so sad, but triumphant too.

    19. Brit Barkholtz

      This is one of the most powerful Holocaust memoirs I've read, of the same calibur as "Night". I laughed, I cried, but most of all, I *felt*. This is not a sugar-coated memoir but rather a brutally honest account of horror, and I recommend it to anyone. This story needs to be told.

    20. Amy

      An Auschwitz survivor's story of her time in the camps, playing in an orchestra to entertain the SS officers who valued music over human life. It is a tragic insight to the monstrosity as well as a testament to the spirit of survival.

    21. Sarah

      I don't know if it's just the way this book is written but I found it hard to like the author, she came across as being quite critical about the people she was having to live with everyday. The book also didn't flow well for me. Interesting read not one of the best holocaust books I've read.

    22. Amanda

      I have just found a copy of this on my bookshelf. It was a book I read when I was 16 and have re-read at least 4 more times. Its a deeply moving and explicit account of life under the Nazi regime, and how the orchestra in Auschwitz survived.An amazing read.

    23. Bernd

      An essential book that succeeds to convey the horror and cruelty of a German concentration camp. Unbelievable what humans do to others. A book that is both a means not to forget and a warning.

    24. Angie Gascho

      I use this book as one of the stories we read in my Holocaust Literature Class. It is a captivating true story about the orchestra at Auschwitz that looks at the Holocaust through a different lens.

    25. Julie

      Everytime I think I've 'heard it all' about people's experiences in the Holocaust, I'm proven wrong. This was an amazing read!

    26. Jon

      An invaluable human document of relentless, systematic inhumanity & the courage of those women who resisted and survived it.

    27. SM Surber

      The horrors of a French cabaret singer's experiences in Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen. Very moving, descriptive memoir. Never forget.

    28. Christina

      So moving and inspirational. Only one person from my family made it through the holocaust and she was as strong as these wonderful characters

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