The Flawless Skin of Ugly People

The Flawless Skin of Ugly People Thanks to Ugly Betty America is finally ready to read a love story about a couple who isn t sleek slick tucked pulled or plastic Do we have to be beautiful to be loved Hobbie this novel s darkly

  • Title: The Flawless Skin of Ugly People
  • Author: Doug Crandell
  • ISBN: 9780753512999
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Flawless Skin of Ugly People

    Thanks to Ugly Betty, America is finally ready to read a love story about a couple who isn t sleek, slick, tucked, pulled, or plastic.Do we have to be beautiful to be loved Hobbie this novel s darkly romantic hero has been banished to homely man exile in the North Georgia Mountains, where his enemies are mirrors and bears Things are not going well for Hobbie His skin PThanks to Ugly Betty, America is finally ready to read a love story about a couple who isn t sleek, slick, tucked, pulled, or plastic.Do we have to be beautiful to be loved Hobbie this novel s darkly romantic hero has been banished to homely man exile in the North Georgia Mountains, where his enemies are mirrors and bears Things are not going well for Hobbie His skin Pizza Face, super sized, with extra pepperoni and pitted olives Job status Former bank teller Love life His common law wife Kari has gone AWOL at a weight loss clinic in North Carolina.But just as it seems Hobbie is doomed to go through life as a sweet, self pitying anonymous joke, he jumps out of his skin and becomes downright heroic.Can Hobbie rescue Kari from the weight loss clinic Can he pull his fractured family together Plastic surgery will he or won t he Will love endure if Hobbie s skin clears up, Kari drops pounds, and ugly people become flawless Readers won t be able to put the book down until they find out.

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    One thought on “The Flawless Skin of Ugly People

    1. Gina Boyd

      There aren’t many romances about ugly people, but this is one. Kari is very, very fat, and Hobbie suffers from acne vulgaris, which causes him to pick and squeeze ceaselessly at his sore, lumpy, irritated face. Abused as children, Kari and Hobbie love one another with passion and kindness, and they’ve built a nomadic life together that’s based on trying to escape their pasts—and maybe themselves.Kari cloisters herself in a weight-loss facility, while Hobbie is left alone to deal with a b [...]

    2. Pam

      I found this book to be a quick read - as it was engaging and I quickly became invested in the outcome.It's strange to read that some people thought it was about "ugly" people. I thought it was about people trying to hide - even disappear. From their pasts - their secrets - their regrets - their shame. And about people learning to forgive - themselves and others. Forgiving doesn't mean you have to reconcile with that person or justify what was done - you just have to get yourself to a place wher [...]

    3. Sarah

      This was one of those books where you keep reading just because you sort of want to know the end and once you get there you kind of wish you hadn't bothered!

    4. Mary

      I really liked this book. I found it randomly at the library and read it in a day. I felt so sorry for the characters but loved them at the same time. I just wanted to give each of them a big hug and tell them that they were important and loved despite all the abuse and rejection they had faced throughout their lives. A good read for a plane ride or afternoon away from distractions.

    5. David Jay

      This book reminded me of "little woman" and "two girls fat and thin." I like a story about someone who is not typically the hero/heroine. And in this book, the hero is a man in his 30s with severe acne couple with a compulsive skin picking disorder. His common law wife is obese and the book begins with her at a weight loss clinic and communicating soley by letters.The book is interesting and well written and odd, like the other two books I mentioned. I've never read a book where a character was [...]

    6. susi

      I love everything that I have read from Doug Crandell's entries in The Sun magazine, so I picked this book up. I have to say though, I barely made it through the first three chapters, because I felt so queasy from all of the disgusting habits of the main characters and the detailed descriptions of them carrying them out. But I still couldn't seem to put the book down and read through it very quickly. The series of events that take place are so crazy and unbelievable, but I found that I really ca [...]

    7. Meghan

      After I started this book, I didn't look forward to finishing it. The narrator of the story, Hobbie, has really bad acne. His common-law wife is away at a weight-loss clinic. Their life together consists of moving from one suburb to another, working as bank tellers and shopping at large chain stores so they can remain as anonymous as possible. When Hobbie and his dog are attacked by a bear, things start to change.

    8. Lori Bievenour

      I'm not sure where I heard about this book, but I was entertained. The story reminds me a bit of the movie "Little Miss Sunshine" with its wonderfully eclectic cast of characters - some believeable and others wild charicatures of people we all have in lives. The story has a few twists and a lot of moments when you catch yourself wondering if you're at all like these people. Then you realize that you are at least a little.

    9. Laura

      An interesting novel about the long lasting effects of molestation on two friends - Kari and her best friend/boyfriend Hobbie. Hobbie has terrible acne, and Kari has a weight problem - the book is a compassionate story of Hobbie's restorative journey after 20 years of hiding behind his damaged face, while Kari comes to terms with the past during a stay at a Durham weight loss clinic.

    10. Kristin

      This is a marvelous book. I've had it on my "to-read" list for years, but my former public library didn't have it. I don't even know if I knew what it was about -- an estranged common-law couple each dealing with the fallout of a shared horrific experience -- but I'm so glad I left it on my list. Doug Crandell tells a wonderful story about flawed people just trying to get by. I'll read anything by him.(Also, the summary does not do this book justice. It's not as campy/predictable/gleefully posi [...]

    11. Tortla

      Not what I thought it would be, but still amusing and a little perplexing. Given the title and what synopses I'd read, I expected this to be a quirky romance about ugly people (with flawless skin, naturally). But it wasn't really any of those things. It was a pretty sweet story, and kind of realistic for the amount of goodness and true love that it had. But the narrator-protagonist has the opposite of flawless skin (and is in fact *not* ugly) and is *already* in a relationshipSo there's not real [...]

    12. Lisa (Harmonybites)

      I wanted to love this book. I wanted it to be the "quirky love story" promised on the back cover and suggested in the title. It's not badly written and it's a quick read, one you could run through in a few hours, but I didn't even want to give it that after reaching more than halfway. You can tell this book wants to be literary--it's told present tense first person by Hobbie. A thirty-something "pizza face" who bonded with Kari, his very overweight common-law wife of twenty years, over their mol [...]

    13. April

      2.5 stars. *Spoilers*I enjoyed reading about the rather deep and varied masks behind which people hide. To a point. However, the characters didn't actually resolve anything or grow any stronger/better throughout the book. Hobbie only ends up heading towards mending his broken past and move on with his life when he opts for new facial procedures for his acne; Kari (who we never actually really "see" in this book aside from the letters and memories shown to us by Hobbie) is ensconced in a weight-l [...]

    14. Vanessa

      I read this book due to a VenusZine suggestion. It started out pretty good. I really connected with the narrator. That's Hobbie, a man in his late thirties who's been dealing with adult acne his whole life. This is something we have in common, although thankfully mine has quieted down lately. Anyway, what I connect with him most on is how his acute awareness of his acne permeates his perception of every encounter he has with every human with whom he has any contact-- any stranger, any loved one, [...]

    15. Jennifer

      This was a surprisingly good read. The story is told from an unusual point of view. At least, I don't think I have read this particular voice before. The narrator is a 38 year old man who has suffered from acne vulgaris for most of his life. He and his wife were abused by a deacon at their church when they were young. They both have serious issues relating to this abuse, but the book deals with the issues and the healing process rather than the abuse. What stood out to me is the idea implied by [...]

    16. Jade Amolat

      This book is amazing! It healed me in some way, maybe because I could relate to Kari and Hobbie, who had terrible scars from their pasts, and are struggling to live in the present because of their history. At first, I thought it was slow-paced and boring, but it was just the build-up of the plot. When I reached almost half of the story, that's when things got more interesting. Plot twists are being revealed, the characters get into more complicated situations and for me, it's just perfect. It's [...]

    17. Joanne

      A quirky story I really enjoyed. Hobbie (he goes by his last name) has really bad acne and picks at it to relieve stress. His girlfriend is very fat and eats to relieve stress. Both of them were sexually abused by the deacon of their church when they were teenagers and never got over it. They have lived together for 20 years when Keri leaves to go to a weight-loss clinic and instructs Hobbie not to contact her while she is there. While he is alone he befriends her father, meets her mother and an [...]

    18. Marian

      While this book is fairly flawed, it is also moving and sweet. It's about two people who love each other, but who use their issues with their bodies as an excuse to hide away from the world. It is a good first-hand look into obsession (the narrator Hobbie, has acne vulgaris and messes with his face to relieve his anxiety), but the author takes the "flawed on the outside, beautiful on the inside" theme a little overboard. If you must have sophisticated writing in your novels, I don't think "Flawe [...]

    19. Laurie

      This book was about a couple who started dating in high school, bonded over mutually experiencing abuse by a deacon at their church. I liked this unique novel- finally a story about a "normal" person with insecurities, an average job, and a desire to do and be better rather than just wallow in their problems. It was a little short- I felt like the whole book was building up to a climax that ended on the last page. But it wasn't too bad- I guess the point was to get to know- Robbie- but I was jus [...]

    20. Chelsea

      My friend Ann gave me this book awhile back and just got around to reading it. I give this book 4 and a 1/2 stars. I really liked Doug Crandell's style of writing. Easy to get into the characters and it makes you sad to think what happened to this couple. So much torment and hiding from the real world. But they have each other to get through the hard times. I recommend this book to everyone. Makes you look at your own life and faults along the way. It is never too late to change yourself and bec [...]

    21. Cory

      I was a little shocked by this book at first, as the first 20 pages or so seemed to be about gore and self-mutilation and brutal honesty. However, the further in I got the more I realized that all the "bad" things happened for a purpose, and that the book was really about redemption and family and tender kindnesses. In a way, it's sort of like early Douglas Coupland . . . beautifully written and graceful and filled with tender details and moments that go right to your heart. I liked this book qu [...]

    22. Misery

      The Flawless Skin of Ugly People is unlike any other love story I've read. Within it's pages you will be drawn into the lives of two outcasts who cling to eachother out of fear, shame and love. This book is brutally honest, heart breaking and bizzare at times. It is about as authentic as anything I've ever read. The likeness to real life makes me have to believe the author has had to suffer some form of isolation and scrutiny the general population inflicts on others considered to be less than n [...]

    23. Christy Stewart

      I think this is one of those books where you are suppose to follow someone on their journey and learn something about yourself along the way. If you ignore that, it's a great book.I have this odd fetish for books about ugly people so I was all for this book, even planning on giving it a 5 star rating just on principal but it was actually GOOD. The characters are so realistic (for me, at least) that even someone as heartless as myself felt emotion. Real emotion. Almost Oprah-esque You-Just-Won-A- [...]

    24. Chris

      Leonard Hobbie is estranged from his common-law wife, Kari; his dog, Terry, is ill; he's just been mauled by a bear, and his belligerent father-in-law (of sorts), Roth, is no help whatsoever. Lest we forget, he was molested by a clergyman as a youngster. All this, and he has a complexion that earned him the boyhood nickname, Pizzaface.I'm not entirely sure what the author was trying to accomplish with this novel. Granted, how we define beauty and ugliness is always a worthwhile discussion topic, [...]

    25. Claire Capul

      I found the book really boring. I was even excited to read it because of its catchy title. But it was really boring. I'm sorry.So the book is about a couple whom are "ugly." Or so what the book is trying to say. I don't think that the reason that they are with each other is that because they are mutually in pain. I think their relationship is deeper than that. Read it to know more.The book also shows the readers the meaning of beauty and if that beauty defines a person or not and if being beauti [...]

    26. Rachel

      The descriptions of the bodies and habits of the characters in this book had me nauseated. I had a gag reflex more than once reading about the protagonist picking his own acne with a sewing needle, or the dog having a seizure, or the old man drooling after a stroke. I think there are better ways to get readers to sympathize with characters than making them sick to their stomachs. Beyond that, the storyline is not very compelling, the ending is unsatisfactory, the writing is mediocre, and the mai [...]

    27. Jill

      I really enjoyed this book. It reminded me a lot of both Catcher in the Rye (particularly in its narration) and Little Miss Sunshine. The characters were quirky and interesting and flawed, and I liked that. I also liked how the themes were nicely woven throughout the plot. What bothered me a bit, though, was that it seemed pedantic and somewhat superficial at times (which is ironic, given the main theme of the novel). Still, the characters and plot were engaging enough for me to overlook these " [...]

    28. Karen

      I found the main character overly whiny. I rarely was able to fully sympathize with him. A few times the author brought me close to caring, and once I felt bad for judging the main character too harshly, but that quickly faded as his wining began again. The ending was much too simple and I think it intended to bring some type of closure, but it felt too forced and obvious and left me rolling my eyes.

    29. KevinHemphill

      I have read this author before and enjoyed his other book, Hairstyles of the Moderately Depressed. This book seems to be just as unpredictable and full of random events that happen to the main character, Hobbie. I'm can't wait to see how it ends :) I enjoyed reading this book. It was very entertaining but just endedleaving you guessing how things would turn out for Hobbie. I recommend itbut it's not the best book I have read.

    30. Morgan

      I read this book so you don't have to. It was not funny in the least like I expected it to, I don't know why. A guy with acne's fat common law wife leaves him and there's a path to discovery I guess and a re-shaping of family. It's stupid the only reason I read it all the way through was to see where the HECK it was going and if it actually had a direction. The last paragraph was actually pretty good.

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