Night and Day

Night and Day Cedric a sun sprite from a highly respected family is soon to be married to his wealthy cousin to satisfy family debts Miserable Cedric is allowed one night of freedom before his wedding A vampire

  • Title: Night and Day
  • Author: Mandy Rosko
  • ISBN: 9781610343411
  • Page: 154
  • Format: ebook
  • Night and Day

    Cedric, a sun sprite from a highly respected family, is soon to be married to his wealthy cousin to satisfy family debts Miserable, Cedric is allowed one night of freedom before his wedding A vampire lord is having his centennial, and vampires make outstanding lovers It is Silus Veturious birthday celebration, and he sees no problem with taking a human, Cedric, to hisCedric, a sun sprite from a highly respected family, is soon to be married to his wealthy cousin to satisfy family debts Miserable, Cedric is allowed one night of freedom before his wedding A vampire lord is having his centennial, and vampires make outstanding lovers It is Silus Veturious birthday celebration, and he sees no problem with taking a human, Cedric, to his bed for some fun One taste and he discovers that Cedric is no human, and that taste gives him the most explosive orgasm of his life Despite their enemy status, Silus is intrigued He has never been with a sun sprite before, and he wants to know about the one who braved a house filled with vampires Neither of their families are pleased with the match, and Cedric and Silus must choose if their new and fragile relationship, built mostly on lust, is worth risking their lives.

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    • Unlimited [Self Help Book] Ç Night and Day - by Mandy Rosko Ì
      154 Mandy Rosko
    • thumbnail Title: Unlimited [Self Help Book] Ç Night and Day - by Mandy Rosko Ì
      Posted by:Mandy Rosko
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    One thought on “Night and Day

    1. BubblesHunty Honest & Direct Opinions

      I liked it. The writing was really good, so good I had trouble believing this was actually published by Siren, I kept waiting for all of the spelling and grammar mistakes like the normal shit stuff Siren publishes but it never happened. That made me happy reading it since I wasn’t being distracted by bad editing.The story was interesting and I liked both main characters even though Ben a secondary character is my favorite and I hope he gets his own book I got kind of bored at parts, mostly the [...]

    2. Trisha Harrington

      I am a huge fan of enemies to lovers and vampires. So when you put the two together, add some great sex scenes, and a lot of sweetness, you get one very happy girl. This book was really good. Fair enough, it won't be everyone's thing. But for vampire fans, this is a book you should try at least. It was just lovely to read.Cedrick, a sun sprite, and Silus, a vampire, meet at a party hosted by Silus' parents. There is an instant attraction that lead them to a night together. But that was not enoug [...]

    3. Serena Yates

      I really liked this book. What fascinated me to start with was the idea of sunsprites and vampires, and how they might be natural enemies. The first love and depend on sunlight, the latter are wounded and can be killed by it. On top of that, Mandy Rosko created some fascinating main characters, as well as a set of interesting supporting characters. Add to that the fact of two feuding families and you're set up for perfect disaster.Luckily, this story didn't take the route of Romeo and Juliet des [...]

    4. Ayanna

      It was boring. I was bored. Very bored. I didn't get it. I thought there'd be more tension. Silus was, actually, magnificently useless. Cedric was, also, magnificently useless. Their romance was unromantic and markedly lacking in excitement.

    5. Arthur

      A bit of Romeo and Juliet but with a twist. At the end, it shows the power of love: the willingness to sacrifice the life as you know it, and to sacrifice your own feelings, knowing that the man you love is now happy with someone else

    6. Bookwatcher

      Do you want a modern Romeo and Giulietta? A retelling with a vampire and a sun sprint? And oh yeah, better say also a modern Romeo and Romeo gay retelling because oh YES! both are men!In a society where not just vampires and sun sprints are enemiesbut also same sex is not accepted what would happen if two men fall in love? A sun sprint, that want a vampire a vampire, that already just looking to a sun sprint decided to claim him?It's a instant love story? Oh yesIt's a sappy romance? Oh yesIt's a [...]

    7. Kumar naorem

      the concept of how the daylight and night creatures are developed were really refreshing and fascinating REALLY GREAT BOOK.

    8. Cay

      Vampire+sun sprite Romeo-Romeo. I think this was my first time reading about sun sprites, they can ride in sunlight. Vampires are creatures of the dark, so they are really opposites of sun sprites. I quite used to vampire/were pairings so this was unusual, interesting. The family drama was a little too much, but at least (view spoiler)[we got a HEA, sort of. (hide spoiler)]

    9. Rachel Emily

      This book was so hot! Loved the characters, and I really enjoyed the world this author created of vampires vs. sun sprites. It was very Romeo and Juliet-esque in their forbidden romance, and I enjoyed reading this one a lot! I'll be looking forward to more from this author.

    10. Daesy

      **Grammar**Cedric, is a sun sprite from an ancient and respected family, which doesnt care about his dreams or desires. Cedric always knew he was gay and with the help of his best friend and bodyguard Ben,that he doesnt know is in love with him, he was able during the years to go to bars and parties to flirt and have one night stands with other men. Sadly all this is going to end. One day Cedric finds out that he is soon to be married to his wealthy cousin to fix with her dowry the family debts. [...]

    11. Heather♥

      I really enjoyed the world building and original concepts in this book, and thought the sun sprites and their abilities were a refreshing change from the usual paranormals. Even though vampires and sun sprites were natural enemies, Cedric and Silus were able to put aside the preconceived ideas of their species and discovered just how perfect they really were together. I loved Silus' reaction to drinking Cedric's blood. These boys sizzled! The story was reminiscent of an old-fashioned fairy-tale [...]

    12. Don Bradshaw

      This was a good romance story between two unlikely lovers. Cedric is a sun sprite, a creature of the light. He wants one last hot fling with a vampire, because he has heard that they are great lovers, before he is forced into an unwanted wedding. The thing is that sun sprites and vampires are mortal enemies. Myths abound about the blood of a sun sprite being poisonous to a vampire. I liked both the main characters and hated their parents for their narrow minded ways. The story was a great twist [...]

    13. Book

      I loved these two characters very much Cedric and SilusWhat a great Paranormal Romance, M/M, I will have to say I have a thing for Vampires especiallyWill definitely be back to read more by this AuthorThank you again Mandy Rosko for doing what you do for us Readers :)

    14. Meggie

      The story didn't speak to me, it was a forbidden love story between a sun spirit and a vampire. In general it was good story with HEA ending for this couple. The plot was to easy and to plain. Cedric and Silus were not compatible as a pair.

    15. Jess

      I really enjoyed this story.Great characters. Great Sex. Different plot idea that was completely original.I think most readers would enjoy this story as it appeals to a lot of different tastes :) it is at times cute, other times sexy and was just alot of fun to read.

    16. Paputsza

      Not a family story. I want a sequel, possible with the only other good guy. I want to know why humans can teleport. The story is very much like Romeo and Juliet, but slightly less depressing at the end and with the same amount of apprehension.

    17. Ana

      A Romeo and Juliet kind of romance that fortunately ended better. Still dramatic, captivating and sweet but with a good HEA though so definitely worth reading. Very well done.Rating: 3.5 ★

    18. Sui Lynn

      Excellent. A true Romeo and Romeo. I felt the Shakespearean vibe all the way through, but forever grateful for the HEA!

    19. kasjo_peja

      Very good, fast pacing and hot novel about star-crossed lovers. I liked the concept of a sun sprites race - mortal enemy of vampires race, but I would prefer less melodrama. Overall solid 4 stars.

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