His Perfect Passion

His Perfect Passion Somerset Ti amo mia cara The fine art of persuasion Darius Rourke and his burning passion for a woman The gentle Marianne as beautiful as she is mysterious When presented with an opportunity to

  • Title: His Perfect Passion
  • Author: Raine Miller
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 413
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  • His Perfect Passion

    Somerset, 1837 Ti amo, mia cara The fine art of persuasion Darius Rourke and his burning passion for a woman The gentle Marianne as beautiful as she is mysterious.When presented with an opportunity to make her his bride, Darius takes it, and knows Marianne will finally belong only to him.Or will she Marianne carries a secret Something she believes will prevent her fromSomerset, 1837 Ti amo, mia cara The fine art of persuasion Darius Rourke and his burning passion for a woman The gentle Marianne as beautiful as she is mysterious.When presented with an opportunity to make her his bride, Darius takes it, and knows Marianne will finally belong only to him.Or will she Marianne carries a secret Something she believes will prevent her from ever being worthy to be loved by any man even the masterful Darius, despite the fact he captivates her utterly.A look A caress A kiss A brooding sensuality A lushly passionate tale of lovers entangled in the discovery of each other s sins and secrets As Darius and Marianne embark upon the journey together, they will find that learning to command is just as important as learning to surrender.A man who knows what he wantsA woman who needs him in order to know her worth Ti amo, mia cara This book is an erotic romance, intended for readers 18 years and older Aspects of BDSM 2nd edition Raine Miller Romance, September 2016Originally published with the title His Perfect Passion

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    One thought on “His Perfect Passion

    1. SueBee★bring me an alpha!★

      ★★★★ 1/2 ! The passion of Darius, Prequel #1. Darius Rourke lovingly kinky seduction of Marianne’s body & soul!“Still standing in the same spot, tracking her, Mr. Rourke smiled, his perception all-knowing, as if he’d been assured she’d turn back to him.”The Blackstone Affair and Rothvale Legacy historical prequels introduce us to the Rothvale’s, Greymont’s and Rourke’s and their homes in Somerset England. All which will serve a part in the contemporary seriesMERSET HI [...]

    2. UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish

      No Rating: Did Not FinishBased on the synopsis and the 4+ star rating, I had such high hopes for this story, but by the halfway point I just couldn’t go on.What I liked: The idea of the story. The compelled marriage theme set in a historical erotic romance with a D/s relationship sounded sublime!What I didn’t like:Again, the idea of the story, because while I knew where Ms. Miller wanted the story to go, it was taking too long to get there.The dialog really put me off. The hero and heroine [...]

    3. Joëlle

      4 stars for “Somerset Historicals - 01 - The Passion of Darius” by Raine MillerI was gifted this book by the author as a winner of the “Shh… Holiday GIFT Drawing 2016!”. A special thanks to this author but also al the other authors gifting books in that GiveAway as well as a thanks to the amazing team which organized it.I haven’t read many historical books yet but I loved this one. It was well written and descriptive. This was the first book ever written by this author. In the year [...]

    4. Michelle

      This was my first historic romance, but knowing that there was going to be some cross over to Rare & Precious Things, I knew I had to read this. Darius has taken notice of Marianne, he notices an instinct to submit and there is nothing that Darius wants more than to take her and gain her submission. Marianne is caring for her drunken father who is slowly drowning them in debt. When not being able to pay your debt is cause for punishment, Darius steps in with an offer that can solve all their [...]

    5. Belinda Boring

      Yep, I went into this book hearing how amazing it was so I was somewhat prepared but seriously, the very INSTANT I met Darius Rourke, the sexy hero . I was a COMPLETE goner!! This man felt like he was dipped in decadent chocolate I was dipped in chocolate or heck, we both were because he was absolutely SINFUL!! He was caloric!! He was swoonworthy!! He was masterful!! He was panty melting material!! It didn't take long for me to fall under his spell to where I was ready to follow any of his comm [...]

    6. ɴΘεɱí

      Una historia corta y fácil de leer, no tiene una trama muy complicada Eso si, ella a veces me ha resultado muy pavita y él demasiado empalagoso, pero por lo demás no ha estado mal. Espero que los demás libros de esta serie estén mejor

    7. Laura Helder

      Let us take the time to review an older novella by Raine Miller. We are constantly craving the next hot story to be released. We should take the time to reflect on our favourite authors’ earlier body of work and see how these stories may have shaped the stories and characters we now know and love!His Perfect Passion by Raine MillerDarius Rourke has long desired the beautiful and mysterious Marianne, seizing the opportunity to claim her when her family falls on hard times. Darius intuitively un [...]

    8. KatieV

      From the description, I understood this was a mild D/s type of book. There was mention of him telling her what to say, do, etc. Sometimes I get kinky and like some mild D/s, light bondage, and forced dirty talk (yes, I'm a freak). Honestly I didn't even consider it erotica aside from the fact that the terminology used was cruder than your average historical romance. Nothing too freaky going on. I think there was a blindfolding. Anywho this wasn't exactly what I expected. There was a teeny-tiny b [...]

    9. Roksana

      After reading this my emotions are very profound and intense. unlike any other book I have come across,My body and soul is shattered by this powerful love story and I can still feel the effect of this book in my mind when carry on my daily routines, even though some weeks passed! I have yealled so long for an author to portrait the hero and heroine in a light that would make them memorable and they are indeed truly unforgettable characters you don't want to separate yourself from.The hero Darius [...]

    10. Océano de libros

      Darius Rourke está enamorado desde hace años de Marianne George, ahora que el padre de esta pasa por una situación financiera complicada decide que es el momento de hacer su sueño realidad y convertirla en su sumisa esposa. Marianne esconde un traumático pasado que complicará la relación.Libro previo a la trilogía “El affaire Blackstone” que todavía no ha caído en mis manos pero que supongo que pronto (o no, casi seguro) aunque este libro no me ha hecho ni fú ni fá. Primero, Dari [...]

    11. Musing

      His Perfect Passion was an outstanding read! From the first page, the passionate, delectable Hero, Darius, had me swooning! Raine Miller is one talented author! Even if you are not into reading Historical Romance, if you have read her fabulous books from The Blackstone Affair, you will receive the same jolt of lust for Darius that you did Ethan Blackstone! YUM!This was a fast and sexy novella. With light undertones of BDSM, and I do mean light, Darius controlled his longtime love, Marianne, both [...]

    12. Dee

      I started reading this last night and just got so lost in it I couldn't put it down. Stunningly written, this was a true historical romance. So much passion, sensuality and some erotica. The story of Darius and Marianne is breathtaking. He secretly watches her from afar grow into the woman he knows will be "His Perfect Passion" and wife. The way he looks at her and his thoughts of her are so sensual and beautiful I think I sighed through the whole novel. The epilogue had me in tears. When a book [...]

    13. Liriom

      El libro es cortito (194 paginas en fisico), quizas por eso lo he visto un poco precipitado y me ha faltado mas desarrollo de la historia, la he visto limitada a situaciones muy concretas entre ellos.Aun asi, me ha resultado entretenido y tierno.

    14. Virginia Hill

      Note: I read, rated, and reviewed the Kindle Edition (The Passion of Darius) on 02/27/2014 and not specifically this autographed copy. I have also listened to the audiobook more than once. 'Tis swoony stuff, this! :)

    15. Hms

      4-4.5 stars. As an older story of one of my favorite authors, I am glad I saved this oneI've been on a bit of a historical bender lately and loved every word. This is a quick yet powerful read of a proper lady and a gentleman. This is a time of restrained attraction, liking the look of someone, having a few, short escorted encounters or public sightings and then asking for a hand in marriage. No getting to know you, no succession of "dates" just like the look of each other and marry or be forced [...]

    16. Erin

      Was just meh! for me. Reminded me of a historical erotic harlequin featuring an Italian Millionaire, the Italian endearments by the half-English hero really got on my nerves. The hero was very possessive, but it came across as creepy stalkerish to me. He had loved her since she was a child and had plans to marry her, he just needed her to grow up. That just didn't sit well with me. The heroine came across as weak. I also like my historicals to be more accurate and not modern people walking aroun [...]

    17. Miranda

      To begin with, I love Raine Miller's writing, since I read The Blackstone Affaire series last year and she's on my top list of authors that really knows how to write a hot scene ;) The main trama is quite predictable, but still has something special, like her other books the main characters have this passion and great love for each other that truly captive your attention since the beginning, it's well written and really quick to read. I was looking for a light read after a book hangover (you kno [...]

    18. Anna

      Even though its a novella, this was one of the best stories I have read. His perfect passion was perfect in every way. It is very rare to read a story where the man is so utterly and desperately in love from the very first line. I found this very moving and let me say, the sex scenes had me fanning myself. They were steaming hot!!!! Oh Darius where are you ???

    19. ✿kawehi.reviews

      ☆ I was kindly and generously gifted this title by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you lovely! ☆4.75 stars!!★★★★☆Loved it!! ♥♡

    20. Maria

      I enjoyed this different take on the D/s relationship. Darius may think that Marianne is perfect but IMO he is perfection!!

    21. Anas AtticBook Blog

      Read more of my reviews and ramblings at Ana's Attic Book BlogRaine Miller is author of the wildly popular Blackstone Affair series. If you haven't met Ethan Blackstone yet, you are totally missing out! Many of you may not know this, but Raine's real calling is erotic historical romance. Her two erotic historical novels, His Perfect Passion, and the Undoing of a Libertine will be tied into Eyes Wide Open, and Raine suggests you read these first.His Perfect Passion is a quick read of about 110 pa [...]

    22. Wendy LeGrand

      The Passion of Darius is a beautiful historical written by Raine Miller, the fabulous author of the Blackstone Affair series. Set in Somerset, England in the 1830's, the story follows Darius Rourke, an extremely handsome Englishman with Italian background who is enamored with Marianne George. Marianne is a reserved beauty who takes care of her father who has fallen into drinking and gambling. Darius pursues Marianne, asking for her hand in marriage, but Marianne refuses, saying she is not worthy [...]

    23. Luna Sol

      "Darius indulges in the simple pleasure of breathing her."This was my first historical romance novel. The reason I read it is because I love Raine Miller's writing. She is my favorite author and when I learned that she ties her historical romance novels to her contemporary novels, in this case The Blackstone Affair well, I just had to read it. I was captivated with this novel, the writing, the characters, and the love Darius felt for his Marianne.Darius had feelings for Marianne for a very long [...]

    24. Wendy LeGrand

      I loved this book by Raine Miller! His Perfect Passion is a historical novel about Darius Roarke, an Englishman with an Italian mother who has been admiring Marianne George for many years. Marianne is a beautiful girl who has secrets that have affected her life and leaves her feeling unworthy of ever receiving love. Darius strives to marry Marianne but she rejects his advances so he forces her hand with some underhanded tactics in order to achieve his goal. Once they are together Darius realizes [...]

    25. My Book Addiction and More MBA

      HIS PERFECT PASSION by Raine Miller is an exciting Erotic Historical Romance. From the very first page I was captured by Darius Rourke,a passionate hero who just so happened to desire Marianne for a very long time. I was also captured by Marianne's determination to save her family at a possible cost to heart and herself. When Marianne's family falls on hard times,Darius makes his move and offers her a proposition she can't refuse in order to save her family. Filled with passion,secrets,submissio [...]

    26. Chloe Chuan

      This is a short length novella and a quick read that has a HEA. It nicely written although the plot wasn't that interesting. Darius Rourke was infatuated with Marianne George and has played her father's weaknesses to favor his wants. He got his way and married Marianne. He treats her well and tells her that she deserves what he gives and she willingly accepts. Marianne seems like someone who submits willingly. This is due to an event that occurred in her past until she couldn't forgive herself. [...]

    27. Dm McDaniel

      Raine Miller has a way with writing that draws the reader into the pages. As I read this book, 2012 slipped away and the era of Darius and Marianne's time took over. It takes pure talent for an author to write in a way that helps the reader escape into a Fantasty world.I loved everything about this book. I adored how Darius loved her with all of his heart and did everything he could for his Marianne. This is a story of redemption for her as well as she came to grip with her past through the love [...]

    28. Helena

      Los primeros capítulos me han crispado. Él sólo piensa en el sexo y ella obedece todo lo que Darius le ordena. No sólo dentro de la cama, también fuera. Tanta pasividad no puede ser sana, ¡con lo que gusta un libro donde los protagonistas tengan sangre en las venas! Pero cuando el amor se mete por medio, y el pasado de Marianne sale a la luz, por fin veremos como esta pareja se complementa, o al menos yo he creído que la historia ha mejorado bastante. Aunque sigo dudando de que tengan jam [...]

    29. Cassandra Caress

      A passionate love story about two lovers meant to be written beautifully by the wonderful Raine Miller! Darius is understanding Mariannes need to submit and it is his nature to give her his dominance. when he finds himself trapped in this pattern, she reveals her need for his domination. And in this, they both find an understanding for each other, an even deeper connection, an even greater love! Everyone should read this before starting the Blackstone Affair series! You find lots of references t [...]

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