Nightmares in the Sky: Gargoyles and Grotesques

Nightmares in the Sky Gargoyles and Grotesques Photographer f stop Fitzgerald and Stephen King introduce readers to the gargoyles the faces we rarely see but are always watching us The masterful blending of text and photos sweeps readers into a m

  • Title: Nightmares in the Sky: Gargoyles and Grotesques
  • Author: Stephen King F-stop Fitzgerald
  • ISBN: 9780670823079
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Nightmares in the Sky: Gargoyles and Grotesques

    Photographer f stop Fitzgerald and Stephen King introduce readers to the gargoyles, the faces we rarely see but are always watching us The masterful blending of text and photos sweeps readers into a maelstrom of monsters watching from above a nightmare in the sky 24 full color photos, 100 duotones.

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      313 Stephen King F-stop Fitzgerald
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    One thought on “Nightmares in the Sky: Gargoyles and Grotesques

    1. J.K. Grice

      This is probably a little known book from Stephen King, and I bought it years ago when it was first published. I enjoyed the text and the photos are stunning. Very cool book!

    2. Coos Burton

      La "No ficción" es definitivamente uno de mis géneros literarios predilectos, ya que si bien la lectura de novelas y cuentos es algo que me apasiona, el conocer nuevos aspectos sobre cosas de las que sé poco y nada, o directamente ignoro por completo, es algo que veo muy beneficioso. Siempre fui una persona curiosa, por lo que siempre me resulta interesante mechar un libro sobre alguna temática puntual y ponerme a leer, como es en este caso con "Nightmares in the sky" con su recopilación de [...]

    3. KimberlyRose

      Glorious photos, but on a repetitive basis, not unique enough to hold up alone, without some phenomenal writing, of which there isn't. Certainly, a passably interesting introductory essay, but it (and the photos) lacks depth of exploration and has an extremely limited, New York-centric scope.

    4. Ashly Lynn

      SynopsisA thought-provoking photography collection by F-stop Fitzgerald documenting architecture that we don’t always see and rarely think about introduced by the King of horror himself.Nightmares in the Sky: Gargoyles and Grotesques by Stephen King and F-stop Fitzgerald★★★★Genre: Photography Collection/Short EssayRelease Date: October 1988Source: Library – BorrowedOn My Shelf: SomedayI stumbled across this one at the Library and, well, how could I not pick it up? I was first drawn i [...]

    5. Andrew

      Ok first off - this is not a Stephen King book - yes there is a large amount of text in there written by King but it is far from being his work. That is done by f-Stop, the photographer. There are some truly amazing pictures which to me at least remind me that there is so much going on i ignore or just walk on by without ever taking in. And all this amazing imagery from a country centuries younger than mine- for fear of stepping in something i wish i had not - its a reminder to look up and aroun [...]

    6. K.T. Katzmann

      Cool. This one's full of surprises.So I saw this at my local library and decided to pick up a company. Serendipity abounds, because it's even neater than I thought.I fully expected a panoply of awesome and varied gargoyles.Got that.So I flip to the introduction, and find Stephen King pontificating on gargoyles. AndGargoyles.The hell am I reading?I love Stephen King, and I particularly love his nonfiction, like Danse Macabre and On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. His prose always reads like he's [...]

    7. Sonatajessica

      Want to know how I realized I am fascinated with Gargoyles? Step one into my obsession was visiting Paris and with that Notre Dame. Step two was watching the movie "I, Frankenstein". Yep, I am the only person on the planet who loves that movie, I understand it is slightly, ehm, silly, but man, those gargoyles! Gargoyles!!!!!!So, yeah, obsession and at the end of the road the desire to frame a story involving gargoyles started my "Gargoyle March" where I will be diving into a few books aside my n [...]

    8. Dave

      This afternoon my wife and I ran to the library for an hour. We didn't have 30 minutes to find "just the right book" so we picked some random numbers and generated a Dewey call number. Due to some minor machinations in some underworld, we happened to pick this little book.Kind of a magical experience -- eerie photos of demonic imps hidden above the everyday bustling New York scenery. It looked a little kitschy from the title, but as I paged through the book each haunted, eroding face seemed to m [...]

    9. Kathy

      This was a really interesting book. Stephen King wrote the text to go along with all the very cool pictures of Gargoyles and the like on old buildings. First he talks about his surprise at being asked to take on this project, and then his surprise once again when he actually came to New York City and looked up.e nighmares in the sky were definitely looking down at him. He goes on to talk about movies and books that have been influenced by these strange creatures. Really entertaining! And the pic [...]

    10. Paul Valente

      Fairly interesting photographic coffee table book on Gothic architecture, specifically Gargoyles. Limited to New York though.

    11. Tiffany Lynn Kramer

      2.5 As a reader it can be frustrating to pick up a book, convinced of its contents only to find that you are just enough off the mark to leave you confused.I went it expecting to find historical and possible mythical information regarding gargoyles and grotesques, things I've been fascinated with since watching Disney's Gargoyles as a child. What I found instead was wandering and rather pointless essay for an author who's work I love. Almost right away, seeing were the essay was going I started [...]

    12. Donald

      "We don't see them," he said, "but they see us."Creepy, but true! I picked this up because of Stephen King, but his essay isn't much of a read. Although, I did learn that some gargoyles are used as part of the drainage system for buildings, so that's kind of neat! The pictures are cool, creepy at times, and it was fun to flip through the pages. In fact, I was doing so at a coffee shop, and a homeless guy sat down next to me to look at them too! He told me he felt like gargoyles were made to prot [...]

    13. Aaron White

      King's essay was decent and well-written, though I felt he overstated things a bit. It did give me a bit more appreciation for the photographs then I would have had otherwise. I quite enjoyed viewing all the gargoyles.

    14. Nikki

      kings writing never fails to amuse, inspire, and capture me even in such a short run as this, and amazing photos

    15. Stefan Yates

      Make no mistake, the stars of the show for this book are the amazing artwork on the sculptures themselves and the photography that brings these images to us. Stephen Kings contribution is no more than an essay and the essay itself isn't really on gargoyles per say, but more on the process of becoming involved in this project and the resultant way that gargoyles began to make him feel once he began to notice them in places that he'd never seen them before he was involved in this project.All that [...]

    16. Joann

      A large format (coffee table) book of photographs of gargoyles. I'm so glad this book exists because look up at all the new buildings and not a gargoyle in sight! Pity. I guess I never paid much attention to gargoyles until I rode on the top of a double deck bus south on Central Park West and passed the Dakota. Those gargoyles really woke me up! This brings me to a few complaints about this book that have nothing to do with the fabulous photographs. In my view, the index stinks. It's sparse and [...]

    17. Spencer Borup

      I, just like many others I'm sure, picked this coffee-table photography book up because of Stephen King.While the photos were nice, and I certainly appreciated the idea behind a collection of all the different gargoyles and statues hiding in the architecture of New York City--I lived there for a year and never noticed them--it wasn't really enough to keep my interest. Like I said, it was King's essay that kept me around.I love reading King's little intros and essays and non-fiction, because I ca [...]

    18. Ardy Ardy

      Found this book by chance and really liked it. Stephen King's "essay" was very entertaining and the pictures were fascinating. Some of the gargoyles pictured were genuinely creepy, but all of them were beautiful works of art. Not much to say about the book since it is basically a book of photographs, but I recommend it to anyone interested in these beautiful and disturbing sculptures and statues.

    19. Professor

      Beautiful pictures of gargoyles, accompanied by a short, vaguely amusing, but shallow essay by Stephen King that spends way too much time discussing the TV-movie Gargoyles. I read this as a kid, swiping my brother's copy, and it was fun to do so before. I'm also curious if the ones in Boston are still there!

    20. Ross Buffa

      I never looked at gargoyles this way and never will again. They do almost look alive in a lot of ways the way Stephen King states and it creeps me out. The pictures are frightening when you look at them just the right way. Amazing "coffee table" book.

    21. David Garrett jr

      Not really a book per say, but more of a collection of pictures of gargoyles. They are really cool and the first 40 pages or so are accompanied by an essay about them that Stephen King wrote. This is I read it, but kind of a cool thing to add to my King collection.

    22. Nancy

      This is a somewhat dated, but nonetheless creepy, and haunting photography book about gargoyles in America. Stephen King wrote a nice essay to accompany the pictures detailing his experiences with gargoyles on film and his discovery of their hiding places within the canyons of New York City.

    23. Lisa

      i would like to read it, please, give me that opportunity. accuatually i am from russia and that book did not translated on our language, thats whu id like to read it in original

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