Armageddon Summer

Armageddon Summer The world will end on Thursday July At least that s what Reverend Beelson has told his congregation Marina s mom believes him So does Jed s dad That s why they drag Marina and Jed to join t

  • Title: Armageddon Summer
  • Author: Jane Yolen Bruce Coville
  • ISBN: 9780152017675
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Armageddon Summer

    The world will end on Thursday, July 27, 2000 At least, that s what Reverend Beelson has told his congregation Marina s mom believes him So does Jed s dad That s why they drag Marina and Jed to join the reverend s flock at a mountain retreat From the mountaintop they will all watch the Righteous Conflagration that will end this world and then they will descend and beThe world will end on Thursday, July 27, 2000 At least, that s what Reverend Beelson has told his congregation Marina s mom believes him So does Jed s dad That s why they drag Marina and Jed to join the reverend s flock at a mountain retreat From the mountaintop they will all watch the Righteous Conflagration that will end this world and then they will descend and begin the world anew But this world has only just begun for Jed and Marina, two teenagers with attitude than faith Why should the world end now, when they ve just fallen in love Told in alternating chapters from both Jed s and Marina s points of view, this first ever collaboration between two masters of children s literature is a story about faith and friendship, love and loss and the things that matter most at the End of the World.

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    One thought on “Armageddon Summer

    1. Lisa Rathbun

      Although I'm sensitive about books that portray anyone who believes in the Bible as a lunatic, I am also aware that cults exist that have used God's Word to justify weird and dangerous behavior. So this book is plausible although uncomfortable for someone like me who really does believe in the millennium. I hate to see people like Rev. Beelson who misuse God's Word. *Spoiler* Because of this, the main characters really end up rejecting any belief in Jesus or a personal God, only retaining a vagu [...]

    2. Alyssa

      Armageddon Summer provides a front-row seat for the type of event most of us only witness on a TV screen. Reverend Raymond Beelson is gathering 144 "Believers" atop Mount Weeupcut in Massachusetts to camp out, pray, and await Armageddon--July 27, 2000--when he predicts that his faithful flock will be saved as the rest of the world is set ablaze in fire and brimstone. We experience the month leading up to this climax through the eyes of two teenagers who have never met before, Jed and Marina, eac [...]

    3. Isaac .P

      Armageddon Summer delivers a story where two people(Marina and Jed) are going through life and ends up at the same destination. Each chapter switches the point of view of the two main characters giving each chapter their own experience and having two chapter being the same day. Early in the story it introduces the fact that the two main character's families are religious believers who worship at the Reverend Hill church. Reverend Hill church was different because of the crazy revelation that Arm [...]

    4. Kressel Housman

      When a book has me so riveted that I stay up way later than I should to read it, I usually give it a 5, but this, being a teen novel, was a little too simplistic for me to rate it that high. Also, there were some parts at the beginning in which I thought, “Okay. We’ve met the two main characters. Now can they stop sneaking peeks at each other and get on with some dialogue?” Once they did, though, I was hooked.The book is the story of a budding romance between Jed, age 16, and Marina, almos [...]

    5. Robin

      Yolen and Coville, who are always a pleasure to read, do a great job unpacking the doubts, concerns, and fears of young teens in regards to religion, particularly fringe type religion with excessive evangelical fervor. The story is compelling and well presented, and the two main characters both complex and likeable. The tale is told from both of their first person points of view, as well as excerpts from The Reverend's sermons, and some transcripts of police and FBI files and conversations. Make [...]

    6. Judah

      For being published twenty years ago, this story holds up remarkably well. Charismatic leader collecting followers willing to leave their lives and set up camp in the wilderness, hoping to rebuild the world as a better place after it (self)destructs? Still rings true. A teen girl's mother homeschooling her (many) children to try to protect them from too much worldly exposure in public school (with one of the male children hinted at being special needs)? Even more true today than it was then. A t [...]

    7. J Russ Briley

      I read this book as a recommendation from a friend to see what she felt was a good example of young adult reading. I liked the book, and read it through as a fall asleep read. It is a young adult book so designed for a much younger audience. Published in 1998, it is not too dated but didn't carry my desire for nostalgia. It never felt like the late nineties nor is it current. The two teenagers take turns talking in the first person literally alternating chapters which the author conveniently tit [...]

    8. Two BookWorms Blog

      I loved this story. It’s got everything: adventure, drama, romance. It’s one of those books that I had to speedread my way through because I just had to know how it ended. For the full review: twobookwormsblog.wordpress

    9. Bish Denham

      A disturbing and at time haunting look into the lives/minds of people who believe (and those who don't) that the end of the world is coming.

    10. Cornerofmadness

      This was given to me by a friend and definitely not something would have sought out on my own. Don’t get me wrong. I like Jane Yolen (though I always wonder when you have a well known author paired up with someone just how much if anything they actually wrote). She usually writes fantasy but this isn’t really fantasy. This could be all too frighteningly real and that was part of my problem.Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t hate this. I liked it but there were aspects that were hot button issu [...]

    11. Elizabeth Wallace

      I don't know about you, but I loved this book! Though I am an active Mormon (that's Christian too, in case you didn't know) and believe in all that entails, this was not offensive at all. It was an excellent book, sort of an older Evan Almighty story, except waaay more serious. Now, enough background, here's the book: Jed and Marina are both very confused people and their parents both have problems, BIG ones, but this is not the only thing that links them. Guess what does? Their parents have bot [...]

    12. Tripp Moultrie

      There are probably a few things you should know before picking up Armageddon Summer - first and foremost, it is a young adult novel. Second, the point of view is split between two characters. This may or may not be a big deal for you depending on whether you mind viewing the same events (albeit from different perspectives) again and again. It didn't bother me too much as the author takes care to not retread too many things - but hey, considered yourself warned. Lastly - it's a young adult novel. [...]

    13. Samantha

      Marina and Jed are two teens who are forced by their parents to abandon their homes and move to a mountaintop retreat with religious zealots who believe the world will end July 27, 2000. While Marina believes in God and prayer, she finds her mother's obsession with the Reverend Beelson and religion frightening and burdensome. Her mother has essentially abandoned Marina and her siblings to spend more time with the reverend, her Bible, and the other congregation members. She finds it worrisome and [...]

    14. Shazza Maddog

      Being a teenager is hard. Being a teenager when the world is scheduled to end on your birthday might make for the worst time ever. This story is told in alternating first person point of views, starting in Marina's voice and continuing in Jed's. Marina is fourteen years old, with three younger brothers. Her parents are separated. Her mother is searching for something, and finds it in Reverend Beelson. The reverend believes the world is going to end, and gathers up one hundred forty-four Believer [...]

    15. Clarissa M

      I read Armageddon Summer because it was recommended to me and I was told that it was a good book. After finishing it myself, I feel that I agree, more or less.This book is about the joint protagonists Marina and Jed, who come from very different worlds that, as they grow closer, seem to acquire more similarities. Marina is one of six children (she being only girl and the oldest) who's mother drags her and the boys into a new Christian religion headed by Reverend Raymond Beelson. Jed, currently p [...]

    16. Maggie

      Ah, Armageddon Summer made me think a lot. I actually had to think for a while before giving my review and rating, which is quite unusual for me. Armageddon Summer is about the coming of the End of the World. Reverend Beelson rounds up 144 people to go to the top of Mount Weeupcut to wait out the fire that will destroy everyone on July 27. Now, I love reading about these types of senarios, but found this book to be just a little predictable. I don't know where, but it seems like I've heard of/re [...]

    17. Dani Peloquin

      The plot follows two teenagers, Jed and Marina, as their parents drag them into a millennium cult known as The Believers as they prepare for the world to end on July 27th. The Believers, led by a reverand from Boston, decide to camp on a mountaintop in western Massachusetts where they believe they will be saved from the end of the world. The story is told in alternating voices between Jed and Marina who meet on the mountain and consequently fall in love. Neither teenager believes in the mission [...]

    18. Matisse

      I'm glad I finally, finally read this. I wanted to read 'Armageddon Summer' way back in middle school and forgot all about it. Then, one fateful day in 2015, I found a copy in the library where I work. I snatched it up immediately. I was very much satisfied with what unfolded between the pages. What stays with me is not the story or characters or even the themes, but how effective the primary conceit was. Yolen and Coville split up writing protagonists Marina and Jed, and as a result, their voic [...]

    19. Bec

      Format: 266 pages. Appx. 57,000 words. Dual author, multivocal.Exceptionally well-written story of two teens caught up in their parent's search for spiritual meaning through their involvement with a millennial cult. Marina watches as her parent's marriage dissolves and her mother takes she and her four brothers up to camp Weeupcut to wait out the final two weeks before the end of the world - the same two weeks before Marina's fourteenth birthday. Jed on the other hand is still reeling from his m [...]

    20. Amanda

      What do you do when one of your parents tells you that the world is going to end in two weeks, so you must journey to the top of a mountain in order to be saved from the wrath of God? You go with them; at least, that's what Jed and Marina do. Marina is thirteen years old. Her mom has found a new church of Believers whose leader has had a revelation that the world will end by fire in two weeks, and only 144 people will be saved. Marina wants to believe along with her mother, and although she stru [...]

    21. Donna Ibarra

      The book Armageddon Summer is about love, trust, and belief.This novel is based on two teenagers perspectives either one chapter is Jed’s viewpoint or the other is Marina’s viewpoint. The story starts out from the perspective, Marina a believer, who is willing to go with her mother and leave her father when they are told that the world is going to end. Jed the other protagonist who is a teenager, whose mother ran off with another man and whose father turns to Reverend Raymond Beelson, a prea [...]

    22. Rio Garcia

      Summer ArmageddonSummer Armageddon, i'm not fond of cheesy romance stories like this one and i found the book to be dull. Also the use of the bible in this book make me uneasy due to the fact it is portraying the men and women who read it as lunatics. The Story starts out from the perspective of these two teenagers Jed and Marina and it shows the way there life seems to alter due to the actions there parents have taken and leads these two kids to the mountain of weeupcut which the reverend a wel [...]

    23. D.M. Dutcher

      Marina and Jed are two children whose parents get wrapped up with a tiny religious cult. At first it's not so bad, but when that cult believes only 144 will survive the end of the world, and they go to a mountain to wait for it, what will happen?It's very easy for authors to fall into the trap of demonizing religious people, but Yolen and Coville avoid that admirably. Every character is real and has a personality and motivation, and there are no cardboard cut-out fundies here. It's not perfect: [...]

    24. Books Kids Like

      Reverend Beelson gathers 144 Believers for Armageddon. The month before July 27, 2000, the group sets up camp on top of Mount Weeupcut in Massachusetts. Through prayer, the believers prepare themselves to inhabit a world destroyed by fire and brimstone. Jed follows his father to the mountain out of concern for this man who went crazy after his wife left. Jed's not a Believer. Marina desperately wants to believe the reverend's message of destruction. She comes to the mountain with her devote moth [...]

    25. Jeremy Stellema

      The book that I read is Armageddon Summer and the author is Jane Yolen and Bruce Coville. The authors’ purpose for writing this book is showing people that religion is important but it’s not the end of the world. The authors intended audience is believers who want to know what is too much in believing. The narrators’ point of view is 1st person. Jud and Marina are telling the story. It is important that they are telling the story because it wouldn’t make sense if one of the parents or o [...]

    26. Kaipo Barnes

      Kaipo Barnes 3-11-15 Frenes Book Review Book ReviewThe book Armageddon Summer is a story about love and who you trust. It talks about two young people Jed and Marina and how one is a believer in god while the other doesn’t believe in god. The two character meet at the top of Mount Weepecut where they fall in love with each other. The plot of the book was Jed, Marina and their families stay in a camp full of religious people. I like that in the beginn [...]

    27. Vanessa Solis

      The book Armageddon Summer is a story about love and who you trust. The novel is based on the two main characters viewpoints on their situation . Each chapter is either the Marina or Jed and its easy to understand and a book for young adults . The story beginnings with Marina and how her life is and, how everything changes when her reverend tells the church the world is ending and to be saved all of them must go to weepecut mountain, Marina is a believer and will go with her family and sadly lea [...]

    28. Spirit

      I give this book a 3 out of 5 since I neither liked or dislike the book and instead just had neutral feelings to it. The plot of it being two teens who have to stay at a camp full of religious people because they believe that the world is ending is an interesting plot I have not heard of yet. The characters are interesting in their own way and are different from each other giving the characters a variety. Although despite this, I did not enjoy the interactions between Jed and Marina since when t [...]

    29. Ben Barlow

      Armageddon Summer is a good book in some aspects. The authors keep the reader guessing in a very subtle way. The structure and description in the book are its two high points. It is a very religious book as that is what the main plot is set on. The authors used real world situations that have happened in the past and created a low key thriller. There are two parallel plots that arise when Jed and Marina meet on top of a mountain for preparation for the Armageddon. The two are unlikely friends bu [...]

    30. Sandra Strange

      Marina’s mother searches for meaning, and finds it in a strange cult preaching the end of the world, fostered by the cult’s charismatic leader. Jed’s father seeks healing in the same cult, healing from the shock of having his wife abandon him to run off with her lover. That’s how Marina and Jed end up together with the 142 “Believers” at a mountain retreat, waiting for the prophesied end of the world. The adventure they share ends in conflagration and death. Thought the protagonists [...]

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