The Drop

The Drop Harry Bosch has been given three years before he must retire from the LAPD and he wants cases fiercely than ever In one morning he gets two DNA from a rape and murder matches a year old conv

  • Title: The Drop
  • Author: Michael Connelly Len Cariou
  • ISBN: 9781611139198
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Audio CD
  • The Drop

    Harry Bosch has been given three years before he must retire from the LAPD, and he wants cases fiercely than ever In one morning, he gets two.DNA from a 1989 rape and murder matches a 29 year old convicted rapist Was he an eight year old killer or has something gone terribly wrong in the new Regional Crime Lab The latter possibility could compromise all of the lab Harry Bosch has been given three years before he must retire from the LAPD, and he wants cases fiercely than ever In one morning, he gets two.DNA from a 1989 rape and murder matches a 29 year old convicted rapist Was he an eight year old killer or has something gone terribly wrong in the new Regional Crime Lab The latter possibility could compromise all of the lab s DNA cases currently in court.Then Bosch and his partner are called to a death scene fraught with internal politics Councilman Irvin Irving s son jumped or was pushed from a window at the Chateau Marmont Irving, Bosch s longtime nemesis, has demanded that Harry handle the investigation.Relentlessly pursuing both cases, Bosch makes two chilling discoveries a killer operating unknown in the city for as many as three decades, and a political conspiracy that goes back into the dark history of the police department.

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    One thought on “The Drop

    1. James Thane

      This is another excellent entry in Michael Connelly's series featuring LAPD homicide detective, Harry Bosch.Bosch, who had earlier retired from the department is now back under the Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP). He has a little more than three years left before he will be forced to retire for good and he is anxious to accomplish as much as he possibly can in the time he has remaining.Harry is now working in the Open/Unsolved Unit, investigating cold cases, and as the book opens, he and [...]

    2. June Ahern

      This is how much I enjoy Michael Connelly's "Harry Bosch" series - I bought a hardcopy and gifted to myself as a Christmas present. I couldn't wait to hop into bed with Harry. I savored each page and even reread a few the next night to set the flavor of the evening's reading. Connelly is at his finest - once again - even though he does break some writing rules by telling rather than showing - so like who cares? It works. Harry is back from retirement working cold cases, not the active murder cas [...]

    3. Jonetta

      Harry Bosch is facing forced retirement unless he receives approval of his Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP) extension request. He and his partner are back in the Open-Unsolved unit and are tasked with finding out how the DNA hit on an old murder/assault case points to a former sex offender who would have been eight years old at the time. Before they can get started, Harry's plopped in the middle of a politically charged case involving his nemesis Irvin Irving whose son was either dropped f [...]

    4. Jane Stewart

      Not much action or adrenaline, but excellent police procedural investigating. I smiled a lot.One of the reasons I gave this 5 stars might be because I have read all the other Bosch books, and I miss him. I was so happy to have another book to read, but also it was very good. One thing I love about Bosch is his intense mission in life – catching murderers. It was satisfying. I enjoyed his thinking, comments, decisions, and actions.After the last two Bosch books, Nine Dragons and The Reversal, I [...]

    5. Alex is The Romance Fox

      Michael Connelly “The Drop”, the 17th novel in his Harry Bosch Series, sees Harry being transferred to the LAPD's Open/Unsolved Unit, investigating cold cases and the story opens with him and his partner, David Chu, assigned to a cold case involving a rape/murder of a woman in 1989. When the DNA found on the victim turns out to be that of Clayton Pell, a convicted predator, who had been an eight years old at the time of the crime, it's thought at first that it probably had been a mistake. Bu [...]

    6. Jim

      There are a lot of books in this series & they should be read in order, but don't let that put you off. This one is just as good or better than any of its predecessors which is an amazing feat. Connelly pulls this off in a large part because his characters are so well drawn. They grow in very realistic settings over the years.The title refers to the deferred retirement program (DROP) that Harry is working under. This personal theme runs through the story as he wonders how long he should keep [...]

    7. Freda Malone

      Michael Connelly must be going through a creative streak lately. The last couple of novels have been really intense and gripping. Bosch is back with Open-Unsolved, with a new partner, Chu. Kiz Rider is working a desk next to the chief just a few floors up. Bosch not only gets an old cold case, but he was also requested to investigate a same day case, a possible suicide. Irvin Irving, who was pushed out of LAPD, quite a few years ago, became a councilman. Although he and Bosch are still major ene [...]

    8. Robert

      Few things bring me greater pleasure than stumbling across free books. One might even say I have a sickness or disease for which there is no cure in this life or the next. But I’ve learned to live with my disease and so has my wife. So when I happened upon THE DROP on the other side of the TSA line as it sat on a metal table and as I picked through my luggage before I headed toward the pearly gate and a destination that was not New Mexico, one might say I was giddy. I took a quick look around [...]

    9. Carly

      ~2.5This entire book was ruined for me by one small subplot, and I'm still fuming over it. In fact, other than the culmination of Irvin Irving's flanderisation to the Evil Schemer, I'm finding it hard to remember the plot in light of that subplot.The subplot: one of the major suspects is a man who was "sacrificed to the mob" when he was thrown out of the LAPD for killing people with the choke hold. (That's right--the same type of chokehold that caused Eric Garner's death.) Here is Connelly's int [...]

    10. Richard

      8.5/10After the hit and miss thriller type outing in the last Bosch book, Nine Dragons, Bosch returns to what Bosch does best. Detecting. This is methodical work, such as interviewing people and working leads. This may not sound like riveting stuff but it is and you have to doff your hat to Connelly for getting this 100% right and not reverting to the action infested outing of the last book which just didn't work.Bosch is at his best when he’s facing a number of foes on both sides of the law a [...]

    11. Mark

      A sobering story to be hearing as i drove up and down the 250 mile round trip to Plymouth in the run up to Easter. All blood, guts, suicide, embezzlement and dark conspiracies and police cover-ups not to mention serial rapists and child abusers. Not the most conducive of listens to get me into the mood for celebrations and resurrection but it was a story which kept the interest. Harry Bosch is a detective in the Open-Unsolved Unit which searches out the open-ended murders and rapes and attempts [...]

    12. Obsidian

      Trigger warning: Child rape and pedophilia. So this was a pretty cool Bosch book. We have Harry trying to work two cases with his new partner David Chu who readers met in "Nine Dragons". And Bosch acting like a jerk again (that's becoming a theme). If you expect to get any back and forth with Bosch and his daughter Maddie in this one, you will be sad. Seriously, at this point Maddie is practically a pet that Bosch refers to but doesn't seem to know what to do with (Connelly does not either).Bosc [...]

    13. Pamela

      I've read--or rather listened to--all of Michael Connelly's books. Yepl the Bosch, all the Haller, all the stand alones, everything except the short stories. With a few--very few--exceptions, they've been pretty much amazing.This is the first I've read, and the first and only Bosch I've been disappointed with. It just didn't have the wow-factor of the others. The plot was far too linear for a Bosch, the characters too predictable, the humor too forced. In short, if this were the first Bosch or, [...]

    14. Linda

      Detective Harry Bosch is contemplating retirement - again. The Deferred Retirement Option Plan (The DROP) gives him another 39 months. He enjoys his work with LA's Open-Unsolved unit, working on cases that went cold up to 50 years ago. Currently he's trying to solve the 1989 murder of a young woman. But perhaps, he thinks, he's losing his edge. Besides, there's Maddie, his teenaged daughter, to think of, and wouldn't it be great to be able to spend more time with her? So Harry, who's a dedicated [...]

    15. Linda

      3.5 rating for me. Harry is working an old case. I found it a bit slow in the beginning but it gained momentum about half way. Detective Bosh never disappoints me. Looking forward to The Black Box!

    16. Beverly

      As Harry looks at the end of his police career, I am looking at the end of the series, so this had an unmistakable elegiac tone. While investigating the cold case of an abduction/murder Harry incurs damage to his relations with "high jingo", police and city politics, including that of his close friend Kiz Rider, his old nemesis Deputy Chief now councilman Irvin Irving, and his current partner David Chu. Not to mention that he steps on a potential girlfriend. The serial murder case in this story [...]

    17. Daniel Audet

      The newest in the popular (with me too) Harry Bosch series has Harry working two cases, one old, one new, and only our hero can bridge the gap between old school and new when it comes to good old fashioned gum shoe field work that gets results. Connelly, clearly at the top of his game with this great read bangs out another twisty, turny, high end thriller with a decided personal side that he weaves in with his articulate mastery. Readers, spoiled rotten by this level of skill, will enjoy this bo [...]

    18. Jim

      Detective Harry Bosch is back with the Open-Unsolved Unit and has just been handed a cold case. DNA from a blood smear in a 1989 rape and murder case matches a 29-year-old convicted rapist. The problem? The convicted rapist was 8 years old in 1989. If the lab made a mistake it could compromise all of the lab's DNA cases currently in court. Bosch and his partner are told to work the case and find out how the DNA came back to match a person who was 8 years old at the time of the crime. But he has [...]

    19. Eric

      Michael Connelly has squeezed a lot of stories out of Harry Bosch, and looks to be trying to retire the character while he is still in prime form, giving Bosch only a few years until being forced into retirement in The Drop, which actually refers to the retirement -- Deferred Retirement Option Plan -- as well as the alleged suicide fall the detective investigates. The two simultaneous cases are both strong, and this is hardly a case of a sequel degrading in quality. There is the obligatory love [...]

    20. Skip

      Harry Bosch is back in the Cold Case unit, and is asked to investigate how paroled child molester's blood is found on a murder victim at a time when the parolee was only eight years old. Just after being assigned this oddity, a city councilman known for hating the police (and Harry), asks that Harry be assigned to investigate the fall of his son from a hotel balcony -- an apparent suicide. Meticulous as ever, Harry is suspicious about the death and is bothered by nobody hearing a scream. In the [...]

    21. Robin

      Homicide Detective Harry Bosch is assigned two cases in one day. In the Cold Case Division, DNA tests of old evidence have made a hit. The victim was strangled twenty year ago. A smear of blood was left on her neck. DNA results point to a pedophile who is now out of prison. But, he would have been only eight years old at the time. As Harry and his partner, David Chu, start to run down the case, they are called out to an apparent suicide. The victim is George Irving, the son of Harry's nemesis, I [...]

    22. Jeanette"Astute Crabbist"

      This is another one of those books where I feel the need to mention that the book flap contains more information than I would want to know before reading the book. I always enjoy Michael Connelly for his finesse as a writer in a genre with its share of hacks. He's always right on top of the latest developments in technology and law related to police work in Los Angeles. This book is no exception in that regard, but the plot and conclusion felt a little worn out to me. Harry Bosch is working two [...]

    23. Maddy

      PROTAGONIST: Harry BoschSETTING: Los AngelesSERIES: #17 of 18RATING: 4.5WHY: Harry Bosch is back in Open/Unsolved with his partner David Chu and assigned a cold case from 20 years earlier when a hit comes in on the DNA - but indicates that an 8-year-old may have been involved in a murder/rape. Then something strange happens - his arch nemesis, Irv Irving, requests that he handle the investigation of his son's death. George Irving fell or was pushed form a hotel balcony. Connelly does a brilliant [...]

    24. Steve

      So, back on 10-31-2011 I put this book on hold and today I finished it, 2-23-2012.Loved it.!!!!Of course it is a aging Harry.He still jumps in where angels fear to tread ( or something like that)Another poignant ending.It just came out October 2011, I just put a hold at the library and I am #469 with one book.Let's seen 3 weeks per hold 3 weeks X 469 =1407 divided by 52 weeks in year = 27 years until I get to read this from the library.Hmmmm, that'll make me 92 years old.I just read the first tw [...]

    25. Cathy DuPont

      I've found in this series, some are great reads, some pretty good but none are bad or boring both of which I simply can't read. Three books to go and will have finished this series. So I'm looking forward, kind of, to that.As usual, a great storyline and Harry learns something new about himself. I have to give Jim Andersen and Harry Roolaart a thank you for recommending Michael Connelly and especially this series of Harry Bosch. I didn't particularly like him at first but he certainly can grow o [...]

    26. Lauren

      The Drop4 StarsDetective Harry Bosch is back in the Open-Unsolved Division awaiting confirmation of his DROP (Deferred Retirement Option Plan), when he is assigned a cold case with a DNA hit as well as a current case revolving around an apparent suicide. These seemingly simple cases turn out to be more complex as the DNA belongs to a child and the suicide is the son of Harry's old nemesis, Irvin Irving. Can Harry solve them without ruining his career? An improvement after the disappointment of [...]

    27. Pat

      This is my first book by an author I have long wanted to readd probably my last. It gets three stars because it qualifies as an impeccably-written, well-plotted, superbly edited and entertaining page turner.I can certainly understand why Michael Connelly is so populare man knows how to spin a yarn! The writing is clean, concise, fast-paced with no extraneous fat fleshing out the characters or the setting. He simultaneously unwinds two murder cases with great thoroughness and detail, efficiently [...]

    28. Matt

      Bosch heads to the lab to get a rush on a swab from a case he's working. A young woman is attacked and killed in her own home, when the perp slides through the window and attacks her. Leaving a bite mark, Bosch is sure he's found the killer. When the evidence turns things on its head, no one expects what the computer spits outGreat short story, Mr. Connelly. Another great Bosch tale!Merged review:It was a 51 day journey, but I made it! The entire Harry Bosch series (up to now) is complete and I [...]

    29. Dorothy

      I decided to ring out my reading year of 2016 with an old friend, Detective Harry Bosch of the LAPD. I felt a bit of trepidation in doing so, because the last two Bosch mysteries that I had read had been rather disappointing, not up to Connelly's usual standard. I needn't have worried; the writer is back on form with The Drop.This entry finds Detective Bosch back with the open-unsolved case unit of the LAPD, still with David Chu as his partner. Their relationship is abrasive at best, and Harry c [...]

    30. Eric_W

      I liked this classic Connelly as I have enjoyed most of the Hieronymous Bosch detective series. Butad on for a few caveats.The title is a play on multiple plot themes: the suicide of the son of Bosch's earlier nemesis who now sits on the city Council and has become a thorn in the side of the police department; Bosch's ability to continue work as a detective past the normal retirement sequence (called the "drop); and the budding relationship Harry's starts with a Hannah, a psychologist working in [...]

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