Evil Dark

Evil Dark My name s Markowski I carry a badge Also a crucifix some wooden stakes a big vial of holy water and a mm Beretta loaded with silver bullets A series of seemingly motiveless murders of supernatura

  • Title: Evil Dark
  • Author: Justin Gustainis
  • ISBN: 9780857661364
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Paperback
  • Evil Dark

    My name s Markowski I carry a badge Also, a crucifix, some wooden stakes, a big vial of holy water, and a 9mm Beretta loaded with silver bullets.A series of seemingly motiveless murders of supernatural creatures points to a vigilante targeting the supe community Markowski wouldn t normally have much of a problem with that, but his daughter may be next on the killer s liMy name s Markowski I carry a badge Also, a crucifix, some wooden stakes, a big vial of holy water, and a 9mm Beretta loaded with silver bullets.A series of seemingly motiveless murders of supernatural creatures points to a vigilante targeting the supe community Markowski wouldn t normally have much of a problem with that, but his daughter may be next on the killer s listFile Under Urban Fantasy Unnatural Law Thicker Than Water The Bite Stuff Duty Calls e book ISBN 978 0 85766 137 1

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      330 Justin Gustainis
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    One thought on “Evil Dark

    1. Mike (the Paladin)

      Well keeping with my rule that a book which drives me completely away gets a 1 star rating, this gets a 1 star rating and ends my following of the series.There are a lot of problems with this (for me anyway). His world is very fluid. We met ghouls in his first book and learned a little about them. We meet ghouls in this book and most of what we learned in the first book went out the window. He changed several of the details of the world this time and that sort of jumped out at me. It wasn't a de [...]

    2. Krycek

      (Note: original review 10/19/2012, edited 8/13/2013)The cover caught my eye at the local library. It reminded me of those old mystery paperbacks from the fifties and I hoped that the story inside was just as cool as the cover. Happy surprise, it was. Timely, too, since Dragnet reruns have been on the TV lately. This is a supernatural Dragnet, but with more violence and swearing This thing's been done before, sure, but it's done very well here.All in all, a neat bit of UF without all the romance [...]

    3. Ben Babcock

      Welcome back to the alternative Scranton, where the supernatural is out in the open, and Stan Markowski and his partner, the undead Karl Renfer, have to investigate supernatural crimes. Evil Dark is the second entry in Justin Gustainis’ Occult Investigations series. Stan, Karl, Christine, et al continue to process the aftermath of the first book. Then two FBI agents rock up to town, looking for some help tracking down the creators of supernatural snuff films. Stan and Karl investigate, only to [...]

    4. Morgan

      I was enjoying it, but then it all fell apart in the end. The last quarter of the book felt rushed, like there was a deadline to be met.The final three pages seem like they belong somewhere else. Like they were randomly tacked on. I half expect the third book to start with "And that's when I knew I was having drug-induced hallucinations".

    5. Gail

      This is one of those books that starts out okay and then crashes and burns in the last sixty pages. And then the last few pages made it so very, very much worse. It is also the last book by this author I will read, as it is not the first of his books I have been underwhelmed by.

    6. Mieneke

      I seem to be developing a taste for supernatural police procedurals. After discovering and loving Ben Aaronovitch's Rivers of London and Moon over Soho last year and Scott Sigler's Nocturnal last month, this month it was Justin Gustainis' Evil Dark and its protagonist Stan Markowski's turn. I had a tremendous amount of fun with this book. Its writing and tone of voice hooked me from the first page and by the end of the book I was disappointed that it was over so soon, as I would have happily spe [...]

    7. Dean

      3.5 stars really, but the rating system will not allow.If you read my review of the first in this series, "Hard Spell," then you know how I came upon this book-via the author.If you have read that or any other of my reviews you will also know that I tend not to summarize plot.I can read dust-jackets. So can you.How was the book? How was the character development?How did the book draw me in?These are things that I attempt to convey from my own, very subjective narrative."Evil Dark" did not hit me [...]

    8. Cathy

      A very enjoyable traditional police procedural with a hardboiled cop, tempered with a nice touch of warmth and wry humor. I always like the tone of this series, it rings very true to me. He just feels very real to me as a detective, from the opening with his curiosity making him stop to help the elf when he knew he shouldn't, to the tension with the FBI agents, to his relationship with his partner, everything just felt right. The mystery was high tension and interesting and held my attention th [...]

    9. Ami

      There are several cases that Stan and his vampire partner, Karl, are dealing with in this book. First, a case of torture-snuff films, where demon is called to torture and to murder human. Then, there is a case in which witches are being burned and other supes (werewolves and vampires) are killed. Other than that, they also must deal with 'side-cases', like saving a fairy from killing himself or a drunk ogre that take a human hostage in a bar.I postponed reading this because of a not-so-good revi [...]

    10. All Things Urban Fantasy

      Neither as hard-boiled as most police procedurals, nor as arcane as pure urban fantasy, EVIL DARK is a blend that does justice to both genres without taking either too seriously. The dry police banter, methodical exploration of crimes, and a story and world that were easy to jump into make this a great introduction to the series as well as a satisfying stand alone.I enjoyed the casual humor and camaraderie between Markowski and Karl. These two swing from good-natured jockeying to bad puns and di [...]

    11. Mr. Matt

      I thought this was a better story than the first installment in this series, Evil Dark - although I'm not entirely certain why I feel that way. Maybe it was the fact that I had already been introduced to the author's world and the characters. I was able to pick the book up and settle right into modern day Scranton, complete with goblins, trolls, vampires and, of course, magic. Reading these books it is natural to draw a comparison with the Dresden series. I am a big fan of some of the Dresden bo [...]

    12. Ruth

      C2012: So, the story of the Occult Crimes Unit continues apace. The characters are developed a bit more in this book and some urbanology (I know!) added. Dry humour was good and the deft turning of some historical information by substituting some supernatural names was also humorous. I still enjoyed the style of writing and the pace but the last 2 and a bit pages were absolutely soul destroying and I actually re-read the paragraphs (so I tortured myself twice) to make sure that I had actually re [...]

    13. Ken

      "Evil Dark" is the second book in Gustainis' Occult Crimes Unit Investigation series. Both books so far have been fantastic!A series of snuff films featuring a sadistic demon are appearing in the underground market. Additionally, someone is burning witches in what may be an attempt to start a Helter Skelter-esque race war between humans and supernatural beings. Detective Stan Markowski and his partner Karl Renfer are saddled with both cases and racing against time to prevent a further loss of li [...]

    14. Elisa

      Super dark, yet funny procedural with a noir feel. I really enjoyed it, even when I realized things were a bit contrived, the jokes pushed a bit much and things were repeated a bit. I can't wait to read the next one.The name's Markowski, I carry a badgeat type of thing. Folks are being burned alive, tortured to death and other stuff. Markowski is trying to figure out who is doing these horrible things and keeping his family and friends alive, any way possible. Gnarly, yet funny. My kind of book! [...]

    15. Lady*M

      More coherent, funnier book, great dialogue, interesting case(s). Gustainis shows off some of his adolescent wet dreams with the threesome at the end of the novel, but I can forgive him because I had fun with the rest of the book. Vampirism/supernatural creatures and challenges they face as a metaphor for racism/homophobia/general bigotry are sometimes blatant, sometimes clever. I'll probably pick up the next book as well.

    16. Mara

      3 1/2Fun, pulpy, UF procedural. I don't always like the dialogue (sometimes on the cheesy side) and the world-building seems to me "cheap" at times, too (as in taking the easy way out using twisted references, like In the Bright of the Day as an alternate version of In the Heat of the Night e so on). But, if you ever liked cop serials on tv, you'll love Karl and Stan's stories. :)

    17. Holly

      Another solid urban fantasy by this author, with characters I care about, a juicy plot and even a twist that I did not see coming. The ending said there will a third book in this series and I can't wait to read it. Thank you for another great read, Mr Gustainis!4.5 stars!

    18. Matthew Quirk

      A good fast read. I got this book for free and I'll probably pick up the rest of the series. The line that pushed it over the top for me was a throwaway comment about a movie about a vampire police detective in the human-centric Deep South "Johnathin Frid should have gotten the Oscar."

    19. Chris

      Ok addition to this series about a cop who investigates paranormal crime in Pennsylvania. These are an enjoyable enough distraction, but not exactly involving or compelling reads.

    20. Steven Allen

      ***Spoiler Alert***I have enjoyed all of this author's works that I have read. I hope that the author continues to write more in this setting.If you are easily offended by a book mentioning magic, the occult, demons, witches, vampires, etc. then I suggest that you skip this book. Plenty of foul language but not as bad as some other books in this genre. Lots of violence including death by demonic torture in a rather gruesome manner. Sex is mentioned, but is not descriptive leaving it to the reade [...]

    21. Dark Faerie Tales

      Review Courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick & Dirty: Suspense driven, crime stopping, sarcasm slinging detective duo out to stop an unprecedented supe-human war.Opening Sentence: The City is Scranton.The Review:Evil Dark, the second installment in the Occult Crimes Unit Investigation series, continues to follow the overworked and underappreciated detectives, Stan Markowski and Karl Renfer. Their caseload is high, their sarcasm strong, and all their interagency cooperation mojo is running out q [...]

    22. Stephanie

      EVIL DARKStan Markowsky, Book 2Angry RobotUSA Mass Market Paperback 384 pp. April 24, 2012UK B-Format Paperback 416pp May 3, 2012Also as E-BookORIGINAL REVIEW FANGS WANDS AND FAIRY DUST: A HUMAN JOE FRIDAY ON THE SUPE SQUAD INTERVIEW AND GIVEAWAY MAY 20 (giveaway ends May 25) “My name’s Markowski. I carry a badge. Also a crucifix, some wooden stakes, big vial of holy water and a 9mm Beretta loaded with silver bullets.” ANGRY ROBOT In this second adventure of Stan Markowski and the Scranton [...]

    23. The Speculative Post

      So I guess this is a thing now. Otherwise played straight non-fantasy genres with supernatural elements in an urban setting. I’m assuming this is some sort of aftermath of Sookie Stackhouse making ‘What if there were fantasy elements, but they were pretty much no big deal to anybody in the setting, and everybody knew about them?’ into a popular way to build a setting. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing inherently -bad- about this development; in fact, it leads to some very interes [...]

    24. Sara

      Plot: 4.5 StarsI love the balance between cop procedural and the paranormal in this series. Stan and Karl are a part of the Occult Crimes Unit, and its no different from any other police unit, except for the paranormal creatures. On any given day, Stan and Karl are tring to solve numerous cases involving werewolves, vampires, goblins, witches, and any of the other supernatural creatures that are living in Scranton. If this series was made into a tv show, it would be something like Law and Order: [...]

    25. Diane

      Evil Dark is the second entry in the Occult Crime Unit Series. Where I found the first book a little hard to get into (though I really liked it once it got going) this one starts with a bang. Stan Markowski, and Karl Renfer are cops in the Unit faced with two seemingly unrelated cases. In one, the FBI visits the Unit with an example of an authentic snuff film involving a human being possessed by a demon, and the demon then killing another human. It's one of four known such films, but more could [...]

    26. Sheila

      Second in the Occult Crime Unit Investigation series, Evil Dark, by Justin Gustainis, continues to draw readers in with an excellent narrator (think Harry Dresden, but give him a badge and a crucifix) in a pleasingly noir world that’s only slightly offset from our own.The atmosphere is coolly convincing, from crowded precinct to streets and bars, to rooms with locked doors where vampires sleep like the dead. The dialog has pitch perfect humor, pathos and urgency as much-loved friends and famil [...]

    27. Kelly

      These books are the seriously gritty, unapologetically bloody side of urban fantasy. Things are dark in Scranton and Markowski's right in the middle of the action. Whether he wants to be or not.Frankly, I like the dark, the grit, and the blood. It makes for a mighty fine story.The thing I like about Markowski is that while he's fair and levelheaded when he's needed, he's not without a few hangups about the various supernaturals he comes across. He's dealing up close and personal with vampires on [...]

    28. Julia

      EVIL DARK hit the spot, both as a police procedural and UF. The dry police banter, methodical exploration of crimes, and a story and world that were easy to jump into make this great introduction to the series as well as a satisfying stand alone. I love how these crimes prove that not all supernatural crime is exotic, arresting an ogre that smashed up a bar or talking a wingless faerie off a ledge were excellent counterpoints to the heinous violence of the demonic snuff films. Markowski and Karl [...]

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