You're Next

You re Next Mike Wingate had a rough childhood he was abandoned at a playground at four years old and raised in foster care No one ever came to claim him and he has only a few fragmented memories of his parents

  • Title: You're Next
  • Author: Gregg Hurwitz
  • ISBN: 9781423380993
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Audio CD
  • You're Next

    Mike Wingate had a rough childhood he was abandoned at a playground at four years old and raised in foster care No one ever came to claim him, and he has only a few, fragmented memories of his parents Now, as an adult, Mike is finally living the life he had always wanted he s happily married to Annabel, the woman of his dreams they have a precocious eight year old daughMike Wingate had a rough childhood he was abandoned at a playground at four years old and raised in foster care No one ever came to claim him, and he has only a few, fragmented memories of his parents Now, as an adult, Mike is finally living the life he had always wanted he s happily married to Annabel, the woman of his dreams they have a precocious eight year old daughter, Kat and his construction company is about to finish a green housing development that will secure a solid future for them all Then the unimaginable happens Something from Mike s own past, a past he doesn t even remember, comes back to visit terror upon him and his family.Menacing characters show up and begin threatening Mike, and when he reports them, the police seem interested in Mike s murky past than in investigating or protecting his young family Now, with Mike, his wife, and their daughter suddenly under attack from all sides, Mike must turn to Shep, a truly dangerous man and Mike s only true friend from their childhood days together in foster care Together, the two of them will do whatever it takes to protect Mike s family against the hidden men behind the terrifying warning You re Next

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    One thought on “You're Next

    1. Frances

      A four year old boy, Michael, is driven to an unfamiliar place by his father and told to go play. Afraid to get out of the car he asks his father to promise that he’ll come back for him, and with that assurance he opens the door and runs to the playground. His father doesn’t come back for him and Michael is put into foster care along with many unanswered questions, including what is his last name. As the story progresses to present day Michael becomes a target by the people who know who he i [...]

    2. Mary Beth

      Wow! Oh Wow! This book was an awesome thriller! I gave this book 5 stars because it kept me on the edge of myseat and gave me an awesome thrill ride and had to come up for air taking quick breaths of air. It was so suspenseful! I love books like this. I definitely will be reading more Gregg Hurwitz books.It was really planned well. The characters were also drawn out well. I really became to know each character. I can still visualize them in my head, and they made this book so good. Mike Wingate [...]

    3. Mandy

      I'm giving this book 3 1/2 stars, it was a page turner from the first word. If you're looking for a book that will keep you interested and wanting more, then you want to read this. It was a bit long for me, but I totally enjoyed it! Will be reading more from this author!

    4. Lisa

      Wow what a read this was i am still getting my breath back after reading this Thriller by Gregg Hurwitz Your'e Next grabbed me from the prologue & i just couldn't wait to read more Mr Hurwitz is a fantastic author & he does NOT disappoint.Mike Wingate is abandoned by his father & left in a foster home he thinks he will come back but he never does. While in the home he has no memory of his last name or address all he remembers of his dad is the blood on his sleeve.While in the home he [...]

    5. Sean Peters

      Another new author for me, and a author I will read more, as I enjoyed this book, although a tiny let down with the last part of the book.Thrillers don't get much more tense than when a child's welfare is threatened and in Gregg Hurwitz's You're Next there are two. One is the daughter of Mike Wingate, a property developer who has made a few mistakes in his life, but nothing so serious that his eight year-old daughter Kat should be threatened by two particularly nasty individuals. What is even mo [...]

    6. ✨Susan✨

      This is one of the best mystery thrillers I have read this year. The story opens with a distraught father, who finds himself with no other choice but to leave his young son on a strange playground, far from their home. The poor young boy is of no help to the authorities because of his age and unfortunately must be put into the foster care system. His young life, by far, was not at all a great experience, however, he did learn some very valuable lessons that down the road, may just help save his [...]

    7. Melora

      The only reason this was 2 rather than 1 star, is because it was a fast read. I found the story farfetched and yet simultaneously clichéd, with the delayed explanation (of why everyone wants to kill the main character) thoroughly unconvincing and ridiculous. The Bad Guys kept coming back to life like the Terminator, and the Good Guys were way too difficult to kill. The only character who was at all likable was Shep; even the daughter was an irritating brat. In spite of all the suspense and the [...]

    8. Susan

      I became frustrated with the main character early on in the book. He is supposed to be somewhat streetwise due to growing up in foster care. As a child he was able to remain calm in a crises and act with conviction once he'd made up his mind. As an adult, he is reminded me of the annoying screaming woman in bad scary movies. He often acts and speaks before thinking, putting his family in danger as he does so. I probably stuck with it as long as I did because I was listening to the audio book on [...]

    9. Judi Anne

      This is my first Gregg Hurwitz novel and if his others are anything like this I will be reading a lot of them. I love an action/thriller that hits the ground running and then takes me on a roller-coaster ride through the rest of it. This is that kind of novel.The only part of Mike Wingate’s early past that he remembers is that his father took him on a long drive when he was four years old, dropped him off at a playground and left him there alone. From there he grew up in foster homes. He and h [...]

    10. Kia

      So you know where I'm coming from: 1) I am a suspense fan; ordinary fiction can seldom keep me interested, and 2) I am a mom of two young children with a husband, a full time job and precious little free time, so I don't like to spend that free time being brought down or caused emotional pain. Therefore, when I read thrillers, I can only tolerate so much stress, violence, and misery. I am a Hurwitz fan so I can attest that he does a good job keeping the thrills turned up and the misery under con [...]

    11. ReadAlong With Sue

      I have only did a buddy read with my friend Philomena Callan, and that was for a beta read for an author. So wasn't really a buddy read, more like talking together over the book, ideas etc. This was my first "proper" buddy read It was nice to be partnered up and choice a book that we both had on our shelves for a while.I had not read anything at all by this author, so it was lovely for me to be introduced to his way of writing and I have to say, I would definitely read more by him and have some [...]

    12. Jane Stewart

      Last half was intense and good.The first 38% was depressing. I wasn’t enjoying it. But after that it started getting good. And as the story progressed it got better and better. One reason it got better was because good guys were doing some smart things and there was hope. The last several chapters were so intense I could not stop reading.A guy and his family are on the run from bad guys and cops. The plot is complicated. The events and motivations are well thought out. Both sides do smart thin [...]

    13. Donna

      This was the first book I've read by this author and I enjoyed this one a lot. I loved the strength of the various relationships that the MC had with all the different characters. They were well drawn and through them I could see why the MC did what he did. I always love when these things support each other.I was glued to this story and stayed up late just to get it finished. There were a lot of things going in the story, but that is not a negative for me. It kept things moving and I liked the c [...]

    14. Darlene Quinn

      At several points I would have rated this book as a 5 star, at others a 2. The writing is excellent. Where I had a problem was in the plotting which while good, it only became clear very close to the end. I may not have gotten to the clarification had I not purchased the book in audio. I felt the writer withheld too much from the reader which made the motivation unclear and difficult to follow. The danger the main character found himself in made as little sense me, the reader, as it did to the p [...]

    15. Zainab Shah

      IF YOU'RE IN A READING SLUMP OR JUST LOOKING FOR A BOOK TO READ THEN PLEASEEEEEE READ THIS!!!I swear this is THE best novel I've read in 2017 so far!!! I was hooked from page one and literally couldn't put it down! This book is just so freaking good and I swear you won't regret reading this!!

    16. nikolaos

      Αρχικά θα ήθελα να παραθέσω την περίληψη του βιβλίου από το οπισθόφυλλο του, καθώς στην ελληνική έκδοση του , αν και η φωτογραφία και ο τίτλος είναι κανονικά στα ελληνικά, εν τούτοις η περιγραφή είναι στα αγγλικά.ΠΕΡΙΛΗΨΗ: Ο Μάικ πέρασε δύσκολα παιδικά χρόνια. Εγκαταλείφθηκ [...]

    17. James Glass

      I thought this was a very well written story. The plot moved along at a good speed . The characters were realistic. Mike Wingate was abandoned by his father at a foster home when he was four. As he grows up in the school of hard knocks he befriends a fellow foster kid named Shep. As they grow up, Shep becomes a felon, while Mike settles down with a wife and daughter. Then out of nowhere his life is threatened and he must do everything he can to keep him and his family alive. He turns to Shep for [...]

    18. Thomas Edmund

      You're Next is the consummate thriller novel; the main character Mike W is a 'getting there' middle-class builder with a 'fosterling' past, a beautiful yet precocious daughter and a wife that matches. Somewhat randomly his family is tormented by a pair of dicey strangers, and he has to call on his dubious childhood friend 'Shep' to help them out.Everything about this novel is the ideal crime-thriller, a good balance between creep factor and straight out action, pure-evil bad-guys and desperate g [...]

    19. Alla

      “You’re next” by Gregg Hurwirz trails Michael Wingate—a real estate developer who thinks he has his life made, until two thugs called William and Dodge track him down and threaten him during his award ceremony with the governor. Mike quickly goes over possible motives. Can it be connected to the sudden discovery of PVC pipes under his newly-completed green house land? Or is it somehow related to his past—where, at age four, he was mysteriously abandoned by his father at the playground [...]

    20. Lesley

      Would have gave it 5 stars but it went from fast pace to very drag out slow but then fast pace. The slow parts were boring but I would read more from this author.

    21. Best Crime Books & More

      Having never read a Gregg Hurwitz and having read some favourable reviews I was looking forward to getting my teeth into another new author. The book isn't slow on the uptake and the first couple of chapters is spent introducing up to Mike, his wife Annabel and their adorable but incredibly bright daughter Kat (what a great name?!?).Mike was brought up in a foster home and was seemingly abandoned when he was a young child. Having not had the best start in life he has literally turned his life ar [...]

    22. Lori

      Scott Brick, the narrator, mentioned this as one of the best stories he's ever read. It was VERY compelling and had me guessing at every turn. In our modern world what would you do if suddenly you found yourself and your family trailed/hunted down for what appears to be no reason at all? This story reminded me of the old Tom Selleck movie, "An Innocent Man" or even a modern, interesting very jazzed up version of Kafka's The Trial which I truly hated but the storyline is essentially the same.cent [...]

    23. Jenny

      really enjoyed this book. I have never read a Gregg Hurwitz book but I am so grateful that I have been introduced to his writing.This book hooks you from the very start. Mike Wingate is left abandoned as a child and cannot remember anything about his father except that he had blood on his sleeve. He spends his childhood waiting for his dad to come back for him. He befriends another young boy and the two are constantly in trouble. Mike decides to change his life around but Shep continues a life o [...]

    24. Donna

      Woah, this was a good one!!! Gripping or what? Mike WIngate is a building contractor doing the right thing by his daughter by building an estate of environmentally friendly houses. However he discovers that the company who laid the drainage system for the whole estate took his money but laid PVC pipes. He is persuaded to cover this up however by the powers that be in the state governor's office.After Mike guiltily accepts an award for his green project, he is threatened by two men, and is then s [...]

    25. Jamie

      The novel "You're Next" is a textbook example of what a mystery thriller should be. It is the fourth novel I have read by Greg Hurwitz and all his books have been solid. A very talented storyteller and writer. You will root for Mike Wingate and his family throughout the novel. Hurwitz knows how to pull at the reader's heartstrings. If you can entertain a reader you are a good writer. If you can make a reader think you are an excellent writer. But, if you can make a reader feel then you are a gre [...]

    26. E.

      This was my second book by Hurwitz, and while the first one may still be my favorite, this one was still really good. The character development was thorough, and I felt for these people. The writing was beautiful and so easy to read. The mystery was intriguing, at Near the end when the "why" was revealed, I was like "really?" But the rest of the book, before and after, was captivating, heartfelt, at times violent, suspenseful. This really kept my attention from start to finish. Hurwitz [...]

    27. Deborah Ledford

      Looking for a great thriller? Well, Gregg Hurwitz has done it again with his latest YOU'RE NEXT. A rollercoaster ride featuring heroes so spot-on you can't help but fear for and villains so terrifying you can only pray never drop into your life. Hurwitz's dialogue is some of the best in print. Fantastic read.

    28. Marian

      Ohh was my first time reading one of Greg Huwritz books.Why didn't someone tell me his books were THIS good!I gladly without any doubt in my mind,give this book a 5/5.I would give it more if I could.So hard for me to put this book down.If your looking for a thriller to read and want non stop action,this is, THEE book, for you.Thank you Mr.Greg Huwritz for an awesome novel:)

    29. Marleen

      Gregg Hurwitz's “You’re Next” is an utterly captivating read. A page-turner like I haven't read in a long time. I immensely appreciated the juxtaposition of appealing and relatable characters confronted to this terrifying threat - and not knowing why!!?? There were moments I jumped out of my skin because the suspense and danger got to me. In essence it's a story of a father who will do anything to keep his family alive. That father is Mike Wingate (35ish), abandoned by his father at the ag [...]

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