Confucius from the Heart: Ancient Wisdom for Today's World

Confucius from the Heart Ancient Wisdom for Today s World In the autumn of Yu Dan a professor of media studies at Beijing Normal University gave a series of lectures entitled Yu Dan s Insights into the Analects which was broadcast for seven days on C

  • Title: Confucius from the Heart: Ancient Wisdom for Today's World
  • Author: Yu Dan
  • ISBN: 9780330513753
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Paperback
  • Confucius from the Heart: Ancient Wisdom for Today's World

    In the autumn of 2006, Yu Dan, a professor of media studies at Beijing Normal University, gave a series of lectures entitled Yu Dan s Insights into the Analects which was broadcast for seven days on China Central Television Her highly personal interpretation of Confucian thought was rapturously received, An edited transcript of the lectures sold 10,000 copies on the dayIn the autumn of 2006, Yu Dan, a professor of media studies at Beijing Normal University, gave a series of lectures entitled Yu Dan s Insights into the Analects which was broadcast for seven days on China Central Television Her highly personal interpretation of Confucian thought was rapturously received, An edited transcript of the lectures sold 10,000 copies on the day it was published in book form and by September the following year the book had sold 4.2 million legal copies in China and an estimated 6 million pirated ones, remaining at the top of the Chinese bestseller lists today Simply written, and with a view to taking the wisdom of Confucius out of the hands of the academics and the philosophers and making it accessible to the general reader, Confucius From the Heart gives us a contemporary Confucius, one who can teach us how to attain spiritual happiness, adjust our daily routines and find our place in modern life Yu Dan argues that his sayings, or Analects far from being merely interesting quotes from ancient lore, of little use in our hectic, stress filled world Instead, they are simple truths that can speak to each and every one of us and help us lead better, happier, calmer lives.

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    One thought on “Confucius from the Heart: Ancient Wisdom for Today's World

    1. Corinne

      For the last three days, I have been away to my favourite spot by the sea.After reading “The seeker of well-being” I felt a deep inner silence that told me I needed a break; to unite with myself, to decide how best to handle the conflicts I have now, in my personal and professional lives. Now I am back to town, all renewed. Ready to face the challenges of life.I find Confucius the best in Chinese Wisdom. If you don't have the time to read the whole book, read at least the two chapters called [...]

    2. Cátia

      Este livro é daqueles que deveria ser lido por muitas pessoas. Mostra-nos a importância das atitudes que temos para com a família, amigos e desconhecidos. Se não nos dão o merecido valor, não merecerem nada em retorno. Salienta o poder das palavras e as palavras são a maior arma que existe no mundo e que às vezes desvalorizamos."Quando falamos devemos pensar cuidadosamente; quando agimos devemos ponderar as consequências. Isto é o mais importante a ter em mente em todas as nossas inter [...]

    3. Paul Bard

      This book is not about Confucius. This book is an act of terror against the Chinese people. This sentimental screed on how to make no impact and influence nobody is done in traditional Chinese style: it seeks to destroy the greatness of Confucius, by putting him on a pedestal.Because the author, Yu Dan, LITERALLY chokes the life out of the purple groaning neck of Confucius. Yu Dan kills in turn each of Confucius' living spirits through the weapons of distortion, emotionalization, and superficial [...]

    4. Anuudari Burenbat

      Slim, simple and yet so insightful. Most people are familiar with moral and natural principles, that seems so logical. And though people know they should live to the full, due to our own natural imperfection and lack of brevity in facing life, their spirit seems to have extinguished through the years and life becomes a mere existence. In this practical little book, Yu Dan describes the key points from Chinese greatest thinker Confucius' "Analects", that helps to understand how to reach that high [...]

    5. Yoshiyuki

      IF the Lady-author intended to make us familiar with Confucius's thinking and advice about how to be a better human being - applied to 21st century humanity - I think she got it wrong!It is interesting to get acquainted with HOW Confucius thought about the many, many things of lifeey sound good, but not believable! And.I don't think that present day Chinese give a dam about his advices, otherwise they'll be less pugnacious and more thoughtful.OR this is not the case!

    6. Melita

      It gets boring and draining in the middle! But I still like it because Yu Dan writes clearly and the stories included was pretty profound. Quite inspiring, I'd say. You don't digest it in a day. Better let it be absorbed by your mind and then continue again. It's too much in one sitting.

    7. Cathy

      I really wanted to love this book. I feel that I learn a lot from Confucius' teachings and hoped that this book would give me further insight and learning.The book had great potential with great Confucious quotes but fell flat on the "wisdom for today's world" part. For a few reasons: I don't think it's relevant to the western world. I think it was written for how the author wanted people to think not as a companion book for things to think on. The book is less spiritual and more academic than I [...]

    8. Michael Adcock

      Great contemporary interpretation of KongZi leveraging extracts from the Analects, which would serve the modern western world well as valuable ethical lessons. Amazing how little we have changed in 2500 years.

    9. Nadya

      This is a difficult one: I found the teachings of Confucius insightful, but the writing style put me off. I am making the assumption that this is both because of the fact that Yu Dan is a professor in China - this just means that English is not her first language - as well as the fact that this was a "personal interpretation" of the Analects of Confucius.Nowhere on the book does it stipulate that this book was a translation, but if it was, I could attribute the writing style to a less than great [...]

    10. Jo

      Truly bad. Goodness me. That’s a couple of hours of my life I will never get back. I realise there are some liberties might have to be taken to make philosophy more widely accessible, but it is hard to recognise Confucius in this book at all. It read more like ‘Readers Digest’! or ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’! I have to confess Yu Dan drove away much of my good will in her introduction when she described the centuries old wisdom of Confucius as ‘easy’ and like taking a bath in a soo [...]

    11. Don

      University Professor Yu Dan, who is also a media advisor to many of China’s regional television stations, set out to present the wisdom of Confucius (Kong Fuzi, 孔夫子) in a less scholarly and more accessible way to the Chinese people – her book started as a series of lectures on Chinese Central Television – but it became an unexpected bestseller, selling over 10 million copies. Although Confucius’ Analects are often interpreted as maxims of behavior, Yu Dan interprets them in a more [...]

    12. Kyle Anderson

      This book is full of little nuggets of wisdom and advice. Best not read in one go but rather, spaced out. One could easily rip through it in a day but to truly enjoy and learn from the lessons I found it best to read but a few pages and then think on it for a while until I was ready to read some more. Don't expect to be enthralled or bound by the words but instead to be challenged and just occasionally entertained by the lessons presented as short story's or anecdotes. Worth a read if you're loo [...]

    13. Emerald

      It was an amazing read. At first when I started it, it did not strike me as anything extraordinary because the interpretations are so simple even a lay man can understand, but the more I read, the more I begin to like the simplistic explanation and the calm tone of voice. Like the author says in the book, he ideal temperature should be just warm because if it is to high, it well soon become cold. I think this is a book that should be read again and again to help us find a path in today's complic [...]

    14. Sharakael

      While I disagree with some of what's written inside, I'd say this: it achieved what it set out to do.It aimed to explain Confucius' teachings, to make it easier to understand and bring it to the mass and it succeeded at that. It was easy to read, easy to understand, and it explained the teachings in simple words; in that regards the book was well-written. In the whole scheme of things, I disagree with some of what's written inside, but that's my own POV I've probably gotten too individualised to [...]

    15. Raquel

      O livro apresenta ao leitor uma interpretação dos ensinamentos de Confúcio de uma forma muito simples e agradável de ler. Todos os pontos abordados neste livro, conselhos e histórias orientam para a construção de um ser modesto, feliz e inspirador. Levar a Vida de forma pacífica e benevolente encarando os desgostos com uma atitude corajosa de forma a que não dêmos a estes a força de orientarem as nossas vidas. Encontrar a felicidade no presente e naquilo que temos, libertando-nos da i [...]

    16. JC Espiritu

      A great commentary on the writings of Confucius. His understanding of the human nature as well as the ideal that we ought to obtain makes him really a teacher. I'm amazed at how truth can be found in the most unexpected places. Because of people like Sun Tzu, Lao Tzu, Confuciusc I'm beginning to love eastern philosophy and their emphasis on the mastery over self to be a better servant others. This is a must-read book!

    17. Cassiopeia's Moon

      This book told me a lot of interesting things and ways to think about life. It's a great introduction to the wisdom of Confucius and how all that he said still can be used today. You can read this book no matter your own religion, after all, Confucius was a philosopher. It will tell you much about how to live your life in a peaceful way.Now I've got to read more about and especially of Confucius!

    18. Kerrysullivan

      I loved this book. It opened up the teaching of Confucius to me in a way that was understandable and in a way it could be incorporated into everyday life. I found the book restful and easy to read it made me feel good and want to be a better person. I am not sure it worked but the journey the book took me on is one to remember.

    19. Brenda

      I've only started reading this book. Apparently like the old Greek stories, written by students of the oral philosipher. I found it curious that the modern student wasn't sure how these brilliant age old wisdoms could or would apply today. I'm hoping my curiosity will be answered by the end of the book.Brenda

    20. Blaz

      Very simple to understand but it's always up to the individual to see and feel the wisdom behind words and it's usage in the real world. This book is definitely a light reading with the amazing ability to produce a lot food for thought, self discovery eureka moments and insights into yourself and consequently the world.Recommended for everyone.

    21. Carolina

      Acredito que a tradução esteja a destruir grande parte deste livro.Acho que são ditas aqui muitas coisas bonitas e que para mim fazem muito sentido, e também sei que não me lembro de grande parte e, portanto, devo aplicar muito pouco na minha vida. Olha, temos pena.É difícil de ler por causa da tradução ranhosa.

    22. Piotrektt

      Very interesting book, especially with China being in the center of interest. Recently, I've read in Polityka that Chinese government is switching sides from communism to Confucianism. If this is right, and I hope it is, the book will explain a lot about this shift and Confucianism itself. A decent, quick and entertaining read.

    23. Filbert Lam

      Not sure what I should make of this book. The translation was very rough around the edges.However, having watched Prof. Yu Dan's lectures and read the original Analects in Mandarin, it's easy to see why she is so popular in China. While I don't necessarily agree with everything Prof. Yu Dan and Confucius said, the analysis was very clear and concise.

    24. Edacheeky (Eda D)

      This is a simple and beautiful little book. I always come back to it when I'm feeling down and it never fails to make me feel better because it changes my perspective on things. It is a very fast read as well.

    25. Laren

      Received this as a gift today. There is a feather marking page 9. "The wisdom of Confucius can help us obtain spiritual happiness in the modern world, to get used to the daily routine of our lives, and to find the personal bearings that tell us where we are."

    26. Tom

      see page 85 with refernce to junzi and also mentioned in karen armstrons book transformationamazon/The-Great-Trans

    27. Ryotaro Nagasawa

      It seems to be based in a tv program introducing Confucius's wisdom, not a translation of his thoughts. It's easy to grasp what Confucius's thoughts are like in general. If you prefer the real words of Confucius, I recommend you to choose other books.

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