Teen Idol

Teen Idol I should have known everybody in school was going to fall in love with Luke As let s face it any guy who doesn t have an obsession with monster trucks or a mulletncan be considered hot at Clayton Hig

  • Title: Teen Idol
  • Author: Meg Cabot
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Paperback
  • Teen Idol

    I should have known everybody in school was going to fall in love with Luke As let s face it, any guy who doesn t have an obsession with monster trucks or a mulletncan be considered hot at Clayton High.Everyone loves Jen Greenley But being the world s best listener doesn t always get you too far Until Jen s asked to look after Lucas Smith better known as Luke Stiker,I should have known everybody in school was going to fall in love with Luke As let s face it, any guy who doesn t have an obsession with monster trucks or a mulletncan be considered hot at Clayton High.Everyone loves Jen Greenley But being the world s best listener doesn t always get you too far Until Jen s asked to look after Lucas Smith better known as Luke Stiker, Hollywood s most famous teenage movie star, who s coming to Clayton to research a new role.Can Jen keep Luke s identity a secret And can she manage not to lose her heart to the most gorgeous guy on the planet Let s face it Jen s starring in her very own Mission Impossible Or is she

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    One thought on “Teen Idol

    1. Fafa's Book Corner

      Review posted on Fafa's Book Corner !Beware spoilers ahead!DNFI had read this book back in September 2015. I was going through a Meg Cabot funk and I was really excited to read this. Unfortunately I did not enjoy this.The book begins with a piece from Dear Annie. A girl was having a dilemma with her grandmother. Her grandmother thought that everything said girl had an interest in is going to send her to Hell. The girl has no idea what to do. Annie responds saying that her grandmother is crazy an [...]

    2. Tabatha

      You can check out more reviews by me on my blog:I liked this book, in ways that I really didn't think I would. I had pre-conceived ideas about Teen Idol (I mean, reading the back cover synopsis who wouldn't?) But Meg Cabot did something she tends to do a lot --something I tend to forget and therefore don't give her credit for-- she surprised me! (view spoiler)[I mean, come on! I can guarantee thatat least99% of reader assumed that Jenny -- the main character-- was going to fall for the super hot [...]

    3. Claire (Book Blog Bird)

      DNF at 30% because:- The story narrator is supposed to be sixteen, but she sounds twelve- The audiobook narrator has the most irritating voice I've ever heard- Dull, dull, dull, dull- Plot's going nowhere, and it's doing it slowly- Everyone's been fooled by the super famous Hollywood star's awesome disguise of glasses- Hollywood star gets labelled 'sensitive' because he stands up for someone who is being bullied. No, that makes him a fucking human being. Nope. Just nope.

    4. Jacob Proffitt

      This was every bit of what I expected from Meg Cabot. Yeah, the setup is beyond unlikely and not just the celebrity vising the high school part. But all the unlikely bits make perfect sense in a fun story with people I came to care about and an engaging plot. And, of course, Jenny was a lot of fun to spend time with and joining her while she learns who she wants to be and what she's going to make important in her life was just outstanding.

    5. Mishma

      Teen Idol was the book which changed my opinion of ‘pink covered books’.After going through a lot of hideously pink covered ‘Mary Kate and Ashley’s and ‘Hannah Montana’s in the library shelves,I was actually disgusted with the colour pink.So you can imagine my eagerness to read Teen Idol.Note my sarcasm.It was also my first book by Meg Cabot.And from what they say “First impressions are the best ones”,I thought she is one of those authors who write nonsense.But,boy,I was wrong.Te [...]

    6. T.K.

      Though there were some good messages here, I didn't love the repeating theme that all teen sex is normal and fine, just use a condom. I'm sure I was more sensitive to it as my 13-year-old was reading it to me, but I still think that's irresponsible in a book so very clearly geared to tweens. Hearing this story was akin to being trapped in a 12-year-old's silly fantasy: intelligence-insulting and way too long.

    7. Mireille

      Oh, I just really liked this. I loved Jen, and how she was mayonnaise and secret sauce, and how she wielded so much power through niceness. I liked her secret identity a lot, and how she cared about her latin teacher's doll, of all things. I really liked that a hot movie star came to school - secretly! identity porn! - and that he became friends with our heroine but was clearly not meant to be her love interest. And Scoooott, I thought he was so dreamy, with the reading of dystopian books as a m [...]

    8. Nasty Lady MJ

      To see full review and Hollywood Analysis click here: yalbookbriefs/201I often forget about Teen Idol and it's not because it's a bad book, in comparison's to Meg's other titles this one is sort of.well, just there.The book itself has fairly decent characters and it the storyline is solid enough. But it's nothing special. And perhaps that's what my problem with it is.The plot is pretty generic, good girl Jen's life is changed when movie star Luke Striker shows up in her small town and shakes up [...]

    9. Marlee

      Well, I'm hit-and-miss with Meg Cabot. I love love love All-American Girl, but I'm so very disappointed in the premise of the following title that I refuse to read it. The Princess Diaries did not interest me, and Avalon High didn't immediately capture my interest. Anywho, I did not have extremely high hopes for Teen Idol, but I was hoping for a nice little light, predictable teen romance.It's pretty much just that, but with random messages of social change that are really quite annoying. This b [...]

    10. Jennifer Wardrip

      Reviewed by Spreeha for TeensReadTooJenny Greenly has been everybody's best friend or, like her REAL best friend called her, mayonnaise. She even helps out people with them not knowing it's her. You see, Jen is the secret advisor, Annie, who people go to to solve their personal relationships. She does the layout and the other secret thing (being Annie) for the Clayton High School Register in Clayton, Indiana. Of course, only the editor-in-chief of the newspaper and a few other administrators of [...]

    11. Miriam Mathew

      Sweet and romantic. I found it extremely satisfying. This is one of those reads when after a tiring day, you just lean back against your couch, prop your feet up on a stool and start to read. It was nice to see that the heroine- a character who always has to be the "nice" person, grow up into someone who can actually take a stand. I found Luke and Scott extremely lovable as well; they're just perfect.

    12. Elissa

      (3.5 stars) Okay, this was cute. The story was actually a decent one, and not what I expected when it comes to "celebrity heartthrob goes undercover at local high school and interacts with the normal students" because that usually means that there's a celebrity-falling-for-a-mortal plot. This was refreshingly different! Jen Greenley, an ordinary junior in her small Indiana school, is the anonymous student newspaper columnist Ask Annie. Because she can keep a secret so well, the school administra [...]

    13. Paige Miller

      Very good. Please try it! I loved it. Girl next door gets to be a movie star's school guide, discovers her love has been with her all along.

    14. Lint

      Dear Annie,I love him. He doesn't know I'm alive. What do I do now?Desperate-Dear Desperate,When you figure that out, could you please let me know?Because I haven't the foggiest idea.AnnieJenJen's your typical 'girl-next-door.' She's nice, she's caring and she will always be there to wipe your tears. Jen was, what you would call, a 'goody-two-shoes,' and could get away with a few things.Luke, a teenage heart throb, and once he got to know her a little, had told Jen that she could make a differen [...]

    15. Sidi Bao

      I really enjoyed it! It was quite different to the books I usually read but I'm quite happy I ventured outside the box. The ending really surprised me and I can't say I liked it very much but overall, this book was interesting and exciting! :D

    16. Steph Su

      Even better than The Princess Diaries series, TEEN IDOL is the story about a girl-next-door who learns to use her influence to change the world. (Okay, not the world. But at least the people at her high school.) Nice girl Jenny Greenley has a secret position on the school newspaper: she's Ask Annie, the unofficial school psychologist who gives advice to anyone who writes in. Only the school administrators and Scott Bennett, her friend and the newspaper's editor-in-chief, know about her extra job [...]

    17. Lanie

      Well. This was pretty. "Meh" feeling. You know what I mean? I shelved it under "realistic fiction" but that might be a BIT of a stretch. I found "teen idol" far fetched and silly. Which might have been the point, but really, I mostly just found it tedious and dull. The romance seemed forced with little chemistry. Both Scott and Luke were ok as far as Young Adult male characters go (so many are creepy stalker asshats) but both were pretty underdeveloped and bland.Seriously? Why is he called "sens [...]

    18. Andrea Hussey

      Another typical Meg Cabot book. I just don’t like it because it’s so unrealistic and childish. Like a young girl wishing to be with a movie star, the whole princess, fairy tale type thing that I just don’t go for. Meg Cabot is all about these plots that would never happen in real life. How many movie stars would come to somebody’s high school like this?And the style is writing is the most annoying I’ve ever read. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be funny or what, but having the cha [...]

    19. Aiman Rahim

      The only reason I continued reading this book when I started it was because I had high expectationsUntil I found myself on the last page.The plot BORED me. It was just too predictable. Meg Cabot can come up with such awesome story lines for her books yet decided to make this cliché with no purpose. Time for inconveniences!The only disguise for a superstar who everyone knows is a damn pair of glasses. Sunglasses. What ever. And it works. Wow, just wow.This girl (main character) is well known for [...]

    20. Deondra Cherry

      Meg Cabot’s “Teen Idol” was one of the most relatable books I’ve ever read. In this book Jenny has to try to keep teen star, Luke’s, identity a secret. It turns out this wouldn’t be as easy as she thought.I’ve never been able to relate to a book as much as I do now. Just like Jenny, I often help a lot of people with their problems. I know how hard it is to keep secrets, that are worth telling. This book is also relatable to “ How to be Popular”, also by Meg Cabot. In this book [...]

    21. Kylah Polidore

      OMG this book is amazing. As soon as I started I wanted Jen with Scott. I like Luke's character he was funny, I wasn't a fan of Trina and Geri Lynn. But the book was funny and really good. I'm so happy Scott and Jen are together and how Jen was actually speaking her mind. Luke with Geri Lynn was a surprise but that means Jen can be with Scott so yay!! :)

    22. Trinia

      Ok, I’m probably a bit old for this book but I really enjoyed listening to this one. It was a cute teen high school story that was full of good lessons and many “aww” moments. I’ll be checking out more of Meg Cabot for when I need a little pick me up :)

    23. May

      My #1 Meg Cabot book for no deeper reasons but the fact that I just really like it. MC has a great ability to make first person narratives actually bearable, and even, enjoyable.

    24. Muse-ic ♬

      2.5. I listened to this on audio and that is not what I didn't like about it. I really enjoy audio books. What I didn't like was the endingly.I shall now begin ranting.So I'm a total sucker for books where the snotty stuck-up celebrity/popular person falls in love with the normal-ish everyday main character.Before you ask, yes that did happen in the bookbut was it with our main character Jenny Greenley? NO!Was it with some dumb stupid senior girl named Geri who we barely know anything or even ca [...]

    25. Briza

      (Warning: contains spoilers)I have read so many books (okay, four so far, including this one) written by Meg Cabot, and this… This book is amazing. Though, not amazing as the "Airhead" series, in which I have come to love through the first few pages of the book, which I will soon be reading again. There were many things I like about “Teen Idol” and very few little things that I disliked. So, before I go on about my likes and dislikes on this book, here is what I predicted:I was expecting t [...]

    26. Myra Sullivan

      Jenny Greenley is "Ask Annie", the writer behind the advice column in the school newspaper. Jenny handles everybody's problems and always makes sure to smooth things over, thus making her everyone's friend. But when teen heartthrob and superstar Luke Striker comes to their small town, Jenny finds out that maybe it's more important to stand up for what you believe in than to try and make the rest of the world happy.Ugh. Big disappointment. :/ I read 70/30. That is, 70% for plot and 30% for writin [...]

    27. Natali

      Okay, first things first. I have some odd connections to the main characters of the story. Usually, I'll find a book where it's like, "omg! They like acting too? And they like photography? What a coinky-dink!" But there were some seriously weird connections to me and this main character. 1) She lives in Indiana. 2) She loves reading and finds the chance to argue about them with anyone. 3) She is also in show choir. 4) She is also an alto. 5) She is a junior in high school. 6) She is on her schoo [...]

    28. Ruhama

      Jen cannot believe that Luke Striker (of TV and movie fame) is coming to her high school in her podunk town in Indiana. AND that she’s been asked to keep his identity a secret while showing him around as he observes what a day in the life of a high school student is like.Eventually his cover is blown, and girls everywhere are screaming that they love him and they can’t believe that Jen knows him, etc. etc. Jen also decides to take a stand and not be the nice girl that everyone likes anymore [...]

    29. Diana

      Teen IdolBy Meg Cabot320 pgsHarperTrophyISBN: 0060096187Jenny Greenley, a high school junior, is the greatest at keeping secrets. Because of this ability, she's the anonymous advice columnist in the school newspaper. She's so good at keeping secrets that she's the only one who knows the true identity of Mr. Hot Hot Hollywood star, Luke Striker. Because Luke makes it so difficult, soon everyone, meaning everyone, knows his secret and Jenny is involved in this big chaos.I like the writing style of [...]

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