Traumreisende Schon wenige Stunden nach ihrer Geburt wird die Aborigine Beatrice in die Obhut eines Waisenhauses gegeben Als Erwachsene macht sie sich auf die Suche nach ihren Wurzeln Eine Reise zwischen den Welten

  • Title: Traumreisende
  • Author: Marlo Morgan Elke vom Scheidt
  • ISBN: 9783442448791
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Paperback
  • Traumreisende

    Schon wenige Stunden nach ihrer Geburt wird die Aborigine Beatrice in die Obhut eines Waisenhauses gegeben Als Erwachsene macht sie sich auf die Suche nach ihren Wurzeln Eine Reise zwischen den Welten beginnt, die ihr Leben fur immer verandern wird.Schon wenige Stunden nach ihrer Geburt wird die Aborigine Beatrice in die Obhut eines Waisenhauses gegeben Als Erwachsene macht sie sich auf die Suche nach ihren Wurzeln Eine Reise zwischen den Welten beginnt, die ihr Leben fu r immer vera ndern wird.

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      242 Marlo Morgan Elke vom Scheidt
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    One thought on “Traumreisende

    1. Jessica

      Marlo Morgan is a LIAR! This piece of drivel is not indicative of the way Australian Aboriginals live, nor is it an accurate representation of the traditional and cultural beliefs of the area. As an Australian Aboriginal I am deeply offended by the lies in this book and even more so by her inclusion of an 'approval' given by a member of the Wurundjeri tribe.The thing that most people may not be aware of (as Morgan never bothered to mention it) is that there are literally hundreds of Aboriginal t [...]

    2. Joni

      I really enjoyed this book. I loved Mutant Message Down Under so much that I was excited to read this one. I was not disappointed. I am fascinated by the Aborigine people. I secretly think it would be great to go on a "walkabout" with some someday. I was also frustrated with our history. We as a people, are so mean to others that we view as different.

    3. Debby Stephan

      This book was so sad and so real. I need to re-read this one in a year or so, along with Mutant Message from Down Under. Both were books that I would describe as life-altering. I realize that these books are fiction and that Ms. Morgan has been confronted by the Aboriginals for what she has written, but the message is still amazing.When I read about the fictional relationship of the Aborigines with the earth and nature, I know that this is how life should be. However, their ability to be non-jud [...]

    4. Susan

      A great book! It's very difficult to read about the treatment Aboriginals have suffered in their own land, but staying with the book will lead you to such wonderful spirituality. I have many markers on the book, particularly toward the last third where so much wisdom can be found. I highly recommend this as "soul food."

    5. Bev

      Described as "a novel of Aboriginal wisdom," this book traces the story of a pair of twins, Jeff and Bea, who are born in the bush, taken from their mother at a mission station on the first day of their life. Bea is raised in a mission school, Jeff is given to an American family, who move him to the U.S where his upbringing leads him eventually to a prison death row. Bea, in the meantime, in her 30s walks into the bush and meets with native Aborigines, who teach her the way of her people. This i [...]

    6. Linda

      Again, as with MUTANT MESSAGE FROM DOWN UNDER, I was swept away with the tenets of this book. I believed. Morgan has aboriginal gudies again in this book and she brings us supposed ancient wisdom. AGain, I wanted to believe! And, what harm could reading this book do? From the back cover of this book, the ten messages of aborignial wisdom that are laid out in this book: 1. Express Your Individual Creativity; 2. Realize That You Are Accountable; 3. Before Birth You Agreed to Help Other; 4. Mature [...]

    7. Labijoux Poupette

      I am not sure about the aboriginal life cause I never met any of them or something like that but this book made me wanna meet them and explore more about their culture and the way they live. I just know that the descriptions were very graphic and thrue the whole book I could feel the love and the respect from the writer towards them and back. I think it is a very warm book, kind of shocking in a way cause it introduces this other way of living far away from computers, washing machines or anythin [...]

    8. Melissa

      This is another mixed stars review. I didn't like the first half of the book very well, it was totally different from the first book. I thought the stage could have been set more quickly. HOWEVER, the 2nd part taught me as much as the first Mutant Message book. Read these books! I'm a better person for what I'm learning from them.

    9. Michele

      10 Messages of Aboriginal Wisdom You Will Explore In Message From ForeverExpress Your Individual CreativityRealize That You Are AccountableBefore Birth You Agreed to Help OthersMature EmotionallyEntertainBe a Steward of Your EnergyIndulge in MusicStrive to Achieve WisdomLearn Self-DisciplineObserve Without Judging

    10. Holly

      The first couple of chapters caused me deep emotional pain as I could feel the suffering.A wondrous epic of struggle and triumph of soul.A must read for anyone on a path of personal growth. Mutant Message from Forever: A Novel of Aboriginal Wisdom is the second of 2 books that I consider blessings upon the world.I will reread this as soon as my hundred books are completed.

    11. Jean

      A simplified and watered down historical fiction of the horrors the Australian Aborigine were subjected to in an attempt to convert and “ civilize “ them told in the story of twins, a boy and a girl, taken from their mother as infants in a misguided legalized justification of helping the indigenous better themselves. Instances of abuse in orphanages, adoptions, sterilization programs and down right brain washing along with the social ills that necessarily follow suit, were woven into the sto [...]

    12. Robin Roberts

      I found this to be an incredibly inspiring book. I have gifted it to several people but don't know if they had the same response as I did. No matter what I was going through, I could open the book and follow the journey of the main character-and realize that nothing in my life could compare to what she was going through.

    13. Ezgi

      kitapezgisiAvustralya’da yaşamış olan ve hala yaşam savaşı veren Aborjin’leri anlatan, onlara özgü bir roman. Doğumlarından kısa bir süre sonra yörelerindeki beyaz insanlar tarafından ayrılan ikizlerin üzüntü veren, direniş ve arayış dolu hikayesi bizlere anlatılmış. İki farklı hayat birbirini takip eden bölümler gayet sürükleyici bir dil ile sunulmuş.Kitap içerisinde Aborjin’lere özgü gelenekleri, adetleri, hayata bakış tarzlarını öğrenmek çok hoş [...]

    14. Margaret Carmel

      I really enjoyed this book! I found the descriptions of the way the people interacted with the land. All my life i've been very nervous about Australia due to all of the poisonous creatures that live there, but this book makes me want to experience these things for myself. The descriptions of Beatrice coming of age as a member of the Real People tribe were beautiful and arresting. In addition to this, I learned a lot about the Aboriginal people and how mistreated they were by the colonizing whit [...]

    15. Ruth

      This book tells the fictional story of two Aboriginal children born in the outback, taken from their parents at birth and follows their childhood and adulthood in Australia and the USA. The only drawback to the novel is that the way the opening is structured it seems like we will spend equal time following both the girl twin, Beatrice, and the boy twin, Geoff, as they try to make their way home. Unfortunately, Geoff's story gets left behind and we lose him for most of the middle of the novel, pi [...]

    16. Michael Armijo

      Here is a story about Australian Aborigines and their Wisdom for 'Living Life'.This is a GREAT book! I learned so much about a group of people that were looked down upon & shunned from society. It's a great STORY with great ideas and reminders of how important music & laughter is to our lives. It's a story of a brother and a sister and how their lives take on different paths. It reminds us to be creative, accountable, helpful, aware of your own inner-energy and MORE. I especially liked t [...]

    17. Liz Navarro

      La lectura es interesante, cuenta la historia de los aborígenes australianos, como vivían ,sus creencias, sus ideologías comparados con las del hombre blanco. La historia inicia con la separación de dos hermanos aborígenes, quienes protagonizaran cada uno su propia historia. Pero desde ya en la lectura se puede uno imaginar como los hombres blancos trataban con inferioridad a los aborígenes, atropellando sus derechos. Tienen que leerla es bonita la historia, de manera particular me hubiera [...]

    18. Debby

      I didn't really like it. The beginning chapter is a little disconcerting in its description of a woman giving birth without any help. The rest of the book (the middle) follows a very depressing vein. Not that I mind a sad subject, I just want some gladness, somewhere! Two people should not have to go through what Beatrice and Geoff had to endure. I wanted the end to be tied up in a pretty package with a beautiful bow (I'm thinking Tiffany's). Why couldn't there be a happy ending? Okay, happier?

    19. Jane

      I liked the book, although the first part was slow and pretty downtrodden for the charactersI did like the author's 'philosophy' for her characters and kept wondering what kind of contact she herself had with Australian Aborigines- there is a photo of her w/a grey, bearded man in the front-Now I am reading online that there is controversy with her and her information-yes it is a novel and fiction-but it seems she has stepped on some toes in the meantime- enpedia/wiki/Marlo_Moother reviewer share [...]

    20. Stephanie

      I had to read this book for my ethics and values class. I didn't hate like I do with a lot school books I'm forced to read. It was pretty decent. Since I had to write journal entries on it, I know I focused and dissected things about the book that I normally wouldn't have. I liked looking at the different cultures and areas. I also liked how there were two separate lives that the reader gets to follow throughout the novel. The book did get to a point where I lost completely interest and so I was [...]

    21. Johnny

      Horrible book, had it as an assigned reading in college. The book is fiction but passed as nonfiction by a racist author who has exploited false tales of the aboriginal people by the "evil white man" to make a huge profit. Even aboriginal society organizations have denounced this garbage. If you don't believe me, look it up online. There's very little of this book that's based in truth. I definitely do NOT recommend this for reading.

    22. Aslıhan

      I didn't like this book as much as i liked the first book 'The mutant message-down under'.The first half of the book was really boring and it seemed to me the story was a little made up without logic. The second half was better but here the messages from author and even some quotes were the same from the first book. I felt like if i am reading a book for the second time by just changing the people.

    23. Deanna Hansen

      What I learned from this book many other thingsFrom page 117: "Strive to achieve wisdom. Wisdom is a very separate issue from knowledgeA person can be extremely intelligent and not possess one ounce of wisdom. Wisdom is how a person uses knowledge. It is the deliberate, selective decision to act in a certain way or not to act at all, considering the welfare of everyone concerned."

    24. Vivian

      I struggled through this one. It seemed as if the author spelled out every little detail of Beatrice's and Geoff's lives until they were twenty or so, then flew through the rest of their lives. I got bored with some of their adult life details. Also felt the author rambled on with the "spirituality" explanations. Not sure if they are even what Aboriginal people believe?

    25. Clackamas

      I think she said everything that she needed to in the first book Mutant Message Down Under. This one felt like it was just being written to make a little more money, maybe refocus people's attention on the first, and satisfy the people who always feel like a follow up is needed. All in all, I feel like reading this one detracted from what I learned by reading the first.

    26. Nikki

      Wenn man "Traumfänger" von Marlo Morgan vorher gelesen hat, wird einem das Meiste aus "Traumreisende" bekannt vorkommen und sich dadurch an einigen Sellen etwas hinziehen. Alles in allem aber ein schönes und wahres Buch.

    27. Nan

      This story could be better, but author actually didn’t endeavor enough, so it’s very bad. The only thing that I liked is the story of the dingo puppies and their dying mother. And I will also say that it doesn’t content any message from forever, lol

    28. Pat

      Again I was glad to read more from this author about the aborigines and their way of story had interesting characters that made it all the more intriging,although heart wrenching how people can be so cruel to one another,but somehow they survive.

    29. Nicolle

      Just as powerful as the first! These books make me want to be a better human being, along with teaching me about true faith and living my life as God intended. I only wish more people were like this.

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