The Art of French Kissing

The Art of French Kissing How do you say So many men so little time in French Well Emma Sullivan can always figure that out later The point is she s in Paris Which would be great except that she s stuck doing public relat

  • Title: The Art of French Kissing
  • Author: Kristin Harmel
  • ISBN: 9780446581431
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Art of French Kissing

    How do you say, So many men, so little time, in French Well, Emma Sullivan can always figure that out later The point is she s in Paris Which would be great, except that she s stuck doing public relations for one of the hottest and craziest rock stars on the planet Making things worse is Gabriel Francoeur, the sexy and stubborn reporter who refuses to belieHow do you say, So many men, so little time, in French Well, Emma Sullivan can always figure that out later The point is she s in Paris Which would be great, except that she s stuck doing public relations for one of the hottest and craziest rock stars on the planet Making things worse is Gabriel Francoeur, the sexy and stubborn reporter who refuses to believe her when she tells him that her client was just playing Go Fish in that hotel room with all those scantily clad girls But Emma will always have Paris The City of Light, of romance, of high fashion and of unfathomable varieties of cheese If a girl can t reinvent herself here, there s no hope It s time to leave the old Emma Sullivan behind and become someone courageous, exciting, successful The type of girl who, when faced with a reporter who won t stop asking questions, knows just what to do After all, they don t call it French kissing for nothing

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    • Free Read [Music Book] Ü The Art of French Kissing - by Kristin Harmel ✓
      175 Kristin Harmel
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    One thought on “The Art of French Kissing

    1. Stacey

      This was the perfect February read. Champagne, Paris, and romance. It was a quick and fun read. Emma is planning her wedding when she discovers her fiance, Brett, has cheated on her and wants to call everything off. While talking to her friend in Paris about her situation, she decides to visit. Exploring Paris and landing a new job as a publicist for an up and coming rock star is just what Emma needs to reinvent herself. Chaos and romance ensue. Chick lit at its best.

    2. Dayreader Reviews

      Emma is a determined girl who knows what she wants out of life. She has to constantly start over but she never lets that get her down. She is a strong female character and no matter what she goes through she always finds a way to make it work!Emma had her life all planned out. She had a great job, the man of her dreams, and a wedding to plan! That all came to a halt when her fiancé Brett not only broke off their engagement but forced her to move out of their house and on top of that she was fir [...]

    3. Barb

      okay, up front, i realized that it couldn't have been fine literature by a) it's ridiculous title and b) it was in the bargain bin at B&N. But, did it have to have ever chick "lit" cliche in it? (WARNING -- MAJOR SPOILER ALERT)Girl is needy, girl gets dumped by fiance, girl gets fired for no fault of her own, family not supportive, friends are worthless. Girl goes to Paris. Girl meets handsome man but is afraid to show her feelings. Girl gets fired for no fault of her own (again), girl goes [...]

    4. Donnae

      The beautiful part of being a librarian is that I walk by the shelves full of new books every morning! However I must admit that I picked up this book several times before finally checking it out. The blurb on the back did not appeal to me. Fortunately I did finally take it home and greatly enjoyed reading it.Emma's wedding has just fallen apart, she has lost her job and now the only place she has to live is with a very judgemental sister. Fortunately, just as she is ready for a means to escape, [...]

    5. Annalynn

      Now, this book I liked. I can't help but compare it to my most recent other read, 'From Notting Hill, with Love Actually' since both books involve a heroine leaving their home and fiance behind and moving somewhere to start anew, where of course they find a really great, handsome, local guy they at first clash with and then fall in love with. But in this book, our heroine's relationship with the loser fiance is broken and she moves to Paris with a clean slate - which is SUCH a better premise tha [...]

    6. Geli

      This book was amazing!!! Kristin Harmel is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. Her writing is just so exciting and real. Although I found myself guessing exactly what was to come it was still completely enjoyable for me to read. After reading this book I SO want to visit Paris!And if you have already read 'How to Sleep with a Movie Star' then you'll really enjoy this book as well. She even briefly mentions a few of the characters from that novel in this one, which I found completely hil [...]

    7. Fatema Al Fardan

      I was first introduced to this book by the last pages of another book. I first thought the title was "inappropriate" then I read the description and it wasn't so bad. So, I downloaded the free sample on my ibookstore -like i always do with almost every book- and i read the first chapter which was not so bad. It was interesting. The book is totally a chic flick. I enjoyed reading it, since I do enjoy watching chick flick movies, most of the times.I found Poppy's theories kinda ironic since she du [...]

    8. Kristigpaul

      What a stinker--how does one say formulaic and pointless in French? I picked this up for 50 cents at the library book sale and am actually wondering if they'd give me a refundI bought this because I am going to Paris in July so I thought it would be interesting and in that regard it gave some mildly helpful tdbits about life in Paris but otherwise it was a complete waste of time. I'd rather be watching ROCK OF LOVE (and I HATE reality TV)!!!

    9. Megan

      I read this in practically one sitting. It was pure fluff but it was enjoyable. I knew what was going to happen pretty early on in the book but I loved the descriptions of life in Paris and a really liked the protagonist so it was all good.

    10. Julia

      3.5 starsBook was really cute. I figured out the plot twist pretty early on, but regardless I enjoyed reading it. Definitely would recommend if you're looking for something light and ultimately happy.

    11. Kristin

      I have to justify my 5 stars with a review because this is the first 5-star book of the 29 books I've read this year. It's not the best book I've read this year (that distinction probably has to go to Suite Française as of now), but I tend to rate things based on other things of the genre, and this is just one of the best chick lit books I've ever read. I absolutely loved it.Sure, it starts the same as any other chick lit. Emma, a perfectly acceptable girl who works in PR gets suddenly dumped b [...]

    12. Christine

      The best kind of chick lit: A quick & entertaining read; a beautiful setting, and a woman who can stand on her own two feet. Fun, sweet, and left me itching to return to Paris.(Debated between 3 & 4 stars. While I won't re-read, I found this wholly enjoyable & a wonderful escape from reality. 4 it is!)

    13. Jay

      Emma Sullivan thinks her life is, if not perfect, certainly headed that way. She has a great job doing public relations for a music company, and she’s engaged to the perfect man. However, on the night of their one-year anniversary of moving in together, Emma’s fiancé dumps her. To add insult to injury, he also asks her to move out of the house they bought together. And, to top it all off, Emma finds out that he’s been sleeping with her best friend! Just when Emma thought things couldn’t [...]

    14. Canan^^

      Fransız öpücüğünü ciddi anlamda merak ettiren bir kitap ne diyeyim ^^)Ama şunu öğrendim ki Fransız-Amerikan öpücüğü daha iyiymiş(valla en azından yazarın fikri bu yöndeydi)neyseEmma zavallım, evlilik hazırlıkları,düğün hayalleri derken, aksilikler zinciri midir anlamadım, önce nişanlısını, ardından işini ve arkadaşlarını kaybetmiştir.Ah buna artı olarak evindende olduğunu eklemeliyim.Kızımız kaldı mı ortadaDerken Fransa'dan bir ışık doğar kızım [...]

    15. Geeta Ariani

      Set in Paris, beautiful city of the Eiffel Tower, this is a chick lit that will have readers take part in a tour to visit Parisian locales. Emma Sullivan is a PR coordinator to American boy bands in Orlando, city in central Florida. Firstly, she thinks she will have a happy marriage with her perfect fiancé. Devastated when her fiancé suddenly dumps her and her boss fires her, she thinks that the best person who could help her would be her friend who lives in Paris, Poppy. She moves on by decid [...]

    16. Rocket to Mars

      While I overall liked the book, if I take and split its story into two main plots I can say that I enjoyed only one of them.The "babysitting a crazy celebrity" subplot was thoroughly fun. I love a good story about ingenuity and solving strange situations, and the book delivered. Guillaume was a surprisingly likeable character and the situations in which he got himself were interesting; likewise were Emma's solutions.The "hunting for men around Paris" subplot, and the whole Brett situation, were [...]

    17. Rebecca

      One of the better chick-lit books I have read in a very very long time. Seriously, I read maybe 2-3 books a year that I like and would recommend to people (who like a certain genre) and this is #2 of 2009. I liked the setting, supporting characters and Protag a lot and it all made sense. It didn't hurt that the first chapter of this book is so straight out of my head as the first 1/4 of the book I have in my head. When I first read it, I was like, COPYRIGHT! Even though I haven't even started, r [...]

    18. Cathy

      While I did not enjoy this book as much as her first, How to Sleep with a Movie Star, it still satiated my Chick Lit interests just fine. We follow the main character, Emma, on a trip abroad from Orlando to France as she must deal with the break up from her engagement to Brett and the loss of her PR job at a Boy Bad company in Florida. With her friend Poppy, a crazy rock start client and a new love interest to keep her busy in the city of Love, this story starts out with much action packed adven [...]

    19. Mira

      The Art of French Kissing is pretty straight forward, nothing ground-breaking in the chick-lit genre – a good-looking American girl just loses her fiancé, her job and her place in the matter of a couple of days, so she jumps at the opportunity to visit an old friend who lives in Paris. There, she is included in her small PR company, handling a new big French rock star. The story is charming, but the author does underestimate her readers – for me, the ‘big’ twist is visible from miles aw [...]

    20. Stacey

      This was such a fun book to read. Predictable? Yes. But aren't all "chick lit" books predictable in that "girl gets her heart broken but then meets a guy that is SO much better anyway" kind of way? True to form Emma's fiancé was the one who broke her heart but she will be much better off without him.After her break-up she takes off to Paris to join a friend to help her manage the public relations of a rock star. We are then treated to an imaginary visit to Paris (which I will happily take any d [...]

    21. Sara

      Although not an in depth or classic read, it sure was fun especially the Gene Kelly bits. It also made me want to go to Paris. My favorite quotes from the book were:"Guillaume, you keep twenty-eight hundred euros in your underwear?""High above the street, which was blocked off by police barricades, Guillarme was dangling by this ankles from a thick rope suspended between two buildings, at least twelve or thirteen floors off the ground.""It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that most g [...]

    22. Thea

      I have to say this was the best money I've spent on a book in a long time. I adred this book to no end. A book about Emma, a girl who thought she had it all until the man she was about to marry dumps her and the very next day she gets fired. Her life changes when Poppy her frind begs her to come to Paris for a job working with the up and coming rockstar Guillaume. Who is just a tiny bit off his rocker And then there there is GabeParis its the city of love and Emma finds out first hand just how F [...]

    23. Bea Patricia

      Light and easy read! Although the blurb was misleading and did not appropriately describe what a gem this book was, it did its best and managed to capture my attention. Only criticism would be the flow of time in the narrative.but that's just me. Overall, this was a perfect beach read/ travel companion and i loved how everything from the apartment to the cafes actually existed (taken from the author's own experience in the city). I would also like to drop everything and move to Paris, meet my ow [...]

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