Lord Of The Beasts

Lord Of The Beasts Return to a world of magic and mystery in this captivating sequel to The Forest Lord Donal Fleming son of an otherworldly father and a mortal mother finds that Cordelia Hardcastle unleashes his most

  • Title: Lord Of The Beasts
  • Author: Susan Krinard
  • ISBN: 9780373771394
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lord Of The Beasts

    Return to a world of magic and mystery in this captivating sequel to The Forest Lord Donal Fleming, son of an otherworldly father and a mortal mother, finds that Cordelia Hardcastle unleashes his most primal instincts, forcing him to chose between human love and the powers that are life itself to him Original.

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      295 Susan Krinard
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      Posted by:Susan Krinard
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    One thought on “Lord Of The Beasts

    1. Lady of the Lake

      Well Hmmmm. I'm conflicted. There was much of the story I enjoyed, some sweet laugh out loud moments of thoughts shared with the animals and in general I like the main male lead Donal, the half blood son of of Lord Hern the fae lord But I didn't like the lead female much which is definitely a problem in a love story. I didn't want things to work out in the end for them. I didn't think she was worth Donal having to give up his fae gift of being able to speak with and help the animals of the human [...]

    2. Caro

      I really liked this book. This is the first in this series that I've read. I want to read the others too now. I liked the story line and the emphasis on the characters learning about themselves and how the book showed the characters point of view and not just the point of view of one person throughout the book. My favorite thing about this book was the communication with animals. It made me realize that we are more similar and more different at the same time. anyway, that was my philosophical mo [...]

    3. Denise

      From a USA TODAY bestselling author! Sequel (#2) to THE FOREST LORD. Enchanted blood flows through Donal Fleming's veins. Born of a FANE father and a mortal mother, Donal's empathic ability to communicate with and understand all animals gives fulfillment to his fledgling veterinary practice in 1847 England. His has been a solitary lifeuntil he meets Cordelia Hardcastle. A woman who knows responsibility and duty and has always played by society's stringent rules. A woman who has tightly controlle [...]

    4. Kathrynn

      I was expecting so much from this one, but it was very boring for me. I put it down several times and read other books, then tried this one again. It never improved. Too many long descriptions and full of useless information. Dry. Never ignited a spark of interest to see how the characters would resolve their conflict(s). Bummer.Thought the guy on the cover looked like Alec Baldwinat's a positive and that's why I selected the book to read. ;-)

    5. Isabelle

      I bought this book because the model on the cover looks a bit like Alec Baldwin, lol. I was also hoping that perhaps it had something to do with werewolves, but it's about faeries, and Donal has a telepathic link with the animals. It was a predictible story, but entertaining to read, and short chapters make it perfect for break times at work.

    6. Deirdre

      Donal Fleming inherited half his genes from his mother and half from his otherworldly father. He uses his empathy with animals to success as a vet adn until Cordelia he was happy with this life. Now he wants more and she's willing to help him. He has to choose between her and immortality and the powers from his father. It's trodding a fairly well-trodden path but it does it well.

    7. Peggy Bechko

      Uaually I like Susan Krinard and her writing. Unfortunately I found this book to be boring. It just didn't have the snap of other other books like "Call of the Wolf" (a 2 novel combination) or "Chasing Midnight" which I really enjoyed. Every writer has a down time - guess I do too!

    8. Kate

      I love these books by Susan Krinard - the first of which I picked up very randomly without looking too much into it. This one was probably my favourite; a great story about Donal the half-Fane and his confusing past.

    9. Jo

      A sequel, this was just ok. I liked Donal and the general premise of the story, my problem was it dragged at times. But it was quiet and tame and not challenging, something that can be good or bad, depending on what you're looking for as a reader.

    10. Adrielle

      This just felt plain to me. There is nothing special here. The writing is good but the storyline follows quite a predictable path and there are no real surprises, therefore not overly engaging.

    11. Samantha

      I felt rude reading some parts, I did the old peep my eyes over the top of the book to check if anyone knew whey I was reading :-o

    12. Jenika Ioffreda

      I didn't finish reading it. The start was quite cool but after a while it got boring and I decided to stop. I din't really like Cordelia and especially I didn't like she had animals living in cages.

    13. Louisa

      Oh, awesome book, loved how he was scared to love, because he thought that'd mean he'd lose his ability to talk to the beasts, so good!

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